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Nancy Grace dives deep into the day’s most shocking crimes and asks the tough questions in her new daily podcast – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor and used her TV show to find missing people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the power of her huge social media following and the immediacy of the internet to deliver daily bombshells!

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True Crime
Shattered Souls: Moussa Maida
A cut-and-dried case threatens to crumble in the courtroom when the defense makes an argument that could let a killer walk free.
19 min
Body Bags: Dead at Daddy's Hands
A South Carolina dad drives his five children around the deep south for nine days. Their bodies are in garbage bags in the trunk. Timothy Jones, Jr, strangles four of them. The other, a six-year-old boy named Nahtahn, is forced to exercise until he dies. The dad uses the activity as punishment after he accuses Nahtah of breaking an electrical outlet in the home. After driving for almost two weeks, Jones dumps the bags off a logging road in rural Alabama. Today on Body Bags, forensic expert Joseph Scott Morgan explains what happened to the children's bodies.  
40 min
Plans to Kidnap/Torture Estranged Wife FAIL to ...
A Washington doctor is charged with attempted kidnapping after police say he reached out to “hitmen” on the dark web. Investigators got a tip about a scheme to kidnap Dr. Ronald Craig Ilg’s wife. A woman who received the tip-off told investigators that Ilg wanted someone to kidnap his wife while he was away in Mexico. Ilg also allegedly wanted his wife injected with heroin for a week. Reports say Ilg wanted his wife to stop the divorce proceeding and to return to the marriage.Joining Nancy Grace today:James Daniels - Director of Investigations,, Former IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent, Expert Witness in Cryptocurrency and Dark WebAshley Willcott - Judge and Trial Attorney, Anchor on Court TV, www.ashleywillcott.comDr. Shari Schwartz - Forensic Psychologist (specializing in Capital Mitigation and Victim Advocacy),, Twitter:, Author: "Criminal Behavior" and "Where Law and Psychology Intersect: Issues in Legal Psychology"Joe Scott Morgan - Professor of Forensics Jacksonville State University, Author, "Blood Beneath My Feet", Featured on "The Piketon Massacre: Return to Pike County" on iHeartRadioHayley Guenthner - Anchor/Investigative Reporter, KHQ-TV,, Instagram: @KHQhayleyDan Schilling - Former Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, 30-year Special Operations Veteran, Author: "The Power of Awareness",, Instagram: @danobooks
41 min
Crime Alert 11.26.21
Woman mauled by neighbors dogs. Naked man breaks into home, killing family pets.
1 min
Respected District Attorney Disappears During W...
Pennsylvania District Attorney Ray Gricar disappeared on a warm spring day, April 15, 2005. He told his live-in girlfriend he was taking off work and going for a drive to Lewisburg. He's seen at least once in town, but that's all. Gricar's red Mini Cooper was found in the parking lot of an antique mall two days later. His work cellphone was found inside. Ray Gricar vanished.Joining Nancy Grace Today:Bob Buehner - Former Montour County District Attorney, Past President of the PA District Attorneys Association, Friend and Close Colleague of VictimDr. Shari Schwartz - Forensic Psychologist,, Twitter:, Author: "Criminal Behavior" and "Where Law and Psychology Intersect: Issues in Legal Psychology"Lisa M. Dadio - Former Police Lieutenant, New Haven Police Department, Senior Lecturer, Director of the Center for Advanced Policing University of New Haven's Forensic Science DepartmentRebecca Knight - Writer/Reporter, Podcast: "Final Argument: The Disappearance of District Attorney Ray Gricar",,, Instagram: @FinalArgumentPodcast, Twitter: @ finalargument
36 min
Crime Alert 11.25.21
Man blames seizure for toddler's drowning death. Naked arsonist arrest after setting fire to church cross.
1 min
Family Still Searching for Killer of Young Mom...
