Everyone wants something they can’t have. Holden wants Seyah to notice him. Nevaeh wants to be cancer-free. Loki wants to be a hero. They’ll die to make it happen. But dying is just the beginning for them. They will be remade together in a mysterious, abandoned world, hunted by killer machines. Each of them finally has what they always wanted – but at what cost?ReMade, a 15-part post-apocalyptic thriller from Serial Box, is written by an award-winning team of writers including Matthew Cody, Andrea Phillips, Carrie Harris, E.C. Meyers, Kiersten White, and Gwenda Bond. Narrated by Greg Tremblay and Laurel Schroede.

Science Fiction
Introducing Dead Air
Listen for a sneak peek of Serial Box's new podcast Dead Air. Available wherever you listen to podcasts, subscribe today. Mackenzie Walker wasn’t planning on using her college radio show to solve a decades-old murder, but when she receives an a...
2 min
ReMade Season 2 Preview and Discount
Hi ReMade podcast fans! Did you know that ReMade is more than a podcast? It’s also a serialized fiction story from Serial Box, which is a company that brings you gripping stories written by bestselling and award winning teams of writers, that you c...
4 min
15. The End of the Beginning
Things move quickly after Holden initiates the shutdown sequence of Arcadia. Questions swirl as they grab supplies and hurry to stay ahead of the oncoming caretakers whose circuitry seems programmed to kill. With danger closing in, the time has come to...
63 min
14. The Slow Fade
After a long journey with many trials and tribulations, the teens finally think they’ve found someplace to call home. Little did they know the city of Arcadia is a sentient being. When she finally makes contact, it’s with a grim request – and how the g...
84 min
13. Memories of Arcadia
Arcadia knows what it means to be lonely; she’s had no visitors for an awfully long time. So when a group of haggard teens tumble unto her streets, she welcomes them with open arms and plays host as best she can remember. Of course, they have no idea s...
93 min
12. Modern History
Cole is what you’d call a “salt of the earth” type. He works hard, misses his girl, and feels best when he’s being useful – which makes being injured particularly frustrating. When the others go off exploring and leave him behind again, he’s finally ha...
70 min
11. We’re Dead in this Ghost Town
In hopes of finding civilization, people, answers, the group journeys to the city whose lights they’ve been able to see from miles away. But group dynamics can be just as hard to navigate as a new city – especially when death and dragons are involved. ...
103 min
10. Mirror of Fate
Seyah makes a discovery to the delight of the whole group and gains some time to reflect. With her dreams of Broadway dashed with her untimely death, she can only wonder what the future holds…and if a special someone has already been cast as her co-sta...
84 min
9. Whiteout
All May wants is some alone time – being stuck with a ragtag team of the previously-dead could drive anyone a little crazy (especially when no one has showered for a week). But in this strange and unfamiliar world, danger lurks behind every tree…and so...
84 min
8. End of the Line
A twitchy trigger finger leaves the train without a driver, and the group scrambles to find a way off their runaway getaway. With food running out and still no idea where to find safety, it’s hard to imagine things could get worse… This is the 8th ep...
97 min
7. Mourning Train
After a horrific attack the surviving remades catch a mysterious train and greet new faces onboard while counting those lost. But with a wild landscape streaming past and no idea where they are headed, the question quickly becomes: who is driving? Th...
69 min
6. Reality No-Show
Teddy, teenage heart-throb and reality TV star, is used to being followed by cameras and waking up in strange beds with strange girls. But robot cameras with no operators, beds made of plastic, and girls that have no desire to be in bed with him? That ...
86 min
5. Umta
Even in a group of misfits, Umta sticks out. An adult with more history than any of the other ReMades can possibly imagine, she knows about survival – and suffering. Despite her knowledge, she is just as vulnerable as all the rest when the Caretakers m...
69 min
4. The Most Dangerous Game
You live. You love. You Die. Now RUN. ReMade is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that will take readers past the boundaries of time, space, and even death.
85 min
3: Home, Perilous Home
Waking up in a strange and scary new world isn’t necessarily the worst thing, especially when you are grateful to wake up at all. When Nevaeh opened her eyes to find no hospital be...
81 min
2: Hungry
May likes being in control: with an obsessive drive to succeed and her aim set on Harvard, she knows how to keep her life on course. Plucked from her whirlwind of tests and achieve...
87 min
1: Shadows and Dreams
Two dozen teenagers across America suddenly die in the same moment, and awake a thousand years in the future, in a world of new possibilities and terrifying dangers. Some get thei...
68 min
Serial Box presents the Remade podcast
Everyone wants something they can’t have. Holden wants Seyah to notice him. Nevaeh wants to be cancer-free. Loki wants to be a hero. They’ll die to make it happen. But dying is just the beginning for them. They will be remade together in a mysterious, ...
1 min