SAE Tomorrow Today

SAE Tomorrow Today, a podcast from SAE International, hosted by Grayson Brulte focuses on the impact of the advancement of mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity. As a trusted partner to mobility engineers for more than 110 years, SAE International provides unique and dynamic perspectives from innovative industry leaders on the challenges of tomorrow.

Soaking Up the Sun: America’s First Solar-Power...
39 min
Uncovering the Hidden World of Used Electric Ve...
46 min
Cummins Innovating Engines to Power the Global ...
29 min
Los Angeles World Airports Innovating the Passe...
41 min
Qualcomm is Changing the World with C-V2X Techn...
35 min
Tap to Ride: How Cybersource is Revolutionizing...
32 min
PennDOT Staying Ahead of Transportation Transfo...
No matter where industry goes—electric, automated, drones—PennDOT's Mark Kopko, Director of Transformational Technology, and his team are leveraging relationships with Pennsylvania’s leading change-makers to educate, promote safety and develop policy that keeps the state on the forefront of technology. Tune in to hear PennDOT’s strategy for setting the tone as the DOT of the future.
41 min
BMW Accelerating the Shift From Fossil Fuels to...
44 min
John Deere Brings Precision to Agriculture Thro...
50 min
Sikorsky Innovations Advances the Future of Ver...
29 min
Lifting the Hood on the Engineering of Ford Mot...
31 min
Cat® MineStar™ Pushing Autonomy to New Levels
35 min
ZF Group Focuses on the Next Generation of Vehi...
45 min
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Rolls Forwar...
32 min
Embark Trucks Works to Shore Up the Supply Chai...
37 min
Virgin Galactic Blasts Off with Commercial Spac...
31 min
Exploring Real-World Applications of Autonomous...
40 min
Bear Flag Robotics, Helping Farmers Improve Sus...
35 min
How Fox Robotics is Transforming Warehouse Logi...
33 min
How Robots and Humans Work Together for a Bette...
37 min
How Teamwork and Human-Centered Design Give Arr...
42 min
Investing In the Future of Mobility with Trucks...
45 min
Why Passengers’ Boredom Is a Good Thing with In...
38 min
Self-Driving For The Long Haul with Kodiak Robo...
38 min
Going Turbo with McLaren: The Engine Company
42 min
How Luminar is Introducing Safe Autonomy to the...
39 min
Micromobility for the Masses With Swiftmile
36 min
Enabling the Journey to Mobile Electrification ...
40 min
The Road Ahead in 2021
6 min
2020 Recap: How Aerospace Innovation Takes Flight
31 min
2020 Recap: Engineers Are Transforming the Worl...
25 min
2020 Recap: Navigating The Path to Profitability
49 min
Impacts of Human Factors on Aviation Safety
38 min
Will Travel Ever Be the Same Again: Exploring t...
38 min
Exploring Sustainable-Energy Alternatives with ...
31 min
Building Next-Gen Electric Vehicles From the Gr...
37 min
Discover How Deloitte is Approaching Mobility’s...
How can leading brands and innovative companies work together to move people and goods in a cleaner, safer, cheaper and faster way?
36 min
How Mastercard is Applying QR, Blockchain, and ...
32 min
How Velodyne Became a Leader in LiDAR with Anan...
Today's episode is a special chat between host Grayson Brulte and Anand Gopalan, CEO of Velodyne LiDAR.
32 min
Why Infrastructure Planning is Undergoing a Mas...
This week, host Grayson Brulte sits down with Malcolm Dougherty, Sr. Vice President and National Practice Executive at global engineering firm Michael Baker International to talk about creating a seamless multimodal transportation system that positively benefits society.
31 min
Safety at the Forefront of Mobility
Jennifer Morrison, Manager of Vehicle Safety Compliance, Mazda North America joins host Grayson Brulte on SAE Tomorrow Today to discuss all of the facets of safety in the world of mobility.
50 min
Innovating Commercial Trucking – Bill Combs of ...
There is more to Penske than meets the eye. As the largest non-governmental commercial trucking fleet in the world, Penske has instilled a culture of learning to tackle practical innovations to improve and advance the industry.
47 min
Reinventing Transportation in a Positive Way - ...
Pittsburgh has become a hotbed for mobility innovation and one of the leaders is undoubtedly Argo AI.
48 min
Let's Do Electric and Decarbonization Faster – ...
Rob Grant, Vice President of Global Government Affairs at Cruise, joins host Grayson Brulte this week to talk all things Cruise and offer his perspective on the importance of autonomous and electric vehicles as we strive for a clean and equitable future.
52 min
We Can Learn So Much From Watching Paint Dry – ...
Paints and coatings surround us so much that we take them for granted. But beyond their visual appeal, coatings play an invaluable role in protecting our cars, aircrafts and structures to make our lives better and safer.
55 min
One Day Kids Will Play in the Streets Again – A...
What will cities look like as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic? Ashwini Chhabra, Co-Founder & Principal of Electric Avenue, joins host Grayson Brulte this week to offer his take on how trends that have emerged during the shutdown can, and likely will, transfer as cities begin to open back up.
48 min
Chipotle’s Pioneering Approach to Digital – Nic...
How does a quick service restaurant transform itself into a lifestyle brand? For Chipotle Mexican Grill, its all about being real and staying ahead of digital trends to create the ultimate customer experience.
24 min
Safer Air Travel Through Predictive Analytics –...
Rhonda Walthall, Fellow, Prognostics & Health Management at Collins Aerospace, joins host Grayson Brulte for a conversation that looks at the role of predictive analytics and aircraft health management systems in creating safer and more efficient air travel.
