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#541 - A look ahead to NC State
And a compelling recruit gets closer to his college decision
46 min
#540 - Reviewing the "Raw Uncut" scrimmage video
We do what we do best!
51 min
#539 - Heartbreak against the Irish
And a few words about the rise of a leader
37 min
#538 - Preparing to Fight the Irish
We preview Saturday's huge football game.
58 min
#537 - The schedule is out!
And we look at Duke's beatdown of UConn in football
44 min
DBR Bites #25 - Kon Kneuppel is a Blue Devil!!
Another one!
29 min
#536 - Revisiting your wild predictions!
And we preview Duke Football vs. UConn
47 min
#535 - Football crushes Northwestern
And a couple wild and crazy predictions for the basketball team
38 min
#534 - What Happened at the World Cup?
And we look at another easy win for Duke football
49 min
#533 - Expansion is upon us
We talk more Duke Football and then finally give our thoughts on ACC expansion.
43 min
We had to get on and talk about it!
23 min
#531 - Preparing for the Duke Football opener
We get ready for the big football opener.
41 min
#530 - Reviewing recruiting and conference real...
Sam and Donald band together to bring you Episode 530 of the Duke Basketball Roundup, with Donald having returned from his soccer travels but missing Jason who is on a cruise of his own.Sam and Donald begin with recruiting news, with Flory Bidunga d...
45 min
#529 -Part 2 of our conversation with Ryan Young
If you missed part 1 of the Duke Basketball Roundup's chat with Duke big man Ryan Young, go listen to that before you tackle this one (https://dukeroundup.podbean.com/e/528-inside-duke-hoops-with-ryan-young-part-1/). Ok, now that you have heard part ...
34 min
#528 - Inside Duke Hoops with Ryan Young: Part 1
Duke super senior big man Ryan Young is our very special guest on a 2-part edition of the Duke Basketball Roundup. In part one, we hear from Ryan about how the team is doing in summer workouts. We make sure to pin him down about those 5-star freshmen...
43 min
#527 - NIL Event Cancelled & a New Assistant Coach
The news was coming fast and furious on this Thursday, so the Duke Basketball Roundup team sat down to bring you all we have heard about the two breaking stories. First up, the big NIL event Duke was scheduled to hold in Chicago this weekend, an even...
33 min
#526 - Scrimmage video and non-conference sched...
The Duke social media team has been hard at work lately and their latest offering is 10-minutes of highly edited video of a scrimmage from a recent practice. It is tough to read too much from these videos where 95% of the missed shots and turnovers a...
54 min
#525 - Spying on Media Day
The Duke Basketball Roundup was in the house as Duke revealed a little bit of itself to the media this week. We heard from Flip, Ryan, Mark, and Jeremy... as well as from Coach Scheyer. And, as an added bonus, we got to watch as the team ran through ...
44 min
#524 - Will Avery returns and Peach Jam highlights
The Duke Basketball Roundup celebrates the newest member of the Duke coaching staff, former player Will Avery. We have been talking about Will working hard the past several years to finish up his Duke undergrad degree and he is now using that degree ...
43 min
#523 - Arkansas travels and size matters
We’re back with Episode 523 of the Duke Basketball Roundup, the ACC/SEC Challenge is on the menu!For the first time ever, the Duke Blue Devils are headed to the state of Arkansas, where they will take on the Arkansas Razorbacks in the first edition ...
33 min
#522 - Talkin’ Duke Hoops with Gene Banks!
On this episode of the Duke Basketball Roundup, we are so honored to have a Duke Blue Devils legend join us for a thrilling conversation. It’s none other than Gene Banks!! One of the great players in Duke Basketball history, Gene Banks has an incredi...
49 min
#521 - NBA Draft and Goodbye to Amile
The Duke Basketball Roundup has a slew of stuff for you on this day. After the intros (in which we debate a huge travel decision facing Jason) the guys dive right in to the NBA Draft. They look at where Dereck Lively and Dariq Whitehead ended up and ...
56 min
#520 - NBA Draft Preview - Part 2
The NBA Draft preview continues on Episode 520 of the Duke Basketball Roundup, and we welcome back Jay Bilas to the show to discuss Dereck Lively!Lively is one that could have a lot of interest as we approach the draft, and Jay gives his take on wha...
40 min
#519 - NBA Draft Preview - Part 1
ESPN draft analyst and Duke legend Jay Bilas joins the Duke Basketball Roundup for a pair of episodes to look at the draft prospects of a pair of Dukies this year. In part 1, Jay talks to us about Dariq Whitehead and how he can stand out among a whol...
32 min
#518 - The Best Sophomores in Duke History
Wojo got a job, Duke is targeting a new big man in the high school ranks, but the main topic on this episode of the Duke Basketball Roundup is sophomores. Next year, Duke will be counting on 3 sophs (Flip, Mitchell, and Proctor) to help lead the team...
49 min