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B2B Podcasting is the official show about... B2B podcasting! Hosted by Kap Chatfield (CEO of Rveal Media), B2B Podcasting episodes either go deep into new B2B podcast marketing and sales strategies to help brands excel, or they interview thought leaders of various industries, asking them how they are using their own serial content marketing models to grow their businesses. Build an audience. Drive revenue. Transform your industry. Visit rveal.media to learn more.

How Understanding Radio Will Change the Way You...
20 min
7 Must-Haves Before Launching Your B2B Show - W...
In this new episode of B2B Podcasting, host Kap Chatfield outlines seven must-haves you need before you launch your B2B show and begin generating all that demand for your company’s product. 🤑
23 min
4 Reasons Why Most B2B Podcasts Suck (plus a bo...
The mistake so many B2B podcasts make is that they treat their podcast like a B2C podcast that’s designed for entertainment. Being entertaining is great, but it’s not B2B.
31 min
7 Reasons Why You Need to Think About Your Busi...
In this new episode of B2B Podcasting, host Kap Chatfield outlines seven reason why it is paramount for your company to shift its mindset towards thinking like a media company and generating consistent, quality content.
21 min
If You're A Show Host, These Are Your Top 3 Pri...
Hosting a podcast for your business is a great first step to grow your B2B brand. 👍🏼 <p> But if you want that content to work for you, it’s important to know that being a good or bad host can make or break your show. <p> Even if your hosting skills don’t start off top-notch, there’s no reason why you can’t grow! After all, no one just walks into the podcasting realm hosting like Joe Rogan. 😅 <p> Luckily, podcast host Kap Chatfield has your back. In the new episode of B2B Podcasting, Kap gives practical advice on how to improve your hosting skills and make your podcast episodes more effective and engaging. <p> Tune in to this episode to learn how to hone your skills and make a positive impact on the content you create for your B2B brand. 💯 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 A host should act as a mediator between a featured guest and the audience <p> 💎 Preparation for the show brings you confidence in leading your guest <p> 💎 A host should aim to improve their verbal and visual communication skills <p> 💎 Summarizing your guest’s explanation builds a connection with your audience <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-04:08 | The importance of being a good host <p> ⏰ 04:09-10:54 | How preparation can make or break your show <p> ⏰ 10:55-19:05 | Practical ways to grow in your communications skills <p> ⏰ 19:06-24:53 | Why connection is crucial to your audience’s understanding <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “When you’re the host of a show, your responsibility is to be a mediator between the audience and the featured guest—create a remarkable experience for the audience that is listening and for the featured guest that is creating the content.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬“When I create videos, I’m actually looking into the lens because the lens is the eye of the audience.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬 “Energy communicates enthusiasm, enthusiasm communicates that you’re interested and engaged—how can an audience be engaged if the host isn’t even engaged?” - Kap Chatfield, CEO Rveal Media <p> 💬“You don’t want any audience member to be left behind. You want to be their advocate and ask questions for them so they don’t feel disengaged.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO Rveal Media <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Kap Chatfield: <p> Follow Kap on LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kapchatfield/ <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> Rveal’s website: <p> - https://site.rveal.media/ <p> Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p>
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The Digital Content Playbook for Modern Startup...
If you’re a B2B business and you haven’t nailed down a content strategy, you’re late to the game. 👀 <p> The industry of B2B is evolving, and the amount of sales interactions happening in the digital marketplace is increasing every day. The last thing you want is your business to fall behind because it’s stuck in the traditional way of doing things. <p> Developing a content marketing strategy sets your business up for future success in the digital marketplace. <p> 🎙️ In this new episode of B2B Podcasting, host Kap Chatfield sits down with Anna Furmanov, author of “The Digital Content Playbook for Modern Startups”. Together they discuss how developing a content marketing strategy is essential to the success of B2B start-ups living in our increasingly digital world. <p> If you’re wondering how you can set your business up for long-term success, this episode is for you. 💯 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 B2B sales is going digital FAST—you need a content strategy. <p> 💎 Assessing the value of your content takes time and consistency. <p> 💎 There are two branches of content marketing: creation and distribution. <p> 💎 The customer sales experience is not a linear journey. <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-13:29 | The necessity for content strategy and determining its value <p> ⏰ 13:29-23:27 | The importance of implementing “core pillars” in your marketing strategy <p> ⏰ 23:27-30:30 | What it takes to create great content <p> ⏰ 30:31-43:11 | The difference between vanity metrics and being thoughtful <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “With organic content marketing, it can take months, sometimes even years to get really good at it and see a return on investment.” - Anna Furmanov <p> 💬 “Digital marketing needs to work for you so that you don’t need to hire salespeople to do that work for you.” - Anna Furmanov <p> 💬 “There’s something about that freedom of exploration and in allowing [the customer] to chart their own journey—and then when they leave ‘the playground’, the question they ask is, ‘when are we coming back?’” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬 “Set objectives for each stage of your content marketing and make sure you’re meeting those objectives. If you’re not, something is wrong.” - Anna Furmanov <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Anna Furmanov: <p> Anna’s LinkedIn: <p> - linkedin.com/in/annafurmanov <p> Anna’s Website: <p> - furmanovmarketing.com <p> Anna’s Article: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/modern-digital-content-strategy-startups-playbook-anna-furmanov/ <p> Digital Marketplace Article (mentioned in episode): <p> - https://www.gartner.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/2020-09-15-gartner-says-80--of-b2b-sales-interactions-between-su?utm_medium=email&_hsmi=122143773&utm_content=122143773&utm_source=hs_email <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> Rveal’s website: <p> - https://site.rveal.media/ <p> Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p>
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How to Become the Recognized Industry Authority...
Do you know how to use your ad dollars the RIGHT way? 👀 <p> Companies are spending thousands of dollars on paid social—but they’re often tracking the wrong metrics or launching the wrong campaigns—resulting in low conversions and even low brand awareness. 😬 <p> You don’t have to shoot in the dark every time—there is a science to paid social and you can learn it in our latest episode. 💎 <p> 🎙️ We sat down with Brandon Smits, Partner at 8Loop and Solar Cheat Code, who shared with us his incredible knowledge on paid social and how B2B companies can use it the right way for guaranteed sales. <p> If you’re tired of throwing away ad dollars or feeling like Facebook algorithms are too complicated to master, then THIS is the episode for you. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn how to maximize your ad dollars for your company <p> 💎 Make a successful retargeting campaign for your audience <p> 💎 Learn to differentiate between the different ways you can structure your ads <p> 💎 Find the best way to structure your content for your audience <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00 - 09:11 | Learn how to leverage ads to make your company look bigger than it is <p> ⏰ 09:11 - 18:37 | Maximize the cost of each individual conversion with your ad spending <p> ⏰ 18:37 - 31:03 | Make sure your company is tracking the right metrics for your ads <p> ⏰ 31:03 - 43:58 | The different stages of ad funnels you can create for your business <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “The power of advertising is oftentimes about perception.” - Brandon Smits, Partner at 8Loop and Solar Cheat Code <p> 💬 “What we’ve found is if we invest 20-30% of our budget into video views, we actually see a net DECREASE in cost per sales opportunity generated.” - Brandon Smits, Partner at 8Loop and Solar Cheat Code <p> 💬 “My philosophy is always start with making sure the conversion mechanism works, then build a library of content around it.” - Brandon Smits, Partner at 8Loop and Solar Cheat Code <p> 💬 “When I’m setting up to run ads, I start with my bottom-of-funnel content that will generate appointments, and I test that to a cold audience.” - Brandon Smits, Partner at 8Loop and Solar Cheat Code <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Brandon Smits: <p> Follow Brandon on LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonsmits/ <p> Solar Cheat Code Website: <p> - https://www.cheatcodesforsalespros.com/ <p> - https://www.soloarcheatcode.com/ <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> Rveal’s website: <p> - https://site.rveal.media/ <p> Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> #b2bsales #b2bmarketing #b2bpodcasting <p>
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How to Use a B2B Podcast as a Recruiting Tool f...
Do you realize what a podcast can do for your business? 👀 <p> You’ve heard how a podcast can sharpen your thought leadership and grow your influence, but how about the fact that it can attract top professionals in your industry to work for you? 🤯 <p> A podcast is a powerful tool to generate a faithful audience that brings other thought leaders, executives and professionals into your funnel, creating relationships that otherwise wouldn’t exist. <p> Let us introduce you to Matthew Sciannella, Strategy Director at Gorilla 76 and co-host of The Industrial Marketing Show podcast. 🎙️ Matthew has leveraged his podcast to be a “pre-interview” of sorts for his own career and as a recruiting tool for employees in his company. <p> ➡️ The latest episode of B2B Podcasting is for any thought or business leader looking to leverage the time and effort of a video podcast into a major advantage for their industry. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Podcasting can help shift your career path to new opportunities <p> 💎 A thought leadership podcast can sharpen you as a professional in your space <p> 💎 Learn how to build relationships with other business leaders through a podcast <p> 💎 Learn to build your business brand and reputation with content creation <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-10:23 | A podcast will allow you to build your brand and relationships in the B2B world <p> ⏰ 10:23-17:41 | Why don’t more CEO’s dive into creating thought leadership for themselves? <p> ⏰ 17:41-27:41 | Creating content will put you in front of your ideal audience every time <p> ⏰ 27:41-41:13 | Accelerate your thought leadership with the content you produce <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “A podcast is passive relationship building.” - Matthew Sciannella <p> 💬 “LinkedIn is a great testing ground for topic ideas for your podcast.” - Matthew Sciannella <p> 💬 “There’s no better way to create awareness for your company than to do LinkedIn and to do it really well.” - Matthew Sciannella <p> 💬 “I’m much less interested in creating a massive following and more interested in creating the RIGHT following.” - Matthew Sciannella <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> Rveal’s website: <p> - https://site.rveal.media/ <p> Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia <p> Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Matt Sciannella <p> Follow Matt on LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewsciannella/ <p> Follow MJ Peters on LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mjpeters1/ <p> Check out the Industrial Marketer Show: <p> - https://open.spotify.com/show/1IPGhJ20KdsxCa1ZJZDTGW?si=V5zKJSKVR1G76ePoqBqVmw&nd=1 <p> Check out Gorilla 76: <p> - https://www.gorilla76.com/ <p>
41 min
Generate Demand with Content at Scale - with Ch...
Do you REALLY know how to generate demand for your product? 👀 <p> “Demand Gen” is almost a buzzword these days, but very few people employ the term properly or create the right results that match the concept. <p> When you TRULY understand demand generation and how it can put your company and product ahead of the game and constantly in front of your ideal customer, you might rethink your marketing strategy. 💡 <p> 🎙️ B2B Podcasting brings you a fantastic episode with Chris Roche, CEO of Catalyst Consulting, who shares with us the true essence of demand gen and how your company can apply it today. <p> If you’re ready to change the game in your marketing strategy, then THIS is the episode for you. 👊🏼 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Understand the true essence of demand generation <p> 💎 Perfect your sales pipeline by revolutionizing your marketing with demand gen <p> 💎 Learn to create content that will educate your buyer on your product or service <p> 💎 Create content at scale with a B2B podcast and other amazing content resources <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-09:42 | What is the real definition of demand generation? <p> ⏰ 09:42-16:13 | How to get C-suite execs involved with content creation <p> ⏰ 16:13-22:48 | Understand your sales pipeline timeline to implement demand gen <p> ⏰ 22:48-42:54 | Learn to look at demand generation as a sales strategy for your business <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Demand generation is creating content and educating your potential buyer no matter where they’re at in the sales process.” - Chris Roche, CEO at Catalyst Consulting <p> 💬 “You have to have the attrition, invest the time and view content creation through a long-term lens to be successful.” - Chris Roche, CEO at Catalyst Consulting <p> 💬 “The key to creating a strong personal brand is by leveraging organic to understand the content matrix which will enable you to fire on all cylinders and produce content at scale.” - Chris Roche, CEO at Catalyst Consulting <p> 💬 “If you are going to invest in organic content and its distribution then you as the leader need to be involved with its production because you understand the organization better than anyone.” - Chris Roche, CEO at Catalyst Consulting <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Chris Roche: <p> Follow Chris on LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisjroche/ <p> Chris’ Website: <p> - https://www.catalystconsulting.services/ <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> Rveal’s website: <p> - https://site.rveal.media/ <p> Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> #b2bsales #b2bmarketing #b2bpodcasting <p>
42 min
Accelerating Business Relationships through Sto...
Take the relationships with your audience to a higher level with storytelling. 💥 <p> Nothing builds your brand or long-term business success more than a strong relationship with your audience—and the key to that strength is the content you produce. <p> What message are you conveying? Is your audience interested, or do they even care? 👀 <p> 🎙️ B2B Podcasting brings you an incredible episode with our CEO Kap Chatfield who shares how businesses can harness the power of storytelling to strengthen business relationships. <p> The content you create has the power to either strengthen or destroy your connection with potential clients, so make sure you’re creating the RIGHT way. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Show marketing is the future of your brand development <p> 💎 Business relationships can be long lasting with the right content pillars <p> 💎 Perfect the art of storytelling for your brand strength <p> 💎 Discover how your business can master storytelling to build a strong audience <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00 - 11:33 | Storytelling is the basis for any good B2B marketing strategy <p> ⏰ 11:33 - 18:00 | B2B relationships can be strengthened through the content you create <p> ⏰ 18:00 - 24:55 | Learn how to create content for the five different personas of your business <p> ⏰ 24:55 - 1:02:25 | Residual relationship with your audience can be built through show marketing <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Show marketing is about business development and building relationships with your audience through episodic content over time.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬 “People want to do business with organizations whose narrative they can be a part of.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬 “Content is a consumable, it’s just a digital consumable.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬“People want to do business with people that they like and trust—it all comes down to relationship.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal & Kap Chatfield: <p> Kap’s LinkedIn: <p> - http://linkedin.com/in/kapchatfield <p> Rveal’s website: <p> - http://rveal.media <p> Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Reach out to Pablo Gomez: <p> Pablo’s LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/in/pablotheconnector/ <p> Pablo’s Podcast, Be the Stage: <p> - https://bethestage.live/ <p> #b2bsales #b2bmarketing #b2bpodcasting <p>
62 min
Death of the SDR and the Birth of Buyer Centric...
B2B marketing is broken. <p> That’s the main premise of Nelson Gilliat’s book—and it’s not the only controversial thing he shares in this episode. <p> The way we’ve done B2B marketing for decades just isn’t working anymore. And while it’s uncomfortable jumping into uncharted territory, businesses have to adapt if they want to survive and thrive in this new world. <p> In this episode of B2B Podcasting, Kap sits down with Nelson Gilliat, author of “Death of the SDR and the Birth of Buyer Centric Revenue”. Together they discuss how outdated strategies are limiting companies’ growth—and what you can change today if you find yourself in that position. <p> Marketers and business owners: you don’t want to miss this. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 The SDR/prospecting model isn’t the best way to do business anymore <p> 💎 It’s crucial to make content for your audience <p> 💎 The evolution of social media has affected modern buyer preferences <p> 💎 Consider shifting your SDR model in a two-phase approach <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-11:08 | Why the B2B marketing model is broken <p> ⏰ 11:08-19:24 | The problems with sales development or prospecting <p> ⏰ 19:24-33:07 | Four main points of Nelson’s book <p> ⏰ 33:07-46:14 How to transition to a buyer-centric strategy <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “That’s what content creators and marketers do, we try to put on a good show—not boring old reruns that nobody watches.” - Nelson Gilliat <p> 💬 “Sales development or prospecting is spam. The definition of spam is sending someone unconsented marketing solicitations to their private inbox. It’s basically marketing while selling your soul. That‘s why SDRs hate it and can't wait to escape, and buyers are turning off and tuning out.” - Nelson Gilliat <p> 💬 “Prospecting and sales development does generate leads and revenue. But just because a marketing tactic can generate them doesn't mean that it's worthwhile relative to all the other possibilities.” - Nelson Gilliat <p> 💬 “Content is basically non-spam marketing. It's a way for marketing to communicate with, attract, educate, and entertain buyers in a non-spam way while developing relationships.” - Nelson Gilliat <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Nelson Gilliat: <p> Nelson’s book: <p> - https://www.amazon.com/Death-SDR-Birth-Centric-Revenue-ebook/dp/B09GT562GL/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=death+of+the+sdr&qid=1652050904&sr=8-1 <p> Follow Nelson on LinkedIn: <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nelson-gilliat/ <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> Rveal’s website <p> - https://site.rveal.media/ <p> Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> - https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/mycompany/ <p> Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p>
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3 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Video Pod...
Do you know the right metrics to measure the success of your podcast? 👀 <p> When it comes to measuring the success of your B2B content there are three crucial categories you have to look at: <p> 💎 Content Performance <p> 💎 Audience Growth <p> 💎 Business Development <p> When you measure the right way you’ll be able to see how well your content strategy is working and what needs to be done to adjust and grow quickly. 💪🏼 <p> If you’re ready to grow your content creation influence, you don’t want to miss this episode. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Business leaders need solid metrics to measure the success of their marketing strategy <p> 💎 Your video podcast is generating a return for your business, but you have to discover HOW <p> 💎 Make sure you embark on a content creation journey with the long game in mind <p> 💎 There are a variety of metrics that influence whether your video podcast is a success or not <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00 - 05:25 | If a content strategy is going to be successful we have to understand the metrics that determine its success <p> ⏰ 05:25 - 08:11 | The content performance metric is the most obvious and easy to track <p> ⏰ 08:11 - 11:51 | Track the rate at which your audience grows <p> ⏰ 11:51 - 17:48 | Track your business development and ultimately, revenue <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “The purpose of the show is that you're building rapport with an audience over time.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO at Rveal Media <p> 💬 “So we understand when the followers go up and the audience members go up, that we are winning trust with this audience.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO at Rveal Media <p> 💬 “If they're scheduling a discovery call, simply put in that in that form, “How did you hear about us?”, and let them answer that however they want to.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO at Rveal Media <p> 💬 “If revenue is going up, specifically web-sourced revenue, you know that the strategy is working.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO at Rveal Media <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website https://site.rveal.media/ <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/11397337/admin/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> #b2bsales #b2bmarketing #b2bpodcasting <p>
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11 Tips for Creating a Featured Guest Experienc...
Have you cultivated an experience for your guests that you invite to your show? 👀 In the B2B world, the show marketing model is your method to not only building relationships but closing sales. Here’s the key, though: the way you treat your featured guest determines whether you close the sale. There are specific strategies and systems you can implement TODAY to elevate your guest experience and maintain long-term relationships. 🎙️ B2B Podcasting brings you special episode with our CEO Kap Chatfield, who shares 11 incredible tips for your guest experience. If you’re ready to elevate your guest experience, then check out our latest episode. Main Takeaways: 💎 Learn how to create the best featured guest experience for your B2B show 💎 Implement systems that will help your guest participate and enjoy the process 💎 Take the time to research your guest and what they’ve accomplished 💎 Intentionally promote the thought leadership of your guest to build long-lasting relationships Timecodes: ⏰ 00:00 - 05:01 | A show marketing model is a great way to build relationships and business ⏰ 05:01 - 08:12 | The systems you create for your show and guest are crucial to an enjoyable process ⏰ 08:12 - 13:20 | The pre-show call and research on your guest facilitates your questions ⏰ 13:20 - 20:26 | Use your show content to promote your guest on all your platforms Quotes: 💬 “A B2B podcast is not just a marketing strategy—it’s a sales strategy where you can create a show experience that turns featured guests into buyers.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media 💬 “In the B2B world people recognize that content is king. It’s valuable if you can create content around the thought leadership of a featured guest.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media 💬 “Your featured guest wants to know how being a part of your show is going to help them reach their target audience.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media 💬 “Do NOT enter your featured guest to a sales sequence after they’ve been on your show.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media ————————————————- Reach out to Rveal: - Rveal’s website https://site.rveal.media/ - Rveal’s LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/11397337/admin/ - Rveal’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEwl #b2bsales #b2bpodcasting #b2bmarketing
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The Art of B2B Storytelling - with Kap Chatfiel...
Do you know how to maximize storytelling for the growth of your business? 🤔 <p> When businesses strive to make their customer the “hero” of the story, addressing their problems and ultimate goals in marketing and sales, they will find the golden key to success. <p> It’s about telling a compelling story that will make the hero keep coming back for more. 🔥 <p> 🎙️ B2B Podcasting brings you a bonus episode hosted by Rick Lambert—professional speaker, B2B sales coach and marketing strategist. <p> He interviewed our CEO Kap Chatfield and mined the gold that will help business leaders direct their business concept and message. 💎 <p> If you’re ready to bring direction and purpose to your business, THIS is the episode for you. You don’t want to miss it. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Business leaders can greatly benefit from learning the principles of storytelling <p> 💎 Discover the four P’s and how you can make them center stage to your marketing and sales <p> 💎 Learn how to define your business objectives and sharpen your value proposition <p> 💎 You don’t need the most expensive technology to begin creating content today <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00 - 13:46 | Learn the art of storytelling your business can apply to its narrative <p> ⏰ 13:46 - 25:22 | Discover how to make your ideal customer the hero of your product and story <p> ⏰ 25:22 - 27:54 | What are practical steps your company can take to begin perfecting their narrative? <p> ⏰ 27:54 - 35:36 | The 5 business objectives every business leader needs to know by heart <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Once you learn the formula of storytelling you see it play out not just in movies, but in advertising, emails, LinkedIn and posts.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬 “Your business problem can be broken down into the internal, external and eternal problems, and you can find their solutions using storytelling.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬 “The number one problem businesses face when crafting their narrative is they mistake themselves as the main character of the story when they’re truly the guide.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬 “Turn your product into a story that attracts the right audience.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Kap Chatfield & Rveal Media: <p> - Follow Kap on LinkedIn <p> - Rveal’s website <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> Connect with Rick Lambert: <p> - IN 2 Communications Website <p> - Sell To Win Website <p> #b2bsales #b2bmarketing #b2bpodcasting <p>
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How Podcasting is a Remarkable ABM Strategy- wi...