Allison Foy was last seen alive while leaving a Wilmington, North Carolina, bar. Two years later, her skeletal remains were found a mile from that nightclub. Foy's killer has never been proven. Foy, 34, and a friend have a celebratory drink for Foy's promotion at work. Her friend asks a bar worker to call a taxi to take Allison home that July 2006 evening.The cab driver was the last known person to see Allison Foy alive. Investigators concluded that Foy was stabbed 40 times and thrown into a ditch near where the remains of another woman were found. Joining Nancy Grace Today:Lisa Valentino - Victim's Sister, CUE Center for Missing Persons, ncmissingpersons.orgBob Buehner - Former Montour County District Attorney, Past President of the PA District Attorneys AssociationDr. Jorey Krawczyn - Police Psychologist, Adjunct Faculty with Saint Leo University; Research Consultant with Blue Wall Institute, Author: Operation S.O.S. - Practical Recommendations to Help “Stop Officer Suicide” (October 2021) bw-institute.comDr. Tim Gallagher - Medical Examiner State of Florida, Lecturer: University of Florida Medical School Forensic Medicine. Founder/Host: International Forensic Medicine Death Investigation ConferenceSheryl McCollum - Forensic Expert & Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Founder, ColdCaseCrimes.orgBen Schachtman - News Director, WHQR News (NPR affiliate in Wilmington, NC),, Twitter: @Ben_Schachtman, Former Editor: Port City Daily
39 min
Crime Alert 11.24.21
A teen is shot after a fight. In a supermarket, a woman goes berserk because she hates the song playing on the store's loud speaker.
1 min
Suspect With Distinctive Facial Scarring Wanted...
Two-year-old Teekah Lewis disappeared from a local bowling alley in Tacoma, Washington. She was there with her family: her mom, aunts, uncles, friends were all there bowling in lanes 7 and 8. It was league night at Frontier Lanes bowling alley, so there were tons of people there. But amidst all her family, Teekah seemingly vanished into thin air while just 10 feet away from her mother, Theresa Lewis. While family and friends bowled, the little girl played at the wheel of a video arcade game. Theresa Lewis says she looked away from her baby girl for less than a minute, and when she looked back, she was gone. A witness comes forward describing a man with facial scarring as a potential suspect.Joining Nancy Grace today:Theresa Lewis - Victim's MotherDale Carson - Criminal Defense Attorney (Jacksonville), Former FBI Agent, Former Police Officer, Author: "Arrest-Proof Yourself"Dr. Bethany Marshall - Psychoanalyst,, New Netflix show: 'Bling Empire' Dan Scott - Former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sergeant, 26 years with Special Victims Bureau Specializing in Child Abuse Olivia LaVoice - Crime reporter for Q13FOX (Seattle)TIPLINE: Tacoma Police Crime Tips Crime Tips (253) 591-5959 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
35 min
Crime Alert 11.23.21
A guy playing golf gets angry when staff tries to close up for the day. A man posing as an officer approaches real cops with what appears to be a gun.
1 min
New Push For Tips in Disappearance of People's ...
Michelle Parker is a loving, hardworking mother of 3. She's also a student and a business owner, but one night this reliable employee did not show up for work. Her 11-year-old son, home alone after school couldn't find his mom. Michelle Parker disappears. The same day on “The People’s Court,” an episode featuring Parker and her ex-fiancée Dale Smith aired. It had been filmed months before. The episode involved a disagreement about a $5,000 engagement ring that was lost after Parker threw it at Smith during an argument.Joining Nancy Grace today:John W. Dill - Personal Injury Lawyer, Orlando, FL, Part of the Parker family's legal team,, @JohnWDillESQ  Dr. Bethany Marshall - Psychoanalyst,, Netflix show: 'Bling Empire Sheryl McCollum - Forensic Expert, Founder: Cold Case Investigative Research Institute in Atlanta, GA,, @ColdCaseTips  Bianca Prieto - Former Orlando Sentinel Criminal Justice Reporter 2011-2013, Instagram: @biancaprieto Ray Caputo - Lead News Anchor for Orlando's Morning News, 96.5 WDBO
40 min
Crime Alert 11.22.21
A teen is kidnapped and nearly killed. A guy goes on a crime spree, involving churches and schools.
1 min
Body Bags: Murder in Piedmont Park
Discretion advised: Details in this report may be disturbing.Katherine “Katie” Janness takes her dog, Bowie, for a late-night walk in the Midtown area of Atlanta. Janness stops at a local bar to say hello to her girlfriend, who's working.  When Janness' girlfriend gets off work, no one is home, but should have been. After unanswered phone calls and texts, Emma Clark uses the 'find my phone' app, which leads her to a horrifying discovery. Just inside Atlanta's popular Piedmont Park, 40-year-old Katherine Janness has been brutally attacked, stabbed more than 50 times, and her body horrifically mutilated. Letters have been carved into her abdomen and the amount of blood present indicates, Janness may have still been alive when it happened. 
