Science Quickly

Host Rachel Feltman, alongside leading science and tech journalists, dives into the rich world of scientific discovery in this bite-size science variety show.

Name a Quasi-Moon with Radiolab Host Latif Nasser
Radiolab host Latif Nasser found and named a mysterious quasi-moon of Venus. Now you can help name one of Earth’s quasi-moons.
12 min
The Kavli Prize Presents: Building Materials Fr...
9 min
Astronauts Can Drink More Recycled Pee Than Eve...
It’s been 55 years since the Apollo 11 mission, innovative ​​“stillsuits” designed to recycle astronaut pee could enhance spacewalks, and a surprising case of the plague has occurred in Colorado.
8 min
On Thin Ice: Contemplating Our Climate Future i...
Researchers on a multimonth Antarctic expedition describe how the climate crisis intertwines with their work.
16 min
Saving the Last Truly Wild Horse
Claims that Przewalski’s horses were discovered in the U.S. are unverified. But the conservation story behind the last truly wild horse is worth your time.
14 min
A Blast from Our Past and Plans for a Petrochem...
It’s well known that petrochemicals are toxic to our health. Here’s how to steer clear of these by-products of the fossil fuel industry.
7 min
The Supreme Court Plays Hot Potato with Idaho’s...
Emergency access to abortion is preserved—for now. Also, NASA postpones the return of Starliner astronauts, and we’re tracking the spread of bird flu, dengue and mpox.
11 min
On Thin Ice: Life Onboard an Antarctic Icebreak...
Get a behind-the-scenes look at how researchers live and work on a U.S. icebreaker making its way through the waters of West Antarctica.
20 min
How to Stay Cool during Record-Breaking Heat Waves
Heat waves are getting hotter, more frequent and longer. But there are ways to keep yourself and your community cool.
16 min
Your Penis Might Be Full of Microplastics, and ...
Microplastics are everywhere, the Seine’s Olympic ambitions are complicated by poop, and the Starliner spacecraft delays its return to Earth.
8 min
On Thin Ice: Penguins in Paradise (Part 2)
To unravel the effects of melting sea ice, researchers drill the frozen waters around Antarctica and receive a surprise visit from a group of penguins.
19 min
What Happens if a Nuclear Weapon Goes Off in Sp...
A nuclear explosion in space would cause stunning auroras—and wreak havoc on satellites and space stations.
13 min
‘Flying’ Joro Spiders Are No Big Deal, and Star...
Sweltering heat in Greece, ozone-damaging chemicals on the decline and an investigation of what space does to our body are all in this week’s news roundup.
10 min
On Thin Ice: Supercharged Phytoplankton (Part 1)
Researchers are investigating how an iron infusion from glacial meltwater might change Antarctica’s seas and the climate.
19 min
What’s Actually In Your Tattoo Ink? No One Real...
Chemists are hard at work figuring out how to make tattoos last—and ensure they’re safe.
16 min
Rock Samples Taken from Far Side of the Moon an...
The Hubble Space Telescope’s woes, moon rocks and antibiotic candidates discovered with AI are all in this week’s news roundup.
8 min
Do Plants ‘Think’? We Might Not Know Enough abo...
Zoë Schlanger’s new book, The Light Eaters, explores the surprising science of plant intelligence.
22 min
Snacking on Cicadas Is Nutritious, Sustainable,...
Make the best of the “double brood” of cicadas with insect kimchi and tempura-fried bugs.
19 min
Auroras Are on the Horizon, and Bird Flu Is on...
Vaccine misinformation on social media, smartphone addiction in teens and more are discussed in this week’s news roundup.
8 min
Troubled Waters on Cape Cod: Liquid Gold (Part 3)
A cost-effective pollution solution on Cape Cod could start in the bathroom.
8 min
The Science Behind Curly Hair [Sponsored]
14 min
How to Protect Wildlife without Leaving Home
You don't have to venture far to make a difference for wildlife.
6 min
Troubled Waters on Cape Cod: Sticker Shock (Par...
Toxic algal blooms are forcing Cape Cod communities to consider expensive sewer and septic system projects.
10 min
The Apocalypse Is Going to Be a Lot Friendlier ...
Cooperation theorist Athena Aktipis talks about zombies, go bags and more in her new book.
16 min
AI Is Getting Creepier and Risky Cheese Is Gett...
A rare geomagnetic storm lit up skies, eerie AI demonstrations and a cautionary word about raw milk.
11 min