Do you TRULY know the power of storytelling to build your brand? 🤔 <p> Most brand leaders and podcasters heavily rely on famous guests to build their brand achieve their marketing goals—but what if there was a more effective way to build your brand and find success? <p> When you build your brand and podcast with the audience in mind first, your message will not only be effective, but it will reach the right audience every single time. 💯 <p> 🎙️ B2B Podcasting brings you another great episode with Yaagneshwaran Ganesh as our guest. He is the director of marketing at Avoma and the host of The ABM Conversations podcast. <p> If you’re ready to perfect your value proposition and position your brand for success with the right audience, then THIS is the episode for you. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn how to build your podcast with your audience in mind first <p> 💎 Measure a podcast ROI by discovering your true value proposition <p> 💎 Avoid starting a podcast that focuses on leveraging guest influence <p> 💎 Discover the “meeting life cycle assistant” and how it can help your business <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-06:46 | How to build a career remotely with marketing and podcasting <p> ⏰ 06:46-15:11 | Learn how to use storytelling to maximize your content creation and brand building <p> ⏰ 15:11-29:56 | Use wisdom when inviting guests on your show to mine the gold out of them <p> ⏰ 29:56-40:35 | Measure ROI with simple steps that can better direct your podcast <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “In a commoditized environment there are going to be 10, 20, or 100 different tools that do the same thing—but if somebody is going to buy yours, it’s because they believe in the same value system and have the same ideologies.” - Yaagneshwaran Ganesh, Director of Marketing, Avoma <p> 💬 “As long as I know who my audience is, I can also talk to lookalike audiences.” - Yaagneshwaran Ganesh, Director of Marketing, Avoma <p> 💬 “There is an audience that’s trusting you to come up with good content—trust is earned by default at first, and it’s up to you to keep it.” - Yaagneshwaran Ganesh, Director of Marketing, Avoma <p> 💬 “Just because your podcast is niche doesn’t mean you can’t broaden your audience.” - Yaagneshwaran Ganesh, Director of Marketing, Avoma <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Yaagneshwaran Ganesh: <p> - Follow Yaag on LinkedIn <p> - Yaag’s Website <p> - The ABM Conversations Podcast <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> #b2bpodcasting #b2bmarketing #b2bsales <p>
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How This CMO Generated $40 Million with a B2B S...
<p>Are you tapping into the power relationships generate for your business? 🤔</p> <p>They’re the greatest catalyst for dramatic increases in ROI, influence and faithful customers.</p> <p>How do you tap into that power? Use a video podcast. It’s the fastest way to accelerate those relationships, bringing people closer and fostering community for the long run.</p> <p>Nobody knows this better than Pablo Gonzalez, host of B2B Community Builder podcast and CMO and co-founder of Be The Stage. 🎙️</p> <p>His take on relationships in the B2B world is truly inspiring.</p> <p>Check out our latest episode today!</p> <p>Main Takeaways:</p> <p>🛠 Learn how to track the right metrics of success for your show</p> <p>🛠 Grow your ability as a show host to maximize your guest’s experience</p> <p>🛠 Discover how you can build business relationships in a stable way</p> <p>🛠 Start to see business relationships through your own video podcast</p> <p>Timecodes:</p> <p>⏰ 00:00 - 16:09 | How Pablo Gomez grew his video podcast to $40 million in revenue</p> <p>⏰ 16:09 - 26:26 | Maximize the power of business relationships for growth</p> <p>⏰ 26:26 - 33:06 | Learn how it’s more valuable to be a king-maker than a king</p> <p>⏰ 33:06 - 46:22 | The tangible power of a live show versus a pre-recorded show</p> <p>Quotes:</p> <p>💬 “Having 25 super-consumers being your ambassadors and hosting events in their home to talk about your company generates so much power that the concept of community becomes approachable.” - Pablo Gonzalez, CMO of Be The Stage</p> <p>💬“My first priority at a conference is to figure out how I can make friends with four people so that we’re rolling around in a five-person pack.” - Pablo Gonzalez, CMO of Be The Stage</p> <p>💬 “It’s much more valuable to be a king-maker than to try to be a king.” - Pablo Gonzalez, CMO of Be The Stage</p> <p>💬“The stage is the ultimate tool for social validation.” - Pablo Gonzalez, CMO of Be The Stage</p> <p>————————————————-</p> <p>Reach out to Rveal:</p> <p>- Rveal’s Website</p> <p>- Rveal’s LinkedIn</p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube Channel</p> <p>Reach out to Pablo:</p> <p>- Pablo Gonzalez Linkedin Profile <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/pablotheconnector" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><em>https://www.linkedin.com/in/pablotheconnector</em></a></p> <p>- Pablo’s Website “Be The Stage” <a href="https://bethestage.live/bootcamp/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><em>https://bethestage.live/bootcamp/</em></a></p> <p>- Pablo’s Podcast <a href="https://b2bcb.buzzsprout.com/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><em>https://b2bcb.buzzsprout.com/</em></a></p> <p>#b2bsales #b2bmarketing #b2bpodcasting</p>
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How This Consultant Helped Spartan Monetize The...
Have you considered a B2B podcast to reach your business goals? 👊🏼 <p> A video podcast allows you to easily share your business story and value proposition with your audience. On top of that, the content can be repurposed in a near-endless number of ways. <p> Marion Abrams, host of Grounded Content podcast and podcast consultant, is our most recent guest on B2B Podcasting. Learn from Marion and her years of experience in content creation and crafting successful shows. 🎙️ <p> This episode will help you find your footing and jump in to the podcasting world 🔥 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 🛠 Learn how to craft a story for your business podcast <p> 🛠 Discover the significant ROI a video podcast can provide for your business <p> 🛠 Repurpose video and audio content to reach your target audience <p> 🛠 Find out how you can measure success with a podcast <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00 - 09:49 | Harness the power of storytelling for your business growth <p> ⏰ 09:49 - 16:12 | Learn how to track ROI and the success of your video podcast <p> ⏰ 16:12 - 25:38 | How to improve as a podcast host and interview guide <p> ⏰ 25:38 - 48:48 | Repurpose the video/audio content of your show in creative ways <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “A conversation is different from a podcast interview—in a good interview there's the audience and I need to lead the conversation in the direction that's valuable to my audience.” - Marion Abrams <p> 💬 “A primary piece of advice I would give to any podcaster right now is listen to your own show.” - Marion Abrams <p> 💬 “Don't let whatever your business objective is trump what your audience needs.” - Marion Abrams <p> 💬 “A podcast is a really great way to practice clarifying your message.” - Marion Abrams <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Marion: <p> - Marion’s LinkedIn <p> - Madmotion.com <p> - Grounded Content Podcast <p> #b2bsales #b2bpodcasting #b2bmarketing
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How to be an Incredible Podcast Host - with Ree...
Do you know what it takes to be an incredible podcast host? 🤔 <p> It’s a combination of a well-thought-out premise, researching guests and practice in guiding conversation while asking the right questions. <p> Learn the tricks of the trade, and you’ll be on the road to success with your own video podcast. It can seem intimidating, but trust us—you want to harness the power of a podcast to impact your audience and grow your business. 📈 <p> 🎙️ The latest episode of B2B Podcasting is with Reena Friedman, host of “Better Call Daddy” podcast and podcast consultant for entrepreneurs. <p> Her experience in the entertainment industry is sure to not only inspire but also coach you to get started on your own personal brand and podcast. <p> ➡️ We HIGHLY encourage you to check out the latest episode. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Perfect your podcast strategy as you evolve your hosting style <p> 💎 Learn how to find a good story and grow as a host <p> 💎 How you can train yourself as a host to better guide your guests <p> 💎 Asking questions that will generate genuine conversation <p> 💎 Find the premise of your show that will speak to your interests <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-04:34 | Discover how to get into the world of podcast consultancy <p> ⏰ 04:34-10:55 | How COVID thrust us into a digital, remote work space <p> ⏰ 10:55-13:55 | Research your guest so you can speak their language <p> ⏰ 13:55-19:13 | Companies greatly benefit from employees having a personal brand <p> ⏰ 19:13-29:40 | What is the formula that makes a great host? <p> ⏰ 29:40-36:21 | Find the specific premise for your show to be successful <p> ⏰ 36:21-43:34 | How can a video podcast grow your personal business? <p> ⏰ 43:34-49:23 | Why you should start your own video podcast <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Creating a really valuable show is knowing who's my audience, what do they care about, and being okay with “hey, it's not going to be for everybody”.“ - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “When you're interviewing somebody, give space for them to say everything they need to say.” - Reena Friedman <p> 💬 “A really good tip for a host is to think about what you've covered in the interview, be able to wrap it back around and paraphrase what you want us to remember, because sometimes the audience needs that.” - Reena Friedman <p> 💬 “If you can be a great host and learn how to mine the gold out of your guests and move that show in a specific direction—you're going to have a knock out of the park show.” - Reena Friedman <p> 💬 “A successful show is about the energy level that you create, the stories that you tell, how you tell the stories, how well-researched they are, how creative you are and how you make the audience feel.” - Reena Friedman <p> 💬 “In order for someone to tell their story and their voice, you have to use the words that they use and you have to know what they're passionate about.” - Reena Friedman <p> 💬 “I think the reason that businesses need to have B2B podcasts is because we want to know the leaders that we're working for.” - Reena Friedman <p> 💬 “When people feel a part of a vision, they don't even have to have a vision of their own—if they're aligned with the company's vision and where they're going, that will get them to stay.” - Reena Friedman <p> 💬 “You are going to be a better host if you research the person that you're going to talk to.” - Reena Friedman <p> 💬 “If you have a show that makes the entire world your audience, you're probably not going to deliver any value to that audience.” - Kap Chatfield <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Reena Friedman <p> Follow Reena on LinkedIn <p> Check out Reena’s show, Better Call Daddy <p> #b2bsales #b2bmarketing #b2bpodcasting
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How to use a B2B podcast to become a subject ma...
Do you leverage your podcast to grow your thought leadership? 👀 <p> Business leaders should jump at the opportunity to have their own video podcast—it’s a perfect chance to share their niche expertise and provide value to their audience, all in one go. <p> The latest episode of B2B Podcasting is full of insight and clarifies how you can maximize your content creation strategy for ALL your social media platforms. <p> We sat down with Stewart Hillhouse, head of content at Mutiny and host of “Top of Mind” podcast. His experience as a content creator and podcast host will help you find your voice and get your strategy clearly defined. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Discover how to become “top of mind” for potential podcast guests <p> 💎 Use LinkedIn as a relationship accelerator with your comments and interactions <p> 💎 Why executives need to lean into content creation to grow their business <p> 💎 Learn how to speak to your podcast guests to get the most value out of each episode <p> 💎 A video podcast can serve as a powerful connector to grow your career <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-03:47 | How to build a career around creating B2B content <p> ⏰ 03:47-08:42 | What are the challenges B2B marketing face today? <p> ⏰ 08:42-13:44 | Executives need to understand the importance of being involved with content creation <p> ⏰ 13:44-17:28 | A podcast can help your marketing team reach your audience more effectively <p> ⏰ 17:28-23:58 | Starting business relationships for a future feature on your podcast <p> ⏰ 23:58-30:56 | How to leverage your show to build connections and an audience <p> ⏰ 30:56-39:07 | Use your podcast as a business development tool <p> ⏰ 39:07-49:24 | Discover a new way to approach your LinkedIn strategy <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “The difference between B2B and B2C is the B2B company you’re trying to connect with is not spending their own personal money.” - Stewart Hillhouse <p> 💬 “B2B has that disconnect where they just don't think about the buying process as much, and as a result they don't focus on creating personalities within their company who share content on the regular.” - Stewart Hillhouse <p> 💬 “It requires feedback from the top down to feed ideas that create the brand around the company.” - Stewart Hillhouse <p> 💬 "If you want to see real, long-term, meaningful results, the executive of the company needs to be involved with the content creation." - Stewart Hillhouse <p> 💬 “You really need to make yourself available to the marketing team so that they can know how to communicate the expertise at a high level.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “You need to have a really strong premise and a strong show strategy so that the guest feels: Is this in alignment with who I am? Is this in alignment with my message and my goals? Is this in alignment with my audience? Is this something that I could share with my audience and then feel like I'm actually providing them more value?” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “There's that disconnect between, not having a person at the helm who's driving the content forward, putting a flag in the ground saying, "here's what our company's thinking about, you should follow me and buy from my company, because what we're doing is interesting to you".” - Stewart Hillhouse <p> 💬 “When you’re involved with content creation with your marketing team, you shorten the distance between them and their understanding of the brand.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “As the podcast producer, creator and host, you need to do the work for guests to make it an obvious yes why they should be on your show.” - Stewart Hillhouse <p> 💬 “If you are using podcasting as a business development tool, and you want to get in front of your ideal audience you think you could sell to, get them on a podcast episode.” - Stewart Hillhouse <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p> Connect with Stewart: <p> - Top of Mind podcast <p> - Stewart’s LinkedIn <p>
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How a B2B Podcast is the ULTIMATE Smarketing So...
Show title: B2B Podcasting <p> Episode title: How a B2B Podcast is the ULTIMATE Smarketing Solution - with Rick Lambert Call To Action: <p> ➡️ Do you struggle with the balance between sales and marketing? <p> When you set out to build your personal brand, it’s not uncommon to face challenges. Video content and messaging have incredible power to strengthen your niche expertise—or keep you on the sidelines. It can be a tough balancing act. 👀 <p> That’s why we sat down with Rick Lambert, CEO of Sell To Win and In2communications, and host of “The Smarketing Show”. <p> His take on how marketing and sales can serve one another, help professionals find their lane and build successful brands is exactly what we needed to hear when we recorded this episode. <p> We know you’ll be inspired too. 🔥 <p> If you’re ready to take the next step in starting your own video podcast, check out our latest episode. 👊🏼 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 In today’s B2B landscape, professionals need to have a mix of marketing and sales <p> 💎 Learn to grow your personal brand with video content <p> 💎 Find the theme that will mark your personal brand and simplify your content <p> 💎 A video podcast will automatically increase your ICP coming through your pipeline <p> 💎 Find your niche by studying your competition and maximizing your message <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-08:57 | Professionals need to understand sales and marketing <p> ⏰ 08:57-12:02 | Video is THE way to grow your personal brand in the digital landscape <p> ⏰ 12:02-17:33 | Your personal brand influence will grow when you invest in video <p> ⏰ 17:33-27:29 | Why aren’t more professionals investing in their video content? <p> ⏰ 27:29-31:35 | A video podcast helps you strengthen customer relationships for the long run <p> ⏰ 31:35-35:16 | Learn where your competition is going and find your lane <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Video acts like no other vehicle—it makes you become top of mind at point of need.” - Rick Lambert <p> 💬 “I bring on guests to my show because success leaves clues for the audience.” - Rick Lambert <p> 💬 “There’s a distinct difference between marketing and sales—marketing is letting people know what you have, and sales is getting rid of what you have.” - Rick Lambert <p> 💬 “Today's B2B sales professional needs to be a hybrid between a sales person and a marketing person.” - Rick Lambert <p> 💬 “Perfection really is never going to be achievable—just get it out there.” - Rick Lambert <p> 💬 “Either you're going to move forward with your personal brand, or you're going to be a spectator and let others move forward.” - Rick Lambert <p> 💬 “You’ve got to think about who the person is you want to be seen by your customers.” - Rick Lambert <p> 💬 “The shows create awareness for your audience.” - Rick Lambert <p> 💬 “Awareness boosts consideration rates and drives lead generation, which is the business model to shows.” - Rick Lambert <p> 💬 “Scale your touchpoints with key relationships.” - Kap Chatfield <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Rick <p> Follow Rick on LinkedIn <p> Check out Sell To Win <p> Check out In2communications <p> Check out The Smarketing Show <p>
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How to Create B2B Content that Actually Resonat...
Does your brand’s mission truly resonate with your audience? <p> This goes beyond just speaking what they want to hear, but crafting a vocabulary around your brand story and mission that captivates your audience to want more. <p> That’s exactly what professional showrunner and podcast host Jay Acunzo is doing, and it’s inspiring to say the least. <p> B2B Podcasting hosted Jay Acunzo in our most recent episode. Jay is the host of the “Unthinkable” podcast and an expert storyteller for the business world. <p> This is one of the most inspiring episodes we’ve done in a while. Don’t miss it—check it out and learn how to build your brand and perfect your marketing. 💪 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 There is enormous power in workplace storytelling <p> 💎 Leverage storytelling to grow your business and influence <p> 💎 Internal marketing will empower your brand and team towards your mission <p> 💎 Learn how you can leverage your show to sell it <p> 💎 Find your niche message that will resonate with your audience <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-06:01 | The basics of storytelling in the workplace <p> ⏰ 06:01-13:00 | Learn how your business can leverage storytelling <p> ⏰ 13:00-17:53 | Discover the power of internal marketing for your brand <p> ⏰ 17:53-20:34 | Establish the right goals for your business marketing <p> ⏰ 20:34-26:09 | Resonate with your audience by engaging their emotions <p> ⏰ 26:09-33:05 | Leverage your show in a way that you can sell it in the future <p> ⏰ 33:05-37:34 | Find your niche to stand out from the crowd of shows <p> ⏰ 37:34-43:10 | The Unthinkable podcast sets a storytelling standard <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Stop pushing metrics on people and start pushing missions.” - Jay Acunzo <p> 💬 “The score is not the goal—it's how you measure your progress towards the goal.” - Jay Acunzo <p> 💬 “We need to be more like authors on our shows—authors have one concept, they're exploring it deeply, but they explore it from all angles.” - Jay Acunzo <p> 💬 “Develop an irresistible premise, and let that premise inform things in the show, things around the show and support your marketing.” - Jay Acunzo <p> 💬 “It comes down to having this core premise, this core mission and getting really laser-focused with it.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “Awareness is just the proxy for what we actually want, which is affinity.” - Jay Acunzo <p> 💬 “It's a dangerous assumption to say, “if only they knew we existed, they would love us and act.” Have we done what it takes to be loved to trigger action?” - Jay Acunzo <p> 💬 “Telling stories are just a communication vehicle for solving problems, or resolving questions, or furthering change.” - Jay Acunzo <p> 💬 “Simple doesn't mean easy to execute—hopefully it means easy to understand.” - Jay Acunzo <p> 💬 “When your metrics become the goals, they're no longer good metrics.” - Jay Acunzo <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Reach out to Jay Acunzo: <p> - LinkedIn <p> - Twitter <p> - Website <p>
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Becoming a Known Expert in Account Growth throu...
Do you know how to empower your account managers to grow their accounts? 💪 <p> Too many companies unintentionally limit the potential of their account managers, which can cause a domino effect of negative outcomes in the company. <p> It’s time companies position their account managers to bring value, think outside the box and push the envelope of what’s offered to clients. <p> 🎙️ B2B Podcasting had the honor of hosting Jenny Plant, founder of Account Management Skills Limited, Creator of Account Accelerator Program and host of The Creative Agency Account Manager Podcast. <p> Her years of expertise in account management will help business leaders and account managers once again find value in the services offered to clients and the way those relationships are nurtured. 🤝 <p> ➡️ This episode is sure to help your business grow. Check it out! <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn the main issues account managers face today <p> 💎 Discover the best solutions to facilitate the account manager’s job <p> 💎 Companies can empower their account managers to be forward-thinking <p> 💎 Start a podcast to strengthen your niche expertise to your audience <p> 💎 Determine the way you invite guests onto your podcast <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-03:48 | Main challenges for account managers <p> ⏰ 03:48-07:48 | How account managers can easily solve their biggest challenges <p> ⏰ 07:48-14:04 | Nurturing clients and their needs throughout the year <p> ⏰ 14:04-23:06 | Account managers need to be empowered to do their job <p> ⏰ 23:06-25:19 | A podcast can become a tool to strengthen your expertise <p> ⏰ 25:19-30:25 | Inviting guests needs to be strategic to your value proposition <p> ⏰ 30:25-34:23 | There is clear ROI to starting a B2B podcast <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “It costs way less to keep a good customer than to go find a new customer.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “You have to keep adding value, surprising them and bringing them new thoughts and ideas to keep that momentum.” - Jenny Plant <p> 💬 “Start to think about those other periphery services you offer that support the core project that you're working on.” - Jenny Plant <p> 💬 “Give permission to an account manager to feel empowered.” - Jenny Plant <p> 💬 “There's so much more potential for account managers to be the commercial voice, to understand the client's business, and to see the future value opportunities.” - Jenny Plant <p> 💬 “80% of clients say that they want their agency to leverage the learnings they have with other clients and share it with them.” - Jenny Plant <p> 💬 “I wanted my show to be the mentorship that I didn't have.” - Jenny Plant <p> 💬 “Podcasts accelerate that conversion of people into a client because they feel like you've got a relationship.” - Jenny Plant <p> 💬 “You find your voice, as a thought leader, by committing to the content creation process.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “In order to be consistent with podcasting, you've got to enjoy it.” - Jenny Plant <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Reach out to Jenny Plant: <p> Her LinkedIn profile <p> Her website <p> Her show, The Creative Agency Account Manager Podcast <p>
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How Jeffrey Hayzlett Created the Netflix of B2B...