37 min
FINALLY JUSTICE: Arrest Made for the Murder of ...
Faith Hedgepeth, 19, is found by her roommate, covered in blood, inside her North Carolina apartment. Autopsy reports show the college student was beaten to death, sustaining severe head injuries. Investigators said an empty liquor bottle found near the body is used in the crime. For nine years, the investigation yields no suspects, but now an arrest has been made.Joining Nancy Grace today:Connie Hedgepeth - Victim's MotherWendy Patrick - California prosecutor, author “Red Flags” 'Today with Dr. Wendy' on KCBQ in San DiegoDr. Angela Arnold - Psychiatrist, Atlanta GA, Former Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology: Emory University, Former Medical Director of The Psychiatric Ob-Gyn Clinic at Grady Memorial HospitalDr. Todd M. Barr, M.D. - Deputy Medical Examiner/Forensic Pathologist at Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office (Cleveland OH)Sheryl McCollum - Forensic Expert & Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Founder, ColdCaseCrimes.orgSarina Fazan - Four-time Emmy Award-Winning TV Anchor & Reporter, Sarina Fazan Media,, Podcast: "On The Record with Sarina Fazan" @sarinafazannews, YouTube: Sarina Fazan TV
39 min
Crime Alert 11.19.21
A father does the unthinkable. A anti-vaccinator terrorizes people at a mobile COVID clinic.
0 min
Mom, 2-year-old Bludgeoned Dead in Broad Daylight
Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Watkins and her 2-year-old daughter, Nicole, are found bludgeoned to death in their apartment in 1995. Clues have been hard to find in this case. The sliding glass door to the first-floor apartment was open. No prints are reported. The bodies were found in the kitchen area of the apartment. Watkin's ex, Nicole's father, has a rock-solid alibi. Watkin's never mentioned being scared of or harassed by anyone. The single mother was very active in St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Renton and studying to be a nurse. A $10,000 reward is now offered for information. Joining Nancy Grace Today:Barb Newton - Victim's Friend, Attended St. Matthew’s Lutheran ChurchTammy Olivieri - Victim's Best FriendWendy Patrick - California prosecutor, author “Red Flags” 'Today with Dr. Wendy' on KCBQ in San DiegoDr. Angela Arnold - Psychiatrist, Atlanta GA www.angelaarnoldmd.comDr. Todd M. Barr, M.D. - Deputy Medical Examiner/Forensic Pathologist at Cuyahoga County Medical ExaminerSheryl McCollum - Forensic Expert & Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Founder, ColdCaseCrimes.orgOlivia LaVoice - Crime Reporter for Q13 FOX (Seattle), Twitter: @Q13Olivia, Instagram: @Olivia_LaVoice, "Olivia LaVoice Q13" on Facebook
38 min
Crime Alert 11.18.21
A New York City jogger is attacked in broad daylight, A trio of minors take a stolen vehicle for a joyride.
1 min
Young Nurse Among Hundreds Raped, Assaulted Tak...
Registered nurse Cristen Giangarra, 31, is among hundreds of women reporting rapes and assaults by their lift drivers. Giangarra called for a Lyft after a night of celebrating with friends. The ride to her home should have lasted six minutes but was instead was 51 minutes of terror. Giangarra says she fell asleep in the backseat and woke up to her driver raping her. Giangarra sued Lyft, saying the company cut corners on background checks and hired her driver, 54-year-old Larry Ward, despite his criminal history. He has since been charged with kidnapping and rape. Joining Nancy Grace Today:James Shelnutt - 27 years Atlanta Metro Area Major Case Detective, Swat officer, Lawyer, www.ShelnuttLawFirm.comCaryn Stark - NYC Psychologist,, Twitter: @carynpsych, Facebook: "Caryn Stark"Dan Corsentino - Former Police Chief, Former Sheriff, Served on US Homeland Security Senior Advisory Board, Private Investigator, www.dancorsentino.comDr. Kendall Crowns – Chief Medical Examiner Tarrant County (Ft Worth), Lecturer: University of Texas and Texas A&M, Affiliated Faculty: University of Texas Medical BranchSpencer Coursen - Founder and President: Coursen Security Group, Author: "The Safety Trap: A Security Expert’s Secrets For Staying Safe in a Dangerous World",, Instagram: @s.coursenKristy Mazurek - Emmy Award-winning Investigative Reporter, President of Successful Strategies PR and Crisis Communications Firm
39 min
Crime Alert 11.17.21
A high school teacher busted after a teen girl finds a recording device. A woman visiting a zoo proves her love for the lion.
