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Welcome to the world of Liberty – serialized sci-fi tales told audio drama podcasts. For centuries the colony of Atrius has been cut off from humanity and endured generations of civil war. What remains is a gleaming city and beyond its walls, a lawless expanse known as the Fringe.

Science Fiction
Introducing - The Boar Knight (by Fool & Schola...
This week, we would like to introduce you to The Boar Knight, a new podcast from Fool & Scholar
17 min
Introducing - Don't Mind Cruxmont (by Fool & Sc...
Dr. Gwen Kingston's patient has a miraculous recovery while Neal travels to Cruxmont, England to search for his missing brother.
34 min
Celebrating 6 Years - An Interview with Fool & ...
Successes, failures, ideas, and inner workings: Kaitlin and Travis discuss what the last six years of podcasting has been like. We create the shows you listen to, and now you have a chance to get inside our heads.
67 min
Tales from the Tower :: Mines and Mysteries (Pa...
As the team reaches Dr. Moren's former lair, they face their greatest challenges yet...
55 min
Tales from the Tower :: Mines and Mysteries (Pa...
Without food or connection to the outside world, the team returns to the Mines and Mysteries to help pass the time...
40 min
Tales from the Tower :: Mines and Mysteries (Pa...
As the planned lockdown continues, the team continues to delve deeper into the Mines and Mysteries...
45 min
Tales from the Tower :: Mines and Mysteries (Pa...
During a controlled release of gas, a group of friends who settles in during the lockdown for a much-anticipated game of Mines and Mysteries...
56 min
Tales from the Tower :: The Tower (Part 5)
The tale of The Tower comes to an end.
34 min
Tales from the Tower :: The Tower (Part 4)
The formal investigation into missing person Gallus Alvarado continues within The Tower.
24 min
Tales from the Tower :: The Tower (Part 3)
With Gallus missing, a formal investigation begins within The Tower...
30 min
Tales from the Tower :: The Tower (Part 2)
Happy announcements are flanked by upsetting mysteries as the couple's life in The Tower continues.
32 min
Tales from the Tower :: The Tower (Part 1)
After the Red War, Atrius must repopulate its war torn Outer Districts. Follow one couple's journey as they move into The Tower.
38 min
Updates and October Live Show Announcement
A few updates from Fool & Scholar Productions
2 min
Introducing VAST Horizon (By Fool and Scholar)
Kaitlin and Travis have launched a brand new Sci-fi series that we think you'll enjoy: VAST Horizon.
38 min
Fool and Scholar QA & Update
This week Kaitlin and Travis answer your questions about our shows (The White Vault, VAST Horizon, Liberty, Dark Dice) while giving you production updates.
46 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 3-05: Happiness
An experience of a lifetime goes awry when one Expo goer encounters what it means to experience another’s Happiness...
95 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 3-04: Ditto
The Night Expo is underway and a group of friends take a well-deserved night off to enjoy the best Atrius has to offer. Though the night is young, small problems begin to arise even before they proceed into their first attraction: The Cave of Mirrors.
13 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 3-03: For The Archon
It's the evening before the Night Entertainment Expo, and as the final preparations are being made, one ride is proving to be more than anticipated...
21 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 3-02: Cleaning Crew
Burke's team typically cleans murder sites, however they may have arrived at their latest job too soon...
41 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 3-01: The Narrow
Recent mining excavations led to the discovery of a small descending hole beneath the city, aptly titled The Narrow. Listen to uncover what we know so far.
44 min
Vigilance :: Entry 13: Just Rewards
The team springs into action in the explosive conclusion to Liberty: Vigilance. Will the Archon be assassinated? Will Claerhaut go on that date? We can only hope that Atrius Endures...Check out our other actual play podcast Dark Dice.!Vigila...
71 min
Vigilance :: Entry 12: Treachery and Lies
The final pieces fall into place as the team prepares to end this threat once and for all.
37 min
Vigilance :: Entry 11: The Great Awakening
The team learns more about the awakening and forms a plan to stop the cult.
33 min
Vigilance :: Entry 10: A Test of Faith
The team meets the Children of Melichor and uncovers information about their upcoming plans.
58 min
Vigilance :: Entry 9: Old Friends
Casualties mount as the team battles their way through the Atrian facility and encounters someone from their past.
51 min
Vigilance :: Entry 8: The Long March
The team crosses into the southeastern Fringe to meet the infamous Penny Saark and catch their quarry. Their journey is not without incident.
65 min
Vigilance :: Entry 7: Mercy Kill
The party meets with their contact and helps out with a unique problem.
65 min
Vigilance :: Entry 6: Getting Lucky
The party embarks on a daring rescue operation.
70 min
Vigilance :: Entry 5: Close Enemies
The party goes to a Fringer nightclub and recruits a team for their dangerous mission.
