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Nancy Grace dives deep into the day’s most shocking crimes and asks the tough questions in her new daily podcast – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor and used her TV show to find missing people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the power of her huge social media following and the immediacy of the internet to deliver daily bombshells!

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True Crime
Crime Alert 04.20.22
Teen boy accused of setting fire to family home, killing sister. Fake DEA agent busted after getting discounted food for years.
0 min
Mom of 2, Stabbed Dead, Stuffed in Hockey Bag; ...
A 51-year-old mom of two, stabbed nearly 60 times, found stuffed inside a duffel bag in her Forest Hills neighborhood
40 min
Crime Alert 04.19.22
Man charged with kidnapping after hiding in ex-girlfriend's car. Biomedical Engineer orders caster beans online, but say he's not trying to make Ricin.
1 min
Young Yale grad-student gunned down after marri...
Qinxuan Pan, the man accused in the shooting death of a Yale graduate student, will soon get his day in court.
41 min
Crime Alert 04.18.22
Man thinks a motorcyclist is a hit man and intentionally runs him over. Four-year-old boy is stuffed into a dryer.
1 min
Breast Cancer Warrior Discovers Hubby's Affair ...
The search for Nikki Wilhoite begins after a friend calls police when Wilhoite didn't show up for work
41 min
Crime Alert 04.15.21
Jury convicts woman who lures four men to their death in just 16 minutes. Woman threatens to kill father after he confronts her about the sex toy delivered by Amazon.
1 min
Man Charged in Three Brutal Rapes of Teen Girls...
Three South Carolina teen girls accuse the same man of raping them.
40 min
Crime Alert 04.14.22
Woman killed over rent dispute by pipe wielding man. Mom tells police her son has more money than he should. Son arrested for robbery.
1 min
"Cult Mom" Lori Vallow Death Penalty for Murder...
Lori Vallow Daybell will stand trial for the deaths of her two children.
40 min
Crime alert 04.13.22
Teen robbers leave homework behind. Woman charged for over $43 million dollars in Covid relief scams.
0 min
Grandma, Grandpa, Teen Grandson Murdered at Fam...
Three people found dead at a Georgia gun range.
38 min
Crime Alert 04.12.22
Name calling leads to a woman and her children being threatened with a gun. Girlfriend gets arrested for assault with a CAT!
1 min
"Sex-Starved" Female Lawyer Murders 3 Sleeping ...
Deputies are called to a home on a September morning after relatives find the body of Jack Chandler, his wife, Kay, and their daughter Tiffany Ichor.
41 min
Crime Alert 04.11.22
Woman kills own mother says she thought it was another relative. Woman poisons boyfriend because he wouldn't stop talking.
1 min
Renowned Chef Found Murdered at Culinary Instit...
Beloved Chef Dan Brophy is gunned down in the culinary school where he teaches.
41 min
Crime Alert 04.08.22
Panhandler attacks after request for money. Stolen manuscripts from Charles Darwin returned.
1 min
Shocking Details Emerge After Young Mom Cassie ...
New details emerging in the investigation into the disappearance and death of Cassie Carli.
43 min
Crime Alert 04.07.22
Teen arrested in rape of woman was wearing ankle monitor. Man steals bear cubs from den.
1 min
Gun-Toting Boyfriend Guns Down Lover's Ex at Ki...
Chad Read meets with his ex, Christina, for a court-ordered custody exchange
41 min
Crime Alert 04.06.22
Mother stabs 3-year-old son. Poop stain id's robbery suspect.
0 min
Beauty Queen's Drug-Sedated "Sleepovers" With S...
Sara Jane Harris and Dr. James Michael Ryan meet at his dental practice in the Fall of 2020
38 min
Crime Alert 04.05.22
Woman arrested again after she is found with the teen boy she's accused of molesting. An incriminating "poo" stain leads police to a robber.
0 min
Teen Boy Dead After Exchanging Nude Photos Online.
By all accou;nts, Jordan DeMay was a well-liked, sports star at his Michigan high school.
39 min
Crime Alert 04.04.22
Teen's murder solved after 12 years. Guy robs a sex shop where he had just applied for a job.
0 min
Gorgeous Mom Cassie Carli Missing After Her Bab...
The search continues for missing mom Cassi Carli.
44 min
Crime Alert 04.01.22
Drunk driver kills 24-year-old murder. Woman charged with criminal mischief after breaking off a restaurant bathroom sink.
0 min
Teen Girl Remains Just Found in Shallow Grave: ...
Police have found the body of missing teen Naomi Irion.
44 min
SHOCK: "MCDONALD'S BABY" Left Dead in Fast-Food...
Arizona police are searching for a person of interest after a deceased newborn was reportedly found in a McDonald's bathroom.
37 min
Crime Alert 03.31.22
Woman died after argument over a vape cartridge. KFC customer calls 911 after not getting 8 pieces of chicken in her meal.
1 min
Crime Alert 03.30.22
Hubby blames podiatrist for wife's death, hires hitman. Robber leaved DNA on Gatorade bottle.
1 min
H.S. Teacher Pamela Smart Poses in Undies, Orde...