31 min
America, Leading the Way on Innovation – Congre...
The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joins host Grayson Brulte to share her steadfast belief that American innovation and ingenuity will help us win the future.
21 min
Great Things Take Time - VC's View on Technolog...
From building software companies to investing in new technologies, Jason Illian, Managing Director at Koch Disruptive Technologies, has seen both sides of the innovation spectrum.
61 min
How the Space Coast Became the Comeback Coast -...
The State of Florida is open for business and building a name for itself as a hub for the space industry, supersonic jets and autonomous vehicles.
27 min
Constant Innovation in Aviation - Mark Cousin, ...
Mark Cousin, CEO of Acubed, joins host Grayson Brulte for an in-depth conversation on the aviation innovations that Acubed is working on to improve efficiency and safety.
43 min
Supersonic Travel: Getting You Across the Globe...
Tom Vice, Chairman, President and CEO of Aerion, lends his expertise in supersonic aviation to the podcast for a conversation with host Grayson Brulte on all things Aerion, plus insights into why the aviation industry stopped innovating and what the future holds.
50 min
Media’s Perspective on Mobility - Alan Ohnsman,...
The mobility ecosystem covers a lot of ground, so who better to provide insight than someone reporting on every facet on a daily basis? It’s a new perspective this week as Alan Ohnsman, Senior Editor of Future Mobility at Forbes, joins host Grayson Brulte to offer insight on the future of transportation.
66 min
All Things Ridesharing with “The Rideshare Guy”...
The Rideshare Guy, Harry Campbell, hails a ride on this week’s episode to share his first hand expertise on ridesharing and food delivery with host Grayson Brulte.
66 min
How Autonomy is Shaping Modern Medicine - Dr. P...
Dr. Peter Weiss, Co-Founder of the Rodeo Drive Women's Health Center in Beverly Hills, CA, sits down with host Grayson Brulte to discuss the intersection between autonomous vehicle and medical technology advancements.
57 min
Mapping the Path to Full Autonomy – Mark Wheele...
Mark Wheeler, Co-Founder & CTO of DeepMap, chats with host Grayson Brulte about the impact of HD maps on the evolution of autonomous vehicles.
46 min
Space, The Next Frontier – Dale Tutt, Vice Pres...
We are headed for the stars and traveling faster than the speed of sound, as Dale Tutt, Vice President, Aerospace and Defense Industry at Siemens Digital Industries Software, joins host Grayson Brulte to discuss all things aerospace.
52 min
The Future of Urban Air Mobility – Mark Moore, ...
We take to the sky as a pioneering voice in VTOL, Mark Moore, Director of Strategy at Uber Elevate, joins host Grayson Brulte to walk through his journey from NASA to Uber and how eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft) will lead to redesigned cities with transportation freedom.
42 min
The Future of Delivery is Autonomous – Gautam N...
Gautam Narang, Co-Founder and CEO of Gatik AI, joins host Grayson Brulte to discuss why the future of delivery is autonomous.
26 min
Times When You Have to Take the Right Risk – Da...
David Estrada, Chief Legal Officer at Nuro, joins host Grayson Brulte to discuss the leading factors of the mobility revolution.
49 min
Diversified Oil Companies Will Become Diversifi...
Vince Lichtinger, Manager of Fuels and Emerging Technology Group at the Marathon Petroleum Corporation, talks with host Grayson Brulte at SAE’s Government/Industry Meeting about the changes in the petroleum business over his 31-year career and the impact that Marathon has had on the industry.
21 min
Creating a Technological Backbone for Connectiv...
Jeff Stewart, Assistant Vice President of Global Public Policy at AT&T, joins host Grayson Brulte at SAE’s Government/Industry Meeting to discuss how technological advancements are the backbone for mass deployment of connected solutions.
33 min
Design Technology with Children in Mind – Valen...
Valentina Graci, Ph.D., a research scientist at CIRP/CHOP, sits down with host Grayson Brulte at SAE’s Government/Industry Meeting to discuss all things child safety in vehicles, including her research efforts on automotive safety, autonomous vehicles warnings, safe seat design and position, seatbelts and why AV designs should consider the current and future unique safety needs of children.
23 min
Building Government Trust in AVs – Brad Stertz,...
Brad Stertz, Director of Government Affairs at Audi, joins host Grayson Brulte at SAE’s Government/Industry Meeting to talk about the importance of showcasing autonomous technology to local government officials as a way to create understanding and develop legislation.
34 min
Oil and Natural Gas… Driving Industry and Techn...
Dr. R. Dean Foreman, Chief Economist at API, talks with host Grayson Brulte at SAE’s Government/Industry Meeting about the strides the natural gas and oil industry has made over the past decade to drive innovative solutions to the real-world problems of today.
36 min
Our Trucks Have to Drive Like a Human – Robert ...
Robert Brown, Head of Public & Government Affairs at TuSimple, joins host Grayson Brulte at SAE’s Government/Industry Meeting to discuss the current and future state of autonomous trucking.
35 min
I Count Progress in Lives Saved - Mark R. Rosek...
Host Grayson Brulte sits down with Mark Rosekind, Chief Safety Innovation Officer at Zoox, to discuss Mark's unique background as a scientist studying sleep at NASA and at NHTSA, and how those experiences shaped his efforts and the commitment to safety at Zoox.
41 min
Introducing Tomorrow Today
Welcome to Tomorrow Today, a new podcast from SAE International. Tomorrow Today is structured as anthology series of episodes centered around key topics or events that impact the advancement of mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity. As a trusted partner to mobility engineers for more than 110 years, SAE International provides unique and dynamic perspectives from innovative industry leaders on the challenges of tomorrow.
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