Are you prepared to change the way you grow as a business? 📈 <p> Today’s digital landscape requires business leaders to step out of their comfort zone and try new marketing models if they want to see real growth in their company. Without that perspective shift, huge growth simply won’t happen. <p> Our conversation with Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman of The C-Suite Network, C-Suite Radio, and C-Suite TV was eye-opening and refreshing. 🤝 <p> 🎙️ The latest episode of B2B Podcasting brings another episode full of wisdom for today’s business leader looking to refresh their thinking, scale their business and step into a new season of growth. 📈 <p> ➡️ Check it out today! <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn how to grow your business no matter what size it is <p> 💎 Discover new marketing models for today’s digital landscape <p> 💎 How a B2B podcast can help you reach your audience more effectively <p> 💎 Maintain a human connection in business if you want to set yourself apart <p> 💎 B2B podcasts have real, qualitative results <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-04:34 | The C-Suite Network is for any business leader no matter its size <p> ⏰ 04:34-08:07 | As a business leader your main focus should be growth <p> ⏰ 08:07-14:13 | Why business leaders hesitate to adopt new marketing models <p> ⏰ 14:13-19:20 | How a podcast can help you refine your message for your audience <p> ⏰ 19:20-24:34 | The human touch will be the BIG differentiator in business in the future <p> ⏰ 24:34-31:17 | Follow a strategy with your podcast guests for lasting business relationships <p> ⏰ 31:17-33:31 | What is the ROI of starting a B2B podcast? <p> ⏰ 33:31-43:16 | Discover your podcast narrative and run with it <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Our job isn't to be the smartest person in the room—it's to be the most strategic person in the room.” - Jeffrey Hayzlett <p> 💬 “I don't know of a C-suite executive that's not focused on growth.” - Jeffrey Hayzlett <p> 💬 “C-suite executives like to hang out with other C-suite executives and have very trusted conversations where they can be vulnerable.” - Jeffrey Hayzlett <p> 💬 “If your business is not growing, you're dying.” - Jeffrey Hayzlett <p> 💬 “You are the brand, the brand is you—sell the brand, sell you.” - Jeffrey Hayzlett <p> 💬 “This landscape of digital communication is here to stay—it's not an accessory or a luxury, it's a necessity.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “You're using the show to develop deeper and wider relationships for business and for your content.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “Having that personal human touch is going to be the unique differentiator for businesses in the future.” - Jeffrey Hayzlett <p> 💬 ”ROI is about getting your message out and then really creating yourself as a category leader.” - Jeffrey Hayzlett <p> 💬 “What you need to do is get to the right people with the right message at the right time—that's it.” - Jeffrey Hayzlett <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Jeffrey Hayzlett <p> Follow Jeff on LinkedIn <p> Check out The C-Suite Network <p>
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How to Build an Authoritative B2B Personal Bran...
Have you discovered the incredible power of a personal brand? <p> When thought or business leaders uncover how a personal brand can increase ROI, augment influence and build an audience with their ICP, they’ll start investing into their niche expertise. <p> 🎙️ Michelle Griffin is the latest guest on B2B Podcasting. She is the founder of BRANDthority and host of “The Business of You”, a LinkedIn Live Show. <p> Her expertise as a personal brand consultant will help business leaders get out of their comfort zone and step into a new phase of marketing that will prove effective at reaching their audience. <p> ➡️ If you’re stuck in the process of building your personal brand, THIS is the episode for you! <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn the power of a personal brand for your company <p> 💎 Discover your niche expertise and how you can build your brand <p> 💎 Get the results you want when you invest in your personal brand <p> 💎 A podcast can augment your messaging and expertise <p> 💎 Repurpose your thought leadership for all digital platforms <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-05:09 | A personal brand is vital for your company <p> ⏰ 05:09-10:44 | Discover Michelle’s 7-steps to help brand leaders <p> ⏰ 10:44-17:21 | What are the quantitative results to building a brand for yourself? <p> ⏰ 17:21-21:21 | Learn how a show or podcast can help your message increase <p> ⏰ 21:21-25:43 | Featured guests increase the ROI for your show <p> ⏰ 25:43-29:52 | Learn how to repurpose your content for digital platforms <p> ⏰ 29:52-34:12 | A consultant can help you find your niche message and expertise <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “We need to be visible, because at the end of the day, it's trust—we need to have that trust and relatability.” - Michelle Griffin <p> 💬 “Brand leaders need to be more visible and the way to do it is with a really well-defined personal brand.” - Michelle Griffin <p> 💬 “You don't need to be a solopreneur and entrepreneur to build your brand.” - Michelle Griffin <p> 💬 “When you have a personal brand, you differentiate on your point of view because everyone can be differentiated—everyone has a different point of view and perspective.” - Michelle Griffin <p> 💬 “B2B needs more personalization and humanization of our brands.” - Michelle Griffin <p> 💬 “Clarity is priceless beecause thought leaders are solving problems that people don't have the language for, so helping them see clearly brings confidence that helps them sell their product at a higher level.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “In the world of digital marketing you can't just put out one video to rule them all and hope that one video will last you a few years—it's this consistent game of showing up, bringing unique perspective, but also having it be streamlined around one narrative.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “When you build a brand, your marketing is just getting out there consistently.” - Michelle Griffin <p> 💬 “Your brand says everything about you and you're gonna have to have a clear focus and be differentiated so you speak to the right people.” - Michelle Griffin <p> 💬 “When you're speaking to the exact pain points of the people you're helping, they're going to hear you so make sure you're positioned and clear and focused and you will pop out.” - Michelle Griffin <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> CONNECT WITH MICHELLE GRIFFIN <p> Follow Michelle on LinkedIn <p> Check out Michelle’s business, BRANDthority <p> Check out The Business Of You <p>
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How to Recruit with Your LinkedIn Content - wit...
Do you know how to START creating content? 👀 <p> Too often thought leaders get confused or stuck on their content strategy or brand before they even start creating something for their digital platforms. <p> If Joel Lalgee taught us anything in our most recent episode of B2B Podcasting, it’s that simply STARTING is more valuable than the strategy or the brand—you just have to start and it will perfect itself along the way. 👊 <p> 🎙️ B2B Podcasting sat down with Joe Lalgee, Lead recruiter at Hirewell and host of “The Headhunter Hideout”. <p> It’s valuable conversations like these that we love to bring you in our content—we help the modern thought leader move from being the ad to being the show. 💪🏽 <p> ➡️ Take the time to listen to our most recent episode TODAY! <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn how any industry leader can become a thought leader <p> 💎 Find your niche voice and grow your infuence in your industry <p> 💎 Discover how content creation can highlight your expertise <p> 💎 Build business relationships through consistent content creation <p> 💎 Your podcast can come from your thought leadership expertise <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-05:04 | A career in recruting can lead to thought leadership <p> ⏰ 05:04-13:54 | How to refine your thought leadership for your industry <p> ⏰ 13:54-19:14 | Learn how content can bring a new perspective to your industry <p> ⏰ 19:14-24:46 | Content creation can generate relationships for your business <p> ⏰ 24:46-29:17 | Your thought leadership can be the foundation for a successful podcast <p> ⏰ 29:17-37:50 | Find the balance between sales and relationship building <p> ⏰ 37:50-39:06 | Discover how a podcast can create inbound leads for your business <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “If you think that you're going to start with everything fully mapped out, you might not start.” - Joel Lalgee <p> 💬 “To create content you've got to understand the platform, what the trends are, respect the platform—and then you've got to experiment.” - Joel Lalgee <p> 💬 “At the end of the day, marketing is communication.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “LinkedIn content and just content in general turns any outbound that you’re doing from cold to warm.” - Joel Lalgee <p> 💬 “You have to enjoy creating content—if you don't, it's super hard to build up an audience that's engaged, because people know if you're doing something you don't enjoy.” - Joel Lalgee <p> 💬 “I’m looking at my content as something that I can use to get on people's radar, so as I'm reaching out to them they know who I am.” - Joel Lalgee <p> 💬 “Content creation is a journey—as long as you stick to it, and you're committed, it'll refine itself.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “You can actually start with no strategy in the short term and start to develop a strategy as you figure out what's resonating, what's working and what's not working.” - Joel Lalgee <p> 💬 “You have to be passionate about meeting new people and learning from them—otherwise, they're not going to feel comfortable and you could ruin business relationships too.” - Joel Lalgee <p> 💬 “Don’t approach your content with “what's the ROI?” Maybe the ROI is just the experience of connecting with someone else and you have to be okay with that.” - Joel Lalgee <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Joel Lalgee <p> Follow Joel on LinkedIn <p> Check out Hirewell <p> Check out The Headhunter Hideout <p>
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The Compound Effect Of Consistent Content Creat...
Are you ready to face REAL marketing? 👀 <p> It’s high time marketers and CEO’s face the power of how real relationships create the best marketing strategies in the B2B world. <p> Take it from Jesus McDonald, Founder and CEO of JRM Web Marketing and host of “Mastering B2B Marketing” podcast. 🎙️ <p> 💡 His experience as a CEO, marketer and podcast host is the perfect combination of wisdom for professionals in any of those areas. <p> Our latest conversation on B2B Podcasting will help you find your place as a B2B marketer in content creation and build on the power of relationships in business. 🤝 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn how to experiment and find a perfect content strategy for your show <p> 💎 Find out how to perfect your LinkedIn posting strategy <p> 💎 The power of consistent posting compounds over time <p> 💎 A video podcast builds trust with your audience <p> 💎 How to overcome fear in business so your relationships can flourish <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-04:35 | Learn to value B2B marketing in your space <p> ⏰ 04:35-09:30 | A video podcast can become an “inbound machine” <p> ⏰ 09:30-13:12 | Humanizing the process of B2B marketing for the CEO and marketer <p> ⏰ 13:12-18:38 | Consistent content creation builds trust and relationship with your audience <p> ⏰ 18:38-24:43 | How to speak to your specific audience <p> ⏰ 24:43-29:25 | Learn to prepare for your content based on your professional strengths <p> ⏰ 29:25-33:19 | Find where your audience is and post on those platforms <p> ⏰ 33:19-35:06 | How to splice up your content on multiple platforms <p> ⏰ 35:06-43:10 | Learn to talk to your customers and overcome fear <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “If you're looking at podcast analytics, just forget about starting a podcast because you don't get it.” - Jesus McDonald <p> 💬 “If the CEO values marketing, they're going to value humans, and they're going to value you.” - Jesus McDonald <p> 💬 “At the core of it, marketing and content creation and communication—it's all about relationship and understanding people.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “Your podcast has genereated 100% inbound for your company and it’s accelerated the amount of demand and people coming in and connecting with you.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “You should do both personal and business pages because you don't know what angle of the business that users come to find your content.” - Jesus McDonald <p> 💬 “You could have mediocre content, quite honestly, and as long as you're consistent and you're showing up, there is going to be that compound effect over time.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “I'm trying to provide content thats is helpful to the marketer and their career.” - Jesus McDonald <p> 💬 “It's all about relationship when it comes to business—doesn't matter if you're in marketing, sales or the CEO, it's all about relationships.” - Jesus McDonald <p> 💬 “I feel like the more that B2B brands start embracing these digital platforms, not with how do we do this as a corporation, but how do we do this as a person?” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “Fear is the most dominating negative emotion that stops us from doing great things.” - Jesus McDonald <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Jesus McDonald <p> Follow Jesus on LinkedIn <p> Check out JRM Web Marketing <p> Check out Mastering B2B Marketing <p> #b2bpodcasting #b2bsales #b2bmarketing
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Making Analytics More Human with a B2B Podcast ...
Does your company make data-driven decisions? 🤔 <p> Too often marketers and business leaders are blind to the power of data and how it can drive your decisions and investments in the right direction. <p> Your video podcast WILL GROW when you learn to interpret the right data and apply it to your growth and marketing strategies. 📈 <p> 🎙️ B2B Podcasting brings you an insightful conversation with Cassidy Shield, SVP of Marketing & Sales for Narrative Science and host of “Leading with Data” podcast. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn how data can drive the decisions your company makes <p> 💎 Your niche expertise will draw a faithful audience to your show <p> 💎 A video podcast can be the driving force behind your company’s progress <p> 💎 How to treat your podcast guests like royalty <p> 💎 Marketing needs to become more innovative and less “copy-paste” <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-08:03 | Companies need to learn to make data-driven decisions <p> ⏰ 08:03-11:50 | Manage the tension between qualitative and quantitative data <p> ⏰ 11:50-15:37 | A podcast will sharpen your niche expertise <p> ⏰ 15:37-20:31 | How a podcast can help your team grow their storytelling <p> ⏰ 20:31-24:24 | Learn how to interpret your show’s data <p> ⏰ 24:24-29:53 | Treat your podcast guests like royalty to build community <p> ⏰ 29:53-33:21 | Build trust for a product the market doesn’t have a language for <p> ⏰ 33:21-37:40 | What are the most important KPI’s to watch? <p> ⏰ 37:40-45:00 | The B2B world needs truly innovative marketing <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “We need more marketing leaders and teams that are the alphas—taking risks, doing things different, breaking the mold.” - Cassidy Shield <p> 💬 “Despite us all having data at our fingertips at every moment in time, the vast majority of companies aren't making decisions based on data and we want to change that.” - Cassidy Shield <p> 💬 “Intuition is experience that you've developed over time by looking at signals and by having experiences—one could argue that is data in a very unstructured way.” - Cassidy Shield <p> 💬 “If you look at data every day you build experience, you build intuition, you have better judgment and you make better decisions.” - Cassidy Shield <p> 💬 “Measuring what matters, and driving to what matters.” - Cassidy Shield <p> 💬 “Before you have somebody raise their hand to buy your product, they need to know who you are.” - Cassidy Shield <p> 💬 “We're looking for people to come tell their story about how they're using data to drive change in their organizations.” - Cassidy Shield <p> 💬 “The show is a big conduit for our ability to develop content and promote that back out to the community, which in turn builds goodwill and awareness of who we are.” - Cassidy Shield <p> 💬 “You create the show, you bring on some amazing guests and they help you pinpoint some really unique topics that maybe you wouldn't have come up with on your own.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “When you have a product or a service that the market doesn't yet have language for, it's really hard to go and do the cold call approach because there's so much trust that needs to be built.” - Kap Chatfield <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Cassidy Shield <p> Follow Cassidy on LinkedIn <p> Check out Narrative Science <p> Check out Cassidy’s show, Leading With Data <p>
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Disrupting the Wealth Management Industry with ...
Do you know how a podcast can impact your business? 👀 <p> From tracking real ROI to creating relationships that evolve into clients, a podcast provides a wealth of opportunities for the B2B thought leader. <p> 🎙️ The latest episode of B2B Podcasting is with Larry Sprung, Founder and Wealth Advisor at Mitlin Financial and host of “Mitlin Money Mindset”. <p> Larry’s exprience as a businessman and podcast host have positioned him to clearly see the benefits of a podcast and how it can help other business leaders as well. <p> ➡️ If you’re unsure about starting your own podcast, look no further than this episode. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 How to enhance your thought leadership with a podcast <p> 💎 Leverage your podcasts guests to build relationships and get new clients <p> 💎 A podcast can create a great first impression for you with your audience <p> 💎 B2B still needs to be marketed to people and not just to “businesses” <p> 💎 The ROI of a podcast will only come once you actually start <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-06:38 | A podcast gets interesting and successful people in the room to talk <p> ⏰ 06:38-14:24 | How a podcast can make your industry interesting again <p> ⏰ 14:24-19:25 | The influence a podcast brings can generate new customers <p> ⏰ 19:25-23:25 | The return on investment of a podcast is exponential <p> ⏰ 23:25-27:28 | B2B leaders need to embrace a podcast as a digital medium <p> ⏰ 27:28-33:31 | Learn how to start your own B2B podcast <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “The easiest way for me to get things out to the masses was speaking and having a podcast.” - Larry Sprung <p> 💬 “For my podcast I always look for interesting people to talk to and receive actionable nuggets about life, mindset, business, or entrepreneurship.” - Larry Sprung <p> 💬 “I bring on guests that I enjoy, I'm interested in speaking to, and I think will add value to our community of people and the families that we serve.” - Larry Sprung <p> 💬 “Speaking has been the most natural way for me to share what I think and to mine the gold out of other people and allow them to share something valuable with the audience—it's just the art of conversation.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “We work to increase awareness, increase mindset, and promote a healthy mindset that helps promote making healthy decisions.” - Larry Sprung <p> 💬 “Ask yourself, "how do we create a true business or true brand that the common person can attach themselves to?”” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “If you have a library of content through a podcast—guests, topics, influencers, influential people in the community, giving advice and guidance, then you're building a client relationship organically before they even walk through the door.” - Larry Sprung <p> 💬 “Podcasting is residual impact, residual relationship and residual brand building, because people are doing research about you and your company before they ever stepped into the front door.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “There's a person behind that business that's ultimately making the decision to do business with you, so you have to try to connect with them.” - Larry Sprung <p> 💬 “If I'm a B2B company, I would probably start my podcast by having some of my top clients on my show.” - Larry Sprung <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Larry Sprung, CFP <p> Follow Larry on LinkedIn <p> Check out Mitlin Financial <p> Check out Larry’s show, Mitlin Money Mindset <p>
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How a Single Show is Transforming the World of ...
Do you know how to approach an ideal customer without sounding ‘salesy’? 🤔 <p> Too often B2B companies don’t realize they’re selling to real people who want to be entertained, not sold to. 📺 <p> It’s vital to study and understand your audience’s needs and perspective so your marketing can be effective and reach its intended goals. <p> 🎙️ The latest episode of B2B Podcast is with Joe Sweeney—Head of Content Marketing at TalentSoft and Host of “The Ins and Outs of Work” podcast. <p> If you’re looking for a way to better understand your audience and make your marketing more effective, THIS episode is for you! <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn how a podcast can populate your content flywheel <p> 💎 A show marketing model will position your voice as an authority in your industry <p> 💎 Discover how you can bring value to your audience with a podcast <p> 💎 Use a podcast to better understand your audience and ideal customer <p> 💎 Avoid a ‘salesy’ approach with customers by using a podcast interview <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-03:27 | How to approach marketing as two sides of the same coin <p> ⏰ 03:27-08:22 | Create your business content flywheel with a podcast <p> ⏰ 08:22-12:37 | Learn how to format your B2B podcast with a subject matter expert <p> ⏰ 12:37-16:06 | Find the right strategy to inviting guests onto your podcast <p> ⏰ 16:06-21:01 | Content creation can boost company morale and internal culture <p> ⏰ 21:01-26:08 | How to use a video podcast to boost your business <p> ⏰ 26:08-35:18 | Use a video podcast to reach and engage your ideal customer <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 "Everybody knows content is king, but businesses need to ask themselves, 'What are we trying to achieve with our content?'" - Joe Sweeney <p> 💬 "If you want your content to not be beige or boring, your company should invest in having a subject matter expert on the marketing team." - Joe Sweeney <p> 💬 "In selecting people to be on your show, ask yourself, 'Does this guest's audience overlap with our audience?'" - Joe Sweeney <p> 💬 “Just because it's a business topic, doesn't mean it can't be entertaining as well.” - Joe Sweeney <p> 💬 “If we're talking about the ROI of the podcast, we should just be talking about the ROI of our whole content strategy.” - Joe Sweeney <p> 💬 “The people that are winning and doing content marketing well, and doing podcasts and shows well, are ones that can bring a new lens and a new view on something.” - Joe Sweeney <p> 💬 “Consistency of communication, and being concise, clear, on message and showing up on a regular basis is critical.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “You need to leverage your show to better understand your customer.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “Customers are consuming content about your brand before they ever interact with the sales rep.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “Content is this ongoing conversation that you can create over time to actually bring your brand to life in the minds of your audience.” - Joe Sweeney <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Joe Sweeney <p> Head of Content Marketing at TalentSoft (software for HR) <p> Host of The Ins and Outs of Work <p>
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How to Write Copy in a way that Actually Conver...