56 min
Vigilance :: Entry 4: The Room
The party ventures to the Fringe and joins the Blood Skulls.
50 min
Vigilance :: Entry 3: Lost and Found
The team learns more about Claerhaut's past and uncovers an unexpected connection between the missing Citizens.
44 min
Vigilance :: Entry 2: The Imaginary Child
The team plays a text-based RPG, uncovers some illicit cult activity, and solves the mysterious case of the imaginary child.
54 min
Vigilance :: Entry 1: The Model Citizen
Vigilance is an Actual Play of the Liberty: AFTER roleplaying game. Dialogue with NPC's has been replaced with a full voice cast and immersive sound effects create an added layer of immersion.
51 min
How to Become a Voice Actor - w/ Dave Fennoy
Dave Fennoy is one of the top voice actors of our time. We've been lucky enough to work with him on all of our Liberty productions and today he offers some great insights on how to become a professional voice actor!
46 min
Introducing The White Vault
We have important updates from the Liberty creative team – Fool and Scholar Productions, and the first episode of our new show - The White Vault.
21 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 2-10: Deep in Sle...
We return to the Center for Sleeping Disorders to find that a cure for a bad night’s sleep is perhaps too sweet a dream to hope for.
54 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 2-09: Deep in Sle...
A new graduate finds an apprenticeship at the Center for Disorders. Naturally, she’s stuck pulling the night shift and spends her waking hours watching over citizens with rare sleep disorders. Her professional career, and her nightmares, have only just begun.
39 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 2-08: The Case
Citizen Whalen has witnessed a truly horrific crime… and now she must recount the unspeakable.
19 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 2-07: Underground
Maintenance Engineer Marcia finds herself in an unfortunate situation: trapped beneath Atrius. Deep in an old tunnel, without means of contacting help, survival is in her hands alone.
29 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 2-06: Insomniac
A fear of the dark is not uncommon, but it’s preventing young Ovid from getting a full night’s rest. Having tried numerous techniques to help him fall asleep, Ovid’s mother introduces him to a new app in the hopes of aiding her child’s ailment…
39 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 2-05: Side Effects
A new drug is devastating Citizens within Atrius. One brave doctor is willing to do anything it takes to understand and counter the effects of this psychedelic, including trying the drug himself.
25 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 2-04: Nightmares
In this nighttime broadcast, a man finds his roommate’s journal and the contents within are shocking. Either his friend has taken up an interesting bout of fiction writing or something truly sinister is at hand.
35 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 2-03: Escape
Citizen Powell is leaving Atrius. The oppressive laws of the Archon disgust him and he feels like he’s being watched at every turn. Can he make it beyond the city’s walls before his plan is discovered?
24 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 2-02: Excuse Me –...
Agent Gray has disappeared and the devastated yet dedicated Agent Caulfield pursues her case at great cost. Is the situation truly hopeless, or will Caulfield’s zeal lead him to some much-needed answers.
54 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 2-01: Excuse Me –...
Tonight, a chance discussion brings a new and sinister perspective to a missing persons’ case that’s been closed for over a decade.
37 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 2-00: A Preview o...
And now for a special broadcast:
6 min
Tales from the Tower :: Season 2 Trailer
Join us for the second season of Liberty: Tales from the Tower!
1 min
How to Make an Audio Drama Podcast
In this very special episode, we’re going behind the scenes on how to make an audio drama podcast!
89 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 010: Cleaning Day
Thank you to all of our valued Citizen listeners for tuning in for this final episode of Liberty: Tales from the Tower. Now, we go back to Aurelia, who has all the lifetime news you need to know…
10 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 009: Heavy Heart
When a group of miners become trapped in an underground tunnel, they do what they can to keep morale high with dwindling supplies. However, they soon discover that starvation is the least of their worries.
27 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 008: Infection
Discover how poor laboratory procedure causes one scientist to find himself on the terrifying side of Fringer studies.
31 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 007: Genetic Markers
As looming deadlines close in, apprentice scientist Castellano finds herself unable to complete a routine data analysis. Her deadline is weeks overdue, and sample 876-237-3 has a dark secret that she's determined to get to the bottom of.
23 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 006: Malfunction
When a young couple's life is upset by a possible peeping tom, they see fit to call in an investigator to quickly solve their problem. But what the investigator discovers is far from a simple voyeur.
15 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 005: Floor None
Festus lives a boring life as a courier, but when an elevator door opens to receive him, he unthinkingly journeys to an unforeseen destination that's less than welcoming of visitors.
18 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 004: For Science
When Dr. Kamdar takes a position at the water treatment facility she finds that not everything is as simple as she first thought, and perhaps the water treatment facility is not where she is meant to be…
14 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 003: Pinprick
The mood swings of puberty can make monsters of the most even-tempered young. Under those circumstances, how could a concerned parent tell a mood swing from something more malicious?
