The Skillwork Forum: Skilled Trades S...
The Skillwork Forum exists to help companies overcome the skilled labor shortage in America. Hosted by Brett Elliott (CEO at Skillwork) and Tim Raglin (VP of Operations at Skillwork), The Skillwork Forum’s topics of conversation include skilled trades staffing, business management, leadership, current events, and more.
What is a good employee turnover rate? - FULL E...
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How to get into the Trades - FULL EPISODE
In this episode of The Skillwork Forum, Tim Raglin (COO of Skillwork) and Brett Elliott (CEO and President of Skillwork), discuss how this next generation can begin a meaningful and lucrative career in the trades.
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How to know if your company has a healthy cultu...
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Robotics and Automation - How They’re Affecting...
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3 Myths About a Travel Staffing Model - FULL EP...
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Why is it so hard to find good employees? - FUL...
Despite a projected recession, June Jobs Report revealed surging numbers regarding new jobs in the labor market and strong numbers in hiring.
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Skillbridge: A Pathway to Hire Former Military ...
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Top 10 Signs You Made a Bad Hire - FULL EPISODE
<p>Here’s a statistic that might make you wince—Close to half of all new hires fail within 18 months of getting hired…meaning they either have to be disciplined or terminated.</p> <p>Despite a company’s best efforts in recruiting and vetting job candidates, it’s still possible to make a bad hire.</p> <p>Everybody seems to be hiring right now, but how can companies avoid the setback of a bad hire?</p> <p>After all, it’s costly for companies to go through the process of hiring the CORRECT candidate, but it’s even MORE costly when they hire WRONG.</p> <p>In our most recent episode of TSWF, Tim and Brett discuss 10 signs your company has made a bad hire. These signs may be obvious or less notable, but if your new employee displays any of them, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.</p> <p>Even IF these indicators are present in some of your new hires, not all sickness leads to death! Good coaching and communication can remedy the situation. 👍</p> <p>For more information on how to determine if you’ve made a bad hire, check out our latest podcast episode.</p> <p>Main Takeaways:</p> <p>🛠 | Being understaffed is less harmful to your company than having an employee that doesn’t fit.</p> <p>🛠 | Not all sickness leads to death—many of these signs can be remedied with the right tools.</p> <p>🛠 | Almost half of all new hires fail within 18 months of getting hired.</p> <p>🛠 | Knowing the warning signs ahead of time can help prevent you from making a hiring mistake.</p> <p>Timecodes:</p> <p>⏰ 00:00-07:21 | Skills not meeting expectations and bad attendance</p> <p>⏰ 07:21-16:00 | Being a bad culture fit, bad attitudes, repeated mistakes and “old job syndrome”</p> <p>⏰ 16:00-22:44 | Team players, a lack of attention to detail and a lack of drive and self discipline</p> <p>⏰ 22:44-28:37 | “The incredible vanishing worker” and ten great qualities for new employees</p> Quotes: <p> 💬“I would say that half of our negative outcomes with new hires is when we have a candidate that’s not a good fit because they don’t match the culture and rhythm of the team.” - Tim Raglin COO of Skillwork <p> 💬 “I want to see people that are willing to take ownership of what they’re doing. It’s important that people are looking for constant improvement, self-learning and trying to get better.” - Tim Raglin, COO of Skillwork <p> 💬 “10 great qualities in a new hire that require zero talent: punctuality, work ethic, effort, body language, energy, attitude, passion, being coachable, doing extra and being prepared.” - Brett Elliot, President & CEO of Skillwork <p> 💬 “All sickness doesn’t lead to death. Just because you’re seeing some of these attributes or traits, doesn’t mean it can’t be corrected.” - Tim Raglin, COO of Skillwork <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p>
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The Costs of Recruiting and Hiring - FULL EPISODE
Are you aware of the upfront, hidden, and ongoing costs involved in recruiting and hiring? <p> In today’s era of The Great Resignation, companies need to refocus their attention on the costs involved in getting the skilled workers they need and keeping their talent acquisition team filled. <p> When you’re knowledgable of what’s expected and where it’s going in the coming months, then you’ll take the steps needed today to stay ahead of the game. 👊🏼 <p> 🛠️ The Skillwork Forum speaks directly to business leaders in our most recent episode, helping you understand costs involved and what to budget for. <p> Stay ahead of the curve, check out our latest episode TODAY. 💥 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 | Learn to properly analyze your company budget for recruiting <p> 🛠 | Count the costs of having an HR and talent acquisition team <p> 🛠 | Talent Acquisition costs have more than doubled in the last several years <p> 🛠 | Finding the right workers requires skilled HR reps who can keep your plant running <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-07:39 | Your HR department needs to evolve to talent acquisition so you get the right people in place <p> ⏰ 07:39-11:22 | Consider the costs of hiring the HR reps you need and the equipment they’ll need to succeed <p> ⏰ 11:22-17:53 | Don’t be surprised by hidden costs for talent acquisition <p> ⏰ 17:53-26:20 | Don’t allow the stress of HR costs keep your focus off customer satisfaction and efficiency <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Cost is an expense where you get a benefit, and ROI is a benefit you get from a cost you put in.” - Tim Raglin, COO at Skillwork <p> 💬 “A 2019 Deloitte survey of manufacturing companies reported 91% of workers complained of burnout that affected their work and personal relationships.” - Brett Elliott, CEO at Skillwork <p> 💬 “The manufacturing labor shortage is expected to be 8 million people globally by 2030 with a potential revenue loss of $607 billion dollars.” - Tim Raglin, COO at Skillwork <p> 💬 “At the end of the day, you have to remain relevant to your customer, making sure customer satisfaction is a high priority.” - Brett Elliott, CEO at Skillwork <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> Skillwork’s website: <p> - <p> Skillwork’s LinkedIn: <p> - <p> Skillwork’s YouTube channel: <p> - <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> Rveal’s website: <p> - <p> Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - <p> Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> - <p>
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Top 8 Tips for Employee Onboarding - FULL EPISODE
Is your onboarding process is generating good employees and work culture? 🤔 <p> We all know that first impressions are crucial, and that’s true not only of the new employee, but of the company they’re coming to work for. <p> The way you treat new employees from the interview through the entire onboarding process will determine if that employee enjoys their job and stays committed—or decides that it’s not a right fit for them. 💥 <p> 🛠️ The Skillwork Forum brings you a CRUCIAL episode that discusses how you can transform your company onboarding process to be positive and generate employees that love their job and do it well. <p> If you’re ready to revolutionize your company’s “first impression”, this is the episode for you. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 | A good onboarding process will increase employee retention <p> 🛠 | Make sure you are communicating clarity to your new employees with all the details <p> 🛠 | Create an experience that new employees won’t forget when coming to work for you <p> 🛠 | Your onboarding process will either enrich your work culture or be a detriment to it <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-06:32 | Make your onboarding process positive, welcoming and communicate value <p> ⏰ 06:32-13:58 | Minimize surprises with the details in your onboarding process <p> ⏰ 13:58-21:59 | Work to make an employees first day at work an incredible experience <p> ⏰ 21:59-29:15 | Feedback from both sides is crucial to the growth of your company <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “It’s unkind to be unclear.” - Dave Ramsey <p> 💬 “Patience is a virtue when it comes to new employees—especially when it comes to onboarding.” - Tim Raglin, COO at Skillwork <p> 💬 “It’s to your peril if you don’t create an excellent onboarding experience for new hires.” - Tim Raglin, COO at Skillwork <p> 💬 “Don’t let your new employees feel alienated—avoid ambiguity, ‘company-speak’ or unnecessary complexity.” - Brett Elliott, CEO at Skillwork <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> Skillwork’s website: <p> - <p> Skillwork’s LinkedIn: <p> - <p> Skillwork’s YouTube channel: <p> - <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> Rveal’s website: <p> - <p> Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - <p> Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> - <p>
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Skilled Trades Shortage Myth - FULL EPISODE
Do you know the real reason our nation is experiencing a skilled worker shortage? 👀 <p> Most would instantly say “wages”, but the statistics prove that an average trades graduate is making 10% more than a 4-year college graduate. <p> It ultimately comes down to the culture we’ve built around the trades and how we speak to our young people who want to go to trade school. 😬 <p> 🛠️ The Skillwork Forum’s latest episode is a crucial conversation we need to start having so the attitude about the trades changes and we see competent workers flood the market. <p> If you’re ready to see a culture shift and a new generation of skilled workers live successful careers, then THIS is the episode to listen to and share. 👊🏼 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 | The skilled worker shortage is not only due to pay issues <p> 🛠 | Skilled trades graduates have more competitive wages than a typical 4-year college graduate <p> 🛠 | The largest issue in the skilled trades space is “popularity” among our young people <p> 🛠 | People need to realize there are different paths to a successful career <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-05:21 | The shortage of skilled workers is due to many issues we need to face <p> ⏰ 05:21-09:37 | Wages in the trades are up and salary options higher for skilled trade graduates <p> ⏰ 09:37-16:34 | Our culture has created a negative view on a trades education that needs to be changed <p> ⏰ 16:34-21:07 | We need to bring value and respect back to the trades and kids pursuing those careers <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “For every three baby boomers that retire, only one millennial or Gen X skilled worker comes in to take their place.” - Brett Elliott, President and CEO at Skillwork <p> 💬 “The skilled worker shortage we are facing is not so much a pay issue as it is a popularity issue.” - Brett Elliott, President and CEO at Skillwork <p> 💬 “A skilled trade career can provide you a quicker path to higher wages with less cost to your education.” - Tim Raglin, COO at Skillwork <p> 💬 “When we bring honor and value to the trades, we change the culture around a trades job for the next generation.” - Tim Raglin, COO at Skillwork <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
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Inflation Impact On The Skilled Trades - FULL E...
Inflation has hit us all these last few months—there’s no denying it. 😬 <p> From an increase in gas prices to groceries and goods and services, the inflationary pressures that workers and businesses are feeling are extremely real. <p> If we are to be successful in the coming months and years, we must face inflation head on and adjust our business models and finances so we can stay afloat for the future. <p> 🛠️ The Skillwork Forum’s latest episode brings you a conversation about inflation that every business leader needs to have. <p> Let’s get this conversation out in the open and work to keep our skilled workers on the job and America moving in the right direction. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 | Inflation is affecting wages and skilled workers’ buying power <p> 🛠 | Business leaders need to prepare for how inflation will impact their bottom line <p> 🛠 | Don’t allow inflation take your attention from the labor gap with the Baby Boomer Exodus <p> 🛠 | Be careful how you leverage inflation as to not overwork your skilled workers <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-06:17 | Inflation is here and business leaders must prepare themselves for the future <p> ⏰ 06:17-14:02 | Learn how inflation will affect your business and workers <p> ⏰ 14:02-17:45 | Your business profitability is at stake if you don’t leverage inflation today <p> ⏰ 17:45-26:47 | Economic chaos may come but God is in control and in Him we trust <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “We’ve got a situation where you see inflation creep up, wages creep up, and it ultimately affects the cost of food and gas for your workers.” - Brett Elliott, CEO at Skillwork <p> 💬 “The Baby Boomer exodus mixed with the thinning labor pool is now heightened with inflationary pressures.” - Brett Elliott, CEO at Skillwork <p> 💬 “Resist the temptation to lower wages to try and control your costs because it will negatively impact your workforce.” - Tim Raglin, COO at Skillwork <p> 💬 “The economy matters. Uncertainty drives pessimism and pessimism affects people’s attitudes on the job.” - Tim Raglin, COO at Skillwork <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
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How To Reduce Attrition In Manufacturing - FULL...
