Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace dives deep into the day’s most shocking crimes and asks the tough questions in her new daily podcast – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor and used her TV show to find missing people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the power of her huge social media following and the immediacy of the internet to deliver daily bombshells!

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True Crime
Popular New York Street Astronomer Charged in 2...
The body of 13-year-old Minnie Soriano is found by a homeless man in a dumpster.
41 min
Crime Alert 01.28.22
Restaurant manager killed while making food deliveries. Man says hypodermic needles in his pocket are for fishing.
1 min
Gorgeous YouTuber, 23, Dead in Bloody Bed, Cops...
A new investigation launched in the death of a popular social media influencer after allegations of a botched police work
39 min
Crime Alert 01.27.22
Texas teens killed by mom's boyfriend. Mail carrier mom's turns in thieving daughter.
1 min
Parents Dismembered After Son's Web of Lies
Bart Halderson, 50, and his wife Krista Halderson, 53, are reported missing after their son, 23-year-old Chandler Halderson, says they didn’t return from a planned weekend trip to their cabin in Langlade County.
40 min
Crime Alert 01.26.22
American fugitive caught after coming down with COVID abroad. Man moves a pedestrian bridge to his home.
1 min
New Orleans Mom of 2 Remains Found Dismembered ...
New Orleans police executing a search warrant related to a missing person, find a dismembered body.
41 min
Crime Alert 01.25.22
Woman tries to buy a baby from Walmart customer. Man bolts from traffic stop so he can finish his burger.
1 min
Does Notebook Reveal Brian Laundrie Confesses t...
The FBI report on the death of Gabby Petito concludes that Brian Laundrie killed Petito while the pair were on a cross-country van trip.
41 min
Crime Alert 01.24.22
Couple arrested for keeping mentally/physically individuals locked in basement. Mom leave kids home alone for trip with her boyfriend.
1 min
Cult Mom Lori Vallow/Hubby Chad Daybell Schemin...
As Lori Vallow's brother, Adam Cox, opens up about their familial relationships, the lengths that Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell were willing to go, are being revealed.
38 min
Crime Alert 01.21.22
1 min
UCLA Grad Student Beauty Stabbed Dead By Fugitive
A suspect arrested in the murder of 24-year-old Brianna Kupfer.
41 min
Crime Alert 01.20.22
Good Samaritan's car still with 5 children inside. Thief caught drilling holes in gas tanks to steal fuel.
1 min
Body Bags: Dishonor Thy Father and Mother
On July 1, Bart and Krista Halderson decide to go to their lakeside least that's what their son, Chandler, says.
31 min
Secret Sex Life Revealed After Millionaire Dent...
39 min
Crime Alert 01.19.22
1 min
Little Harmony Montgomery, 7, STILL MISSING, ...
The family of Harmony Montgomery says the New Hampshire Division For Children Youth and Families failed the little girl.
40 min
Crime Alert 01.18.22
Mom and son gunned down in their home. Car used as a trade-in, stolen from the same lot.
1 min
'Car Lot King' Pays $750,000 to Kill Mistress i...
The bodies of Holly Williams and Bill Lanway were found by a construction worker inside Williams’ crashed 2005 white Acura sedan.
41 min
Crime Alert 01.17.22
A disturbance call leads to a body in the trunk of a car. Senior citizens unwittingly enjoy a desert of pot brownies.
1 min
Rape Victim DEVASTATED After Judge Sets Rapist ...
42 min
Crime Alert 01.14.22
Man calls police after getting into a fight with his long time boyfriend, to say he's asleep on the couch. He's now charged with murder. A late night glitter attack leads to felony burglary charges.
1 min
Mom Caught on Video Throwing Newborn in Dumpste...
A couple dumpster diving hear a noise. They think a kitten or puppy is inside, but find a newborn instead.
42 min
Crime Alert 01.13.22
Woman thinks she's firing a BB gun at her boyfriend. He's hit in the neck and dies. Traffic stop leads police to meth in the driver's pocket, but he claims the pants are not his.
1 min