Hook into Books - The Human Library
Stories and storytelling are age-old. Stories teach, challenge, and connect us. For all of history, human connections have been built through storytelling. In fact, stories have been used to pass down knowledge and ideas for thousands of generations. We know that through the sharing and hearing of stories, lives can be changed. Our Human Library lets you borrow people instead of books, for a short insight into the lives of someone you might not ordinarily meet in your day-to-day life. These are people who are – as we all are – well worth listening to. Join us as we celebrate the diverse life experiences and wealth of knowledge that make up the rich tapestry of our Life Without Barriers community as each podcast episode features 'a book - a human' in our Library. Hook into Books with us: https://www.lwb.org.au/our-approach/education-unit/hook-into-books/
Book 5 - Chloe Blake
11 min
Book 4 - Donna Mincham
19 min
Book 3 - James Fewtrell
16 min
Book 2 - Jacintha Batchelor
21 min
Book 1 - Tess Rowley
15 min