The Liberty Podcast

Welcome to the world of Liberty – serialized sci-fi tales told audio drama podcasts. For centuries the colony of Atrius has been cut off from humanity and endured generations of civil war. What remains is a gleaming city and beyond its walls, a lawless expanse known as the Fringe.

Science Fiction
Introducing - Shores of the Silver Thrum
Join a ship of wayward travelers as they get lost within the frozen sea during the polar night…
65 min
Introducing - The Boar Knight (by Fool & Schola...
This week, we would like to introduce you to The Boar Knight, a new podcast from Fool & Scholar
17 min
Introducing - Don't Mind Cruxmont (by Fool & Sc...
Dr. Gwen Kingston's patient has a miraculous recovery while Neal travels to Cruxmont, England to search for his missing brother.
34 min
Celebrating 6 Years - An Interview with Fool & ...
Successes, failures, ideas, and inner workings: Kaitlin and Travis discuss what the last six years of podcasting has been like. We create the shows you listen to, and now you have a chance to get inside our heads.
67 min
Tales from the Tower :: Mines and Mysteries (Pa...
As the team reaches Dr. Moren's former lair, they face their greatest challenges yet...
55 min
Tales from the Tower :: Mines and Mysteries (Pa...
Without food or connection to the outside world, the team returns to the Mines and Mysteries to help pass the time...
40 min
Tales from the Tower :: Mines and Mysteries (Pa...
As the planned lockdown continues, the team continues to delve deeper into the Mines and Mysteries...
45 min
Tales from the Tower :: Mines and Mysteries (Pa...
During a controlled release of gas, a group of friends who settles in during the lockdown for a much-anticipated game of Mines and Mysteries...
56 min
Tales from the Tower :: The Tower (Part 5)
The tale of The Tower comes to an end.
34 min
Tales from the Tower :: The Tower (Part 4)
The formal investigation into missing person Gallus Alvarado continues within The Tower.
24 min
Tales from the Tower :: The Tower (Part 3)
With Gallus missing, a formal investigation begins within The Tower...
30 min
Tales from the Tower :: The Tower (Part 2)
Happy announcements are flanked by upsetting mysteries as the couple's life in The Tower continues.
32 min
Tales from the Tower :: The Tower (Part 1)
After the Red War, Atrius must repopulate its war torn Outer Districts. Follow one couple's journey as they move into The Tower.
38 min
Updates and October Live Show Announcement
A few updates from Fool & Scholar Productions
2 min
Introducing VAST Horizon (By Fool and Scholar)
Kaitlin and Travis have launched a brand new Sci-fi series that we think you'll enjoy: VAST Horizon.
38 min
Fool and Scholar QA & Update
This week Kaitlin and Travis answer your questions about our shows (The White Vault, VAST Horizon, Liberty, Dark Dice) while giving you production updates.
46 min
Tales from the Tower | Season 3 | Ep. 5 | Happi...
An experience of a lifetime goes awry when one Expo goer encounters what it means to experience another’s Happiness...
95 min
Tales from the Tower | Season 3 | Ep. 4 | Ditto
The Night Expo is underway and a group of friends take a well-deserved night off to enjoy the best Atrius has to offer. Though the night is young, small problems begin to arise even before they proceed into their first attraction: The Cave of Mirrors.
13 min
Tales from the Tower | Season 3 | Ep. 3 | For T...
It's the evening before the Night Entertainment Expo, and as the final preparations are being made, one ride is proving to be more than anticipated...
21 min
Tales from the Tower | Season 3 | Ep. 2 | Clean...
Burke's team typically cleans murder sites, however they may have arrived at their latest job too soon...
41 min
Tales from the Tower | Season 3 | Ep. 1 | The N...
Recent mining excavations led to the discovery of a small descending hole beneath the city, aptly titled The Narrow. Listen to uncover what we know so far.
44 min
Vigilance | Ep. 13 | Just Rewards
The team springs into action in the explosive conclusion to Liberty: Vigilance. Will the Archon be assassinated? Will Claerhaut go on that date? We can only hope that Atrius Endures...Check out our other actual play podcast Dark Dice.!Vigila...
71 min
Vigilance | Ep. 12 | Treachery and Lies
The final pieces fall into place as the team prepares to end this threat once and for all.
37 min
Vigilance | Ep. 11 | The Great Awakening
The team learns more about the awakening and forms a plan to stop the cult.
33 min
Vigilance | Ep. 10 | A Test of Faith
The team meets the Children of Melichor and uncovers information about their upcoming plans.
58 min