The Lucky Die

An actual play D&D podcast, The Lucky Die is a character driven story, set in an apocalyptic fantasy world. In Diskora, Demons and Celestials have started stalking the lands, tensions between the factions leave death in their wake and blood red clouds boil across the sky. You would be forgiven for thinking that the end was nigh, question is - do you want to face the end alone? I guess we're about to find out.

[Ep. 193] Avoid the Campfire
The vacationers continue their time away from the chaos of the world.
62 min
[Ep. 192] Squashing Squash
The beach dwellers continue their getaway before they must move on to their next task.
59 min
[Ep. 191] Power Invested In Me
The adventurers have a completely normal day at the beach with absolutely no surprises at all.
79 min
[Kino 31] Knot A Bother
The Kino task-force start on their way towards the source of much of the world's current trauma.
182 min
[Ep. 190] Volly Ball
The fighters spend some time reconvening with their allies in the safe haven they have been brought to.
98 min
[Ep. 189] Time Flies When You're Daechin
Having fought to bring back the severed planes, the heroes begin to ponder what they had stumbled into when advancing their attack.
70 min
[Ep. 188] Hold Your Horses
The heroes continue their fight to reconnect the world and the planes.
76 min
119 min
[Ep. 187] Look At Me
Having reached the place where they belive their lost companions and archenemy are, the heroes begin their heroic efforts.
67 min
[Kino] Before The Beginning: Suvi
In this story, we see what events brought a druid from their place of happiness into the world of danger and war.
42 min
[Ep. 186] Who’s Your God
The heroes continue forward to try and find where Daechin dissapeared to with their companions.
80 min
[Ep. 185] Cat, Bat and Owl Burglar
The heroes and their remaining companions must continue towards where they think Daechin might be.
87 min
[Kino 30] The Stowaway
The travelers meet with important people and make important plans to move forward with.
193 min
[Ep. 184] Cabin In The Woods
The heroes investigate a mysterious cabin that they have come across on their path.
75 min
[Ep. 183] What If God Was One Of Us
The heroes and their friends are on their way to take on a terrifying challenge.
67 min
[Beyond The Eclipse] Episode 10
Tme to discuss Episode 10! How did recovering from the mirror go behind the scenes? I guess we are about to find out...
73 min
News Update!
13 min
[Kino 29] Sibling Influence
The group formerly known as KIT 10 find themselves arranging important meetings.
141 min
[Ep. 182] The Great Divide
The heroes continue forward towards their next plans while enduring great hardship. Zaltanna sends an important message, Balance counts his funds, Squash makes bold accusations, and Rhal tries to reconnect with someone. Will the events of today mark a...
71 min
[Ep. 181] Root of the Problem
Wrapping up business here, the group make their way back to their own plane of existence.
69 min
[Ep. 180] The Arca of Souls
The performers make their way off stage and onward to their remaining business in Cicero.
76 min
[Ep. 179] Made For The Big Stage
The heroes prepare their story which they hope will move the army of Cicero to help in their plight.
84 min
[Kino 28] Aulus Calm, Aulus Bright
The group previously known as KIT-10 attempt a daring rescue by thinking out of the box.
176 min
[Ep. 178] Arts and (War)Crafts
The adventurers continue from door to door trying to find the people of importance they wish to meet with.
66 min
[Ep. 177] Grandmaster
The heroes move onward through a series of puzzling challenges.
58 min