1 min
24-Year-Old Daughter Missing From Parents' Home
Jennifer Caridad leaves her family home in Sunnyside, Washington, to pick up her boyfriend. As the 24-year-old walks out the door, she tells her younger brother that she'll be back later. Caridad has not been seen since. The day after, the family reported her missing, and the SUV Caridad was driving was found at Berglund Lake. Blood was found in the vehicle and women's clothes were discarded nearby. Joining Nancy Grace Today:Kathleen Murphy - North Carolina, Family Attorney,, Twitter: @RalDivorceLaw,  Dr. Bethany Marshall - Psychoanalyst,, New Netflix show: 'Bling Empire' Justin Boardman - Former Special Victim's Unit Detective, West Valley City (Utah), Author: "I Was Wrong: An Investigator's Battle-cry for Change Within the Special Victims Unit",, Twitter: @boardman_train  Christina Giardinelli - Multimedia Journalist, KTVL, News 10 (Medford, Oregon),, Twitter: @ChristinaKTVL
38 min
Crime Alert 11.16.21
Teen arrested after spreading rumors of a school shooting. Street sweeper stolen, taking for a joy ride. No clean get away here.
1 min
Teen Vigilante Guns Down 3, Heads to Jury
Closing arguments to begin in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial. Before today's court session opened, we learn at least two charges have been dropped. Rittenhouse was 17 when he crossed Illinois state lines into Kenosha, Wisconsin, with his AR-style rifle and a medic bag. He said his intent was to protect property against protesters who were in the streets after a white police officer shot Jacob Blake, a black man, seven times in the back. In the course of the night of August 25, 2020, Rittenhouse shot and killed two people and wounded another, claiming self-defense. Joining Nancy Grace today:Troy Slaten - Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, Slaten Lawyers, APC, Twitter @TroySlaten Caryn Stark - NYC Psychologist,, Twitter: @carynpsych, Facebook: "Caryn Stark" Dan Corsentino - Former Police Chief, Former Sheriff, Served on US Homeland Security Senior Advisory Board, Private Investigator Dr. William Morrone - Chief Medical Examiner, Bay County Michigan, Author: "American Narcan: Naloxone & Heroin-Fentanyl Associated Mortality", RecoveryPathwaysLLC.comSpencer Coursen - Founder and President: Coursen Security Group, Author: "The Safety Trap: A Security Expert’s Secrets For Staying Safe in a Dangerous World",, Instagram: @s.coursen, Twitter: @SpencerCoursenAlexis Tereszcuk - Investigative Reporter, Writer/Fact Checker, Lead Stories dot Com, Twitter: @swimmie2009
37 min
Crime Alert 11.15.21
A 15 year old commits an unbelievable crime. A guy on a go-kart commits several crimes.
1 min
Shattered Souls: Scratches
What should have been an open-and-shut case leads to the most devastating moment of Karen's career.
27 min
Body Bags: Dead on a Bali Vacation
Teen Heather Mack and her mother Sheila von Wiese-Mack plan a tropical vacation. They go to Bali to work on their relationship, but they're not the only ones. Heather Mack buys her boyfriend a ticket, using her mother's credit card. Within 10 hours of Tommy Schaefer's arrival, the 62-year-old socialite is dead. Von Wiese-Mack is bludgeoned to death by Schaeffer with a heavy fruit bowl, and her body stuffed inside a suitcase. The lovers and soon-to-be parents are charged and convicted. Tommy Schaefer is still in an Indonesian prison. Heather Mack served 7 years of her ten-year sentence and gave birth behind bars. She was recently released and expelled from Bali. Upon her arrival back in the U.S., Mack was taken into custody on multiple charges. Today, forensics expert and former death scene investigator Joseph Scott Morgan explains the carnage to Sheila von Wiese-Mack's body. 
33 min