Do you TRULY understand the power of copywriting? 📝 <p> When it comes to your business marketing, the content and copy that are created and placed before your audience determine if they convert into clients. Good copywriting isn’t just an added bonus—it’s an essential part of a strong marketing strategy. <p> Not only that, copywriting isn’t something just anyone can pick up. It requires study and an in-depth understanding of your audience and their pain points. <p> 🎙️ The latest episode of B2B Podcasting is with Linda Melone, B2B Conversion Copywriter and Founder of The Copy Worx. <p> Her impressive resume as a writer is sure to help any business leader or marketer find their way with content and copywriting—using text to get true conversions. 📈 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn the difference between content and copywriting <p> 💎 Find out how you can use conversion copywriting for your marketing team <p> 💎 See how a writer’s career can evolve into multiple avenues <p> 💎 Learn the power storytelling and emotions have over your audience <p> 💎 Discover how you can transform your career into a podcast <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-03:20 | How to start a career in B2B copywriting <p> ⏰ 03:20-06:16 | The difference between content and copywriting <p> ⏰ 06:16-07:49 | What is conversion copywriting? <p> ⏰ 07:49-11:41 | The process of conversion copywriting in marketing <p> ⏰ 11:41-16:50 | How a conversation looks between a client and professional copywriter <p> ⏰ 16:50-24:36 | Find the value proposition for your business <p> ⏰ 24:36-27:46 | What is the biggest problems B2B brands face with their copywriting? <p> ⏰ 27:46-32:11 | Take a copywriting career and turn it into a podcast <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Content is any writing that is written to inform or entertain, and copywriting is geared to have people take action, it's written so that there is a call to action at the end.” - Linda Melone <p> 💬 “Conversion copywriting is really geared toward converting the reader to take some kind of action.” - Linda Melone <p> 💬 “Storytelling is the foundation for all of communication.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “The only way people will make a change, or will take action, is to really feel the problem and then buy in when you present the solution.” - Linda Melone <p> 💬 “I don't always start with the problem—a lot of times it's the value proposition.” - Linda Melone <p> 💬 “Most marketers know what the problem is, but they don't know how to present it—you have to paint a picture and tell a story behind it to capture their attention so that they keep reading.” - Linda Melone <p> 💬 “If you can get people to see how their life would be different, how their business would be different using your product, that would be something that would enable them to make the decision.” - Linda Melone <p> 💬 “You want to find where the gap is between what other people are doing that are in your world and your niche, and then what the customer is not getting that they want.” - Linda Melone <p> 💬 “A big part of writing is getting to the emotions because we make decisions based on emotions.” - Linda Melone <p> 💬 “B2B marketers are really trying to push the whole B2B world into being more human with their marketing and thinking.” - Kap Chatfield <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Linda Melone <p> Follow Linda on LinkedIn <p> Check out TheCopyWorx.com <p> Check out B2B Marketing and Copywriting (coming early 2022) <p>
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How to 8x Your Content Output in Months with a ...
Why haven’t you started your video podcast? 👀 <p> The benefits far outweigh the difficulties, and our latest episode will prove it: <p> 💎 Accelerate relationship-building <p> 💎 Create and refine your personal brand <p> 💎 Expand your capacity for business and industry <p> You will exponentially grow the content you produce and post for LinkedIn and other social media websites with a video podcast— and it will grow your influence and build your business. <p> In the latest from B2B Podcasting, Kap sits down with Phil Friedrich, financial planner extraordinaire and host of “Who Knew In the Moment” podcast. 🎙️ <p> Their conversation will inspire you to start your own podcast and give you all the insight you need to keep it consistent with your brand and passion. <p> ➡️ We believe this podcast is for you. Check it out. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Your business relationships can grow through a video podcast <p> 💎 Having your own show can generate business for your personal brand <p> 💎 A video podcast can help sharpen your business skills <p> 💎 Things to focus on to start your own show <p> 💎 How a video podcast can inspire you for future projects <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-05:08 | How to get started in a career in finance <p> ⏰ 05:08-10:08 | Why you should also start a video podcast <p> ⏰ 10:08-12:37 | You can create more content than you think you can <p> ⏰ 12:37-16:08 | Use a video podcast to nurture relationships <p> ⏰ 16:08-21:07 | A video podcast is a relationship accelerator <p> ⏰ 21:07-26:23 | Tips for starting your own video podcast <p> ⏰ 26:23-31:08 | How to maximize your podcast episodes for more content <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Don't get caught up in the short term—be prepared for the long term and know that results take time.” - Phil Friedrich <p> 💬 “You're always going to be too busy to do something, so it comes down to what's your priority—if helping people learn and helping them get better is a priority to you, then the time won't matter.” - Phil Friedrich <p> 💬 “I tell people, the person I'm really competing against is the American spender—it's your delayed gratification of what you want in the future versus what you can Amazon Prime tomorrow.” - Phil Friedrich <p> 💬 “My goal would be that our school systems or individuals inside the country would get more knowledge and more education so that they can be setting themselves up for better financial futures.” - Phil Friedrich <p> 💬 “If you could start young and start teaching financial literacy at a younger age, that could really change the game for not just individuals, but generations and really the course of this country.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “My dad gave me $1 when I was a kid and he said, “Phil, a quarter of it you have to give to the church. A quarter of it, you have to put in your piggy bank, and then 50 cents, you get to go spend”.” - Phil Friedrich <p> 💬 “If you're going to be in sales, or if you're going to nurture a relationship, you got to be someone who really takes an interest and understands who you're trying to reach.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “One thing that we talk about with our guests a lot about their shows is that it truly is a relationship accelerator.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “If you're going to start a show be committed to it and if you're going to do it be committed to doing it for the long haul, regardless of the result.” - Phil Friedrich <p> 💬 “Don’t spend your time, invest your time.” - Phil Friedrich <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Phil Friedrich: <p> Follow Phil on LinkedIn <p> Check out Phil’s show, Who Knew In The Moment <p>
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How to Create Ads that Actually Attract an Audi...
Are your ad dollars being spent wisely? 🤔 <p> Too many businesses fall prey to the idea that ad spending must be across multiple channels in multiple formats, but fail to see where their ad spending is actually getting them conversions. <p> When you stop looking at ad spending as “jack of all trades” and realize your money can be better spent in specific and targeted locations, you’ll see an exponential change and return on your investment. 📈 <p> 🎙️ Meet Silvio Perez, Head of AdOps at Metadata.io and author of “Google Ads Profits”. 📚 <p> Silvio’s experience as an ad spending wizard is sure to help any business leader direct their ad dollars in the right direction with the highest return. <p> This episode of B2B Podcasting is for any marketer or business leader that wants to grow in their understanding of paid advertising and content pillars. 💡 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn how to maximize ad spending for your business <p> 💎 How you can identify your target audience and create ads for your ICP <p> 💎 Find out what the most effective ad formats are and how you can use them <p> 💎 Build your content pillar in a way that you can scale easily <p> 💎 See how you can apply the 80/20 principle to your ad spending <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-07:12 | Starting a career in B2B online ads <p> ⏰ 07:12-11:08 | How to identify your ideal target for paid ads <p> ⏰ 11:08-15:08 | Creating ads that don’t look and feel like commercials <p> ⏰ 15:08-21:16 | Applying the 80/20 principle to your ad strategy <p> ⏰ 21:16-25:18 | What is the best and most effective ad format type to use? <p> ⏰ 25:18-34:53 | Learn to leverage a video podcast for your content pillar <p> ⏰ 34:53-37:35 | How the business leader can effectively create content <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “The ability to get your message out on demand is one of the most important things you can do for your business.” - Silvio Perez <p> 💬 “If you want to sell a hamburger, start with the people who are hungry.” - Silvio Perez <p> 💬 “When you take really great content, and you combine that with targeted advertising, you essentially have the ability to create influence at scale.” - Silvio Perez <p> 💬 “There’s no point in creating great content if nobody sees it.” - Silvio Perez <p> 💬 “If you do paid media right, it's an acceleration and an amplification of getting your brand out there.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “If you're a content creator and you have that belief of “I want to create content that genuinely helps people”, and you're not going to use every means at your disposal to get content in front of people that you can genuinely make an impact on them, I think that's selfish and you owe it to them and yourself to do so.” - Silvio Perez <p> 💬 “The ultimate skill companies need to learn is to get their message in front of the right person, create a meaningful impact and get them to move forward in a relationship.” - Silvio Perez <p> 💬 “The better you understand the person that you're trying to get your message in front of, the better you can relate to their pain points and desires to be able to get them from their desired state to their future state.” - Silvio Perez <p> 💬 “The better you understand your audience, the better job you can do at creating ads that actually make an impact.” - Silvio Perez <p> 💬 “Podcasting is content at scale.” - Kap Chatfield <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Silvio Perez <p> Follow Silvio on LinkedIn <p> Subscribe to Silvio’s YouTube channel <p> Buy Silvio’s book: Google Ads Profits <p>
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How the Power of Personal Brand will Revolution...
Do you know how powerful a personal brand can be? 👀 <p> Too often we think of a personal brand as something for thought leaders, CEO’s or entrepreneurs, but what if it could apply to the restaurant serving industry? <p> If you’re a server, restaurant owner or involved in the restaurant business, THIS episode is for you! <p> In our most recent episode, Kap sat down with Josh Peterson, Executive Producer of “Sidebar”, “Decisis”, and “Texas Boys Outdoors” and Jim Norman, Founder of the Sit With Me app. 📱 <p> The Sit With Me app is about to revolutionize the restaurant and service industry, and you don’t want to miss out. <p> This is a one-of-a-kind app that allows servers to create an audience of faithful patrons, bringing business into the restaurant and generating relationships that build brand loyalty. 💥 <p> ➡️ Check out this episode to learn more. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Your personal brand will create influence in any sphere of business <p> 💎 Servers in the restaurant business can create a personal brand and following <p> 💎 Technology can help servers increase seating preferred customers at their tables <p> 💎 Sit With Me app can expand a restaurant’s business through good servers <p> 💎 Servers can regain control of their income with the Sit With Me app <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-06:29 | How does a video podcast build a personal brand? <p> ⏰ 06:29-10:38 | A career in professional services lends itself to building thought leadership <p> ⏰ 10:38-16:25 | Sit With Me is an app to give servers the tools they need to build their brand <p> ⏰ 16:25-23:55 | What features do the Sit With Me app give servers to expand their business? <p> ⏰ 23:55-28:31 | How a server’s personal brand can increase their income <p> ⏰ 28:31-30:44 | Sit With Me is a tool that any restaurant can use to increase their business <p> ⏰ 30:44-35:13 | Servers can personalize the app based on the image they want to grow <p> ⏰ 35:13-37:31 | Download and use Sit With Me to grow your personal brand today <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “The show tried to demonstrate the other side of the human being and not just the professional side of the human being.” - Josh Peterson <p> 💬 “Vulnerability really helps the audience not just see you as a figure to admire but somebody that they can trust and really connect with.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “I would get to know some of the servers, the bartenders, the busboys, the the chefs occasionally. And, you know, understanding how they weren't that different than me as a salesperson, you know. Their commissions were just in the form of tips.” - Jim Norman <p> 💬 “What I've seen in having a lot of people on this show who have really built a brand for themselves personally on LinkedIn through their content—it's landed them new jobs, and it's actually made the corporation that they work for, it's increased their bottom line, because they're such a valuable asset.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “Those people are the ones that are interacting with the customers every day—it's like a good salesperson in any organization. So the restaurants will be really excited to have them as salespeople asking people to come in and see them.” - Jim Norman <p> 💬 “I think each server can have the ability to put their brand out there and sell themselves to get their specific tables full each day and give themselves a raise.” - Jim Norman <p> 💬 “I think it’ll give a lot of the customers something to bond with—and really connect with their servers.” - Jim Norman <p> 💬 “If the servers and bartenders are consistent with what they're putting out there, they're building their brand, just like a social media brand they might build on Instagram—people will start to really enjoy seeing what's going on.” - Jim Norman <p> 💬 “My hope is that as folks start to use this app more, the servers are going to start to get five to eight really good tables, filling up the seats for the servers that are really using this the right way.” - Jim Norman <p> 💬 “Folks want to stick with the serv
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How Being More Authentic (and even transparent)...
It’s time for marketing to evolve. ⏱<p> How? Go from dry SEO optimization or lead generating to interpreting data with a human variable and get the results your company is actually looking for. <p> Too often companies get stuck in the rut of producing in high quantity without spending the time to determine whether the QUALITY of the leads or traffic is what will convert to sales and real clients. 💡 <p> It’s time marketing gets a facelift. <p> Meet Ashley Stryker, Director of Marketing at Alaniz Marketing and host of the “Professional Confessional” podcast. 🎙️ <p> Her professional insight as a marketer for B2B companies will help any business leader or marketer perfect their craft and exponentially multiply their marketing effectiveness. <p> ➡️ If you’re looking for a reason to improve your marketing or ideas for your own video podcast, this episode of B2B Podcasting is for you! <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Content creation marketing can give you an edge in the marketing world <p> 💎 Learn how to bring the human element to the way you interpret marketing <p> 💎 Update your B2B marketing tactics to better reach your audience <p> 💎 How a video podcast can help you create content for your own thought leadership <p> 💎 Discover the best ways to distribute your podcast content <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-04:54 | Where a career in content marketing can take you <p> ⏰ 04:54-10:38 | How to perfect content creation for the stages of marketing <p> ⏰ 10:38-17:17 | What not to do as a marketing professional <p> ⏰ 17:17-23:26 | Create something to inspire yourself like a video podcast <p> ⏰ 23:26-30:48 | How to be a great podcast guest <p> ⏰ 30:48-43:28 | Learn to distribute your video podcast content the best possible way <p> ⏰ 43:28-48:34 | How a video podcast can help your B2B marketing <p> ⏰ 48:34-51:09 | Learn and connect with Askley Stryker <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “I think the mantra of "if you build it, they will come" is the most irresponsible way to do marketing that has ever been promoted.” - Ashley Stryker <p> 💬 “You need to be deliberate, considerate, and engendering conversations where you’re actually inviting additional conversation and engaging with people who are already in your space.“ - Ashley Stryker <p> 💬 “It's ultimately the creation of conversations in the communities that is going to drive content marketing in general.” - Ashley Stryker <p> 💬 “I'm a full believer in using content at every stage of the customer journey from the point where they don't even realize they're a customer.” - Ashley Stryker <p> 💬 “Doesn't matter how amazing the computer tells you it's going to perform—if people in your own organization or your own customers won't engage with it or work with it, then it's a useless waste of time.” - Ashley Stryker <p> 💬 “At some point, as a creator, you get burned out if you're not creating something that you personally find fulfilling.” - Ashley Stryker <p> 💬 “People are impressed by our strengths, but they connect with our weaknesses.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “It's not just about presenting yourself in a certain way—it's about understanding yourself.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “When you're doing a podcast, a blog, or a webinar, don't just think of that one piece of content that one time—think of the different ways in which you can share it on social, promote it in a press release, use it to create an email drip campaign, or a white paper, inspire some research, do a keynote talk. There are a bazillion different ways you can leverage a single episode of content, don't waste that time you've put in there.” - Ashley Stryker <p> 💬 “The story and its relevancy to your audience is going to be more important than who's talking.” - Ashley Stryker <p> 💬 “You need to make sure that the content is actually worth listening to and has some sort of unique and empathetic angle that your audience will understand and resonate with on an emotional level and not just a rational level.” - Ashley Stryker <p> ————————————————- <p> Reac
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How to CUT THROUGH THE NOISE on LinkedIn - with...
What if your B2B markting can be more than just closing a sale or bringing in revenue—what if it became relationship-centric? <p> Relationship-centric marketing creates the demand your company needs. 🤯 <p> It knows how to build trust with an audience that in turn creates demand for your product or service—it’s marketing done the right way and with the quantitative and qualitative results you’re looking for. <p> You NEED to meet Nemanja Zivkovic, Founder/Chief Vision Officer of Funky Marketing and host of “The Funky Marketing Show”. 🎙️ <p> He’s a Serbian thought leader that’s turning heads and making waves in the US—exactly the kind of content B2B Podcasting is all about. 🔥 <p> ➡️ Check out our latest episode today. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn how your B2B marketing can evolve to be relationship-centric <p> 💎 Find out how B2B marketing can learn from B2C marketing <p> 💎 Discover how you can CREATE demand instead of using existing demand <p> 💎 Create organic content that drives your marketing strategy <p> 💎 Build your audience with peers that will promote your business for you <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-11:07 | How to build your business marketing by creating demand <p> ⏰ 11:07-18:05 | Learn how to approach a new client with trust to take them to the next level <p> ⏰ 18:05-26:07 | How to determine a successful marketing campaign <p> ⏰ 26:07-36:41 | Position your show in a way that stands out among competitors <p> ⏰ 36:41-44:03 | Discover how a video podcast show can grow your business <p> ⏰ 44:03-52:35 | Why you need to start a B2B video podcast as a marketing strategy <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Marketing companies forget that they need to have the trust of the client before they start implementing and bringing new things.” - Nemanja Zivkovic <p> 💬 “We focus on helping you build a relationship with your customers and the client and then getting to the revenue.” - Nemanja Zivkovic <p> 💬 “Chief Vision Officer” because somebody needs to be in charge of the vision—and "CEO” doesn't mean anything. - Nemanja Zivkovic <p> 💬 “I aligned all of my decisions to the vision.” - Nemanja Zivkovic <p> 💬 “Vision is so important for people to buy in, to feel like they're a part of something meaningful.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “We are focused on relationship-centric marketing, and bringing the revenue by focusing on creating relationships with your clients and customers.” - Nemanja Zivkovic <p> 💬 “You need to create the demand instead of using the existing demand, which doesn't exist.” - Nemanja Zivkovic <p> 💬 “It's the long term clients that you start building the relationship with through an honest conversation on the podcast.” - Nemanja Zivkovic <p> 💬 “I need to create trust and people need to see me and how I'm confident that I know what I'm talking about—I have results to share, and I can go into detail how we implement these strategies for other companies.” - Nemanja Zivkovic <p> 💬 “People that are coming in are telling us that they either watch the show, or they get referred or they resonated with the content—they come to us already knowing our philosophy, knowing what we can do for them, and I would say that's a client, not a lead.” - Nemanja Zivkovic <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Reach out to Nemanja Zivkovic: <p> - Nemanja’s personal LinkedIn profile <p> - The Funky Marketing Show <p> - FunkyMarketing.net <p>
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How Thought Leaders can Scale their Impact with...
Do you know how to reinvent yourself as a thought leader? <p> Too often experts find themselves believing they’re superior due to their knowledge and experience, and forget the true reason why they entered their field in the first place. <p> However, if they can stay humble, continually learn and be vulnerable, they’ll see their influence expand far beyond what they even thought possible. 🤯 <p> Take it from Richard Harris, a Holistic Physician “physician-preneur” and host of “Strive for Great Health” podcast. <p> His experience as a doctor and his journey to rediscovering why he became a doctor and how he can scale his expertise to help the maximum amount of people will not only help you, but greatly impact your life. 👊 <p> This is one of those episodes you don’t want to skip over or ignore. What Richard shares on this episode of B2B Podcasting is truly inspiring, and we highly recommend you take the time to listen today. 🎙️ <p> ➡️ Don’t wait, this episode is for you. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Physicians and thought leaders need to stay humble to stay current <p> 💎 Thought leaders need to be constantly learning and reading to grow <p> 💎 How to scale your expertise and thought leadership <p> 💎 Find a way to change your vocabulary so people can receive from you <p> 💎 Thought leaders need to be vulnerable so they can build trust <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-07:40 | Learn the difference between what you do and who you are <p> ⏰ 07:40-11:00 | Thought leaders need to be consistently learning <p> ⏰ 11:00-15:27 | How you can scale your expertise into content for your audience <p> ⏰ 15:27-21:15 | A video podcast can help you increase your influence with your expertise <p> ⏰ 21:15-25:08 | When you start a video podcast you open opportunities for new business <p> ⏰ 25:08-30:19 | How you can adjust your language to reach more people <p> ⏰ 30:19-35:07 | Use the power of story to quickly build trust and reach your audience <p> ⏰ 35:07-00:00 | How can physicians find their purpose again? <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “I decided that for myself, doctor is what I do, it's not who I am.” - Richard Harris <p> 💬 “You need to question things early and not just take what some doctor says as the only way because there may be another way—and there may be another way that's better for you.” - Richard Harris <p> 💬 “There is a sense of clout among industry leaders when there should be a lot of humility that comes with that, because you're going to be responsible for directing people in specific directions.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “You need to be confident in your abilities but curious enough to want to learn more.” - Richard Harris <p> 💬 “Physicians don't heal people, you heal yourself.” - Richard Harris <p> 💬 “So most of the time we keep our habits until something happens to make us change our habits.” - Richard Harris <p> 💬 “Health is the accumulation of your behaviors, your mindset, and how you interact with your environment.” - Richard Harris <p> 💬 “Each person deserves the truth, each person deserves a chance to rise up and reach a standard of greatness—and I believe if you hold people to greatness that each and every person can achieve greatness.” - Richard Harris <p> 💬 “You have to be vulnerable. You have to share your story.” - Richard Harris <p> 💬 “To me, it not about making money, it’s about making an impact.” - Richard Harris <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p>
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Why You Need to Treat Your Startup like a Media...