21 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 002: Missing
As seasonal celebrations approach, a family realizes that perhaps their small world is not as peaceful as they originally thought.
16 min
Tales from the Tower :: Entry 001: Impostor
From the world of Liberty comes Tales From the Tower – Standalone stories of myths, legends, and horror to haunt the Citizens of Atrius.
15 min
Critical Research :: Bloopisode 002
Liberty: Critical Research may be over, but the hijinks aren’t! Presenting the Season 2 Bloopisode – a sampling of the mayhem and fun we’ve had over the past 6 months of expeditions into sci-fi-horror audio dramas.
26 min
Critical Research :: Season 2 Q&A
Critical Research may be over, but there’s still more to say and more stories to tell! You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers.
55 min
Critical Research :: Entry 210: Deserters
With everything in place, Jalloh, Sev, Dr. Kovski, Cairn, and Wobe flee the Hot in the wake of an oncoming attack.
34 min
Critical Research :: Entry 209: Changing Plans
The team is at last ready to plan an escape, but they’re not leaving without the Atrian shipment.
19 min
Critical Research :: Entry 208: Trade Up
Sev and Dr. Kovski are sent out on a massive trade run with a band of heavily armed Punks. Meanwhile, Jalloh is assigned a mundane cleaning task that causes her to witness an unsettling occurrence.
19 min
Critical Research :: Entry 207: Confliction
Deeply embedded within their new Fringer “family”, the team continues their hunt for answers and escape.
20 min
Critical Research :: Entry 206: Trickery in War
The hour of the raid is here, and the Punks ready-up for a night to be remembered.
21 min
Critical Research :: Entry 205: Bigger Plans, G...
A small dispatch of Punks wind their way through the Fringe for a special meet-up with the infamous leader of the Skull Klackers. Meanwhile, Jalloh and Boom take a much needed break from guns, ammo, and ba-doom.
24 min
Critical Research :: Entry 204: Seeing Signals
Jalloh and Boom encounter difficulties while out in the Fringe while Sev maintains his charade as a "fist" and Dr. Kovski overhears some fascinating details to Dismas' plans.
21 min
Critical Research :: Entry 203: Out of the Hot,...
The team adjusts to their new lives and learns more about their adopted Punk "family". Kovski is given a warm and well-punctuated tour of the Hot, while Sev finds himself in an unexpected situation with some odd Fringers.
24 min
Critical Research :: Entry 202: Kon Beginnings
Dr. Kovski finds himself in the position of personal biographer for the Punk boss, Dismas.
27 min
Critical Research :: Entry 201: Welcome to the Hot
After escaping a poorly laid trap, the Atrian team finds themselves in the claws of another horror: the Rocket Punks.
21 min
Critical Research :: Season 1 Recap
By listening to this recap you can entirely skip Critical Research Season 1.
5 min
Summer 2016 Update
A brief update about our upcoming releases.
1 min
Critical Research :: Season 1 Q&A
The first season has wrapped up and you’ve probably got a lot of questions. Well, we have answers!
46 min
Critical Research :: Bloopisode 001
As we wrap up our first season, we’ve compiled some bloopers from the production of Critical Research, Season 1 for our embarrassment and your listening pleasure.
21 min
Critical Research :: Entry 010
In an attempt to set the expedition back on the correct course, the group tries locate a nearby market. Unable to find their destination themselves they turn to local help.
12 min
Critical Research :: Entry 009
Back on the surface, the Atrian explorers find themselves at odds over the loss of their comrade.
21 min
Critical Research :: Entry 008
With Cato gone, the team is moved within a subterranean amphitheater for entertainment.
21 min
Critical Research :: Entry 007
The team awakens to find themselves the prisoners of bloodletting fanatics.
15 min
Critical Research :: Entry 006
Dr. Kovski and his team are lost in the darkness of the tunnels. Worse yet, they are not alone...
12 min
Critical Research :: Entry 005
After a relatively calm first day in the Fringe, an unexpected event threatens the research team.
9 min
Critical Research :: Entry 004
Breaking the seal, the team steps out into a world of dust and scrap.
14 min
Critical Research :: Entry 003
In their final respite, Dr. Kovski and company head to an underground station to set themselves in the guise of Fringers.
11 min
Critical Research :: Entry 002
Before setting off on the adventure to the Fringe, Dr. Kovski is first introduced to his protective detail.
15 min
Critical Research :: Entry 001
Dr. Kovski, an expert in Fringe studies, has been pulled from his comfy office and and thrown directly into the field. There is no promise of a return, but strides must be taken to ensure that Artius Endures.
14 min
A Guide to Liberty - Serialized Sci Fi Audio Dr...
START HERE Welcome Citizens, to the Liberty Podcast! This podcast feed is a bit confusing, so please START HERE!
2 min