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A Singular Climate Experiment Takes Shape in th...
Gigantic Metal Spires Will Spray Amazonian Trees With Extra CO2
18 min
Will the Amazon Help Save the Planet?
The Rain Forest Sucks Up Carbon—Or, at Least, It Did
14 min
How Big a Threat Is Bird Flu?
Cows and at least one person in the U.S. have been sickened by avian influenza. We asked experts about the risk to humans.
9 min
How a New AI Model Helps Volcanic History Rise ...
Volcano detectives use artificial intelligence to sleuth out ancient secrets in Alaska.
7 min
Do Sperm Whales Have Culture?
They're Hard to Study, But What Has Been Found is Fascinating
9 min
Measles Is Back, and That’s Scary
The deadly virus was practically eliminated in the U.S., but now it’s infecting more people.
8 min
Did the Eclipse Give You the Amateur Astronomy ...
Learn How to Capture Your Own View of the Cosmos
15 min
A Veteran Eclipse Chaser Explains the Thrill of...
Kate Russo Has Seen 13 of Them. Even She Isn't Ready for This One
5 min
Three Times Eclipses Eclipsed Previous Science
Scientists have studied eclipses for centuries, discovering truths about the universe hiding in the shadows.
16 min
Humans Find Total Eclipses Startling. What Abou...
Animals Don't Know About Science, After All
9 min
Inside the Race to Protect Artists from Artific...
AI-generated art is creating new ethical issues—and competition—for digital artists. Nightshade and Glaze are two tools helping creators fight back.
11 min
The Tale of the Snail Slime Wrangler
Mucus is a miracle of evolution, and some researchers are trying to re-create what nature makes naturally.
9 min
Mucus Saves Your Life Every Day
The slimy substance is so powerful that doctors once made hog stomach mucus milkshakes to treat ulcers.
10 min
Magical Mucus: On the Benefits of Getting Slime...
If you take a journey into the depths of the slime all around us, you find yourself starting to understand that mucus is a miracle.
7 min
How Artificial Intelligence Helped Write this A...
Machine-learning algorithms allow composers to create all-new instruments.
14 min
Why Short Naps Are Good for You
A quick nap can boost your memory, your mood and even your creativity.
8 min
The Great Debate: Could We Ever Travel through ...
Our space and physics editors go head-to-head over a classic mind-bending question.
7 min
The Science behind Humpback Whales’ Eerie Songs
Scientists have long wondered how baleen whales make their songs, and a new study has finally uncovered the anatomical workings behind their melodies.
7 min
Large Study of ME/CFS Patients Reveals Measurab...
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, long dismissed by doctors, causes immune system dysfunction and other problems. But treatments are lacking.
10 min
Hunger in Gaza Could Affect Survivors' Health f...
Epigenetics research reveals how famines can cause health problems later in life — and how these changes might be passed down to later generations.
9 min
These Invasive Ants Are Changing How Lions Hunt
On the African savanna, a single invasive ant species has upset the delicate balance between predator and prey.
10 min
Should You Swab Your Throat Plus Your Nose for ...
Nose-plus-throat could increase test accuracy—but could create problems too
9 min
Is This the Earliest Evidence of Human Cannibal...
A newly-examined munch mark on a tibia has become a real pleistocene whodunit.
15 min
What Do You Mean, Bisexual People Are ‘Risk-Ta...
A recent GWAS investigation on risk-taking and bisexuality made some assumptions that some experts don’t agree with.
12 min
Asexuality Research Has Reached New Heights. Wh...
A grassroots online movement has helped shift the way scientists think about asexuality. But much is still unknown.
13 min