Are you tired of cold calls, emails and decade-old marketing tactics? 😬 <p> Marketing as an industry needs a DRAMATIC mindset shift. <p> Too often business leaders, specifically startup founders, use outdated marketing strategies that just don’t work in today’s post-COVID digital age. <p> Here’s the good news: there are fresh ideas and creative perspectives out there that will not only work better for your business, but help you quickly connect to your ideal customer—and you’ll find them in a video podcast. 🎙️ <p> In our most recent episode of B2B Podcasting, Kap sits down with Anna Furmanov, founder of Furmanov Marketing Consulting and host of the “Modern Startup Marketing” podcast. <p> She brings her incredible experience as a marketer and podcast host into this episode, helping thought leaders and startups alike. 💡 <p> ➡️ If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your marketing strategies or start with the right foot with your startup, this episode is for you. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Marketing needs a general mindset shift to evolve in today’s digital age <p> 💎 Learn how to find your ICP (ideal customer persona) and what questions to ask <p> 💎 Why you should start your own thought leadership video podcast <p> 💎 Video podcasts help you reach your ideal audience <p> 💎 Your business will grow through the influence of your video podcast <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-06:10 | What are the typical problems startup founders face? <p> ⏰ 06:10-11:48 | The biggest issues startups have in their marketing <p> ⏰ 11:48-17:39 | How should startups view marketing? <p> ⏰ 17:39-23:14 | How does storytelling impact startups? <p> ⏰ 23:14-32:17 | Your target audience can drive your video podcast <p> ⏰ 32:17-38:57 | A video podcast can contribute to the growth of your business <p> ⏰ 38:57-44:10 | Why do people turn to podcasts to grow their thought leadership? <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “There's more to marketing than just enabling sales, and that's the mindset shift.” - Anna Furmanov <p> 💬 “A marketing therapist makes sense, because you're dealing with people, and you're also helping people do their marketing.” - Anna Furmanov <p> 💬 “A marketer, a really good one, knows what questions to ask.” - Anna Furmanov <p> 💬 “Cold calling people and cold emailing people is so far from what marketing is.” - Anna Furmanov <p> 💬 “Now is a great time to treat marketing at your startup like a media powerhouse.” - Anna Furmanov <p> 💬 “There's two types of content on the internet: there's the content that you want to consume and then there's the content that interrupts the content that you want to consume. One's a show and one's a commercial.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “Building an audience really comes down to creating a compelling story for the brand.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “Story is what connects people to companies and even more so what connects people to people—because there are people that work at companies.” - Anna Furmanov <p> 💬 “If you're getting too hyper-competitive in your space, eventually the only competition becomes a race to the bottom for pricing.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “Marketing 101 is really understanding and having empathy for your customer.” - Kap Chatfield <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media:<p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p> Connect with Anna Furmanov <p> Follow Anna on LinkedIn <p> Check out Furmanov Marketing Consulting <p> Check out the Modern Startup Marketing show <p>
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How to Accelerate Your Growth as a Marketer wit...
Why haven’t you launched your B2B video podcast yet? 👀 <p> Video podcasting is THE way to scale your thought leadership and grow your audience. <p> It can can create opportunities in the B2B space for any business: <p> 💎 Help you connect with your ICP (ideal customer persona) <p> 💎 Build your influence among other industry leaders <p> 💎 Show your expertise and why people need to do business with you <p> In our most recent episode Kap connects with Sam Moss, co-founder of One Click Agency and host of the “B2B Made Simple” podcast. 🎙️ <p> Their conversation on the qualitative results of a video podcast and how it can bring in revenue for your business is a MUST for any thought or business leader. <p> ➡️ If you’re looking for a podcast that will push you to start your own show, this episode is for you. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 How a video podcast can generate influence and business <p> 💎 Develop and sharpen your thought leadership expertise with a video podcast <p> 💎 Learn to distribute your video podcast content through multiple channels <p> 💎 Levarage guest content to grow your video podcast <p> 💎 Positive benefits for your business from your thought leadership <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-08:22 | How to discover your niche expertise <p> ⏰ 08:22-11:33 | Why small B2B businesses need to invest in a good website <p> ⏰ 11:33-13:07 | What questions should marketers ask themselves? <p> ⏰ 13:07-19:32 | How to pivot your B2B video podcast for your business <p> ⏰ 19:32-24:04 | A video podcast can become a pipeline for your business <p> ⏰ 24:08-27:13 | How to leverage your video podcast content across multiple channels <p> ⏰ 27:13-29:14 | Learn how and who to invite onto your video podcast <p> ⏰ 29:14-34:35 | Tactic two: learn how to use LinkedIn DMs <p> ⏰ 34:35-45:08 | The valuable, qualitative results from a video podcast <p> ⏰ 45:08-49:03 | The ultimate video podcast strategy <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “If you're going to have a very generic and shotgun approach to your message or to your brand, you're not going to reach anybody and you're not going to make a big impact.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “Marketers need to learn business principles—know how to read a P&L, know how to talk to customers, and learn the things that people that run a company already do. “ - Sam Moss <p> 💬 “There's a way to tastefully make a transition from one core audience to the next.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “If you're a business leader, if you're an entrepreneur, and you've been developing a business, you already know that evolution is part of the game.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “When you put yourself in that place of being a beginner and just starting it keeps you humble, but also keeps you creative and innovative.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “When it comes to the content, it needs to be something that's valuable and engaging.” - Sam Moss <p> 💬 “Keep in mind that you're trying to build an audience because that will fuel demand for your business—offering educational or valuable content to your ideal buyers.” - Sam Moss <p> 💬 “You want to be able to redistribute the content so people can come back to the show and find it valuable.” - Sam Moss <p> 💬 “Don't send LinkedIn DMs unless it's something valuable to them—and by valuable, I simply mean inviting them on your podcast.” - Sam Moss <p> 💬 “The strategy behind our podcast was to connect with our ideal buyers on a personal level through the podcast.” - Sam Moss <p> 💬 “One of the key reasons that we started our show was to immerse myself in what our customers are passionate about.” - Sam Moss <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p>
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How This Thought Leader Used a B2B Podcast to L...
What are you doing with your thought leadership? 👀 <p> Creating consistent content across multiple platforms with your thought leadership and niche expertise will instantly and exponentially grow your influence. <p> Not only that, but your business will receive organic and 100% inbound leads. 📈 <p> Too many leaders are waiting for the right time, talent or equipment to get started with producing their thought leadership into content for others to consume—and the truth is there is never a “right time”. 🤔 <p> Jason Greenwood, Lead Consultant at Greenwood Consulting and host of “At The Coalface” podcast shares how his thought leadership content has not only grown his own personal brand influence, but has generated organic leads that his business currently thrives off of. 👊 <p> THIS is a conversation you don’t want to miss. If you’re a thought or business leader, there’s gold to be mined in this episode—check it out. ⚒️ <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Thought leadership content can be scaled to become a consultancy <p> 💎 Discover why your business needs an ecommerce and tech consultant <p> 💎 Content creation nees to be any thought leader’s priority <p> 💎 Learn why consistency is key to expanding your influence <p> 💎 Use platforms like TikTok and Youtube Shorts for content creation <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-05:17 | How to get started in ecommerce and tech consulting <p> ⏰ 05:17-11:06 | Why are consultants necessary for B2B tech sales? <p> ⏰ 11:06-16:03 | The right and wrong questions to ask your ecommerce consultant <p> ⏰ 16:03-23:31 | Why thought leaders need to create content for their expertise <p> ⏰ 23:31-27:31 | TikTok can help you be conscice with your thought leadership <p> ⏰ 27:31-31:14 | Build a business with 100% inbound leads through content creation <p> ⏰ 31:14-39:12 | Find the best content creation strategy for your brand <p> ⏰ 39:12-44:42 | How NOT to do business on LinkedIn <p> ⏰ 44:42-47:42 | Get connected to Jason Greenwood <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “If you're not posting consistently, your audience won't know when to listen to you.” - Jason Greenwood <p> 💬 “I see so many people going about this the wrong way—instead of being a magnet, they're trying to be a lasso, and in my experience, lassos just don't work.” - Jason Greenwood <p> 💬 “You're not a thought leader if you're not putting your thoughts out there into the world.” - Jason Greenwood <p> 💬 “I'm a firm believer in the phrase, “Limitation is what breeds innovation”.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “If they can't count on you to consistently drop content, then they're probably not going to pay attention to you because they don't know when they should pay attention to you.” - Jason Greenwood <p> 💬 “The better reputation you have, the more business you're going to get, the more respected you'll be, the more opportunities you'll have.” - Jason Greenwood <p> 💬 “That short video content, that punchy, right-to-the-point video content forces you to get to your point quickly, because you only have 60 seconds or less—and everybody loves it when you get to the point.” - Jason Greenwood <p> 💬 “To become a more effective communicator, a platform like TikTok helps you articulate your thought leadership in a way that's easier to consume, and thus easier to follow, which makes you a more effective thought leader.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “When you show your expertise, you put it out there on a regular basis, and then when people have a need for that expertise, you're naturally and automatically top of mind.” - Jason Greenwood <p> 💬 “Once you start to build up that content flywheel, that consistency, that credibility and that reputation in the market—only good things can come from that.” - Jason Greenwood <p> 💬 “There's something really valuable in digesting information, having an initial take on it and communicating that in a way that's efficient.” - Kap Chatfield <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://w
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How to Make Remote Relationships Work with Your...
Do you know how to maintain strong relationships while working remote? 🤔 <p> In today’s digital, remote-working age, work relationships between teams and clients have drastically changed from even a few years ago. <p> Office dynamics, meeting formats and the way we communicate have evolved, and most companies don’t know how to deal with the changes or even capitalize on them. 🗣️ <p> Drew Moore, CEO of Suited, a fully remote digital marketing agency, shares how his team best serves their clients all over the United States from their remote desks. <p> In our most recent episode Kap and Drew sit down and talk about the variety of tools and platforms available to companies to both scale their marketing and maintain remote relationships. <p> Not only that, but their conversation on how video podcasts strengthen trust with clients and bring in leads for new accounts is a conversation you don’t want to miss. 🎙️ <p> ➡️ Don’t wait, this episode is for you. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Remote marketing agencies can help your business scale <p> 💎 How to bring the human connection to remote relationships <p> 💎 Video platforms and resources are your most valuable asset <p> 💎 A video podcast builds trust with clients and strengthens relationship <p> 💎 You can never over-prepare for your podcast production <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-05:30 | How can a marketing agency be fully remote for your business? <p> ⏰ 05:30-15:03 | What can a remote marketing agency do to help your business scale? <p> ⏰ 15:03-18:38 | How to keep the human connection with remote relationships <p> ⏰ 18:38-24:21 | Video platforms help maintain distance relationships with clients <p> ⏰ 24:21-28:32 | Using video with your client creates trust <p> ⏰ 28:32-32:32 | How you can use a video podcast to position your business for success <p> ⏰ 32:32-36:57 | What’s the best way to prepare for the production of your podcast? <p> ⏰ 36:57-39:36 | How to best prepare your podcast guest for the interview <p> ⏰ 39:36-49:09 | A video podcast can perfectly position your business for greater influence <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “One thing that we've discovered in our world of marketing and creative execution is that creatives really like autonomy.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “We're there to serve, to create systems, organization, and not let those things just evaporate, like they do in an office structure.” - Drew Moore <p> 💬 “Having that marketing director internally is magic for us—they may not have the answer but they are that pivotal repository of information that's both executive assistant to leadership and enough of a marketer that they can help work with us.” - Drew Moore <p> 💬 “We make a point to get on the video call and tell jokes, get to know one another.” - Drew Moore <p> 💬 “Having really low overhead and being fully remote allows us to have fun.” - Drew Moore <p> 💬 “Even through these digital platforms, genuine human connection can still happen.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “Thinking of any piece of content as it's going to be best received, almost without exception is best in multimedia form.” - Drew Moore <p> 💬 “Anyone hearing this can leverage video—use your iPhone, don't wait for production perfection.” - Drew Moore <p> 💬 “We're using video all the time in the sense that the camera's on all the time, and it's like they're in the room with us.” - Drew Moore <p> 💬 “We've learned and we agree that you can't over-prepare for the podcast or production moment.“ - Drew Moore <p> 💬 “We understand video and content strategy, but we really wanted to make sure that we would be fluid and fast to bring products and results to the table.” - Drew Moore <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website: rveal.media <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw <p>
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How to Crush LinkedIn Ads with Your B2B Podcast...
Have you explored the world of LinkedIn Ads? 🤯 <p> LinkedIn ads are a valuable resource that any business or thought leader needs to seriously consider if they want to grow their business. In our most recent episode, we cover the essentials of LinkedIn ads to generate leads for your sales team: <p> 💎 Single image sponsored content <p> 💎 Bidding ads by cost per click <p> 💎 Lead generation objectives <p> AJ Wilcox, Founder and CEO of B2Linked and host of “The LinkedIn Ad Show” podcast is the resident expert on all things LinkedIn ads. He is the man to get your ads positioned for guaranteed success. <p> His feedback as a professional marketer and VIP for the top LinkedIn Ads account gives him useful perspective and insight. <p> ➡️ Check out this episode for the future growth of your business. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn how to use LinkedIn ads for your business and brand <p> 💎 Generate 100% successful leads with a LinkedIn Marketing strategy <p> 💎 Your niche expertise is perfect for an engaging podcast <p> 💎 Thought leadership grows as you explore a video podcast model <p> 💎 How to scale your content to better engage your podcast audience <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-03:21 | What problems can paid ads solve for your sales team? <p> ⏰ 03:21-06:47 | LinkedIn ads are worth it because 100% of the leads are qualified <p> ⏰ 06:47-08:50 | Single image sponsored content is the most effective ad <p> ⏰ 08:50-13:42 | Perfect your campaign objective for lead generation <p> ⏰ 13:42-20:19 | The best way to promote your personal brand or business on LinkedIn <p> ⏰ 20:19-27:09 | Create a podcast with a niche focus for success <p> ⏰ 27:09-33:48 | A podcast will strengthen your niche expertise and thought leadership <p> ⏰ 33:48-38:04 | How you can repurpose your podcast content to grow your business <p> ⏰ 38:04-42:52 | What are the right questions to ask professional marketers? <p> ⏰ 42:52-45:30 | Connect with AJ Wilcox <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “You're helping your employer and other clients position their product or their service amongst a very specific audience that's already highly qualified to buy.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “When we calculate a sales qualified lead, the cost per sales qualified lead is half for LinkedIn what it is for Facebook, and it just goes to show its quality.” - AJ Wilcox <p> 💬 "The ad that I would absolutely recommend everyone starts with on LinkedIn ads, it's the simplest, it's called a single image sponsored content.” - AJ Wilcox <p> 💬 “Bidding by cost per click is the cheapest way to get traffic on LinkedIn 90% of the time.” - AJ Wilcox <p> 💬 “What you want to do is bid whichever way gets you the lowest cost per impression and lowest cost per click, whether the objective is just for someone to see it, or to convert.” - AJ Wilcox <p> 💬 “If your goal in running LinkedIn ads is to get the lowest cost per lead, then the cheapest way to do that is going to be single image ads and avoid the video.” - AJ Wilcox <p> 💬 “When you share something from a personal profile, it's going to get 10 times the engagement than something that comes from a company page, and that just comes down to the fact that we want to connect with people, we do business with people, people have the personalities.” - AJ Wilcox <p> 💬 “I've discovered that when you go really narrow focus, it actually is the best decision ever, because you have a lot of safety and it really does become this goldmine of so many different things that you can cover and then you also build a stronger brand that way. “ - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “What I found is by narrowing myself to a really small niche, I thought that I might run out of content, but the community has given me the rest of the content.” - AJ Wilcox <p> 💬 “I'm okay with it not being perfect, just launching with something is better than never launching.” - AJ Wilcox <p> 💬 “That's what happens when you become the THE thought leader in the space—you become the trainer of all the trainers, the expert of all the exp
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How to Rock the Virtual Stage on Your B2B Podca...
<p>Is your audience captivated when they see you on the virtual stage? 🤔</p> <p>Too often businesses assign a leader to speak for the brand without giving them training on how to properly present the brand voice and engage an audience.</p> <p>As a result, the brand reputation suffers tremendously. 📉</p> <p>Rich “Trigger” Bontrager, host of “Rock the Virtual Stage” show and head of podcasts and TV content for the C-Suite Network, has found the solution that most businesses need—coaching.</p> <p>Rich coaches business leaders across multiple industries on how to bring high energy, passion and vision to any stage, virtual or not.</p> <p>His 30+ years of experience in broadcasting and content creation will help your business and brand grow like never before.</p> <p>Check out our latest episode where Kap sits down with Rich and they discuss brand voice, marketing content at scale and strategies on how to get the job done. ⚒️</p> <p>This episode is for YOU.</p> <p>Main Takeaways:</p> <p>💎 How to become a better communicator</p> <p>💎 The importance of storytelling for your business</p> <p>💎 The best way to scale your content across multiple platforms</p> <p>💎 How to evolve the way you present your strategy, product or service to an audience</p> <p>💎 Building your brand through show marketing</p> <p>Timecodes:</p> <p>⏰ 00:00-05:31 | The problem most leaders face when communicating to an audience</p> <p>⏰ 05:31-09:16 | Who should be the spokesperson for your brand?</p> <p>⏰ 09:16-15:35 | Learn to evolve the way you communicate with your team</p> <p>⏰ 15:35-20:37 | Business leaders need to learn to tell their brand story</p> <p>⏰ 20:37-27:12 | The benefits of a live show for your audience</p> <p>⏰ 27:12-29:20 | How to scale the content of your show</p> <p>⏰ 29:20-32:37 | Show marketing provides tangible business ROI</p> <p>⏰ 32:37-37:52 | Learn to actively engage your audience</p> <p>Quotes:</p> <p>💬 “Every executive needs to learn how to be the new Walt Disney.“ - Rich Bontrager</p> <p>💬 “More businesses need to learn who is the dreamer, who is the architect, and who's the nuts and bolts and get them in their sweet spots.” - Rich Bontrager</p> <p>💬 “When you give someone that opportunity to feel like they're in control, and it's in bite sized pieces, oftentimes it makes them lean in to consume even more of your content.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p>💬 “Cliffhangers work in every movie, every TV series. Leave them with something so they have to come back for more.” - Rich Bontrager</p> <p>💬 “So what is your story you want to convey to get people, your teams, your consumers, all involved and go deeper with it? Storytelling is central.” - Rich Bontrager</p> <p>💬 “'I’m communicating at a higher level when I add story into it.” - Rich Bontrager</p> <p>💬 “You're not going to make money unless you get people empowered, excited and equipped to get on board with you. That's where the story now pulls them in.” - Rich Bontrager</p> <p>💬 “Your environment helps you communicate.” - Rich Bontrager</p> <p>💬 “The live allows you to build an audience where people are showing up at a specific time, and you've created these pathways where they can actually communicate back to you.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p>💬 “Repurposing content is a big part of helping people learn how to grow their brand.” - Rich Bontrager</p> <p>💬 “You need to have high energy, and present with enthusiasm and passion—if you’re dry and boring people will turn you off.” - Rich Bontrager</p> <p>💬 “The four E's for everybody: be engaging, create an environment, entertain and educate.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p>————————————————-</p> <p>Reach out to Rveal:</p> <p>- Rveal’s website: rveal.media</p> <p>- Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/</p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</p>
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How to scale your company as a solopreneur with...
<p>Your company should be a media company. 👀&nbsp;</p> <p>It doesn’t matter what product you sell or service you offer—it’s all about how you present your brand.&nbsp;</p> <p>Not only that, but a video podcast is the MOST EFFECTIVE medium through which you build your brand. 🎙️&nbsp;</p> <p>Don’t believe us? Listen to Scott D. Clary share his professional experience to prove it.&nbsp;</p> <p>In our most recent episode, Kap sits down with Scott D. Clary, host of The Success Story Podcast and serial content creator. He shares from the wealth of his experiences and wisdom in sales and marketing how to build your personal brand to launch your B2B business.&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>We discuss:&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Pivoting your business&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Scaling your content&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Finding ways to track attribution that really work</p> <p><br></p> <p>&nbsp;➡️ This episode is for YOU.&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Main Takeaways:&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Learn how to build your brand and name with a video podcast&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Discover “social selling” and how it can benefit your business&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Find a content creation strategy that works for your brand&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Get insight into the best platforms to create and distribute your content&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Build your audience with legitimate engagement&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Timecodes:&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 00:00-05:02 | Why you should build a brand for yourself&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 05:02-11:10 | Learn to pivot your content and podcast strategy&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 11:10-18:56 | Why a video podcast trumps all other forms of content&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 18:56-23:17 | Your company should become a media company&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 23:17-30:21 | Scott D. Clary’s content creation strategy&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 30:21-35:42 | Engaging with your audience builds rapport&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 35:42-38:37 | Social selling&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 38:37-45:23 | Define your ICP to optimize your content&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 45:23-00:00 | Video Podcasts are the future of marketing&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Quotes:&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Once you have a brand, you can launch any new product you want.” - Scott D. Clary&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Every company has to find a way to become a media company.” - Scott D. Clary&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Nobody ever begins a business with a perfect business strategy. Creating a business takes evolution, it takes pivoting, it takes reading the market and moving with the market as it shifts.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “What makes a good entrepreneur is your ability to iterate and improve and continually change and not just pivot but be okay with leaning into new things and taking risks.” - Scott D. Clary&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “There's no reason why you should ever be married to one concept, because you wouldn't be married to one concept in any other aspect of your business if it wasn't working.” - Scott D. Clary&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “A brand that does well on YouTube builds a certain level of trust with their audience that can't be built across other social platforms.” - Scott D. Clary&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Your personal brand actually affects everything that you touch, including what you're touching for your employer.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “You have to know who your customer is, then you have to know what questions your customers are asking to drive your podcast content.” - Scott D. Clary&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “The way that we think of a podcast lends us to have better sales conversations than half of the sales conversations that we actually have, because we actually care about the person who we're interviewing.” - Scott D. Clary&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “A video podcast is a content strategy that has the option of paying itself off.” - Scott D. Clary</p> <p>&nbsp;————————————————-&nbsp;</p> <p>Connect with Rveal Media:</p> <p>&nbsp;- Rveal’s website: rveal.media&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</p>
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How to build relationships with your dream cust...