Pamela Smart will not be getting out of prison.
38 min
Shattered Souls: The Car Barn Murders | Episode...
32 min
Crime Alert 03.29.22
Detailed planning note for mass shooting found on absent worker's desk. Woman arrested after huffing deodorant cans.
1 min
Ginger-Haired Teen With Mind of 7-year-old, Kid...
19-year-old Kaitlin Benjamin-Olsen looks like a typical 19-year-old.
39 min
Crime Alert 03.28.22
Patient dies after being injected with paralyzing drug instead of a sedative. Newlyweds get into a brawl on their wedding night.
1 min
Body Bags: The Corn Rake Murder
Todd Mullis calls 911 as he drives his wife to an Iowa hospital.
36 min
Boys Beat Step-Dad Dead After He Molests Little...
A rancher finds Gabriel Quintanilla beaten, in a field outside McAllen, Texas
40 min
Crime Alert 03.25.22
Two teens beat Spanish teacher with a baseball bat. Woman arrested for shooting someone in the face with water pistol.
1 min
Red-Headed Beauty/Bride-to-be, Shoves Little O...
Barbara Maier Gustern was shoved from behind outside her Chelsea residence.
42 min
Crime Alert 03.24.22
Bodies of two little girls found during wellness check by police. Mom leaves children alone to go on vacay with her boyfriend.
1 min
Teen Girl Vanishes from Walmart Parking Lot. HE...
18-year-old Naomi Irion was last seen on security footage, sitting in her vehicle while waiting for the shuttle she takes to work at Panasonic in the Reno-Sparks area.
40 min
BONUS PODCAST! Shattered Souls: The Car Barn Mu...
12 min
Crime Alert 03..23.22
Man tells police he thought the woman he just punched in the face was his wife. Mom tells cops she hasn't been drinking and driving. 9-year-old son reminds her, "you can't lie to the police."v
1 min
Couple Toasting Engagement Chased Down, Murdere...
In May 1983, Stephen Hynes and fiancee', Catherine Moore, are toasting their engagement with champagne and a cookout on the patio of her apartment.
40 min
Crime Alert 03.22.22
Man charged with assault as a hate crime after beating Asian woman. Couple hides in a Target store to film after hours for a YouTube video.
1 min
VERDICT WATCH: Basketball star Lorenzen Wright...
Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright made millions of dollars during his basketball career, but he also lost millions of dollars. His bullet-riddled body was found in a swampy field in suburban Memphis.
40 min
Crime Alert 03.21.22
Pregnant teen killed when friend unintentionally pulls trigger on gun. Dentist charged with intentionally breaking patients teeth to get insurance money.
1 min
Body Bags: The Tri-State Crematory
Twenty years ago, the discovery of a human skull would reveal one of Georgia’s most gruesome and bizarre crimes.
43 min
25-year-old Nicole Sinkule slept while her boyfriend plotted to kill her.
41 min
Crime Alert 03.18.22
Arrest made in death of Daytona Beach couple after waitress recognizes suspect as customer. Guy spends covid relief money on Pokeman card.
1 min
Empire co-star Jussie Smollett is out of jail while attorneys appeal his conviction for lying to police about a hate crime attack against him.
41 min
Crime Alert 03.17.22
Woman arrested after hitting her ex with her car. Guy threatens to shoot his neighbor after 7:45 am leaf blower incident.
1 min
Some of society's most notorious killers appear to be sons and daughters with every benefit that life has to offer.
42 min
Crime Alert 03.16.21
Georgia teens and their mom arrested after the boys shoot store employee with paint guns. Woman throws hot soup on server.
1 min
Where is Alexis, 24-y-o? Her blue Infinity aba...
The search continues for Alexis Gabe who's been missing since January.
42 min
Crime Alert 03.15.22
Nine children horribly abused. Parents get more than 200 years in prison. Man call police to field test his meth.
1 min
Gabby Petito BOMBSHELL: Did Brian Laundrie Pare...
Gabby Petito's parents say Christopher and Roberta Laundrie knew their son, Brian, murdered his girlfriend.
41 min
Crime Alert 03.14.22
Woman charged after shooting boyfriend with what she thinks is a BB gun. It wasn't. Woman calls in bomb threats to spend more time with her boyfriend.
1 min
Teen Girl Dies After Botched Breast Enhancement...
A Colorado teen saves for months to pay for breast augmentation, but lapses into a coma after being placed under anesthesia.
48 min
Crime Alert 03.11.22
Law student beats his girlfriend dead. Police raid home and find more than 200 weapons.
1 min
New Victim of Doodler Serial Killer Identified?
40 min
Crime Alert 03.10.22
Homeowner hit in the head with a hatchet. Man used fake FBI credentials to score fentanyl.
1 min
Aspiring Model Raped, Murdered, Body Discarded ...
Mary Jane Thompson, 21, wants to be a model.
41 min
Crime Alert 03.09.22
Florida woman found shot dead after 911 call. North Carolina Sheriff hides out to avoid drug charges.