Do you struggle with attrition in today’s “Great Resignation” economy? 👀 <p> Most business leaders are facing the exact same issues, and no one is exempt from the difficulties that high turnover present to a business—especially manufacturing. <p> 🛠️ The Skillwork Forum’s latest episode discusses HOW attrition happens and what can be done to avoid it in today’s economic climate. <p> If you’re ready to turn your business around, minimize attrition, and build a healthy and attractive work environment, then THIS is the episode for you. <p> Take the time to listen today and make the necessary changes your business and employees will thank you for. 🤝 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 | If you struggle with attrition there are quick and easy solutions you can apply <p> 🛠 | Take a close look at your work environment and culture to minimize turnover <p> 🛠 | Allow your skilled workers to participate in the hiring process <p> 🛠 | Evaluate your benefits and wages packages to make sure you keep a competitive edge <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-12:21 | Clearly define your vision for frontline workers to feel a part of something bigger <p> ⏰ 12:21-16:53 | A safe and healthy work environment will communicate care to your employees <p> ⏰ 16:53-24:02 | Your interview process needs to be important to get the right people in place <p> ⏰ 24:02-36:09 | Pay attention to your employees needs with creative benefits and scheduling flexibility <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “When you have a high level of turnover, it leads to more culture erosion.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “Communicating vision is crucial—it's the lifeblood of your organization where people understand what you're about.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “Lowering the bar when hiring skilled workers increases turnover and has a lot of side effects—you risk hiring less talented, inexperienced individuals which oftentimes leads to more accidents in the facility.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “Have your skilled trade talent be a part of the interview process and ask the right questions.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “Safety is a huge thing—at the end of the day, if you have a safe environment, what you're really saying is “I care about you and I want you to go home at the end of the day.” - Tim Raglin <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: - Skillwork’s website - Skillwork’s LinkedIn - Skillwork’s YouTube channel Reach out to Rveal: - Rveal’s website - Rveal’s LinkedIn - Rveal’s YouTube channel
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10 Common Mistakes Made When Recruiting Talent ...
Are your recruiters making these common mistakes? ⬇️ <p> Any company with an HR department or who works with a recruiting firm has experienced some of these common pitfalls, which lead to hiring the wrong people or never filling the position. <p> Mistakes could be as simple as not being specific with your job description, to more complex such as overlooking character and aptitude in favor of skill and experience. 🤯 <p> 🛠️ The Skillwork Forum’s latest episode discusses the top 10 mistakes companies make when recruiting talent and how you can avoid these in the future. <p> If you’re ready to hire the right people and find a perfect fit for your culture every time, then THIS is the episode for you. 👊🏼 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 Learn the 10 common recruiting mistakes so you can successfully recruit talent <p> 🛠 Don’t overlook the underqualified or overqualified candidates <p> 🛠 Take the time to listen to your recruiting team and how they communicate to candidates <p> 🛠 Ask references the right questions to fit the specific job you need filled <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-03:06 | Learn from your recruiting team to improve candidate selection and job quality <p> ⏰ 03:06-11:44 | Give more attention to the candidate than to the position you’re trying to fill <p> ⏰ 11:44-20:38 | Learn to research deeper with candidate references and avoid costly mistakes <p> ⏰ 20:38-30:44 | Take time to perfect job descriptions so recruiters can hit the mark every time <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 ”Our good recruiters are good listeners.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “Ask questions about potential hires that are specific to the job that you need.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “Two things that separate us from other staffing companies are that we only do skilled trades and we have a very extensive vetting process.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “You can have all the skills in the world but if you're difficult to get along with or you don't show up for work, the skills won't fix that.” - Brett Elliott <p> ————————————————- <p> Skillwork’s 8 Step Vetting Process <p> Connect with Skillwork: - Skillwork’s website - Skillwork’s LinkedIn - Skillwork’s YouTube channel Reach out to Rveal: - Rveal’s website - Rveal’s LinkedIn - Rveal’s YouTube channel
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A Call To Arms: Update On 2022 Trends In Skille...
The trends we predicted for 2022 are accelerating at an alarming pace. 🤯 <p> The shortage in skilled labor combined with the baby boomer exodus have created pressures we’re seeing in Q1 we thought we’d see spread throughout the whole year. It’s vital for business leaders to have this conversation and have it NOW. <p> 🛠️ The Skillwork Forum picks up this urgent topic in our latest episode, addressing the pressures companies are facing in the first few months of 2022 and helping those looking for immediate answers. <p> Skillwork is here to help get you the skilled labor you need and keep you ahead of the game amidst the current economic crisis. <p> Listen to our latest episode to know how this will affect your business and how we can help. 🤝 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 | The 2022 trends skilled labor staffing trends are accelerating at a faster pace than predicted <p> 🛠 | Your company needs to be aggressive in finding the skilled workers you need <p> 🛠 | Skillwork exists to help solve your staffing problems and get you skilled technicians <p> 🛠 | The Proud Skilled Worker is a new podcast to highlight the voices of America’s skilled workers <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-04:24 | A look back on the eight labor staffing trends predicted for 2022 <p> ⏰ 04:24-08:19 | The labor shortage and the baby boomer exodus have accelerated at an alarming pace <p> ⏰ 08:19-12:43 | We are doing our part to find skilled workers to help your company fill labor gaps <p> ⏰ 12:43-18:05 | Skillwork lives by our core values and delivers excellent service to our customers <p> Quotes: <p> 💬”The health of your business depends on if you are doing something to address the skilled labor shortage—if not, then the health of your organization is at risk.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “In 40 days demand has grown by 50%—we anticipated the growth, but not at that pace” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬”The availability of tradesmen that can actually do the specialized work is a very small pool, and it's not being replenished at the pace necessary to keep up with the exodus.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “In 2021 we saw over 100% growth in the demand for what we do. We expect that trend to be even larger this year with the number of facilities and needs across the country reaching out to us.“ - Tim Raglin <p> 💬”We feel called to our purpose, which is to bring honor to God in everything we do, and we work to impact the health of your organization and skilled workers through that core value.” - Brett Elliott <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> - 8 Trends for Skilled Labor in 2022 <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
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Leading Through The Fourth Industrial Revolutio...
The Fourth Industrial Revolution isn’t just coming, it’s HERE. <p> Often coined as “Industry 4.0”, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing manufacturing and what companies need to be ahead of the game. 👀 <p> With the need for updated technology that unifies manufacturing under a single operating system, and skilled workers capable of maintaining that system, companies are now forced to make large changes to keep their competitive edge. 🛠️ <p> 🎙️ In the latest episode of The Skillwork Forum, we discuss how companies need to position themselves given the advances in technology. <p> If you’re a business leader and have found the need to make drastic changes to stay in business given the skills gap and technological advances, the THIS is the episode for you. 💪🏼 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 The biggest obstacle for companies’ success is finding talented people <p> 🛠 How business leaders can navigate the changes for “Industry 4.0” <p> 🛠 Find the balance between updating technology and hiring skilled workers <p> 🛠 Prepare your work model to accommodate the millennial workforce <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00 - 03:48 | We are IN the fourth industrial revolution <p> ⏰ 03:48 - 13:53 | Overview of previous Industrial Revolutions <p> ⏰ 13:53 - 20:07 | How you can update technology and hire skilled workers to operate it <p> ⏰ 20:07 - 38:02 | Stay ahead of your competition with a updated work model to attract skilled workers <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “You can have all the latest technology you want, but if you don’t have the talent behind it, your business is not sustainable.” - Edward E. Gordon (Author of Future Jobs: Solving the Employment Skills Crisis) <p> 💬“An IBM survey of 1,200 business leaders indicated only 1 in 10 felt they currently had the skills needed to implement the advanced technology of Industry 4.0.” - Brett Elliott, CEO at Skillwork <p> 💬 “It is not necessary to change—survival is not mandatory.” - W. Edwards Deming <p> 💬 “Millennials are the most likely generation to switch jobs. 6 out of 10 are open to new opportunities.” - Brett Elliott, CEO at Skillwork <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
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"Work" Is Not a 4-Letter Word - FULL EPISODE
Here’s the unfortunate truth: you’re not guaranteed a job after a four-year education 👎🏽 <p> With unemployment numbers and the exponential growth in student loan debt, today’s generation of workers should seriously reconsider their path to success. Traditional four-year colleges just aren’t cutting it anymore. <p> Our latest episode of The Skillwork Forum discusses the benefits of choosing the trade school route, which promises a job upon graduation with competitive wages and benefits. 🛠️ <p> If you’re ready for a change and want to jump into a new career path, or are looking to upskill your craft, this episode is sure to set you in the right direction. <p> For more information, visit our website at 👊🏼 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 Working “smarter not harder” is not always the solution <p> 🛠 A four-year education will not always guarantee you a job <p> 🛠 Going the trade school route will get you a job faster <p> 🛠 Skilled workers are in high demand and have no lack of jobs <p> 🛠 Companies are looking to train or upskill skilled workers of all ages <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00 - 05:15 | America needs to value hard work in the skilled trades <p> ⏰ 05:16 - 10:32 | The four-year college model forces kids to go into debt <p> ⏰ 10:23 - 20:49 | We need to bring value and honor back to trade schools <p> ⏰ 20:49 - 30:26 | A skilled trades job is easy to acquire after trade school <p> ⏰ 30:26 - 43:14 | Find the skilled workers you need among older workers and upskill them <p> ⏰ 43:14 - 46:35 | There is more than one path to success and trades need to be considered <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “We talk about millions of “shovel ready” jobs, and then shame anyone into not ever picking up a shovel.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 ”Our crumbling infrastructure, our widening skills gap, the disappearance of vocational education, and the atmospheric rise in college tuition are not the problem. These are symptoms of what we value.” - Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs <p> 💬 “8.5 % of college graduates can’t find a job (even though we have north of 7 million openings) and 16.8 % are underemployed.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 ”It’s estimated that a skilled trade path will put you $140k ahead of your higher education counterpart within the first five years.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “We've devalued any career path for young people coming out of school that didn't include a four-year college education, looked down upon that, and even shamed them as if there was a stigma against that.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “We have to reconnect the average American out there with the value, respect, dignity, and opportunity of a skilled trade.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “It's skilled craftsmen, people who know how to fix, repair, install, troubleshoot, design—that's the engine of the American economy that keeps us moving forward.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “We ought to encourage people to pursue things that their God-gifted ability calls them into doing.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “There's this growing skills gap and a huge number of open jobs, and you don't need a four-year college degree to go get them.” - Brett Elliott <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website: <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn: <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel: <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p>
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Wages And Benefits On The Rise - FULL EPISODE
Are you prepared for the competitive hiring market in 2022? <p> With labor shortages across all industries, companies need to increase wages and benefits—even in the face of inflation that is unprecedented for today’s market. <p> The Skillwork Forum’s latest episode touches on the question that every business leader is thinking about—how to adjust wages and benefits to retain their skilled workers AND attract new ones. <p> Here at Skillwork we want to help you navigate what is ahead in 2022 and get the skilled workers you need to fill those crucial positions. 🛠️ <p> This is an episode you won’t want to miss. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 Labor shortages are impacting businesses nationwide <p> 🛠 The competitive market is driving up wages and benefits <p> 🛠 Avoid falling into the dangerous “wage compression” cycle <p> 🛠 Companies need to consider increasing wages and benefits for their workers <p> 🛠 Keep a ‘big picture’ perspective of your company to stay competitive <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00 - 03:20 | America is seeing labor shortages across all sectors of business <p> ⏰ 03:20 - 09:58 | The labor shortage is making wages and benefits highly competitive <p> ⏰ 09:58 - 15:20 | Wage compression is a dangerous cycle companies are falling into <p> ⏰ 15:20 - 19:02 | Find ways to improve the benefits you offer your employees <p> ⏰ 19:02 - 25:41 | Healthcare, childcare assistance and flexible work hours <p> ⏰ 25:41 - 28:12 | Businesses need to maintain a general overview to stay competitive <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Sometimes we focus so much on the dollar of the day when we're being foolish with the bigger picture.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “The one tried and true method that has worked throughout time is simply this need to increase your wages and benefits in order to respond to this competitive labor market.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “We are seeing an overall 3.9% jump in wage costs for firms, which includes pay for new hires—the highest rate since 2008.” - Tim Raglin (Source: CNBC) <p> 💬 “Those who switched jobs saw 12-month moving-average wage gains of 4.3% in November, compared to 3.2% for those who stayed.” - Brett Elliott (Source: Atlanta Federal Reserve) <p> 💬 “People are doing more to attract new talent than to keep their talent.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬”45% of Americans plan to explore new job opportunities in 2022, and the top reason respondents listed was not getting paid enough.” - Tim Raglin (Source: Credit Karma) <p> 💬”Nearly a quarter (22%) of respondents in the Credit Karma survey who were looking for a new job revealed that they were searching for better benefits as well.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬”Wage compression happens when you begin to pay new hires with less experience and less skill more than those people who've been there.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬”You get into what we refer to as the crazy cycle where you don't recognize your experienced talent, they get frustrated and leave—so you have to bring in new talent that's less qualified and pay them more.” - Brett Elliott <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website: <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn: <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel: <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website: <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p>
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What Industries are Facing the Biggest Talent S...