<p>Have you ever considered a B2B podcast for your business?&nbsp;</p> <p>Scaling your thought leadership across multiple platforms with multiple content avenues is the best way to build your business audience.&nbsp;</p> <p>Not only will your influence grow, but you'll have the opportunity to:&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Increase your business ROI&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Build trust among your audience&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Create content your customers want to consume&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Scale every marketing strategy you have&nbsp;</p> <p>We’re convinced podcasting is a fail-proof strategy! 🎙&nbsp;</p> <p>In our latest episode, Kap sits down with Jonathan Ronzio, CMO at Trainual, and host of The Stokecast podcast. Jonathan shares how his experience as an adventure marketer and musician led to him pioneering new marketing strategies at Trainual.&nbsp;</p> <p>Jonathan’s pioneering and creative leadership have led to successful marketing campaigns at Trainual, and his insight can help you get a head start with your B2B podcast.&nbsp;</p> <p>➡️ If you want to get off the blocks and into the podcasting world, this episode will help you do just that.&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Main Takeaways:&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 B2B marketing strategies can come from a large array of creative sources&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Create content your audience wants to consume&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Build trust with your audience for future relationships and sales&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Learn about true user-generated content for your business&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Expand your thought leadership influence with a B2B podcast&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Timecodes:</p> <p>&nbsp;⏰ 00:00-07:14 | Trainual’s Genius Marketing Strategy&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 07:14-12:28 | Create content people actually want to consume&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 12:28-18:28 | Creativity begets new marketing strategies</p> <p>⏰ 18:28-26:36 | Engage your audience with a personal brand podcast</p> <p>&nbsp;⏰ 26:36-35:07 | How your thought leadership can become a B2B podcast&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 35:07-42:06 | Learn how your target audience is also your target client&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Quotes:&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “There's two types of content on the internet: there's the content that you want to consume, and there's the content that interrupts the content that you want to consume. One's a show and one's a commercial.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “The only way to build trust is to start at a place that is not abrasive or interruptive of the audience’s experience.“ - Jonathan Ronzio&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “The podcast model allows you to generate conversation with your audience that everybody else can be impacted by.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “CEOs, owners, and founders should engage in content creation, because it doesn't just help market your product, it helps equip your team, so that they know how you think.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “The target audience is the audience, the target audience is the guest.” - Jonathan Ronzio&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Our guests represent the persona that we want to serve--so we extract that content, help them share that content and serve the broader audience.” - Jonathan Ronzio&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “I let my intuition and experience inform the kind of content we should create.” - Jonathan Ronzio&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “You do not want to interrupt people, you want to compliment what they are doing, if not be the thing they want to watch.” - Jonathan Ronzio&nbsp;</p> <p>————————————————-&nbsp;</p> <p>Connect with Rveal Media:</p> <p>&nbsp;Reach out to Rveal:&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s website: rveal.media&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</p>
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The Ultimate Video Podcast Strategy - With Kap ...
<p>Video Podcasts are the marketing strategy solution you’ve been looking for 🤯&nbsp;</p> <p>The concept of a marketing strategy is overwhelming, not to mention the energy and time it requires to do it right. You want something that you can easily do that will speak to your customers, engage your audience, and boos your business.📈 We get it, and we want to help.&nbsp;</p> <p>➡️ In this episode, you’ll get insight into what a Video Podcast Strategy looks like and how easy it is to understand and implement. We also share step-by-step instructions that any business owner or sales team could follow to increase revenue and engage your audience in an even greater way.&nbsp;</p> <p>If you’re tired of failed marketing “strategies” and want something that will authenticate your business in today’s digital age, then this episode is for you.&nbsp;</p> <p>Main Takeaways:&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 A Video Podcast Strategy is possible and easy&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 How to identify your core message to connect with your audience&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Scalable marketing can build a strong audience b💎 How to leverage influence through competitors audiences&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Rveal Media can help optimize your valuable time Timecodes: ⏰ 00:00-4:18 | The problems video podcast solves ⏰ 4:19-11:44 | Finding your business core message ⏰ 11:45-20:43 | How to research your podcast keywords ⏰ 20:44-24:35 | Who is your competition and where do you fit? ⏰ 24:36-30:42 | Learning how to foresee customer objections ⏰ 30:43-35:53 | Connecting with thought leaders in your industry ⏰ 35:54-39:57 | How to create a list of episodes for your show ⏰ 39:58-40:46 | How Rveal Media can help with your video podcast Quotes: 💬 “When you begin a podcast, you have to have the journey in mind.” - Kap Chatfield 💬 “What we believe is your core business is your core message, what you do as a business, that's really what you're trying to communicate to your audience.“ - Kap Chatfield 💬 “If you’re not telling your story, at scale in the digital world, you’re missing out on an opportunity to build your audience and grow your business.” - Kap Chatfield 💬 “We want to help business owners think about how to work in a more systematic way, to help them know they can actually drive revenue through their shows and through their content.” - Kap Chatfield 💬 “It comes back to being empathetic as a business owner and listening to your customer, listening to their needs, and understanding how do I meet their need. ” - Kap Chatfield 💬 “The quickest way to fail in business is to assume anything about your customers.” - Jake Prieur 💬 “The days of having a marketing division and a sales division of your company, having them be two separate entities, are over… it doesn't really make sense in the digital landscape that we're in today.” - Kap Chatfield 💬 “For us, the main problem that we're solving is we want to save you time.” - Kap Chatfield 💬 “Having these shows to answer audience objections is going to be super helpful to make business transactions a lot quicker and smoother than before.” - Jake Prieur 💬 “One of the easiest ways to get a lot of content done is to have other people on your show.” - Kap Chatfield 💬 “If you can be extremely clear about your message and really make that message as unique as possible, what you do then is actually eliminate competition.” - Kap Chatfield 💬 “It's really about collaboration, it's not about it's not about competition at all.” - Kap Chatfield 💬 “It's important to create content that actually provides value and doesn't come off as a sales pitch.” - Kap Chatfield 💬 “At Rveal Media we help our customers develop shows online, in the form of video podcasts, to scale their digital marketing.” - Kap Chatfield ————————————————- Connect with Rveal Media: Reach out to Rveal: - Rveal’s website: rveal.media - Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/ - Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</p>
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Why you need to turn your business into a media...
<p>How can the content you produce create relationships?&nbsp;</p> <p>Let that sink in. 🤔&nbsp;</p> <p>Businesses should be defined by how well they invest and build relationships with their clients, not just how much revenue they make.&nbsp;</p> <p>When you get down to the foundation of any thriving business, it’s all about the time and quality of relationships invested, and how they serve a purpose beyond a sale.&nbsp;</p> <p>In our most recent episode, Kap Chatfield sits down with Mark Hunter (The Sales Hunter), author of “A Mind for Sales” and co-host of Sales Logic podcast to discuss a career in sales and podcasting. 🎙️&nbsp;</p> <p>Mark shares from his experiences as a salesman and podcaster how his businesses have thrived based off his business philosophy of “helping others see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible”.&nbsp;</p> <p>If you are a thought leader in any industry, this episode is for you. There’s so much wisdom to be mined in these 40+ minutes, we’re excited for you to listen. ⚒️ ➡️ Don’t wait, check it out.&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Main Takeaways:&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Learn the right attitude for a genuine sales career&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Discover a business plan to make your B2B podcast a success&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Scale your B2B podcast through multiple outlets&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Learn to build genuine relationships and trust through a podcast&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Find a content creation strategy that will work for your business&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Timecodes:&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 00:00-08:52 | What’s the story behind a sales career?&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 08:52-14:00 | What you need to start a strong podcast&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 14:00-20:15 | Learn the right business strategy to start your podcast&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 20:15-28:09 | Bring the “social” back into the “selling”&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 28:09-32:58 | Is it a numbers game or a quality game?&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 32:58-36:50 | How to develop your thought leadership&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 36:50-41:53 | Create your content creation strategy &nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 41:53-00:00 | How to refine your expertise and leadership&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Quotes:&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Sales is helping others see and achieve what they didn't think was possible.” - Mark Hunter&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “What’s missing in conversations is the element of trust. When you have trust, the conversation goes to another level, and that’s what sales is all about.” - Mark Hunter&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “With every sale, I want to open a relationship so that with each call I make I earn the right, the privilege, honor, and respect to be able to reach out to that person again.” - Mark Hunter&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 Podcasts are becoming more and more niched, and that makes a more loyal and engaged audience.” - Mark Hunter&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “If you want to be more valuable locally, be recognized globally.” - Mark Hunter&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “I want my podcast to create actionable results now, but I also want it to create marketing awareness.” - Mark Hunter&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “You can't be in the intellectual space if you're afraid of giving away too much of your content, because your intellectual level should be continuously growing.” - Mark Hunter&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “You can't be a thought leader if you're not putting out content to help demonstrate and develop an expertise.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “If you're really embracing intellectual leadership, you'll never be repetitive.” - Mark Hunter&nbsp;</p> <p>————————————————-&nbsp;</p> <p>Connect with Rveal Media:&nbsp;</p> <p>Reach out to Rveal Media:</p> <p>&nbsp;- Rveal’s website: rveal.media&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw&nbsp;</p> <p>Connect with Mark Hunter&nbsp;</p> <p>Follow Mark on LinkedIn</p> <p>&nbsp;Check out The Sales Hunter&nbsp;</p> <p>Check out Mark’s show, Sales Logic</p>
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How to Become an Authority in Your Industry wit...
<p>Want to become a thought leader for your industry?&nbsp;</p> <p>Becoming a thought leader begins with creating consistent content from a unique perspective. 🗣️&nbsp;</p> <p>It’s not about fame or revenue—when you do what you love and consistently show up, you’ll find yourself being sought out by your industry and beyond.&nbsp;</p> <p>Jonathan Stark, software developer and author of “Hourly Billing Is Nuts”, shares his thoughts in our most recent episode about how he pivoted from hourly billing to value-based billing and changed his lifestyle.&nbsp;</p> <p>He began with writing a blog, which led to a book and two incredible podcasts.&nbsp;</p> <p>When podcasting is born from a love for what you do and the desire to share knowledge with the world, you never work a day in your life. 🎙️&nbsp;</p> <p>Main Takeaways:&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 How to transition from hourly pricing to value-based pricing&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Independent contractors can start fresh with their pricing&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Becoming a thought leader starts with consistent content creation&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Podcasting creates relationship and trust with the listeners&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 How to track the right metrics for your business growth&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Timecodes:&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 00:00-07:46 | Where did the idea for value-based pricing come from?&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 07:46-17:44 | How can research change the way your industry works?&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 17:44-30:20 | Content creation leads to podcasting for thought leaders&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 30:20-32:31 | Podcasting is not about charisma&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 32:31-43:50 | How a podcast can grow your thought leadership&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 43:50-51:00 | What are the metrics that actually matter?&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 51:00-54:11 | Build your business by starting with the mission&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 54:11-01:02:41 | How your thought leadership evolves as you create content&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Quotes:&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Try to blog about something helpful instead of something self-indulgent, and people will actually read it.” - Jonathan Stark&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “The trust we build through podcasts isn’t a function of the charisma of the person--it's more a function of the style of the medium. “ - Jonathan Stark&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “The way you end up with a great podcast is you do a bad podcast and you make it better.” - Jonathan Stark&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Even if you don't have an audience, you need to know who the audience should be, and you need to show up and want to help them..” - Jonathan Stark&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “My business philosophy is help people you like get what they want.” - Jonathan Stark&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “The key piece of the podcast is that it massively builds trust, they believe in your expertise and see you as an authority.” - Jonathan Stark&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Be the one and only, and then you don't have to worry about SEO, because they're going to search for your name, or your business name.” - Jonathan Stark&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Show up every day and try to help people, and eventually, you're going to be able to fund that mission.” - Jonathan Stark&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Start with the mission, or the purpose or the goal, or the big idea, whatever your objective is, not a financial objective, and work your way backwards from that.” - Jonathan Stark&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “The mission should be leading, education, helping people make an impact. It should be led by the mission and not the money.” - Jake Prieur&nbsp;</p> <p>————————————————-&nbsp;</p> <p>Connect with Rveal Media:&nbsp;</p> <p>Reach out to Rveal Media:&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s website: rveal.media&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</p>
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Which Type of Content do B2B Marketers Find Mos...
<p>The market is flooded with an incredible amount of marketing strategies, and they all provide different levels of value for your B2B business.&nbsp;</p> <p>However, there is one strategy that gets you the most bang for your buck—a video podcast. 🎙️&nbsp;</p> <p>In our most recent episode, we’ll give you six reasons why a B2B video podcast is the best route to take for your business.&nbsp;</p> <p>Join us as Kap unpacks this thought and shares his personal experience for B2B brands. This is an episode you wont want to miss. 👊&nbsp;</p> <p>Link for the full episode in comments 👇&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Main Takeaways:&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 A video podcast allows B2B companies to build a captive audience&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 A video podcast helps produce multiple forms of content&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Learn to repurpose your content at scale with a B2B video podcast&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Demonstrate your depth of expertise with a video podcast&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Grow your network with guests on your video podcast&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Timecodes:&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 00:00-04:35 | What are the biggest advantages to a video podcast?&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 04:35-07:29 | How a video podcast allows you to build a captive audience&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 07:29-08:58 | Your video podcast content can be consumed in multiple ways&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 08:58-10:17 | How to repurpose your video podcast content at scale&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 10:17-12:21 | A video podcast allows you to demonstrate a depth of expertise&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 12:21-14:40 | Learn to provide value instead of appearing salesy&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 14:40-17:24 | A video podcast allows you to cross-network with guests&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Quotes:&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships.“ - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Good content allows you to build a relationship with an audience, even while you sleep.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “A video podcast allows you to build a captive audience and cut through the white noise of all the other marketing channels.“ - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “When people feel like they're being sold to, they feel like they're playing defense.“ - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “When people come to a video podcast, they're expecting to receive something of value, something that's going to be helpful for them — and that's what keeps them coming back.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “A video podcast is the most effective type of content, because it is the best way to build relationship with your customers and with your audience.“ - Kap Chatfield</p> <p>&nbsp;————————————————-&nbsp;</p> <p>Connect with Rveal Marketing:&nbsp;</p> <p>Reach out to Rveal:</p> <p>&nbsp;- Rveal’s website: rveal.media</p> <p>&nbsp;- Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</p>
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How to Transform Legal Tech Sales and Marketing...
<p>Legal marketing is shifting from white papers and webinars to genuine conversations — and it’s all through video podcasts. 🗣️&nbsp;</p> <p>For too long the legal marketing world was limited in their marketing strategy, and most firms didn’t know where to turn to get their expertise and name recognized, trusted and respected.&nbsp;</p> <p>In this digital age, that has all changed.&nbsp;</p> <p>In this episode, Kap sat down with Josh Peterson, shareholder at Xact Data Discovery and host of multiple successful legal podcasts.&nbsp;</p> <p>Josh shares from his experience producing legal podcasts that have created conversations and forums that did not previously exist in the legal world. These podcasts have opened windows of opportunity for any firm.</p> <p>&nbsp;➡️ If you’re looking to evolve in the legal marketing world, this episode is for you.&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Main Takeaways:&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 How a video podcast created digital connections amidst COVID restrictions&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 A B2B podcast will create conversations and relationships in your industry&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Podcasting is about giving people a platform for their expertise&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 How legal marketing can benefit from a B2B podcast&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Learn to create conversations people want to engage with&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Timecodes:&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 00:00-9:14 | Why start a podcast in the legal industry?&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 9:14-14:46 | How a B2B podcast can create conversations&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 14:46-19:02 | A B2B podcast can contribute to your ROI&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 19:02-26:45 | How to build relationships that build your business</p> <p>&nbsp;⏰ 26:45-31:53 | Creating connections in your industry&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 31:53-40:22 | What is the future of legal marketing?&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 40:22-47:30 | What are the biggest misconceptions B2B businesses need to overcome about a podcast?&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Quotes:&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “An effective thought leadership strategy is only possible when there is a culture in the organization that supports it.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “There's nothing that substitutes the ministry of presence.“ - Josh Peterson&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “We have businesses that want to buy from us or work with us because they got to know us through the conversations we had on the show.” - Josh Peterson&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “It doesn't matter to me who gets the credit. If you put others first and you promote them through the show, good things happen.” - Josh Peterson&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Your audience's attention is the number one commodity that you have. If you have their attention, that's where you can begin the relationship.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “There's no better storyteller than a litigator. They're the best storytellers there are. They know how to unpack things better than anybody.” - Josh Peterson&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “I think what's so unique about video podcasts is that it gives other people a voice.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “We ascertained that we're giving our guests on the show between $5,000 and $10,000 of PR, depending on how well the show is handled.” - Josh Peterson&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “What makes the video podcast valuable is the aggregate group of experts that contribute.” - Josh Peterson&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “We can't do what everyone else is doing and expect to grow at the same rate or higher than them. We've got to do it differently, and I think there's a power in video.” - Josh Peterson&nbsp;</p> <p>————————————————-&nbsp;</p> <p>Connect with Rveal Marketing:&nbsp;</p> <p>Reach out to Rveal:&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s website: rveal.media&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</p>
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How to Crush ALL Your B2B Marketing Strategies ...
<p>A video podcast is the solution to ALL your B2B marketing woes. Here’s why. 👊&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>A video podcast creates avenues of marketing that would otherwise require more work, resources and time. In this episode Kap breaks down the marketing strategies impacted by a video podcast:</p> <p>&nbsp;💎 ABM (account-based marketing)&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Content marketing&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Email campaigns&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 SEO&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Paid media&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Influencer marketing&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Here at Rveal Media we’ve created a turn-key marketing solution for your B2B brand, and we’re big proponents of the video podcast model. Check out our latest episode!&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Main Takeaways:&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 A video podcast can impact most B2B marketing strategies&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Use your video podcast to create higher engagement&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Optimize your time and resources with a video podcast marketing solution&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Learn how to build your audience persona with a video podcast&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Become a thought leader through your B2B video podcast&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Timecodes:&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 00:00-4:11 | Which marketing strategies can utilize a video podcast?&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 4:11-8:06 | Account based marketing with a video podcast&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 8:06-11:06 | How a video podcast can enhance your content creation&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 11:06-12:45 | Maximize your email marketing with a video podcast&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 12:45-14:11 | How your SEO can be impacted&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 14:11-16:32 | A video podcast can help with your paid media marketing&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 16:32-19:06 | Use a video podcast to strengthen your influencer marketing&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Quotes:&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Account based marketing takes broadcasting and puts it into a narrow focus by taking a very targeted message and speaking that message to a very select group of people.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “In account-based marketing you really need to be thinking about who is that ideal person that will benefit from our product or from our service?. “ - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “A video podcast allows you to build an audience and craft a narrative that allows you to speak to a very specific audience persona.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “What you want to do is build a relationship with your audience and provide content of value to them. “ - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Find people to bring on your show that would be a huge win for your audience.“ - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Create content that allows people to be educated about a specific topic, so that they become better business leaders and can associate that knowledge with who you are as the thought leader and gatekeeper of that expertise.“ - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “A video podcast is where you can start talking about a specific topic or point of view for your industry that's unique to you, that sets you apart, that gives you a competitive advantage.“ - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Make sure that you are finding a way to bring value in the inbox more than just asking for someone to whip out their wallet and purchase your product. A video podcast allows you to step up your email marketing game with every episode.“ - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “A video podcast for your business is an amazing way for you to scale your marketing strategy, scale your visibility, build your brand, and drive revenue for your B2B company.” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>————————————————-&nbsp;</p> <p>Connect with Rveal:&nbsp;</p> <p>Reach out to Rveal:&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s website: rveal.media&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</p>
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How to build a brand that launches your career ...