1 min
Teen Hitmen Murder Wrong Woman, Brag at Party
24-year Alisha Canales-McGuire is babysitting for her sister when there is a 2 am knock at the door.
41 min
Crime Alert 03.08.22
Killer blows kisses in court to murder victim's family. Man uses toy gun to scare drivers.
1 min
Utah College Teen Found Naked, Covered in Coal ...
Madelyn Allen, 19, went missing from Snow College.
40 min
Crime Alert 03.07.22
Ten dollar bet leads to murder. Two arrests in one day will guarantee seeing the inside of a jail cell.
1 min
Body Bags: The Last Thanksgiving
Joel Guy Sr., 61, and Lisa Guy, 55, were stabbed to death inside their Knoxville home following Thanksgiving.
37 min
Angel Nichole Overstreet is reported missing on May 25, 2021.
43 min
Crime Alert 03.04.22
MMA great charged with attempted murder. School superintendent charged with false imprisonment.
1 min
BOMBSHELL In Case of Missing Brothers Orrin, 3,...
The adoptive parents of 3-year-old Orson West and 4-year-old his brother Orrin, send the boys outside to play just days before Christmas.
44 min
Crime Alert 03.03.22
Executive Director of Miss Florida scholarship arrested. Customer steals crossbow by sticking it down his pants.
1 min
Perp Guns down Movie Goer in Theater After Popc...
Chad Oulson goes on a movie date with his wife.
41 min
Crime Alert 03.02.22
Man breaks into neighbor's home to attack couple with a machete. Employees at a restaurant start a food fight to fend off a robber.
1 min
Alec Baldwin Tweets Buddhist Quote, Angers Grie...
The husband of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins says comments made by Rust actor/producer Alec Baldwin makes him angry.
42 min
Crime Alert 03.01.22
A man with a history of making terroristic threats, calls an acquaintance to say he's coming to rape her. Meth smuggling operation busted after packages disguised as onions are discovered..
1 min
Perp "Scales Wall" to shoot Gorgeous Lawyer Asl...
43 min
Crime Alert 02.28.22
Elementary school student hands teacher a note saying mom's being held against her will. Woman arrested for taking off all her clothes at a bar.
1 min
Body Bags: The Detailed Death of Brian Laundrie
The release of autopsy and forensic reports for Brian Laundrie provides an interesting study in forensics.
43 min
Angry Girl Shoots Waiter in Face Over $3 Burger
Anthony Rodriguez is lucky to be alive after a brutal attack left him with a gunshot wound
42 min
Crime Alert 02.25.22
Plumber arrested for molesting 4-year-old girl. Woman rescued after getting stuck in chimney while breaking into her own house.
1 min
America's Funny Man found Dead in Hotel Room, ...
Comedian Bob Saget’s autopsy shows head trauma caused the actor’s death.
40 min
Crime Alert 02.24.22
Arrest made in disappearance of teen girl. Woman gets stuck in the chimney, trying to get into her own house.
1 min
Stalker Perv Shoots in Door of Teen Girl TikTok...
A Maryland teen shows up at the door of TikTok star Ava Majury with a loaded shotgun and the intent to use it.
43 min
Crime Alert 02.23.22
Elder man pushed as he exits a bus. He hits his head, and dies. Dinosaur fossils worth $25,000 stolen.
1 min
Mom of 4, Uber Driver Begs For Her Life, MURDERED
46 min
Crime Alert 02.22.22
Twins shoot restaurant worker over missing burger. Man makes two threating calls to the wrong number and gets arrested.
1 min
Babysitter Terrorizes Tot CAUGHT ON NANNY-CAM, ...
Security video shows a 2-year old boy being physically restrained by his nanny and force-fed.
39 min
Crime Alert 02.21.22
Connecticut socialite must register as a sex offender. Guy claiming to be Mick Jagger tries to join musical performance.
1 min
"FAKE Heiress" Gets Netflix $$$ PAYDAY $$$
Anna Sorokin conned her way into Manhattan society
42 min
Crime Alert 02.18.22
Husband shoots wife's lover over affair. Police find severed finger during driver's arrest.
1 min
Body Bags: The Murder of the Amato Family
Most men will do just about anything for a girlfriend, but would you murder your own family?
32 min
Parents of Mass Shooter Ethan Crumbley Blow Wet...
A prosecutor is asking a judge to intervene after the parents of a suspected school shooter reportedly blew kisses at each other during a remote hearing.
47 min
Crime Alert 02.17.22
80-year-old kidnap victim rescued after daughter noticed Wordle solution wasn't posted. Man repeatedly calls 911 to report he is tired.
1 min
Prince Andrew Forks Over 16 Million in Sex Atta...
A settlement has been reached between Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre.
43 min
Crime Alert 02.16.22
A high school teacher busted after a teen girl finds a recording device. Woman blames eggroll for erratic driving.
1 min
Finding Paislee Shultis
A New York girl reported missing for two years has been found safe
9 min
Child Sex Perv Talks Delphi Murders of Little ...
An Indiana man accused of child exploitation and child pornography, says police told him he was the last person to communicate with one of two girls killed in Delphi, Indiana.
42 min