It’s no secret there is a lack of skilled tradesmen in today’s industries. 🆘 <p> With the global supply chain shortage, industries returning to US soil and the lack of competent tradesmen in a wide array of businesses, a worker shortage is here and will only worsen with time. <p> In this episode, we discuss what industries are most impacted by this shortage and what you can do to mitigate the problem before it causes a loss in revenue. 📉 <p> Learn about the worsening talent shortage and what you can do about it. Link in comments 👇 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 Baby Boomers retiring mean loss of skilled workers <p> 🛠 Talent shortage means loss of revenue for companies <p> 🛠 Skilled workers are in high demand which means increased wages <p> 🛠 Prioritizing experienced workers training and mentoring new ones <p> 🛠 Industries returning to US soil increases the need for tradesmen <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-4:39 | Retiring Baby Boomers are creating a shortage of tradesmen <p> ⏰ 4:39-11:43 | Creating a plan to face the talent shortage across multiple industries <p> ⏰ 11:44-18:37 | Offshore supply chain is bringing industries back to the US <p> ⏰ 18:38-24:47 | Maintenance of equipment requires skilled tradesmen <p> ⏰ 24:48-29:14 | Wages are increasing as is the need to train newer employees <p> ⏰ 29:15-30:48 | Start planning now to avoid fires tomorrow <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “There's a shortage today of give or take around a million individuals across the trade spectrum, which is a wide spectrum.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬”A recent study done by the Korn Ferry Institute said by 2030 the global talent shortage could reach 85.2 million people, costing companies trillions of dollars in lost economic opportunity.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “We're in 2021 and this talent shortage is going to continue to be the biggest challenge that faces many industries.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “The inability to achieve those revenue objectives could be driven by your inability to have the talent necessary to achieve them.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “It's not just "Oh, I got to beat out the other people in my space", I now have to beat out these other industries for the talent.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “What can you do? The obvious answer is you're going to have to get real with your wages.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “Baby boomers that are coming into retirement age are your most valuable employees, and from the skilled trades perspective, they know how everything runs, they can fix everything, they've got all this wisdom and inherent knowledge.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “You need to be planning now to mitigate the risk of your baby boomers walking out the door by making sure they are passing on that knowledge and mentoring the newer employees.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “We always encourage companies to invest in apprenticeship, in long-term training, in education, and partnerships with trade schools.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “Start planning now. We're big believers in planning today so you're not fighting fires tomorrow.” - Tim Raglin <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website: <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn: <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel: <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website: <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p>
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The Great Resignation: The Real Cost Of Turnove...
It’s no secret that industries are facing an unprecedented loss of employees. <p> In what has been called “The Great Resignation” or “The Big Quit”, companies in all industries are faced with the complexities of: <p> 🛠 Losing employees <p> 🛠 Costs involved in re-hiring <p> 🛠 The impact of being understaffed on company culture <p> 🎙️ In the latest episode of The Skillwork Forum, Tim and Brett discuss the latest statistics and realities that many business leaders are facing today with their workforce. <p> If you are a business leader or have found yourself impacted by this high turnover rate and lack of employees to fill vacancies, this episode is for you. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 Industries are losing employees at a higher rate than ever before <p> 🛠 Business leaders need to learn to mitigate the consequences of the employee exodus <p> 🛠 The cost of high turnover to your business and productivity <p> 🛠 How does high employee turnover affect your business culture? <p> 🛠 What you can do to retain your current employees <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-02:24 | The Great Resignation or The Big Quit in America <p> ⏰ 02:24-08:00 | The current statistics that will affect unenployment <p> ⏰ 08:00-17:45 | Why are employees leaving their jobs? <p> ⏰ 17:45-24:15 | The cost of high turnover for your business <p> ⏰ 24:15-27:35 | How vacancies affect your current employees <p> ⏰ 27:35-31:52 | What is the long term cost of turnover to your company culture? <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “55% of Americans who are employed or looking for a job said they were likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬”77% of Gen Zers and 63% of millennials plan to job hunt.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “Studies project 1 in 3 employees will leave their job in 2023 where most companies are being affected.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “The Great Resignation is real—it’s here, and it’s not likely to improve overall in the short term, but you can mitigate the risk, adjust to the changing dynamics, and seek alternative solutions to help your organization persevere the storm.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “Culture eats strategy for breakfast every day.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “Great leaders face a challenge head on.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬”You really need to think about the impact to your existing or remaining employees when they see you not addressing the issue of employee vacancies.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “A big part of our job is risk management and you’ve got to face this and do something about it—you can mitigate the risk, you can adjust to the changing dynamics, you can seek alternative solutions and we can help.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “There there is a path to working through this and the great leaders and the great organizations will get ahead of it. “ - Brett Elliott <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website: <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn: <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel: <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website: <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p>
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The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Staffing Mo...
Does your organization use staffing agencies to fill crucial roles? <p> Most companies that use staffing agencies understand there are different models, but not all models are created equal. Let us help you understand the different staffing models available to your company and how you can find the right model for your needs. <p> The latest episode of The Skillwork Forum takes an in-depth look at the options available and how to identify the best model for the roles you need to fill. 🛠 <p> Take it from the staffing professionals—you want to discover what options are available and find the skilled workers that will do the job right to maximize your time and resources. <p> Skillwork is here to get you those skilled workers. 👍🏽 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 Learn the different staffing models available for your company <p> 🛠 There are both pros and cons to the “headhunter” model <p> 🛠 Find out if the temp agency model is what you need <p> 🛠 Travel staffing is the option to best find you the skilled workers you need <p> 🛠 Skillwork can connect you to the right skillset and culture fit for your business <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-06:03 | What are the different staffing agency models available? <p> ⏰ 06:03-14:14 | Learn about the contingency hiring model <p> ⏰ 14:14-23:46 | How does a temp agency operate? <p> ⏰ 23:46-32:05 | Is the travel staffing model right for you? <p> ⏰ 32:05-36:23 | Permanently hiring a temporary staff member <p> ⏰ 36:23-38:23 | Find the staffing agency that works with your culture <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “The headhunter model means an agency will hire you to find and place candidates based on a predetermined fee.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 "Look out for “poaching"—you better figure out how to retain your employees because somebody is coming to get them.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “Temp agencies are generally best for companies that have well known requirements with very low onboarding or training required.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “The thing about temporary employees is that they all want to eventually feel like they have a permanent home and benefits.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “The negatives of the temp agency model are that with high volume comes less quality.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “At Skillwork, we strive to be right 80% of the time with our staffing model.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “Once we get those requirements and an agreement with you, we find those candidates and our company does a lot of upfront vetting, a lot of testing—because when we attract candidates, ultimately, we hire them.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “Our job is to make sure you get placed where you can thrive and meet our clients’ needs.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “After we vet them and make sure it's a good fit, you also engage in that you interview and you make the final decision—you don't just get somebody we send to you.” - Tim Raglin <p> 💬 “One of the big pros to our staffing model is the ability to find high demand of advanced skill set workers.” - Brett Elliott <p> 💬 “It's our challenge to find out your requirements and how your culture works.” - Tim Raglin <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website: <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn: <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel: <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website: <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p>
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2022 Trends for skilled labor (Part 2) - FULL E...