<p>How do you build a personal brand that not only authentically engages your own audience but also positively impacts your business? 🤔&nbsp;</p> <p>Marketing for our businesses doesn’t have to be limited to the strategies we deploy at our 9-5 jobs, but can be a part of what we build with our personal content creation, digital relationships we forge and side-hustle marketing strategies we experiment with.&nbsp;</p> <p>In our most recent episode, Kap sits down with Nick Bennett, Director of ABM &amp; Community at Alyce, a gift-giving platform for B2B businesses, where they talk about the power of video podcasting for building a strong personal and professional brand, the relationship between sales and marketing and even Nick’s love for the New England Patriots.&nbsp;</p> <p>➡️ If you’re tired of the same old marketing strategies, and want to know how to reinvent yourself in today’s digital landscape, this episode is for you. Link in comments 👇</p> <p>Main Takeaways:&nbsp;</p> <p>Cutting-edge marketing solutions can build relationships</p> <p>How field marketing is evolving in today’s digital world</p> <p>&nbsp;How to market to target accounts more effectively</p> <p>Consistent content creation builds your personal brand</p> <p>Podcasting builds relationships and helps you grow as a marketer</p> <p><em><strong>Timecodes:</strong></em></p> <p>00:00-6:59 | Alyce: the gifting platform for B2B marketing</p> <p>6:59-9:45 | What is ABM marketing?</p> <p>9:45-12:15 | What is field marketing?</p> <p>12:15-17:33 | How important is research for AMB and field marketing?</p> <p>17:33-26:03 | Content creation is residual relationship building</p> <p>26:03-32:11 | Podcasting for marketers is key to success</p> <p>32:11-35:49 | Learn to create content that shows your humanity and expertise</p> <p>35:49-44:45 | Podcasting brings incredible learning opportunities for businesses</p> <p><em><strong>Quotes:</strong></em></p> <p><em>“Showing that you deliver value first versus just saying, "Hey, I'm going to cold pitch you" and not give you anything, it makes a big difference.” - Nick Bennett</em></p> <p><em>“What you guys are doing is really bringing a relationship back to marketing, which in a world of an ever-evolving automation, I think we can grow a little cold and we can forget that that's what it's about.“ - Kap Chatfield</em></p> <p><em>“One of the things that I value and has helped make me successful is I understand how to truly deliver value with the sales team.” - Nick Bennett</em></p> <p><em>“When sales sees that you're delivering value to their prospects and helping them move that pipeline across, when you come to them as a marketer. You say, "Hey, you know, I need you to do XYZ for me", they'll say "Absolutely", because you jump on these calls, and without hesitation, you have them reciprocating what you need in return.” - Nick Bennett</em></p> <p><em>“Ideally, with ABM, the goal is to increase your average deal size and then decrease your time to close.” - Nick Bennett</em></p> <p><em>“Content creation is like residual relationship building.” - Kap Chatfield</em></p> <p><em>“If I can help one person a day understand field marketing, or ABM, or how to build your brand, as a marketer, then look, I've done my job.” - Nick Bennett</em></p> <p><em>“I keep that 80/20 split to still stay authentic to who you are and what you're passionate about, but also still understand that you are paid a paycheck by a company to support them as well.” - Nick Bennett</em></p> <p><em>“Sharing personal things, being authentic, and an appropriate amount of that content output, is actually helpful to your overall brand. Because people see a multi-dimension with you, they see that there's some depth to you, and it makes you an easier person to connect with.” - Kap Chatfield</em></p> <p><em>“Everyone knows what your 9-5 is. However, what is the 5-9? And that's what we focus on connecting all these people with the 5-9.” - Nick Bennett</em></p> <p><br></p>
44 min
The Hidden Cost of Becoming a Thought Leader - ...
<p>Becoming a thought leader is not for the faint of heart. 👀&nbsp;</p> <p>Thought Leadership is a buzzword on LinkedIn, and it’s quickly becoming the reason behind the influence and growth of many B2B businesses across the world. The concept is nothing new, but is ready to be mined for all the worth and value it can bring to your business and industry.&nbsp;</p> <p>In our latest episode, Kap shares 4️⃣ guiding principles on how business leaders can become a thought leader, and how easy it is to apply these in every industry.</p> <p>&nbsp;➡️ If you’re looking for a way to scale your business, grow your influence and bring vision to your tribe, this episode is for you.&nbsp;</p> <p>Link in comments 👇&nbsp;</p> <p>Main Takeaways:&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Thought Leadership is what drives Business Forward&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 How to Craft a Unique Narrative and Codify it&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Strengthening your “Story Leadership”&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Learn to take risks for the vision of your business&nbsp;</p> <p>💎 Having the courage to be a visionary and communicate that vision&nbsp;</p> <p>Timecodes:&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 00:00-2:56 | Defining what a Thought Leader Is&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 2:56-9:59 | What will Thought Leadership Cost You?&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 10:00-12:32 | Determine the Personality behind the Thought Leader&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 12:32-16:52 | Learning the Discipline of Creating Content Consistently&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 16:52-18:20 | Taking Risks to Become a Thought Leader&nbsp;</p> <p>⏰ 18:20-22:28 | Thought Leadership is for your Business&nbsp;</p> <p>Quotes:</p> <p>&nbsp;💬 “If you're in the b2b market you want to be known as a thought leader in your industry. ” - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “White noise doesn't produce leadership. If you want to be a leader in your industry, you need to craft a unique perspective.“ - Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Story leadership inspires heart, engages the mind and it moves an organization forward.” -Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “As a thought leader you have to imagine a future a vision for your organization that no one's ever seen before and you need to have confidence in that vision for other people to see it.” -Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “The more clear your narrative is to you, the more confident you're going to be in it, and it's going to be contagious. Confidence is contagious.” -Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 ”If you want people to follow you, it's going to take some personal responsibility in growing and being a more engaging communicator of your vision.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p>&nbsp;💬 “It's critical in today's day and age, that you as the leader of the organization create the content, because nobody can lead with their vision for you. You can't outsource that.” -Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “You're the leader, you're the visionary, you’ve got to write the script if you want the rest of the organization and the rest of the industry to see that unique perspective and to believe it and to follow you.” -Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Your thought leadership content is going to be what your business really lives or dies off of.” -Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “Without vision organizations perish.” -Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “A thought leader needs to be someone who has a vision, that breaks ground, that's cutting edge, that makes people a little uncomfortable, because it shakes things up.” -Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>💬 “As a thought leader, if you want to lead people with story you need to be someone is willing to step out and be the one that looks crazy, to be the one that's taking these risks.” -Kap Chatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>————————————————-&nbsp;</p> <p>Connect with Rveal Marketing:&nbsp;</p> <p>Reach out to Rveal:&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s website: rveal.media&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/&nbsp;</p> <p>- Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</p>
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How to Market Effectively to a Highly Technical...
<p>B2B Podcasting</p> <p>How to Market Effectively to a Highly Technical Audience - Joseph Lewin</p> <p><strong>Call To Action:</strong></p> <p>Marketing in a niche industry requires relationships and trust.</p> <p>Now, more than ever in our digital marketing world, marketers need to build relationships with other marketers in their industries and trust with their sales team. These two principles go hand-in-hand and will boost sales, engage your audience and help your career grow.&nbsp;</p> <p>In our latest episode, Kap interviews Joseph Lewin, the marketing manager for Cadenas Part Solutions on what it’s like to market in a highly technical industry. Learn how sales, marketing and content creation will put your business or product at the forefront of your customers minds.</p> <p>If you’re in marketing, sales or want to grow in your industry, this episode is for you.</p> <p><em><strong>Main Takeaways:</strong></em></p> <p>Marketing niche software can guarantee business</p> <p>Humility prepares you to grow and learn new industries</p> <p>How to build trust with your audience to facilitate the sales cycle</p> <p>Strengthen the marketing and sales relationship for your business</p> <p>Strong marketing requires strong relationships</p> <p><em><strong>Timecodes:</strong></em></p> <p>00:00-8:28 | Ingenious software solutions for engineers</p> <p>8:28-12:52 | Marketing products that sell well</p> <p>12:53-17:18 | Ask the right questions to grow in your industry</p> <p>17:18-23:22 | How sales and marketing can work together</p> <p>23:22-28:10 | Optimizing your sales cycle through trust</p> <p>28:10-32:55 | The importance of building relationships with marketers</p> <p>32:55-37:42 | How to find and build your audience</p> <p>37:42-48:44 | Strategic Marketer Podcast highlights</p> <p>48:44-50:17 | Consume content that inspires you</p> <p><em><strong>Quotes:</strong></em></p> <p><em>“When you're working with a technical audience, the first thing is you have to be curious.“ - Joseph Lewin</em></p> <p><em>“One of the most challenging things or biggest impediments to your growth is you.” - Joseph Lewin</em></p> <p><em>“The more technical and niche your space is, the more you need to get your fingers on the pulse of your audience, of who your customers are and what they're doing.” - Joseph Lewin</em></p> <p><em>“When you're a marketer you should be talking to everybody in your company.” - Joseph Lewin</em></p> <p><em>“So many businesses are still looking at sales and marketing as two separate divisions of the company.” - Kap Chatfield</em></p> <p><em>“Marketing exists to build trust in your space to make the sale easier.” - Joseph Lewin</em></p> <p><em>“ Focus on building relationships through the content that you're creating.” - Joseph Lewin</em></p> <p><em>“If COVID-19 taught us anything, it's that the digital marketing world is no longer an accessory, it's a necessity for businesses.” - Kap Chatfield</em></p> <p><em>”The only thing worse than a mediocre piece of content is a great piece of content that nobody sees.” - Kap Chatfield</em></p> <p><em>“It's way harder to create demand for something than it is to solve a problem that people already know that they have.” - Joseph Lewin</em></p> <p><em>“If you create okay content that's building relationships with other people, and grows an audience, you're going to be 10 times better off than creating two or three or four polished pieces of content a year that nobody sees.” - Joseph Lewin</em></p> <p>Connect with Rveal Marketing:</p> <p>Reach out to Rveal:</p> <p>Rveal’s website: <a href="http://rveal.media/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>rveal.media</u></a></p> <p>Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia</p> <p>Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</p> <p><br></p> <p><br></p>
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The biggest problem staffing agencies face with...
<p>Most businesses have a singular focus for their marketing strategy, but staffing agencies have to double their work. With two audiences, two messages and double the challenges, they’ve got their work cut out for them.&nbsp;</p> <p>In this episode we break down the main issues staffing agencies face as they prepare a marketing strategy, both for their B2B market and the clients they work for. This will prove insightful not only for staffing agency leaders, but for marketers and any business that depends on staffing agencies. Check it out!</p> <p><br></p> <p>Reach out to Rveal:</p> <ul> <li>Rveal’s website: <a href="http://rveal.media/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>rveal.media</u></a></li> <li>Rveal’s LinkedIn:<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u> </u></a><a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/</u></a></li> <li>Rveal’s YouTube channel:<a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u> </u></a><a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</u></a></li> </ul>
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How to make B2B sales and marketing more human ...
<p>Too many sales cycles are robotic, impersonal and cold.</p> <p>It seems that now, more than ever, we desire true, personal relationships… especially when it comes to sales. Communication that builds trust and lasting business relationships, benefitting both parties and building connections that last.&nbsp;</p> <p>In this episode, Kap interviews Steven Schmidt, CEO of TIDAL and a sales mastermind. They discuss what successful sales looks like, how Steve took his company from $0 to $100 in 90 days in 2020. Their conversation will inspire and challenge you as you walk your own sales journey in this ever-changing business world.</p> <p>If you’re in sales, or simply desire true relationships in the business world, this episode will speak to you. Check it out!</p> <p><br></p> <p><strong>Connect with Steven Schmidt</strong><br> <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenwschmidt/" rel="noopener">Follow Steven on LinkedIn</a></p> <p><a href="https://www.risewithtidal.com/" rel="noopener">Check out his company, TIDAL</a></p> <p><strong>Reach out to Rveal:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Rveal’s website: <a href="http://rveal.media/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>rveal.media</u></a></li> <li>Rveal’s LinkedIn:<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u> </u></a><a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/</u></a></li> <li>Rveal’s YouTube channel:<a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u> </u></a><a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw"><u>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</u></a></li> </ul>
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How to do Demand Generation with a B2B Podcast ...
<p>On this episode of B2B Podcasting, Chris Walker teaches our audience how demand generation is not only possible, but can be efficient and effective when B2B brands embrace video podcasting to scale their thought leadership output.</p> <p><br> <strong>Connect with Chris Walker:</strong></p> <ul> <li><a href="https://open.spotify.com/show/1AJwHPDw2RuybeMnn7CnNP?si=oJ1nCvmsRzGTRnRLFRdxzw&amp;dl_branch=1 ">Listen to Chris' show, State of Demand Gen</a></li> <li><a href="//linkedin.com/in/chris-walker-41597028/">Follow Chris on LinkedIn</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li><a href="//refinelabs.com">Check out Chris' company, Refine Labs</a></li> </ul> <p><strong>Connect with Kap Chatfield:</strong></p> <ul> <li><a href="//linkedin.com/in/kapchatfield">Follow Kap on LinkedIn</a></li> <li><a href="https://rveal.media">Check out Kap's company, Rveal Media</a><br> <br> </li> </ul>
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Welcome to B2B Podcasting!
<p>We've rebranded our show to help B2B brand leaders, sales leaders, and marketers learn how to leverage the ultimate marketing medium in order to build an audience, drive revenue, and transform their industries.&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>We're excited to have you along for the journey!</p> <p><br> For more about how Rveal Media creates shows for B2B brands, visit <a href="//rveal.media">rveal.media.</a></p>
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Show Marketing: What is it, and why is it the f...
<p>What is Show Marketing, or otherwise known as B2B Podcasting?</p> <p>Too many businesses struggle with their marketing strategy, and most have all together given up trying to track ROI in today’s digital and ever-evolving marketing age. Sales become too ‘sales-y’, which customers avoid, &nbsp;and companies are buying ad space they’re not even sure is working for them.&nbsp;</p> <p>In this episode, Kap and Jake share the fascinating marketing strategy that eliminates common problems, creates a stable and faithful audience and makes the consumer/client want to come back for more. The solution? Show Marketing.</p> <p><br></p> <p>If you’re looking for a better solution that won’t break the bank and will actually improve your ROI, audience faithfulness and overall sales, this episode is for you.</p> <p><br></p> <p><em><strong>Main Takeaways:</strong></em></p> <p>Show Marketing is the future for your business</p> <p>Show Marketing gives you a clear and easy marketing strategy</p> <p>Discover scalable marketing to build a strong audience base</p> <p>Most marketing problems can be solved in show marketing</p> <p>Creating content that customers want to consume, exposing them to your product or service</p> <p><br></p> <p><em><strong>Timecodes:</strong></em></p> <p>00:00-6:10 | The problems Show Marketing Solves</p> <p>6:11-9:02 | Why is Marketing so hard to track?</p> <p>9:02-13:07 | What is Show Marketing</p> <p>13:07-17:32 | Show Marketing works because it provides value</p> <p>17:33-21:06 | How Show Marketing becomes Storytelling</p> <p>21:06-29:32 | Show Marketing can be your entire Marketing Strategy</p> <p>29:32-36:36 | Building a solid customer/audience base for your business</p> <p>36:37-41:10 | Influencer marketing vs. show marketing</p> <p>41:10-51:13 | Discovering whether DIY or outsourcing is best for your marketing strategy</p> <p><br></p> <p><em>“S</em>how marketing is about becoming the show. It's about moving from communicating your marketing as a commercial, to literally creating an online show.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p><em>“</em>People don't like being sold to because they feel like they're playing defense. “ - Kap Chatfield</p> <p><em>“</em>When you approach content creating with a genuine interest in your audience, people can smell the sincerity a mile away.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p><em>“The v</em>alue of what you're providing as a business is what's in your heart and what's in your mind.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p><em>“</em>You can take this show, which you structure the message around, and make it relevant to your product and your service, make it relevant to what you're doing as a business.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p><em>“W</em>ith an online show, you can scale your entire business' marketing strategy.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p><em>“There is</em> power in being consistent in creating your content and understanding it’s for the long game.” - Jake Prieur</p> <p>“Show Marketing works because it's providing value.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p><em>“</em>If you're looking for lasting results, show marketing is the way to do it.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p><em>“W</em>hen you have an audience's captive attention, you can sell them pretty much whatever you want.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p><em>“W</em>e've actually created a process that helps business leaders like you become the show - to move from marketing, like a commercial, and to become a show that people want to watch and consume.” - Kap Chatfield</p> <p><br></p> <p>Reach out to Rveal:</p> <ul> <li>Rveal’s website: <a href="http://rveal.media/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>rveal.media</u></a></li> <li>Rveal’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia</li> <li>Rveal’s YouTube channel: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</u></a></li> </ul> <p><br></p> <p><br></p>
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Reveal Remarkable: B2B Podcasting | Dan Headlee
<p>Dan Headlee, CEO of Universal Group, shares how he went from a business with 3 employees and $300,000 in revenue, to 40 employees and $5 million in revenue in just seven years.</p> <p>In this episode, Jake Prieur and Kap Chatfield talk with Dan on how he came to a crossroads in his business- hitting a revenue ceiling he could never break- and what he had to do to change. Dan shares his experience on giving his business to God, implementing core values that drive how they hire and struggling in the midst of it all to get where they are today- he even shares how their goal of $50 million in revenue now drives them as a company.</p> <p>If you’re a business owner that is struggling with their culture, or desires to pivot and grow in revenue, this episode will not only encourage you but give you a roadmap to lasting change.</p> <p><br></p> <p><em><strong>Main Takeaways:</strong></em></p> <p>💎 Establishing culture in a business is a struggle</p> <p>💎 Every business has a culture, whether it’s created intentionally or not.</p> <p>💎 Being intentional with your business core values will change your culture</p> <p>💎 Find local organizations where you can be encouraged and share stories</p> <p>💎 Giving your business to God can be the best thing that you can do</p> <p><em><strong><br> Timecodes:</strong></em></p> <p>⏰ 00:00-8:34 | Establishing Core Values</p> <p>⏰ 8:34-9:17 | Investing in Personal Growth</p> <p>⏰ 9:18-12:15 | Struggling with Employee turnover</p> <p>⏰ 12:15-22:29 | How Processes Help our companies thrive</p> <p>⏰ 22:29-33:59 | Should you hire based on core values?</p> <p>⏰ 33:60-40:20 | How your faith will determine your Outlook in business</p> <p>⏰ 40:21-43:30 | Friends in Business will push you forward</p> <p>⏰ 43:31-47:23 | How Clarity &amp; Humility put you ahead in business<br> <br> <br> <em><strong>Quotes:</strong></em></p> <p>💬<em> “When you have a process and a procedure in place, it's not “going corporate”, it's doing things consistently, to make the entire organization more efficient.” &nbsp;- Dan Headlee</em></p> <p>💬<em> “ I always thought that people wear their religion on their sleeve and it's an act. But it's not. It's standing by your faith and being an influence.” - Dan Headlee</em></p> <p>💬<em> “I've found wisdom for my business by getting into the Word.” - Dan Headlee</em></p> <p>💬<em> “Breaking down your business is necessary to rebuild the foundation. Then, you can build a stronger business upon a better foundation.” - Jake Prieur</em></p> <p>💬<em> “When you get around like-minded people, people who want to grow, people who want to thrive, it becomes contagious.” - Dan Headlee<br> </em>💬<em> “That's why we serve God, not man. And, you know, when you turn that over, it's scary, but it works.” - Dan Headlee</em></p> <p>💬<em> “Your company is only going to be as good as the culture that you are cultivating as a team” - Kap Chatfield</em></p> <p>💬 <em>“When you find something that you can believe in, that you can hold steady, that is a rock, that is a foundation, you can weather anything.” - Dan Headlee</em></p> <p>💬<em> “If you don't struggle, you can't grow.” - Dan Headlee</em></p> <p><em><br> </em>Reach out to Rveal:</p> <ul> <li>Rveal’s website: <a href="http://rveal.media/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>rveal.media</u></a></li> <li>Rveal’s LinkedIn:<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u> </u></a><a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/</u></a></li> <li>Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw<u><br> </u><em><br> <br> <br> </em></li> </ul>
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Mike Frank, The Journey Toward Becoming a Compl...
<p>Reveal Remarkable <br> Mike Frank, Former VP, Level 3 Communications, Walt Disney, Pepsi <br> The Journey Toward Becoming a Complete Man &nbsp;<br> <br> “How can I become a complete man?” 🤔 &nbsp;</p> <p>Let’s be honest, men: we’ve all asked ourselves this question.&nbsp;</p> <p>In this episode, Mike Frank gives us a profound look into his world of guiding men from all walks of life.</p> <p>Using his understanding of the strengths, talents, challenges, and blockades of what men face and drawing from his decades of high-level business experience, Mike Frank decided to devote his life to the development of men. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Main Takeaways: <br> </strong>💎 The greatest adventure is the journey within. &nbsp;<br> 💎 The critical difference: completing men rather than competing with them. &nbsp;<br> 💎 You can’t skip the process, it projects you towards greatness. &nbsp;<br> 💎 Don’t allow towering talents to become your tragedy in life. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Timecodes:</strong> <br> ⏱ 02:53 | I’m Done Building My Own Kingdom <br> ⏱ 03:00 | Complete Men Rather Than Compete With Them <br> ⏱ 03:50 | We Are Never Done With the Pursuit of Becoming Better <br> ⏱ 04:30 | Most of Us Are on a Quest &nbsp;<br> ⏱ 10:50 | Dealing with Personal Constraints &nbsp;<br> ⏱ 12:58 | Changing Your Trajectory By Lifting the Burdens &nbsp;<br> ⏱ 16:44 | The Greatest Adventure is the Journey Within &nbsp;<br> ⏱ 23:46 | The Problem with Leapfrogging in Life &nbsp;<br> ⏱ 29:23 | Grow As A Leader By Intentionally Seeking Feedback &nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Quotes:</strong> <br> 💬 &nbsp;“I’ve already been on those trails. I’ve already found some of those trophies. Why not help other men along the way?” &nbsp;<br> 💬 “I’m done building my own kingdom. I’m more interested in completing men that I am competing with them.” &nbsp;<br> 💬 ““The greatest adventure is the the journey within.” <br> 💬 “We all need feedback. Accepting it will cause us to truly soar.” &nbsp;<br> <br> ————————————————- &nbsp;<br> <br> If you’re in a place where you want to simplify and scale your marketing strategy, or you’re tired of running like a hamster on a wheel trying to get traction, we want to help. Schedule a demo with our team and we can walk you through the process of show marketing today. &nbsp;&nbsp;<br> <br> <strong>Connect With Mike Frank:</strong> <br> Mike’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-frank-6228884a&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Reach out to Rveal:</strong> <br> Rveal’s website: rveal.media <br> Rveal’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/<br> Rveal’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</p>
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Chad Sievers, Johnson & Johnson | B2B Podcastin...
