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Nancy Grace dives deep into the day’s most shocking crimes and asks the tough questions in her new daily podcast – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor and used her TV show to find missing people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the power of her huge social media following and the immediacy of the internet to deliver daily bombshells!

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True Crime
Missing Chase Massner: A Mother's Plea
U.S. Army veteran Chase Massner was 26 when he vanished without a trace from a friend's home in Kennesaw, Georgia, on March 27, 2014. Nancy Grace re-examines the mystery after an emotional plea for help from Chase's mom. Calls from friends and family have flooded Nancy's "Crime Stories" hotline asking for Grace to look at the three-year-old case.
21 min
Missing Maricela Garcia: Are revelations relev...
The family of Maricela Garcia hopes a private investigator will help them find the 26-year-old woman who disappeared while shopping at a Reseda, California, Goodwill store. Nancy Grace argues with reporter Alan Duke about the relevance of a new revelation -- that Garcia was arrested on a drug charge a year ago. The charge was later dismissed.
14 min
Maricela Garcia: Missing two weeks, but is LAPD...
The sister of Maricela Garcia, the California woman who disappeared while shopping at a Los Angeles area Goodwill Store, is desperately pleading with Los Angeles police to investigate the case that detectives labeled “voluntary missing.” A smashed cell phone, a torn necklace and a tracking dog’s reaction convinced her family that the 26-year-old woman was kidnapped. Nancy Grace discusses the LAPD’s reluctance to work the case with Alan Duke, who walked Maricela’s last path with her family.
29 min
Lost & Found: Maricela Garcia & Laura Stacy Mis...
This is a follow up to the "Vanished in the Valley" episode with a surprising new development in the disappearance of Laura Lynne Stacy. Nancy Grace and Alan Duke also take a closer look at what is known about Maricela Garcia, the Los Angeles woman who disappeared while shopping for a costume at a Goodwill store.
22 min
Vanished in the Valley: Young women gone missin...
(UPDATE: Laura Stacy was found alive hours after we posted this podcast! Details in next episode. ) Maricela Garcia and Laura Lynne Stacy didn’t know each other, but the young women share a common fate — both have gone missing in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles in recent days. Garcia disappeared just blocks from where another Valley woman was found half-nude and bound after a four-hour-long kidnapping ordeal a day later. Nancy Grace and Alan Duke discuss the mysteries.
32 min
Murdered jogger Karina Vetrano's father talks t...
The father of murdered New York jogger Karina Vetrano lives every day seeking justice for his daughter. His current fight is to convince New York officials to approve a groundbreaking new DNA analysis that he hopes will help find the killer. Phil Vetrano shares with Nancy Grace emotional details of the day of his daughter’s death.
32 min
Holy Toledo: Ohio dad, son use Bible in rape de...
A Toledo, Ohio, man and his son want to quote biblical scriptures in their defense against charges they raped two children, including the older man's stepdaughter. The judge will allow the duo to represent themselves with lawyers and to have the Bible at the defense table. However, Timothy and Esten Ciboro won't let them use it when questioning the children testifying abut the alleged sex abuse. Nancy Grace & Alan Duke discuss the case.
18 min
Missy Bevers Murder: What do you see in the 'Ve...
The public release of video showing a “vehicle of interest” hovering in a parking lot near the church where Missy Bevers was murdered has spurred new speculation about the killer’s identity. But when you zoom in on the car, can you really see the killer? Nancy Grace and Alan Duke discuss the theories and what they've confirmed from a third source close to the unsolved case.
20 min
Sherri Papini Copycats? New California Kidnappi...
The LAPD detective investigating the kidnapping of a woman in Van Nuys, California, allegedly by two hispanic women, gives Nancy Grace new details. He weighs in on speculation this abduction could be related to the Sherri Papini case. Grace and reporter Alan Duke discuss this and other missing female cases in California.
20 min
Tara Grinstead 'Up & Vanished': Podcast Investi...
"Up & Vanished" podcaster Payne Lindsey discusses his latest revelations about the Tara Grinstead case. The Georgia school teacher and former beauty queen disappeared in 2005, leaving a mystery that baffles investigators. It's a case that Nancy Grace has watched closely since soon after Grinstead was reported missing.
23 min
Teen Grace Packer's "Rape Fantasy" Murder: Mom ...
Grace Packer's dismembered body was found in Pennsylvania woods months after her adopted mother reported the 14-year-old missing. Investigators say the mom and her boyfriend killed the teen while acting out an 18-hour-long "rape-murder fantasy." Nancy Grace discusses the gruesome and bizarre details with reporter Alan Duke.
18 min
Cold Case: Chuckie Mauk Killer Still Free
Nancy Grace digs into a cold case that's very personal to her: The murder of Chuckie Mauk. The 13-year-old boy was shot to death while riding his bike in a middle Georgia community in 1986. His mom talks to Nancy about her hope for justice decades later and the grief that won't go away.
30 min
Hoax Crime Reports Hurt Real Victims
Kidnapping or missing person cases that turn out to be a hoax hurts victims of real crimes. Police, the media and the public can become suspicious when circumstances are similar. While hoax kidnappings have been around for decades, today’s social media give skeptics a bigger platform to speculate. Nancy Grace and Alan Duke discuss this.
19 min
Little Ashley Zhao Found Dead In Chinese Restau...
A day-long search for 5-year-old Ashley Zhao ended with the discovery of the child's body in her parent's Chinese restaurant. Her mother called 911 to report Ashley had wandered away from the North Canton, Ohio, family business. Nancy Grace and Alan Duke discuss the case and what might happen to the accused killer.
12 min
Who Kidnapped 'Super Mom' Sherri Papini?
Nearly two months after the Thanksgiving Day miracle of Sherri Papini's release by kidnappers, her case is still unsolved. Nancy Grace and Alan Duke discuss the bizarre care of the kidnapped California 'Super Mom.'
12 min
Missy Bevers Murder Probe - New Person of Interest
Police and relatives have gone silent nine months after the unsolved murder of Midlothian, Texas, mom Missy Bevers. Sources tell a new "person of interest" in the brutal beating of the fitness trainer case is linked to law enforcement. Knowing the person who used a hammer to kill Bevers in a church is still free is causing fear in the small Texas community. Nancy Grace and Alan Duke explore the latest.
19 min
Nancy Grace takes a deep dive on the top crime stories of the day.
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