What industry trends do you have your eye on for 2022? 👀 <p/> <p/> We’re expecting to see similar trends from the past two years in 2022, but many of them will accelerate significantly in the coming months. It’s critical to be prepared as a business leader or skilled worker so you can meet the challenge head-on 💪🏽 <p/> <p/> In our last episode, Tim and Brett talked about the first four trends businesses and skilled workers need to be watching as we go into 2022. 📈 <p/> In this episode, they discuss the other four trends to look out for in the coming year: <p/> <p/> ⚙️ The Fourth Industrial Revolution <p/> ⚙️ Rising costs of raw materials and inflation <p/> ⚙️ Supply chain backlog <p/> ⚙️ Infrastructure bill pressures <p/> <p/> If you’re a business owner or skilled worker, this episode is for you. If you missed the first episode of the series, “2022 Trends for Skilled Labor”, check that out first 👍🏼 <p/> <p/> You’ll learn not only the trends you need be on the lookout for, but how you can make the challenges into opportunities. <p/> <p/> Main Takeaways: <p/> 🛠 Automation’s benefits also present a skilled worker problem <p/> 🛠 Ways to upskill your current workers to position them for the future <p/> 🛠 Inflation’s effect on wages and cost of raw materials <p/> 🛠 Supply chain backlog and worker shortage are creating a strain on supply and demand <p/> 🛠 New infrastructure bill created new challenges and opportunities <p/> <p/> Timecodes: <p/> ⏰ 00:00-06:51 | Impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on American industries <p/> ⏰ 06:51-13:29 | The increased need to upskill skilled workers <p/> ⏰ 13:29-19:50 | Inflation impacting the cost of goods and raw materials <p/> ⏰ 19:50-28:40 | Supply chain backlog affects skilled workers <p/> ⏰ 28:40-35:31 | New infrastructure bill will impact supply and demand pressures <p/> ⏰ 35:31-38:49 | Eight trends to watch going into 2022 <p/> <p/> <p/> Quotes: <p/> 💬 “Greater technology drives higher skills, higher wages, and fewer candidates out there—so in solving one problem you've introduced another one.” - Tim Raglin <p/> 💬 “We're going to have to spend millions of dollars on automation, but if we can't find the automation technicians and the skilled guys to keep this equipment running, it's going to be a big problem.” - Brett Elliott <p/> 💬 “Upskilling is taking somebody who's an electrician, and take those basic skills that they understand and train them to a higher level.” - Tim Raglin <p/> 💬 “For the business owner, the person who's out there trying to keep staff up and running—you need to be looking for opportunities to upskill your current employees that have aptitude.” - Tim Raglin <p/> 💬 “Upskilling is crucial—it's going to be crucial to meet the demand of this automated world we're living in.” - Tim Raglin <p/> 💬 “Inflation and costs are going to absolutely exacerbate your skilled trade issue because you're going to have to pay higher wages to keep those people.” - Tim Raglin <p/> 💬 “We thrive on challenges. Every challenge brings an opportunity.” - Tim Raglin <p/> 💬 “As leaders, we don't shy away from challenges and we don't ignore them—we take them on and we look for them to be opportunities.” - Tim Raglin <p/> 💬 “Let your competitors sit in the corner and whimper. You’ve got to figure out how you are going to be successful in this environment and the opportunity is going to be off the charts if you can find the talent.” - Brett Elliott <p/> 💬 “Getting creative includes non-traditional ways of hiring and adding staff, which a company like Skillwork can help you do.” - Tim Raglin <p/> 💬 “If there's anything that we see in these 2022 trends is that the pressure to find the skilled talent is just going to increase.” - Brett Elliott <p/> <p/> ————————————————- <p/> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p>
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2022 Trends for skilled labor (Part 1) - FULL E...
Are you aware of the skilled labor trends for 2022? 📉 <p> We’re expecting to see similar trends from the past two years in 2022, but many of them will accelerate significantly in the coming months. It’s critical to be prepared as a business leader or skilled worker so you can meet the challenge head-on 💪🏽 <p> In our most recent episode, Tim Raglin and Brett Elliott chat about the eight largest factors and trends that will continue to affect the skilled trades, such as: <p> ⚙️ Labor Shortages<p> ⚙️ Baby Boomer Exodus<p> ⚙️ Workplace Flexibility<p> ⚙️ Replacement<p> <p> These are just a few of the challenges industries across the United States have been facing and will continue to face in the coming year. However, we’re confident that being aware of these issues can help businesses and workers plan to be successful in 2022 👍🏼<p> Main Takeaways:<p> 🛠 Upcoming trends will impact the skilled trades<p> 🛠 Skilled labor shortage is affecting and will continue to affect many industries<p> 🛠 Businesses need to be aware of the “baby boomer exodus”<p> 🛠 Workplace flexibility is in high demand<p> 🛠 How “replacement” will affect your business<p> <p> Timecodes:<p> ⏰ 00:00-03:34 | What trends are the skilled labor industries facing today?<p> ⏰ 03:34-12:35 | Skilled labor shortage will continue and accelerate<p> ⏰ 12:35-17:47 | How can companies deal with the retiring baby boomers?<p> ⏰ 17:47- 23:23 | Start to think about workplace flexibility for your workers<p> ⏰ 23:23-32:21 | Replacement has become a huge factor in labor shortages<p> ⏰ 32:21-34:26 | Skilled workers are what keep America running<p> <p> Quotes:<p> 💬 “If you're a skilled worker, it's the golden age for skilled labor.” - Brett Elliott<p> 💬 ”It's going to take a change in mindset to be able to address this labor shortage, because it's going to continue to put stress on your current workforce.” - Tim Raglin<p> 💬 “So your 5 to 10 year strategic planning? That just got moved up to, you know, like today. You've got to take care of today.” - Tim Raglin<p> 💬 “In our rush to try to acquire new talent, younger talent, and replacement talent, there's a tendency to forget those guys that are out there doing it, and have been doing it for a long time.” - Tim Raglin<p> 💬 “And so obviously, you have to start thinking differently as to how you're going to attract the talent.” - Brett Elliott<p> 💬 “Staying in the current paradigm that you are with your workforce is going to guarantee you that you're going to struggle a lot more against your competitors that are more forward-leaning for the workforce. It's just guaranteed. It's supply and demand. And you're going to have to rethink a lot of your strategy.” - Tim Raglin<p> 💬 “Most economists that look into the workforce and labor trends have said that replacement will outpace growth and attrition as the drive for labor increases in the coming decade.” - Tim Raglin<p> 💬 “People are leaving jobs at record numbers, partially because they can. Unfortunately, there's not as much loyalty to stay in one location.” - Brett Elliott<p> 💬 “Be aware that you're continually recruiting your current staff and think: what do I need to do to recruit them to stay?” - Tim Raglin<p> 💬 “The fact is, there's more leaving than there is coming behind them, and you’d better be figuring out how you're going to attract the ones you need.” - Brett Elliott<p> <p> ————————————————-<p> Connect with Skillwork:<p> <p> - Skillwork’s website: <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn:<p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel:<p> <p> Reach out to Rveal:<p> <p> - Rveal’s website:<p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn:<p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel:<p>
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A Conversation About Honoring The Trades And Am...
<p>A Conversation about Honoring the Trades and American Heritage -&nbsp;</p> <p>Art of Honor Skilled tradesmen making art that honors America’s heroes and values? Count us in 👊&nbsp;</p> <p>In our most recent episode, Tim Raglin sits down with Tim Lampros and Dan Stuenzi, the artist and business minds behind America’s Wall of Honor. They discuss how Lampros used his military and trades background to create art that honors our fallen heroes and service branches.&nbsp;</p> <p>He combined sanding, welding, and engineering to create a mobile monument that will travel to all 50 states, teaching patriotism to young and old alike. 🇺🇸&nbsp;</p> <p>It’s amazing to see the trades making an impact in every sphere of life and culture. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Check out their website for more information! </strong>America’s Wall of Honor;</p> <p>Link in comments 👇&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p><strong>Main Takeaways:&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>🛠 Skilled tradesmen can use their skills to create art&nbsp;</p> <p>🛠 Making art with the trades can honor fallen heroes&nbsp;</p> <p>🛠 Skilled workers can learn from becoming “professional direction followers”&nbsp;</p> <p>🛠 Design and engineering are required to build monuments and memorials&nbsp;</p> <p>🛠 American core values define our businesses&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p><strong>Timecodes:&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>⏰ 00:00-5:45 | Where America’s Wall of Honor came from&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 5:45-10:15 | Honoring God first in the arts&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 10:15-14:09 | Traits that employers look for in skilled workers&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 14:09-19:54 | Steel art requires engineering and ingenuity&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 19:54-23:45 | Skilled tradesmen built America and represent her values&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 23:45-29:46 | Honoring veterans with a US memorial tour&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p><strong>Quotes:&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>💬 “If you follow directions, you're going to gain skill, knowledge and the ability to excel in what somebody is doing.” - Tim Lampros&nbsp;</p> <p>💬”The skilled tradesmen and craftsmen built this country.” - Tim Raglin&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “One of our main core values, and we are very proud about that, is to honor God in everything we do.” - Tim Raglin&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “I don't care how highly skilled you are, if you're not friendly and nice, I don't want to work with you.” - Tim Lampros&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Being a professional direction follower is far more important than any skill that you come with.” - Tim Lampros&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “America's Wall of Honor has the official seals of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marine Corps, the Presidential Seal for the Commander In Chief, Coast Guard, National Guard, one for Fire and Rescue and one for Law Enforcement.” - Dan Stuenzi&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “At Skillwork we have three core values: it's to honor to God, respect and value skilled tradesman, and look for an opportunity every day to impact somebody's life in a positive way.” - Tim Raglin&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “We're fans of art that is uplifting: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally.” - Dan Stuenzi&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Let's honor God, let's honor the people that have built America, and let's help other people.” - Dan Stuenzi&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>————————————————-&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Connect with Skillwork:&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>- Skillwork’s website:;</p> <p>- Skillwork’s LinkedIn:;</p> <p>- Skillwork’s YouTube channel:;</p> <p><br></p> <p><strong>Reach out to Rveal:</strong>&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s website:;</p> <p>- Rveal’s LinkedIn:;</p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube channel:</p>
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The Skillwork Forum | Where are the High-Paying...
