Don't Mind

From the creators of The White Vault and Dark Dice comes a new tale of mystery.

After his brother, Colin, goes missing on a UK road trip, American Neal leaves his comfort zone in search of Colin at is last known location; Cruxmont, UK. There, Neal meets Dr. Kingston, a neurologist with her own goal in mind; finding the source of an unrecognizable miracle.

Introducing - Shores of the Silver Thrum
Join a ship of wayward travelers as they get lost within the frozen sea during the polar night…
65 min
Behind the Scenes of Don't Mind: Cruxmont
The creators of Don't Mind chat with Adjoa Andoh, Daniel Demerin, David Ault, and Gemma Amor about acting, audio drama, and Cruxmont.
20 min
Introducing - The Boar Knight (by Fool & Schola...
This week, we would like to introduce you to The Boar Knight, a new podcast from Fool & Scholar
17 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 14
The Cruxmont council of elders convenes and fates are decided.
33 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 13
Neal and Gwen are confronted as they attempt to leave Cruxmont.
33 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 12
Pursued by villagers, Gwen, Neal, and Colin rush to escape the hellish chambers beneath Cruxmont.
29 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 11
Gwen explores the maze of catacombs beneath the church while Neal looks for a means to escape whatever waits for them beneath Cruxmont.
28 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 10
Neal wakes in an unfamiliar environment, while Gwen bumps into the Constable.
32 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 9
Gwen and Neal investigate the festival, its people, and surroundings.
32 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 8
Gwen explores the church grounds while Neal sees a familiar face at the festival.
30 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 7
Gwen and Neal face the consequences of their actions.
35 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 6
Gwen and Neal narrow down their theories at the Cruxmont village record office, while bending a few rules.
30 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 5
Gwen's secret is revealed and the search for information continues at the Cruxmont village record office, located inside the old library.
31 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 4
Neal & Dr. Kingston pass out flyers at the church and hear the legend of the Great Fox.
31 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 3
Neal & Dr. Kingston begin their investigation into Cruxmont's orchards and meet the town's constable.
35 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 2
While on their way to Cruxmont, Neal & Dr. Kingston come across a body on the road.
30 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Episode 1
Dr. Gwen Kingston's patient has a miraculous recovery while Neal travels to Cruxmont, England to search for his missing brother.
34 min
Don't Mind: Cruxmont - "Quiet Cruxmont" Trailer
The Little Places Travel Journal Podcast explores quiet Cruxmont, and Neil receives an important voicemail.
6 min
Don't Mind Cruxmont - Teaser
The Trailer for Don't Mind Cruxmont
1 min