The Signal

From the writer of the #1 Podcast OUTLIERS and the new psychological thriller Podcast, GREETINGS FROM SALTON SEA. In 1961, at the height of the Cold War, an enigmatic CIA operative investigates the source of a mysterious shortwave signal—generated either by Russian double agents/spies and their handlers or originating from extraterrestrial aliens/UFOs, or both—and systematically tracks the source in order to disrupt the possible activation of a thermonuclear “dead man’s switch.” At the same time, a plucky young woman fights to rescue her younger brother—who has the ability to see alien “insect people”—from the clutches of ill-intentioned “government doctors,” while a dogged radio host in Dayton, Ohio uses his UFO-focused show to expose ongoing government-sanctioned conspiracies to hide the fact that extraterrestrial aliens not only exist, but are already living amongst us. Created by Cassandra Wells & Charley Randazzo Written by Cassandra Wells Produced by Fred Greenhalgh and Marco Palmieri Executive Producers: Cassandra Wells, Daniel Kaemon, Molly Barton, and Julian Yap Directed by Charley Randazzo Post-Production Producer: Daniel Kaemon Production Manager: Devin Shepherd Production Coordinator: Angela Yih Sound Design & Editing: Charley Randazzo Music by Quiet on the Set Additional cover art by Heather Mason Executive in charge for Realm: Mary Assadullahi Starring Daniel Kaemon as Swan Perry King as Colonel Sobek Marta Cross as Becky Adam J. Smith as Phillips and Michaels Tracy Winters as Rosemary and Matron and Dr. Elsa Time Winters as Professor Vanyushin and Farmer Harry Gwillim as Timmy Tom Beyer as Dr. Neely and Attendant Jeff Blumberg as Evan Bell Mark Irvingsen as Norman Thorne and Uncle Cole Jaxon Gwillim as Dr. Foley Jennifer Taub as Nurse and Female Voice and Operator

Introducing Greetings from Salton Sea
This week, we would like to introduce you to Greetings from Salton Sea, another podcast from the writers and creators of The Signal.
21 min
Episode 9 - Swan
Swan, Becky, Phillips and Timmy head to Lebanon, Kansas in an attempt to locate the source of the signal; Swan meets with Rosemary to discuss the evidence they’ve both uncovered regarding embedded extraterrestrial aliens and the truth about the origin of UFOs.
25 min
Episode 8 - Grey Wolf
Evan Bell brings historian Norman Thorne back as his guest on UFOs Tonight to debate alien abductions with Dr. Elsa Braunschweiger; Swan, Phillips, Becky and Timmy encounter a UFO on a deserted road.
20 min
Episode 7 - Cat and Mouse
Rosemary and Colonel Sobek combine spycraft and eroticism during a liaison at a highway-side motel; Phillips opens up to Becky; Swan quizzes Timmy on “insect people”.
24 min
Episode 6 - Duck and Cover
Swan abducts Timmy, leaving Becky and Phillips by the side of the road; Evan Bell interviews historian Norman Thorne on UFO phenomena throughout history.
25 min
Episode 5 - Ward Six
Becky wheedles information on Timmy’s whereabouts out of the ward Matron while, at the same hospital, Swan interrogates Dr. Foley about the type of patients being secretly lobotomized; Becky attempts to hijack Swan’s car.
27 min
Episode 4 - Dead Hand
Swan interrogates a nearly-senile Russian defector about the legendary “dead man’s switch”; Becky finagles her way into a government-run psychiatric hospital where Timmy is being held.
25 min
Episode 3 - Shortwave
Dayton, Ohio radio talk show host Evan Bell—of UFOs Tonight—interviews an astrophysicist regarding the origin of the bizarre recorded signals being broadcast around the globe; Swan’s crafty handler, Rosemary, attempts to turn Colonel Sobek into an agency asset.
28 min
Episode 2 - Fellow Travelers
Becky, a gutsy Kansas farm girl, unable to stop her young brother’s abduction by government men, goes in pursuit while Swan plays potentially lethal mind games with his newly assigned driver, Phillips, a WWII army vet and sniper.
22 min
Episode 1 - 1961
Swan, an enigmatic spook from a mysterious intelligence agency, pays a visit to Colonel Sobek at his Air Force base office—which is the beating heart of the U.S. government’s secret UFO project—to probe for Classified information.
21 min