<p>The Skillwork Forum<br> Where are the High-Paying Skilled Labor Jobs?<br> Episode 35</p> <p>What skilled trade jobs will continue to be in demand in the future?</p> <p>There are lots of changes happening these days—fortunately for skilled workers, demand for labor is not one of them. Companies need skilled workers more than ever, and many of them will pay admirable wages to get the help they need.</p> <p>However, there is significant difference in pay depending on your position, skills, and expertise.</p> <p>Finding the highest-paying skilled trade jobs all comes down to understanding demand. In this episode we’ll look at where industry is growing, what the manufacturing and construction companies really need, and how you can make sure you’re one of the workers in high demand.</p> <p><strong>Main Takeaways: <br> </strong>🛠 The labor shortage will continue, making ALL trade jobs in high demand <br> 🛠 Evolving technology is already changing required skills <br> 🛠 High-paying skilled labor jobs are most often electrical/mechanical <br> 🛠 Advancing your knowledge with training and certifications increases pay <br> 🛠 High-tech, high-expertise jobs will pay the most in the future &nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Timecodes: <br> </strong>⏰ 00:00-2:45 | How we determine what jobs will be in high demand <br> ⏰ 2:45-5:39 | The “COVID exit” and other causes for the trade shortage <br> ⏰ 5:40-9:50 | New skills in demand because of increased automation and tech <br> ⏰ 9:51-18:50 | Jobs that will see the most wage growth <br> ⏰ 18:51-21:36 | Advance your skills with certifications to advance your pay <br> ⏰ 21:37-24:45 | Opportunities for skilled craftsmen &nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Quotes: <br> </strong>💬 “There’s still a tremendously high demand for what we call traditional trades: plumbers, carpenters, electricians…” Tim Raglin <br> 💬 “It’s a good place to be when companies are competing for your talent.” Tim Raglin <br> 💬 “It really is a seller’s market if you’re a skilled tradesman.” Tim Raglin <br> 💬 “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a really big move towards a more connected system…but we’re already starting to see it.” Brett Elliott <br> 💬 “Invest in yourself. Take time to take a class.” Brett Elliott <br> 💬 “Advance your skills, and with that, it’s going to advance your pay.” Brett Elliott <br> 💬 “Companies right now are doing all kinds of creative things to allow you to get the training and certification at either low or no cost to yourself.” Tim Raglin</p> <p>————————————————-&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Connect with Skillwork:</strong> &nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Skillwork’s website:</li> <li>Skillwork’s LinkedIn:;</li> <li>Skillwork’s YouTube channel:;</li> </ul> <p><strong>Reach out to Rveal:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Rveal’s website:</li> <li>Rveal’s LinkedIn:</li> <li>Rveal’s YouTube channel:</li> </ul>
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The Great Candidate Shortage
<p>The Skillwork Forum<br> The Great Candidate Shortage<br> Episode 34</p> <p>“Where are all the skilled workers?” We hear this often—they’re hard to find these days.</p> <p>The pandemic shined light on worker shortages across all sectors. While the hospitality and light manufacturing industries were hit the hardest, we expect to see a quick recovery as things continue to open back up.</p> <p>The trades face a different problem: there was already a shortage of over a million workers going into 2020. Pandemic closures and economic impacts only made it worse—and unlike other industries, recovery won’t be so quick.</p> <p>If you’re a business who’s having significant troubles finding skilled tradesmen, don’t lose hope: you can still find skilled workers.</p> <p><br></p> <p><em><strong>Main Takeaways:</strong></em></p> <p>🛠 The skilled trade shortage was around before COVID and will continue after</p> <p>🛠 COVID didn’t create a bigger skilled worker shortage…only accelerated it</p> <p>🛠 Many people haven’t yet returned to work for a variety of reasons</p> <p>🛠 Baby boomers are retiring early which only makes the shortage more acute</p> <p>🛠 Possible solution: partner with a travel staffing company to find workers</p> <p><em><strong><br> Timecodes:</strong></em></p> <p>⏰ 0:00-4:02 | An extreme labor shortage that we’ve never seen before</p> <p>⏰ 4:03-10:37 | How COVID plays into the shortage…and how it doesn’t</p> <p>⏰ 10:38-15:10 | COVID going away will not solve the skilled trade challenges</p> <p>⏰ 15:11-17:54 | Retiring baby boomers are taking their expertise with them</p> <p>⏰ 17:55-22:06 | Fourth Industrial Revolution changing skills required for workers</p> <p>⏰ 22:07-25:26 | The trade gap is our generation’s great challenge</p> <p>⏰ 25:27-27:33 | Have a plan to solve your staffing problems?<br> <br> <em><strong>Quotes:</strong></em></p> <p>💬<em> “In conversations with many of our clients…the shortage is the worst they’ve seen in their careers.” Tim Raglin<br> </em>💬<em> “There are some things that were existing prior to COVID. It’s not all COVID. And it’s not all going to go away as we rebound from COVID.” Tim Raglin<br> </em>💬<em> “At least half the states are now ending [extended unemployment] benefits, which whether you agree with it or not, is going to require people to go back out into the workforce.” Brett Elliott<br> </em>💬<em> “You can’t keep the businesses running if you don’t have the individuals” Brett Elliott<br> </em>💬<em> “God created us to work, and I think we feel better about ourselves when we’re working, as long as it’s safe to do so.” Brett Elliott<br> </em>💬<em> “There is a huge pool of available workers out there, we just need to continue to look for opportunities to get them back in the workforce.” Tim Raglin<br> </em>💬<em> “It’s well-documented that prior to 2020, the shortage was over a million workers.” Brett Elliott<br> </em>💬<em> “Math is math, and the math shows that the number of baby boomers that are going to leave the workforce over the next five years is more than the people coming behind it.” Brett Elliott<br> </em>💬<em> “Some of the more experienced baby boomers are reluctant to go get that advanced education and training.” Tim Raglin<br> </em>💬 <em>“It looks like there is more focus and emphasis on pursuing skilled trades as a career path for the next generation.” Tim Raglin</em></p> <p>————————————————-</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> - 8 Trends for Skilled Labor in 2022 <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p>
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How to Get More Work as a Tradesman
<p>The Skillwork Forum<br> How to Get More Work as a Tradesman<br> Episode 33</p> <p>Are you struggling to find local trade jobs?</p> <p>Many skilled workers lost their jobs in 2020 and looking for new opportunities. Others are looking for experience, higher pay, flexibility, or just something new.</p> <p>In this episode, find out how to get more work as a tradesman—and not just any work, but good gigs that also pay well.</p> <p>If you’re feeling undervalued or underpaid and looking for new opportunities, there are 5 things you can do to increase your opportunity for a higher-paying job.</p> <p><em><strong>Main Takeaways:</strong></em></p> <p><strong>🛠</strong> Getting good experience is an excellent foundation<br> <strong>🛠 </strong>Never stop learning: pursue more training and certifications<br> <strong>🛠 </strong>Make personal connections at your job that become strong references in the future<br> <strong>🛠 </strong>Prepare and practice for a great interview<br> <strong>🛠 </strong>At the end of the day, nothing beats hard work<br> </p> <p><em><strong>Timecodes:</strong></em></p> <p><strong>⏰ </strong>00:00-5:32 | Getting more work as a tradesman<br> <strong>⏰ </strong>5:33-7:52 | Experience is everything<br> <strong>⏰ </strong>7:53-13:39 | Invest in your skills for higher pay<br> <strong>⏰ </strong>13:40-17:02 | Have strong references on your resume<br> <strong>⏰ </strong>17:03-25:44 | A great interview makes all the difference<br> <strong>⏰ </strong>25:45-30:03 | Nothing trumps your performance<br> <strong>⏰ </strong>30:04-32:54 | How to find local trade jobs with Skillwork</p> <p><em><strong>Quotes:</strong></em></p> <p><strong>💬 </strong><em>“Nothing replaces experience.” - Brett Elliott<br> </em><strong>💬</strong> <em>“Don’t tell yourself ‘I’m too old, I can’t learn it’…if you’re motivated, opportunity is there.” - Brett Elliott<br> </em><strong>💬</strong> <em>“You have to invest in yourself.” - Tim Raglin<br> </em><strong>💬</strong> <em>“We see so many situations where really talented individuals, guys with dependability, work ethic, attitude, the skills—and they interview so poorly.” - Brett Elliott<br> </em><strong>💬</strong> <em>“A 20-30 minute interview can determine the difference between that great job to pay the wage you want…and remaining right where you are.” - Tim Raglin<br> </em><strong>💬</strong> <em>“The focus should be how you can bring your skill set to their problem and resolve some of their issues.” - Tim Raglin<br> </em><strong>💬</strong> <em>“A lot of interview questions are asked to try and see what’s under the cover of what you’re going to say.” - Tim Raglin<br> </em><strong>💬</strong> <em>“Nothing trumps your performance. You’ve got to prove yourself.” - Brett Elliott<br> </em><strong>💬</strong> <em>“Blue collar skilled trades and white collar skilled trades—these people are the true foundation of this country.” - Brett Elliott</em></p> <p>————————————————-</p> <p>Connect with Skillwork:</p> <ul> <li>Skillwork’s website: <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u></u></a></li> <li>Skillwork’s LinkedIn: <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u></u></a></li> <li>Skillwork’s YouTube channel: <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u></u></a></li> </ul> <p>Reach out to Rveal:</p> <ul> <li>Rveal’s website: <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u></u></a></li> <li>Rveal’s LinkedIn: <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u></u></a></li> <li>Rveal’s YouTube channel:</li> </ul>
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Why Utilize a Travel Model for Skilled Tradesme...
<p>The Skillwork Forum <br> Why Utilize a Travel Model for Skilled Tradesmen for Your Business? (COMPANY Perspective) <br> Episode 32 &nbsp;<br> <br> We are all too familiar with the skilled labor shortage and the staffing headaches it has created for trade employers. &nbsp;<br> <br> There are numerous options for employers looking to fill open positions, but one of the most reliable is using a travel staffing company to find workers. &nbsp;<br> <br> It may not be the entire solution, but in this episode we’re diving in to how it can be a valuable part of solving your staffing headaches.<br> <br> <strong>Main Takeaways:<br> </strong><br> 🛠 Most trade employers admit they don’t have the quality workers they need.<br> 🛠 Travel staffing can actually be a permanent solution.<br> 🛠 View your skilled workers as an investment, not a cost to your bottom line.<br> 🛠 We have an extensive vetting process that ensures highly skilled tradesmen. <br> 🛠Our Skillworkers are our permanent employees and show up ready to work at your facility. &nbsp;<br> <br> <strong>Timecodes:<br> </strong><br> ⏰ 00:00-04:25 | Overview of the skilled labor shortage<br> ⏰ 4:25-6:36 | What is travel staffing for the skilled trades? <br> ⏰ 6:37-10:24 | Why you should consider this type of model <br> ⏰ 10:25-11:54 | Our Skillworkers are highly vetted, top quality <br> ⏰ 11:55-15:36 | We’re not a temp agency <br> ⏰ 15:37-17:31 | Skilled workers are an investment, not a cost <br> ⏰ 17:32-22:31 | Be flexible and adapt as things change<br> <br> <strong>Quotes:<br> <br> </strong>💬 “In essence, we provide you an opportunity. Instead of looking locally, we look across the company, and then we travel individuals on longer-term contracts to fill your needs.” - Brett Elliott <br> 💬 “The fact is, you can hire all the talent, local search people you want, but if there’s nobody there locally to hire…” - Brett Elliott <br> 💬 “I would say less than 5% of the companies in the manufacturing and construction space that we speak to don’t have an issue.” - Brett Elliott <br> 💬 “You don’t have to lower your bar, our job is to meet and exceed that bar…we’ve proven time again, we can find the candidate that meets your skills.” - Tim Raglin <br> 💬 “Selecting lesser talent is a very short term solution…that’s gonna cause you more issues down the road in terms of morale of your workforce, quality issues, more overtime…” - Tim Raglin <br> 💬 “We say you keep your bar high and look for somebody who can meet that.” Tim Raglin <br> 💬 “It’s not a cost if you get the right human talent that you’re bringing into your company.” - Tim Raglin <br> 💬 “I’ve learned from personal experience that you get what you pay for, particularly with the skilled talent that you’re bringing on board.” - Tim Raglin <br> 💬 “All our employees are our long term employees, we take really good care of them. They show up at your facility ready to work, not to look for their next job.” - Tim Raglin <br> 💬 “Wishing it was different is not a solution.” - Brett Elliott &nbsp;<br> <br> ————————————————<br> <br> Connect with Skillwork: &nbsp;<br> - Skillwork’s website: &nbsp;<br> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn: <br> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel: <br> <br> Reach out to Rveal: &nbsp;<br> - Rveal’s website: <br> - Rveal’s LinkedIn:<br> - Rveal’s YouTube channel:</p>
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Advantages to a Travel Model for Skilled Trades...