<p>You might not think you could get amped up listening to someone talk about a medical device company…but get ready to be proven wrong 👀</p> <p>We interviewed Chad Sievers, VP of Sales at Raridon &amp; Associates, a medical device distribution company for Johnson &amp; Johnson. His passion for what he does and laser-focus on taking care of his people—clients and employees—bleeds through every minute of our conversation with him. &nbsp;</p> <p>“Our vision is actually not to grow our business, not to double our business. It has nothing to do with sales. It’s to help restore the joy of motion.” &nbsp;</p> <p>The best part? It’s not a marketing schtick. Chad and his team are 110% committed to that mission. &nbsp;</p> <p>Need a little inspiration today? Check out the full interview 🔥</p> <p><em><strong>Main Takeaways:<br> </strong></em>💎 If you don’t have passion, you won’t find purpose. <br> 💎 Raridon &amp; Associates focuses on building trust and rapport with their clients over pushing a sale—and it pays off. <br> 💎 For businesses, human capital is your number one most important resource. Protect it. <br> 💎 Company setbacks can break you—or push you to grow and adapt to be better than before. <br> 💎 Celebrate the success stories of your team and your customers to remind yourself of your “why”.</p> <p><em><strong><br> Timecodes:<br> </strong></em>⏱1:02 | Chad’s background and how he got to where he is today</p> <p>⏱ 5:55 | Who Chad feels compelled to serve every day</p> <p>⏱11:25 | Putting the wellbeing of the goose over the golden eggs</p> <p>⏱16:38 | When taking a risk pays off</p> <p>⏱ 19:47 | Green Bay Packers and loss within the company</p> <p>⏱ 24:32 | What happens when you’re not motivated by passion</p> <p>⏱ 29:25 | “Restoring the joy of motion” for patients</p> <p>⏱ 38:23 | What sets Chad’s company apart from the competition</p> <p>⏱ 41:31 | Keeping core values as an anchor in personal and professional life</p> <p>⏱ 47:26 | How to avoid major “wake-up call” moments</p> <p>⏱ 50:37 | Shoutout to Omaha leaders</p> <p>⏱ 58:39 | There is no purpose without passion: final thoughts</p> <p><em><strong><br> Quotes:<br> </strong></em>💬 “We almost lost the sports medicine division…but because of their trust in us and our core values and the partnership we provide, they’ve trusted to keep it with us.” 8:15-8:33 <br> 💬 “Those are the things that get me excited beyond mentoring my people and inspiring people in the organization—when we take a problem at a hospital and turn it into a positive.” 10:12-10:22 <br> 💬 “We always say human capital is our number one most important resource.” 11:02-11:05 <br> 💬 “I was kind of on cruise control, man. I was on a path to be the owner, I was working my tail off. But I didn’t have that secret ingredient, right?” 17:58-18:08 <br> 💬 “When he brought in [EOS Traction], immediately my entire mindset about my role in the company changed.” 18:28-18:35 <br> 💬 “As leaders, we should always want our people to elevate and gain altitude. He was getting the opportunity of a lifetime, and as hard as it was to lose a friend and an associate, it was the right thing to do.” 21:01-21:12 <br> 💬 “Our vision is actually not to grow our business, not to double our business. It has nothing to do with sales. It’s to help restore the joy of motion.” 26:31-26:38 <br> 💬 “Our passion is that we work hard, we’re enthusiastic, full of energy. When my people walk into a building, I want everyone in the building to know they’re there.” 28:40-28:44<br> 💬 “The ultimate purpose of what we do is deliver healthcare, implants, and service to help healthcare professionals…deliver that direct care to a patient which could change their life.” 29:10-29:24 <br> 💬 “It’s about the wins. But it’s also about the process and the journey.” 33:10-33:14 <br> 💬 “We’re delivering technologies that will improve patient outcomes, because that’s always #1, but doing it in a cost-effective and efficient way.” 40:59-41:07 <br> <br> </p>
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Does Storytelling Sell? | B2B Podcasting (Forme...
<p>Don’t fall into the trap of trying to impress your audience with what you know. Be honest—how often have you truly been persuaded to take action by a statistic?</p> <p>Instead, communicate your message through story.</p> <p>Storytelling is universal, captivating, and engaging. Even when it’s formulaic, a story done well still keeps us on the edge of our seats to see how it ends.</p> <p>In today’s episode, learn how to think like a storyteller to not only connect authentically with your audience, but make a measurable impact with your marketing.</p> <p>Reach out to Rveal:</p> <ul> <li>Rveal’s website: <a href="http://rveal.media/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>rveal.media</u></a></li> <li>Rveal’s LinkedIn:<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u> </u></a><a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/</u></a></li> <li>Rveal’s YouTube channel:<a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u> </u></a><a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><u>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</u></a></li> </ul>
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Making Corporate Intra-Communication Not “Suck”...
<p>Reveal Remarkable<br> Making Corporate Intra-Communication Not “Suck”! - with Dusty Davidson<br> Dusty Davidson | Co-Founder at Flywheel, TripleSeat, Silicon Prairie News, BrightMix and BigOmaha<br> Season n/a, Episode n/a</p> <p>After 2020 thrust all business online, companies now need to not just take their digital marketing more seriously than ever, but also their internal digital communication.</p> <p>The problem? Most intra-communication softwares just “suck”.</p> <p>In other words, they’re clunky, confusing, and just uninteresting to use.</p> <p>And that’s precisely where Dusty Davidson, serial-entrepreneur and former CEO of Flywheel, found a unique opportunity to serve the market.</p> <p>Listen to the vision behind Dusty’s new ground-breaking venture, Workshop, that aims to make the intra-communication more <em>delightful</em>.</p> <p><em><strong><br> Main Takeaways:</strong></em></p> <p>Leverage what you have learned along the way.</p> <p>A company’s success is based on how connected your team is with one another.</p> <p>Regardless of how many players there are in the market, it’s not an indication that a problem is solved.</p> <p>Communication is the number one driver of alignment, engagement, happiness, and performance.</p> <p>The rapid transition to the digital world due to the pandemic is a positive gain for software businesses.</p> <p>The concept of a stream is to disseminate crucial information to teams.<br> <br> <em><strong>Timecodes:</strong></em></p> <p>01:23 | Closing the chapter on Flywheel</p> <p>03:21 | Dusty’s next big venture: Workshop</p> <p>07:29 | What are current internal communications apps lacking?</p> <p>11:58 | Dusty’s “Aha!” moment</p> <p>16:43 | Some SURPRISING findings from the market…</p> <p>19:39 | Dusty’s market insights about the remote workplace</p> <p>26:00 | How Workshop will clarify communication for remote teams</p> <p>29:05 | How can companies boost team morale in a digital landscape?</p> <p>32:44 | How Dusty defines success for his customers</p> <p>35:21 | Dusty’s remarkable shout outs</p> <p><em><strong>Quotes:</strong></em></p> <p>“We wanted to design and create a product to create an experience that people can fall in love with.” –Dusty Davidson</p> <p>“We strive to have and achieve class engagement, culture diversity, and alignment.” –Dusty Davidson</p> <p>“The world is shifting, and I don’t believe the pendulum will swing 100%. It is valuable for people to be together.” –Dusty Davidson</p> <p>————————————————-</p> <p>Connect with Dusty:</p> <p>Workshop Website: <a href="https://useworkshop.com/">https://useworkshop.com/</a><br> Dusty’s LinkedIn: <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/dustydavidson/">https://www.linkedin.com/in/dustydavidson/</a><br> Dusty’s Twitter: <a href="https://twitter.com/dustyd">https://twitter.com/dustyd</a><br> Dusty’s Website: <a href="https://dustyd.net/">https://dustyd.net/</a></p> <p>Reach out to Rveal:</p> <ul> <li>Rveal’s Website: <a href="http://rveal.media/">rveal.media</a></li> <li>Rveal’s LinkedIn:<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/"> https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/</a></li> <li>Rveal’s YouTube channel:<a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw"> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69p14R2ccMdyUbbmdlWCEw</a></li> </ul> <p>————————————————-<br> Try Workshop today: <a href="https://useworkshop.com/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">https://useworkshop.com/</a></p>
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Brett Elliott - Skillwork | B2B Podcasting (For...
<p>Are you familiar with the skilled trade shortage?</p> <p>This week on Reveal Remarkable, we got to sit down with a close friend and mentor Brett Elliott, President and CEO of Skillwork.</p> <p>His years of experience in the food manufacturing industry showed him that there is a real problem facing the trade industries in America.</p> <p>Companies can’t find the skilled craftsmen they need to get the job done.</p> <p>Skillwork has figured out a way to help these companies find quality workers by taking the time-tested travel nursing model and adapting it to the skilled trades. It’s more than a temp agency, but an extremely thorough vetting process that finds the right candidate for every position.</p> <p>Not only are they helping their clients, they’re empowering men and women in the trades nationwide to enjoy their work and freedom.</p> <p>Even if the trades aren’t your area, you don’t want to miss this episode.</p>
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The Do’s and Don’t’s of Buying and Selling Busi...
<p>It might sound crazy, but the best time to think about selling your business is actually when you START your business.</p> <p>This week on Reveal Remarkable we got to sit down with Jeff Herdzina of Exit Big, a Mergers and Acquisitions firm in the Omaha area. In an industry where there’s very little innovation, his company is doing something fresh and exciting.</p> <p>Jeff has not only his own entrepreneurial experience to draw from, but the collective lessons he’s learned from Exit Big’s clients in recent years.</p> <p>If you’re thinking about selling your business, or even just getting started as an entrepreneur, you don’t want to miss this episode.</p> <p>Check it out on Apple and Spotify podcasts as well as rveal.media.</p>
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How to make marketing for M&A firms more innov...
<p>If someone is selling their business, they’re looking for someone who does a good job of selling their OWN business.</p> <p>That means an innovative marketing strategy is critical to gain and retain the attention of potential clients.</p> <p>In this episode, we dive into the mindset of business owners looking to sell and how that translates to an innovative and successful marketing strategy for mergers and acquisitions firms.</p> <p>Check it out on Apple and Spotify podcasts.</p>
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How to make insurance marketing more innovative...
<p>Marketing for the insurance industry is stagnant.</p> <p>It’s a saturated market, and like legal marketing, most agencies choose brand equity and capabilities over personal connection.</p> <p>How do you make your content stand out?</p> <p>What’s really going to make a potential client choose your insurance company or agent over another is building TRUST and personal connection.</p> <p>In this episode we break down some ways for insurance marketing to be more innovative. Check it out&nbsp;</p>
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How to make legal marketing less boring | B2B P...
<p>Why is legal marketing SO boring?&nbsp;</p> <p>What likely started with the intention of maintaining credibility has turned into a pretty low bar—and it doesn’t have to be.</p> <p>More than ever, people want to do business with people they like and TRUST.</p> <p>As businesses have made the huge shift to online experience in 2020, everything has gotten a little less polished and lot more personal. This is the key for improving legal marketing: show your audience who you ARE, not just the “legalese”of what you can do.</p> <p>Check out the full episode, “How to make legal marketing less boring” on Apple and Spotify podcasts&nbsp;</p>
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The Curse of an Unclear Vision | B2B Podcastin...
<p>Do you feel like you're walking through a fog this year?</p> <p>If so, you're not alone. This year put a spotlight on all of us, and if there was anything lacking in your business before, there's no glossing over it now.</p> <p>Thats why it's ESSENTIAL you have a clear vision as an executive leading your team.</p> <p>In this week’s episode, we talk about the 3 costs of an unclear vision:</p> <ol> <li>&nbsp;wasted effort, time, and money</li> <li>&nbsp;lack of buy-in</li> <li>&nbsp;burden of stress on you as a leader</li> </ol> <p>We also cover red flags of an unclear vision to watch out for and how to make it clear.</p>
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The Disadvantages of Building an Internal Marke...
<p>2020 has been a rollercoaster year, to say the least.</p> <p>One of the good things to come out of it though is that businesses are realizing that they need to prioritize &nbsp;a digital marketing strategy.</p> <p>It's not just icing on the cake anymore.</p> <p>It's an essential way to consistently reach your audience.</p> <p>That being said, we don't recommend going out and hiring an internal digital marketing team.</p> <p>Here's why.&nbsp;</p>
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Why Creativity is Becoming a Commodity | B2B Po...
<p>Hey CMOs&nbsp;</p> <p>If you’re currently working with any creatives or considering a partnership in the near future, you want to listen to this.</p> <p>We’ve noticed a concerning trend in the market lately—people are beginning to see creativity as a commodity.</p> <p>Business owners are looking for the wisest way to invest their resources, and the freelance world has become less about excellent work and more about who can do the best work the fastest (and cheapest).</p> <p>If you want a good return on your investment with measurable results for your company, take a listen to this episode before hiring the least expensive creative for your upcoming project - you won’t regret it.</p>
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The Profit Behind Understanding Pain | B2B Podc...
<p>Need direction with revealing your vision through digital media? Visit <a href="http://rveal.media/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank">rveal.media</a> to schedule a free Discovery Call with our team.</p> <p><br></p> <p>“People don’t buy things, they buy emotions.”</p> <p>Does your current marketing strategy capitalize on this fact?&nbsp;</p> <p>If you want to win genuine attention from your audience, you have to connect with them. Show them that you understand how they’re feeling.</p> <p>While our culture would lead us to think that success comes at the expense of others, we’ve found the opposite to be true: when you have EMPATHY at the center of your motives, it benefits your business in the long run.</p> <p>This week on Reveal Remarkable, we discuss the enormous power of empathy in business.</p> <p><br></p>
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Thoughts for Marketing in 2021 | B2B Podcasting...
<p>As we wind down on the crazy, chaotic year that was 2020, we took some time to reflect on and discuss what we’ve learned.</p> <p>There was a lot. But we boiled it down to six points to consider for marketing in 2021.</p> <ol> <li>Define the message you want to be known for this year.</li> <li>Get crystal clear on your audience to the point that it scares you.</li> <li>Make digital marketing a priority, not an accessory.</li> <li>Stick with the plan for longer than is comfortable.</li> <li>Be quick to pivot, even if you’re in love with your plan.</li> <li>Create less, repurpose more.</li> </ol> <p>If this year taught us anything, it’s this: prioritize making a strategic and focused plan. And then be ready to change it.</p> <p>You don’t want to miss this one.&nbsp;</p>
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The Power of Writing | B2B Podcasting (Formerly...
<p>Do you struggle to show your audience that you’re an expert in your field?</p> <p>Do you constantly have a thousand things bouncing around your head with nowhere to go?</p> <p>There’s one thing that can address both of those challenges: WRITING.</p> <p>This week on Reveal Remarkable, we discuss how writing can actually clarify your message, build trust with your audience, and position you as a thought leader in your sphere of influence.</p>
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“If I Were The CMO…” | B2B Podcasting (Formerly...
<p>️Need direction with revealing your vision through digital media? Visit <a href="http://rveal.media/">rveal.media</a> to schedule a free Discovery Call with our team.</p> <p>This week on Reveal Remarkable, we play a game called “If I Were The CMO…”</p> <p>We made a list of organizations that we admire and alternate making marketing suggestions as if we were the CMO of that company.</p> <p>But there’s a twist: neither Jake or Kap know what the other person is going to say—so you’re getting unscripted, genuine conversation and brainstorming LIVE on the podcast.</p>
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The Social Dilemma | B2B Podcasting (Formerly "...
<p>We recently watched the Netflix documentary, <em>The Social Dilemma</em>, where former executives of big tech companies share exactly how the algorithms work to make social media platforms so addictive.</p> <p>It gave us a LOT to think about, since those algorithms are an essential part of online marketing and our business at rveal. In this episode of Reveal Remarkable, we discuss the documentary and what it means for content creators. Check it out.</p>
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Creativity in Corporate America? | B2B Podcasti...
<p>K️ap and Jake casually discuss the paradox of creativity in corporate America... but they also come up with some ideas that could change the game for these massive companies.<br> <br> Need direction with revealing your vision through digital media? Visit <a href="http://rveal.media/" rel="noreferrer nofollow noopener" target="_blank">rveal.media</a> to schedule a free Discovery Call with our team.</p>
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Great Leadership Begins with Great Communicatio...
<p>All great leadership starts with great communication, which includes everything we say and do.</p> <p>How do you navigate those tough waters as a business leader?</p> <p>This week we got to interview Jordan Montgomery, CEO of his own consulting firm, public speaker, and coach. Almost everything that comes out of his mouth with make you stop and think (for real).</p> <p>Get ready—you don’t want to miss this one.</p>
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How to own your own content | B2B Podcasting (F...
<p>With the ever-changing tides of social media and more recently, Google’s strategy change to keep users on their platform instead of redirecting, it’s more critical than ever to ensure you’re in full control of your own content. &nbsp;</p> <p>You might be thinking, “if it’s my content, aren’t I already in control of it?” Not necessarily. 🤔 &nbsp;</p> <p>If you’re relying solely on other platforms to distribute your content and get it in front of your audience, you might be in for a rude awakening. &nbsp;</p> <p>This week on Revealing Remarkable, learn the 2 things you need to do to build and retain your audience…on your own terms. Check out the latest episode on Apple and Spotify podcasts.</p>
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2 characteristics leaders need to cast vision w...
<p>Want consultation on your next project? Get started with us today at <a href="https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description&amp;v=YlZ5VbuzdB8&amp;redir_token=QUFFLUhqbUxpcWFqcmZfenN4SDRfWm5KVjFIdkRVRGRrd3xBQ3Jtc0ttS25IMTh5aUVyTHhXOVpMOTQ4QXAya2ZfTkVjNTZqY21zc2FCVVF1NTlQV3FTYll3M3dFSkkySDBBNlE3TnVWR0NabFhJemxSX2tXLVBWUHhoZjFUY2hqeWg5UWJDLWlvcTZyZGNvN3JXWTFTYVlPVQ%3D%3D&amp;q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rveal.media%2F" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://www.rveal.media/</a>.</p>
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Messaging with Meaning: an interview with Josh ...
<p>Want consultation on your next project? Get started with us today at https://www.rveal.media/.</p>
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Is it appropriate to sell in a crisis? | B2B Po...
<p>2020 has a lot of business owners asking themselves how they can keep selling without seeming tone deaf. Is it, in fact, appropriate to sell in the midst of a crisis? In this episode of Reveal Remarkable, we discuss it.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Want consultation on your next project? Get started with us today at https://www.rveal.media/.</p>
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Bringing Meaning to the Marketplace
<p>In this inaugural episode of Reveal Remarkable, Kap breaks down the power and importance behind bringing meaning to the marketplace.</p> <p>If you’d like to begin the journey of clarifying and revealing the vision in your heart for your organization, visit <a href="//rveal.media">rveal.media</a> to schedule a discovery call.</p>
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The biggest mistakes Thought Leaders make with ...
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Thought Leaders: How to create content around C...
<p>Want help developing your digital strategy?&nbsp;</p> <p>Schedule a discovery meeting today by visiting<a href="https://www.rveal.media/home"> rveal.media. &nbsp;</a>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/rvealmedia/">Follow us on LinkedIn</a></p>
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Thought Leaders: Why aren't I reaching more peo...
<p>Thought Leaders, have you ever asked the question, "Why aren't I reaching more people on social media?" &nbsp;We have some ideas why. Check it out in this week's episode of the rveal media podcast. &nbsp;Want consultation on your next project? Get started with us today at <a href=" https://www.rveal.media/.">rveal.media</a>.</p>
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The BIGGEST mistake that businesses make when h...
<p>Business leader, avoiding this mistake when hiring a creative company will not only save you a lot of time, but it will ensure that you're saving and even making the greatest return possible on your work.<br> <br> Visit<a href="https://rveal.media"> rveal.media</a> if you'd like to schedule a consultation.</p>
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7 Ingredients for a Successful Digital Strategy...
<p>For many companies right now, the digital world is the only place where they can communicate their message and continue to serve their customers. &nbsp;This has been an intimidating transition for some as they don't know where to start or what their priorities need to be as they begin to build a digital strategy. &nbsp;That's why in this episode of the rveal media podcast, we begin to cover what we call the 7 Ingredients to a Successful Digital Strategy. Stay tuned for part 2 next week.</p>
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COVID-19: 3 Things Your Business Can Do TODAY |...
<p>In this episode we talk about 3 things that businesses can do TODAY to position themselves to weather the storm of COVID-19.<br> <br> We'd also love to help provide some strategy to you and your business in this season. Please visit rveal.media to schedule a free 30min video consultation to get some practical strategy on how you can move your mission forward through digital messaging, marketing, and video creation.</p>
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