<p>The Skillwork Forum</p> <p>Advantages to a Travel Model for Skilled Tradesmen (Recruit Perspective)</p> <p>Episode 31</p> <p>“Why should I move locations to work with Skillwork?”</p> <p>Travel staffing for the skilled trades is an effective model for our clients in the trade industries, but what about skilled workers? Why would you move to a different area or even to a different industry for a new job opportunity?</p> <p>In this episode, we’re combining the essentials of how we operate with what we’ve learned from our Skillworkers along the way. Working with Skillwork you can expect to:</p> <p>🛠 Have freedom and flexibility</p> <p>🛠 Get fresh perspective and new opportunities</p> <p>🛠 Feel truly respected for your career in the trades</p> <p>🛠 Explore the country and places that interest you</p> <p>🛠 Have freedom to express your faith, values, and patriotism</p> <p>If this resonates with you, you can get in touch obligation-free with one of our recruiters on our website, <a href=""><u></u></a>, or click <a href=""><u>here</u></a> 👍🏼<br> </p> <p><em><strong>Main Takeaways:</strong></em></p> <p>✅<em><strong> </strong></em>With Skillwork, you can try something different or transfer your skills to a new industry.</p> <p>✅ We have short to long-term placements available all across the country.</p> <p>✅ Work with a Recruiter to find the right fit for you—we want you to feel fulfilled in your job.</p> <p>✅ Our top priority is making our Skillworkers feel respected by both us and our clients.</p> <p><em><strong>Timecodes:</strong></em></p> <p>⏰ 00:00-4:53 | Why skilled craftsmen embrace the travel model…</p> <p>⏰ 4:53-8:12 | Finding new jobs for workers in the oil and gas industry</p> <p>⏰ 8:13-11:26 | How to get the highest wages available for your skills</p> <p>⏰ 11:27-13:50 | Getting a fresh start with upward mobility</p> <p>⏰ 13:51-16:37 | Do you feel taken for granted in your current job?</p> <p>⏰ 16:38-19:53 | Travel and adventure—not just for college students and retirees</p> <p>⏰ 19:54-22:41 | Freedom to express your faith and values</p> <p>⏰ 22:42-24:10 | How you can get started with Skillwork</p> <p><em><strong>Quotes:</strong></em></p> <p>💬<em> “One of the things that we can offer you as a skilled tradesmen is the opportunity to make sure that you’re getting the highest paid wages available for your skills.” - Brett Elliott</em></p> <p>💬<em> “The main thing is that we’re working for you and have a vested interest in you and your prosperity and happiness.” Tim Raglin</em></p> <p>💬<em> “A lot of the time, you just need a clean slate.” Tim Raglin</em></p> <p>💬<em> “We have multiple stories of Skillwork guys that have become permanent employees of some of our clients and elevated to supervisory roles.” Brett Elliott</em></p> <p>💬<em> “Your recruiter’s job is to make sure you have everything you need to do your job, that the next opportunity is lined up for you.” Tim Raglin</em></p> <p>💬<em> “They get to explore parts of the country they never thought they would explore, and they’re making a great wage while doing it.” Tim Raglin</em></p> <p>💬<em> “When we say value and respect the trades, we recognize that the trades built this country.” Brett Elliott</em></p> <p>💬<em> “So many of the guys I talk to about our core values are taken aback that it’s okay to talk about honoring God, being proud to be an American, being proud of our country, that we honor military veterans.” Tim Raglin</em></p> <p>💬<em> “For those of you who are happy where you are, doing a great job, you’re turning a wrench every day—you’re keeping America moving. We just want to say thank you for what you do for our country. We’re grateful for you every day for doing that.” Tim Raglin</em></p> <p><br></p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube
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Why Are Tradesmen Paid So Little?
<p>It’s no secret that we’ve slowly devalued the trades in recent decades, even though almost everything in our country is dependent on these industries and their workers.</p> <p>In this episode, we discuss some of the comments we’ve received from skilled workers around the US. The two things we hear about the most are 1) unfair wages and 2) not feeling respected.</p> <p>In our opinion, the two are connected. You can’t truly respect skilled workers without paying a fair wage, and good money alone isn’t enough without a healthy work environment.</p> <h2><strong>Main Takeaways</strong></h2> <p><img alt=":gem:" src="" width="22" height="22">&nbsp;Companies need to pay a respectable wage to their workers.<br> <img alt=":gem:" src="" width="22" height="22">&nbsp;Truly respecting and valuing skilled workers is just as important as good pay.<br> <img alt=":gem:" src="" width="22" height="22">&nbsp;Wages are location-dependent, sometimes differing up to 30%.<br> <img alt=":gem:" src="" width="22" height="22">&nbsp;Bringing respect back to the trades will take time, but we’re on the right path.<br> <img alt=":gem:" src="" width="22" height="22">&nbsp;The trade labor shortage has increased demand for workers.</p> <h2><strong>Timecodes</strong></h2> <p><img alt=":stopwatch:" src="" width="22" height="22">&nbsp;2:56 | Why choose skilled labor when the pay isn’t always competitive?<br> <img alt=":stopwatch:" src="" width="22" height="22">&nbsp;9:34 | Promising trends in skilled labor pay<br> <img alt=":stopwatch:" src="" width="22" height="22">&nbsp;13:12 | How to find good wages as a skilled worker (location, location, location)<br> <img alt=":stopwatch:" src="" width="22" height="22">&nbsp;18:07 | Fair wages and respect for the trades are linked<br> <img alt=":stopwatch:" src="" width="22" height="22">&nbsp;22:16 | “The Cost of Bad Behavior” study results<br> <img alt=":stopwatch:" src="" width="22" height="22">&nbsp;26:40 | Respect is a critical piece of a successful company<br> </p> <h2><strong>Quotes</strong></h2> <p><br></p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
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How Technology is Changing Construction and Man...
<p>Technology is rapidly changing the face of construction and manufacturing. Things like artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, cloud technology, and augmented reality will be crucial to businesses going forward.</p> <p>It’s a little overwhelming.</p> <p>So, we sat down with an expert to break it all down. Austin Duncan from EGiS Technologies explains how business leaders in the construction and manufacturing industries can leverage these new technologies to move your company forward.</p> <p><br></p> <p><strong>Main Takeaways&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>✅ Data is everything.&nbsp;</p> <p>✅ Leveraging technology can make your business more efficient and successful, but you have to do it strategically.</p> <p>✅ It’s okay to not have the technological expertise—but partner with someone who does to keep your business ahead.</p> <p>✅ Don’t neglect training for your employees or IT security as you make changes.</p> <p>✅ Change is hard, but the future is bright.</p> <p><br></p> <p><strong>Timecodes</strong></p> <p>⏰ 0:22 | Meet Austin Duncan with EGiS Technologies&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 3:31 | Examples of technology growing in the construction/manufacturing space&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 5:47 | Overcoming resistance to change &nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 9:25 | What is the “technology trap”? (and how to avoid it)&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 12:47 | Augmented and Virtual Reality</p> <p>⏰ 18:32 | The enormous possibilities of drone technology for the trades</p> <p>⏰ 20:08 | Security things to consider as you increase technology use</p> <p>⏰ 28:06 | How Caterpillar’s Marine Division is saving millions: the Fourth Industrial Revolution</p> <p>⏰ 32:47 | How EGiS can help your company</p> <p><br></p> <p><strong>Quotes</strong></p> <p>💬 “It’s almost a requirement for somebody moving into those leadership roles in construction companies to have a firm grasp of technology.” 6:31-6:39</p> <p>💬 “To a certain extent, this technology is critical. It allows your business to be more efficient. It makes for a safer work environment.” 7:51-8:03</p> <p>💬 “What’s important is that you sit down with the people in your organization, your IT company, and you go through a plan.” 10:22-10:31</p> <p>💬 “Tech fatigue is real. You cannot overwhelm people.” 11:30-11:37</p> <p>💬 “If you overwhelm people with too much, you’re erasing any efficiency that you would have gained using that technology in the first place.” 11:54-12:02</p> <p>💬 “A lot of companies are using virtual reality to put their workers in safety training— hazardous situations so they know how to react—but it’s virtual so it’s safe.” 14:46-14:55</p> <p>💬 “[VR technology] will decrease your risk of having safety incidents on the job.” 15:10-15:17</p> <p>💬 “Right now, data is everything. And if you can get it in real time, you’re a step ahead.” 19:27-19:32</p> <p>💬 “The more you leverage cloud technology, the more you have to be cognizant and put some security things in place.” 22:50-22:57</p> <p>💬 “As you as a company embraces technology, you can’t leave your people behind. You have to provide them with training or bring people in with those skills.” 30:58-31:05</p> <p><br></p> <p><strong>Reach out to Skillwork:</strong></p> <p>- Skillwork’s website: &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>- Skillwork’s LinkedIn:</p> <p>- Skillwork’s YouTube channel: &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p><strong>Connect with EGiS:</strong></p> <p>- EGiS Website:</p> <p>- EGiS LinkedIn:</p> <p>- Austin’s LinkedIn:</p>
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Top 4 Reasons Employers Can’t Find Skilled Labor
<p>🆘“Why can’t I find skilled workers?”🆘</p> <p>We hear this question a lot.</p> <p>It’s no secret that the skilled trades are experiencing a staffing crisis. The nationwide shortage is currently over 1 million skilled laborers, and that number is going to double to 2 million by 2025 (if not sooner). Unfortunately, the pandemic in 2020 only accelerated that timeline.</p> <p>While there are a wide variety of things contributing to the skilled labor shortage, we chose 4 of the biggest challenges to discuss in this episode, along with some solutions. 👍🏼</p> <p><strong>Main Takeaways</strong></p> <p>✅ Increased demand and dwindling supply are worsening the skilled labor shortage.</p> <p>✅ Many companies are “bringing a sword to a gunfight”—using outdated hiring methods and not seeing results.</p> <p>✅ Rapidly evolving skill levels and expertise make it even harder to find workers.</p> <p>✅ Skilled workers are frustrated with the stagnation or lagging rise in their wages.</p> <p>✅ There’s hope: while the next 3-5 years will be a challenge, we see opportunity.</p> <p><strong>Timecodes</strong></p> <p>⏰ 00:00-05:20 | Overview of the skilled trade shortage—it’s not going anywhere in 2021</p> <p>⏰ 05:21-06:39 | Falling productivity increases demand for experienced workers</p> <p>⏰ 06:40-11:15 | Onshoring and a backlog of work puts more pressure on US manufacturing facilities</p> <p>⏰ 11:16-13:19 | Retiring baby boomers are leaving a vacuum of experience</p> <p>⏰ 13:20-17:05 | Young people not pursuing the trades</p> <p>⏰ 17:06-19:55 | Bringing a sword to a gunfight: companies using old processes to approach trade gap</p> <p>⏰ 19:56-23:06 | How Skillwork’s unique model can be a solution</p> <p>⏰ 23:07-28:14 | Rapidly evolving technology will change skillsets for workers</p> <p>⏰ 28:15-32:53 | Stagnation of “Blue Collar Wages” in a growing economy</p> <p>⏰ 32:54-36:00 | Final thoughts</p> <p><strong>Quotes</strong> &nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Putting more production workers in a facility doesn’t make you more efficient, it makes you more expensive.” (08:21-08:28)&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Not only is there opportunity, but there is honor and value in going into the trades.” (15:08-15:13)&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “We need to keep talking about it, encouraging people, supporting, and showing the opportunity. It’s on all of us to make sure we honor the skilled trades and celebrate that as a path.” (16:24-16:55)&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “I’ve literally looked at some owners of companies, and the look on their faces is hopeless. They look at us and think we’re kidding when we say we can help them find the talent.” (17:36-18:00)&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Not only are companies doing the same thing, they continue to look in the same pool knowing there’s nothing there…Our challenge to you would be to think outside that box.” (19:19-19:54)&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “It’s amazing how when we find success doing something, we want to go back to that. But it’s the smart individual that says, ‘maybe we should try something different’.” (21:49-22:00)&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Once the technology was there, it was an asset. It was inevitable that eventually those businesses and industries were going to shift.” (25:57-26:06)</p> <p>💬 “It’s going to exacerbate the skilled labor shortage, but we see an opportunity in this to attract a new generation.” (27:41-27:49)&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Traditionally, there’s a lag in wages when we have an economic boom. Blue collar workers are usually the last to benefit. But we are starting to see that trend change.” (28:34-28:49)&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Good people always pay for themselves.” (30:56-31:00) f</p> <p>💬 “If you’re focusing on pinching pennies, you’re losing dollars out the other end. Invest in the front end and give skilled workers the wage they deserve for the value they’re bringing your company.” (31:18-32:29)</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTub
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What Is The Fourth Industrial Revolution
<p>Connect with Skillwork:</p> <p>There’s a change coming.</p> <p>Automated machinery, sensors, AI, interconnected ecosystems—advancements in digital technology are booming and it’s only a matter of time before they change the face of the skilled trades.</p> <p>Experts call this the Fourth Industrial Revolution.</p> <p>We teased this subject in our last episode, <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>2021 Skilled Labor Trends</u></a>, but on this week’s episode we’re taking a deep dive into these technological advancements and how they will cause fundamental changes in the manufacturing industry.</p> <p>Just like every past industrial revolution, changing technology will require new skillsets. While we won’t pretend to be experts on things like AI and cloud technology, we are experts in finding skilled laborers and can get you the talent you need to excel in this new era.</p> <p><strong>Main Takeaways</strong></p> <p>✅ The Fourth Industrial Revolution will create digital ecosystems with AI, sensors, cloud-based technology, and the Internet of Things</p> <p>✅ Companies who prepare and evolve their technology and staff NOW will come out on top</p> <p>✅ The main change for manufacturing will be predictive vs. reactive systems</p> <p>✅ Skills and expertise must evolve with technology to succeed</p> <p><strong>Quotes:</strong></p> <p>💬 “In manufacturing, it’s this fusion of traditional physical manufacturing and digital manufacturing. Companies that understand how to leverage this and make this work will be at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.” (8:07-8:25)</p> <p>💬 “98% of organizations report that a single hour of downtime costs them over $100,000. And I would argue that’s probably on the low side for some companies.” (12:17-12:27)</p> <p>💬 “If you’re not growing your talent at the same time [as technology]…you’re basically investing in something you won’t be able to operate.” (16:23-16:38)</p> <p>💬 “This technology we’re talking about will reduce cost by 10 to 20%. That’s big.” (18:20-18:30)</p> <p>💬 “Everything is interconnected from customers to your supply chain. It’s not just a single production line, it is a production system that is highly flexible, interoperable and connected.” (25:25-25:38)</p> <p>💬 “It always comes down to people, no matter how much technology we have. You’ve got to have the right people to make it work.” (39:15-40:01)</p> <p>Ebook source mentioned in this episode: <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>“The</u></a><a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u> Future of Manufacturing: Blueprints for a Connected Supply Chain”</u></a>.</p> <p>…………….</p> <p>- Skillwork’s website</p> <p></p> <p>- Skillwork’s LinkedIn</p> <p></p> <p>- Skillwork’s YouTube channel</p> <p></p> <p>Reach out to Rveal:</p> <p>- Rveal’s website</p> <p></p> <p>- Rveal’s LinkedIn</p> <p></p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube channel</p> <p></p>
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2021 Skilled Labor Trends | What should busines...
<p>At the beginning of each year, we like to take some time to reflect on the previous year and consider the year ahead. Last year, we had some predictions and expectations—and while COVID-19 threw a wrench in the mix, many of them still came true for the skilled trades.</p> <p>As business leaders, we should plan for the future but it’s vital to stay flexible and ready to adapt as things change around us. 2020 was a perfect example of how no one can truly predict how things will go.</p> <p>On this week’s episode of The Skillwork Forum, we’re discussing some of the our predictions and skilled labor market trends that we expect to see in 2021.</p> <p>Main Takeaways</p> <p>✅ The overall performance of labor markets was better than leaders feared</p> <p>✅ Skilled labor shortage will continue, supply to lag behind pre-pandemic numbers</p> <p>✅ Changes ahead in construction and manufacturing</p> <p>✅ New administration’s policy changes effect on the trades</p> <p>✅ The “Fourth Industrial Revolution”</p> <p>✅ 2020’s Winners, Rebounders, and Damaged sectors</p> <p>Quotes:</p> <p>💬 “We’re halfway back to pre-pandemic levels. That still means we got a long way to go…but there’s still going to be a lot of rebound.” (4:05-4:19)</p> <p>💬 “Politics in this new administration means we can expect a lot more policy and oversight…we’re already seeing that in the energy sector.” (5:56-6:12)</p> <p>💬 “We’re seeing a lot of leveraging technology as it relates to the construction space, the need for a fully integrated system…companies that get out ahead of that will be ahead of the curve moving into 2021.” (16:43-17:21)</p> <p>💬 “98% of organizations report that a single hour of downtime costs them over $100,000.” - Hitachi Solutions (26:08-26:17)</p> <p>…………….</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
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The Cost of Not Changing: Unsafe Working Enviro...
<p>Being understaffed—or even just not having the experienced workers you need—can have a measurable impact on the safety at your facility.</p> <p>In our last installment of our podcast series “Cost of Not Changing”, we discuss the reasons why being understaffed undermines workplace safety, and what you can do to address them.</p> <p>While it may not be intentional, it’s critical to address staffing challenges both for the wellbeing of your employees and the long-term success of your business. The good thing is it can be resolved:</p> <p>- Communicate with your team that you see the problem</p> <p>- Utilize a combination of traditional and innovative hiring methods to address your shortage</p> <p>- Consider augmenting your workforce with highly-qualified temporary staff via Skillwork.</p> <p>For a risk-free assessment of your workplace, reach out to us at <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u></u></a>&nbsp;</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
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The Cost of Not Changing: Toxic Culture
<p>This week on The Skillwork Forum, we tackle most business leaders’ least favorite subject: workplace culture.</p> <p>We all want to avoid talking about it, because it can be somewhat nebulous and overwhelming. It’s tempting to focus your efforts on new business or other ways to solve stressors in your work environment.</p> <p>However, regardless of what may be causing stress or frustration for your staff, if left unchecked it will gradually eat away at your work environment until it becomes toxic. And toxic culture WILL destroy your company from the inside out until you address it head-on.</p> <p>In this episode you’ll find telltale signs of bad company culture as well as concrete ways to address each one.</p>
33 min
The Cost of Not Changing: Tyranny of the Urgent
<p>Do you find yourself constantly busy but never feeling like you’re gaining traction?</p> <p>This week on The Skillwork Forum, we discuss a universal problem that plagues even the most dedicated of strategic leaders: the tyranny of the urgent.</p> <p>It’s a simple concept but is a constant battle for many of us—the things that demand our attention eat up all our time instead of the things that are truly important. We spend our days feeling like we’re on a hamster wheel—always busy, always running, but never getting anywhere.</p> <p>The unfortunate truth is this: the things that you just don’t have time to deal with right now are what will keep your business running smoothly and successfully for years to come.</p> <p>Even if you don’t own or help run a business, this episode is for you.</p> <p>Check out the episode and learn how to recognize the tyranny of the urgent and some practical solutions that you can apply today.</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
21 min
The Cost of Not Changing: The Pain of Customer ...
<p>There are many ways that not changing your current staffing strategy is costing you. In this episode of The Skillwork Forum, we discuss how your staffing challenges are impacting a main pillar of your business: your customers.</p> <p>Few things are as stress-producing as a business leader as knowing that a customer is unhappy with your performance. While there are many factors that can lead to this outcome, in this week’s episode, we discuss how staffing can be a major contributor to dissatisfied customers, and what to do if you find yourself in that position.</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
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The Cost of Not Changing: Stress On Staff
<p>As a company, your people are your most valuable asset.</p> <p>It’s easy to forget when the challenges are never-ending, there aren’t enough workers to get jobs done on time, clients are frustrated, and you feel the financial pressure on top of it all.</p> <p>However, it’s vital to manage the stress of your current staff. When a company is chronically understaffed, it erodes morale, increases turnover, destroys workplace culture, and makes meeting deadlines next to impossible. Not only that, but errors and work-related injuries and health issues pile up as well.</p> <p>If you’re feeling these stressors in your company, know that there is a way out.</p> <p>Start by treating your staffing as a strategy and plan for both short and long term solutions. When you think strategically, you can anticipate staffing needs and challenges before they occur.</p> <p>Tune in to our latest episode of The Skillwork Forum, “The Cost of Not Changing: Pain of Stress on Staff”, for more details and solutions.</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
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The Cost of Not Changing: Increased Business Costs
<p>Change is hard. It’s human nature to resist and delay change, because it takes energy and resources to adapt.</p> <p>But at some point, the figurative or literal costs of not changing simply become too much. When they outweigh the pain of the change itself, we have no choice but to move forward.</p> <p>Many understaffed businesses in the trade space find themselves in this position today.</p> <p>Direct costs are usually the most obvious pain points from staffing challenges and demand the most attention. However, the hidden costs can be just as detrimental. On this episode of The Skillwork Forum, we discuss both—and what you can do about it.</p> <p>For help with your business’s staffing challenges, contact us at</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
26 min
How much is the skilled labor shortage really c...
<p>The most important question when it comes to tackling the skilled labor shortage: Is there a better way?</p> <p>During this week’s episode of The Skillwork Forum, Brett and Tim share their insights on the hidden costs of the skilled labor shortage that aren’t always obvious on the surface—but can have devastating impacts to your organization’s bottom line.</p> <p>Things like underperforming workers, inflated internal recruiting costs, bad hires, high turnover, and even overstaffing might be costing your business more than you think.</p> <p>If this sounds too familiar, we would love to talk with you at no cost, no obligation—just a conversation and some insights for your company. <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u></u></a></p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
20 min
Is finding a permanent solution to the skilled ...
<p>The skilled trade shortage wasn’t created overnight—and it’s not going to be solved overnight either.</p> <p>👀</p> <p>But while that sounds overwhelming, with the right combination of short and long term solutions it’s not an unsolvable problem.</p> <p>This week on The Skillwork Forum, Brett &amp; Tim discuss how to balance this mix of short and long term approaches, why using a company like Skillwork can help ‘bridge the gap’ between your today challenges and tomorrow’s long term solutions, and the critical difference between Skillwork and a traditional temp agency in our hiring approach.</p> <p>You don’t want to miss it 🛠</p> <p><br></p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
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How to Get Reliable Skilled Labor Talent
<p>The skilled trade shortage is real.</p> <p>It’s been putting pressure on companies and individuals for years. We all feel it.</p> <p>When you can’t find the people you need to meet deadlines and your business is suffering because of it, there’s a temptation to lower your standards—just a little bit—to get the people you need right away.</p> <p>You’re likely feeling tired of being understaffed, knowing your team is overworked because of it. You feel like you would take anyone.</p> <p>Resist the temptation 👀</p> <p>On this week’s episode of The Skillwork Forum, Brett and Tim discuss how to solve this seemingly unsolvable problem: how to get reliable and talented skilled laborers that can help you meet your goals and objectives. 🛠</p> <p><br></p> <p>Connect with Skillwork: &lt;p&gt;</p> <p><br></p> <p>- Skillwork’s website &lt;p&gt;</p> <p> &lt;p&gt;</p> <p>- Skillwork’s LinkedIn &lt;p&gt;</p> <p> &lt;p&gt;</p> <p>- Skillwork’s YouTube channel &lt;p&gt;</p> <p> &lt;p&gt;</p> <p><br></p> <p><br></p> <p>Reach out to Rveal: &lt;p&gt;</p> <p><br></p> <p>- Rveal’s website &lt;p&gt;</p> <p> &lt;p&gt;</p> <p>- Rveal’s LinkedIn &lt;p&gt;</p> <p> &lt;p&gt;</p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube channel &lt;p&gt;</p> <p> &lt;p&gt;</p>
14 min
Covid 2.0
<p>As businesses continue to reopen and get moving again after the economic shutdown earlier this year, considering a possible return of high COVID-19 numbers is likely the last thing on our minds.</p> <p>For many businesses it feels like just coming up for air after months of unprecedented challenges.</p> <p>However, it’s crucial to plan ahead so your company is prepared should the virus raise its ugly head again. Luckily, there are many companies who have paved the way and we can learn from their experience.</p> <p>In this episode of The Skillwork Forum, “COVID 2.0”, we discuss some of the measures food and beverage manufacturing facilities have implemented to keep their workers safe and how your organization can utilize some of these policies as you strategically plan for a possible resurgence of cases this fall.</p>
18 min
Multi-level Vetting
<p>While hiring itself isn’t too complicated, hiring the RIGHT people is hard.</p> <p>On top of dealing with the severe shortage of skilled craftsmen, there are endless combinations of skills, personality, experience, and aptitude to think about. Companies find themselves suffering through short-staffed and stressed out teams to avoid the high cost of negative hiring outcomes.</p> <p>You don’t have to keep plowing through without the people you need.</p> <p>On this week’s episode of The Skillwork Forum, Brett and Tim discuss Skillwork’s multi-level vetting process which funnels a large group of applicants down to a select few high-quality candidates that we provide directly to our clients.</p> <p>Learn more about how we do things and apply it to your own company’s hiring challenges or partner with us to get the people you need.</p> <p>🛠</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
24 min
Internal Recruiting vs. External Recruiting
<p>With a shortage of over a million skilled laborers and ever-increasing demand as America ramps up production again, there’s more pressure than ever for companies to get the workers they need to execute their goals. Unfortunately, these positions can require a precise fit of skills and experience—and internal talent acquisition isn’t always equipped to find that fit with the tools they have.</p> <p>This week on The Skillwork Forum, we discuss the merits of both internal and external recruitment strategies…and how the best way for companies to get the specific workers they so desperately need might be a marriage of the two.</p> <p>If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a wall in your recruitment efforts for skilled workers, click <a href="//">here</a> for some relief 🙌🏼🛠</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
21 min
How To Minimize Negative Outcomes In The Hiring...
<p>For companies that already struggle finding quality skilled labor talent to get their jobs done, investing in a “bad hire” is a costly mistake few can afford. At Skillwork, we call this a&nbsp;negative outcome&nbsp;in the recruiting process. And for so many companies, these negative outcomes feel unavoidable.</p> <p>To make matters worse, if a company gets a string of these negative outcomes over time, it can create a “losing mindset”—much like sports teams who get stuck in a losing streak they can’t seem to break. No company should feel ashamed or hopeless by this, though. We’ve all been there.</p> <p>This week on The Skillwork Forum we discuss three types of negative outcomes and how you can tackle them head-on. The most important thing?</p> <p>Get REAL.</p> <p>Be transparent about your company. Have self-awareness in what you can and can’t offer your skilled workers. We think you’ll be surprised at how well people react to your honesty.</p> <p>Have you had a string of negative outcomes in your hiring process lately? Check out our <a href="">website</a> to connect with us and find the right skilled workers you need, when you need them.</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
28 min
Servant Leadership & Intentionality
<p>Leadership is an incredible gift, but sometimes the responsibility can be overwhelming. On this week’s episode of The Skillwork Forum, “Servant Leadership and Intentionality”, we discuss the incredible impact of others-focused leadership. We all have the ability to be transformational leaders in our businesses when we focus on this pattern: grow, give, repeat.</p> <p>In the second half of the podcast, we talk about a Forbes article on self-based leadership. You can find it <a href="">here</a>.</p> <p>Feeling the pressure of staffing skilled workers to keep up with demand? Check out our <a href="">website</a> where you can download a free ebook with the solution you’ve been looking for.</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
32 min
How To Find Skilled Worker Talent Right Now
<p>Before the shutdown of many businesses in March 2020, the number one worry keeping business leaders up at night was the skilled worker shortage. Then the pandemic happened, and priorities shifted overnight.</p> <p>But the talent gap hasn’t gone anywhere. You still need to figure out how to find the people you need to meet your business’s goals and objectives.</p> <p>This week’s episode of The Skillwork Forum will show you how to find skilled worker talent right now.</p> <p>Feeling the pressure of staffing to keep up with demand? Check out our website ( <a href=""></a> ) where you can download our FREE ebook with the solution you’ve been looking for.</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
25 min
What Is Really Essential Right Now?
<p>Essential vs. nonessential businesses 🤔 Until a few months ago, all business was considered essential! During this episode of The Skillwork Forum, “What is Really Essential?”, Brett and Tim discuss the ups and downs of this new way of thinking, both for our businesses and our personal lives.</p> <p>Feeling the pressure of finding the people you need to keep up with demand? Visit <a href=""></a> for help in overcoming the skilled labor shortage 🛠🇺🇸</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
16 min
The 2 Types of Obstacles to Overcome as Busines...
<p>This week on The Skillwork Forum, Brett and Tim discuss the two types of obstacles business leaders need to consider to effectively reopen their businesses.</p> <p>While the tangible obstacles are obvious and demand attention, the intangible ones can quickly become even bigger roadblocks in your business.</p> <p>Is the reopening making you realize you don’t have the people you need to get your business going? Visit for help in overcoming the skilled labor shortage 🛠🇺🇸</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
26 min
Necessary Endings to Create Change
<p>This week on The Skillwork Forum we discuss an important but perhaps uncomfortable topic: change. As both individuals and business leaders, we have to be future-oriented and make the necessary (but sometimes painful) changes so that our organizations can grow. Tune in for 3 places you can prune, or cut back, to encourage growth in your business.</p> <p>Visit for help in overcoming the skilled labor shortage in America 🛠🇺🇸</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
19 min
Rethinking Work
<p>This week on The Skillwork Forum, Brett and Tim discuss what many of you might be wondering during the pandemic: “is what I do for work really what I want to be doing?” Now is a great opportunity to pause and reflect…tune in to this episode “Rethinking Work” to hear some suggestions on where to go from there.</p> <p>You may be asking yourself “how am I going to find the talent I need as things open back up?” Reach out to us on our website <a href=""></a> to see how we can help you, whether you’re a skilled worker or business leader.</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
15 min
Responsibly Re-opening America
<p>The time has come for many businesses to reopen their doors and bring people back to work. However, as you may have already figured out, it’s more complicated than just that.</p> <p>In Episode 6 of The Skillwork Forum, “Responsibly Reopening America”, Brett and Tim have some practical tips on how to support your team as your organization gets back up and running.</p> <p>Visit for help in overcoming the skilled labor shortage in America 🛠🇺🇸</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
23 min
Are Your Core Values Really “Core”?
<p>How we handle challenges says a lot about us as business leaders. Do your values stand the test of time? While it’s not necessarily fun to ask ourselves these questions, it’s essential for the health of the organizations we lead.</p> <p>In Episode 5 of The Skillwork Forum, “Are Your Core Values Really “Core”?”, Brett and Tim discuss what it looks like to stay true to your organization’s core values during the COVID-19 pandemic.</p> <p>For more information, visit <a href=""></a>.</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
24 min
4 Critical Business Lessons to Take from the CO...
<p>As we navigate the unknown waters of this COVID-19 crisis, we’ve learned a few things along the way that can help you manage your business well. In Episode 2 of the Skillwork Forum, we discuss 4 critical business lessons:</p> <ol> <li>Cash Reserve</li> <li>Risk Management</li> <li>Redundancy/Contingency in Operations</li> <li>Diversification in your Business</li> </ol> <p>Do you need help finding the right skilled workers to meet your business’s needs? Visit <a href=""></a> and let us do the heavy lifting for you.</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
33 min
How Companies Can Make The Most Of The COVID-19...
<p>Whether your company is classified as a Critical Infrastructure Business and seeing a spike in demand or you're trying to manage business coming to an abrupt&nbsp;halt, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone. We cover a variety of solutions to both unique problems in the first episode of The Skillwork Forum: How Companies Can Make the Most of the COVID-19 Pandemic.<br> <br> Visit for more information on how you can overcome the skilled labor shortage in America.</p> Connect with Skillwork: <p> - Skillwork’s website <p> <p> - Skillwork’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Skillwork’s YouTube channel <p> <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> <p>
25 min