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For fans of the Gothic Wonderland, the Duke Basketball Roundup is your best source for analysis of the Duke Blue Devils anywhere on the internet since 2014!

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Episode 39 - 12/22/15 (Star Wars & Sportscenter)
On this episode of the DBR Podcast, Donald, Jason & Sam kick it off with (spoiler-free) recaps of the new Star Wars! Then, we recap the basketball loss to Utah, preview the three basketball games after Christmas and discuss Coach K's hilarious Sports...
61 min
Episode 38 - 12/16/15 (SI’s Luke Winn Joins Us)
The trio is back for Episode 38! On this episode, we are joined by Luke Winn, senior college basketball writer for Sports Illustrated. We also recap the Georgia Southern game and Amile Jefferson's injury and we preview the upcoming Utah matchup. Lear...
74 min
DBR Podcast #37 (Indiana, Buffalo, and Bowl Games)
DBR Podcast #37 (Indiana, Buffalo, and Bowl Games) by Duke Basketball Report Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
67 min
Episode #36 11/30/15
Jason, Sam, and Donald celebrate Thanksgiving by spending an hour talking about Duke hoops! 00:00 – Devil With a Blue Dress and welcome to episode #36 00:55 – Lets talk some hoops! Sam starts by praising the upperclassmen. 03:05 – Donald and Jason t...
79 min
Episode 35 - 11/10/15 (UNC recap, Basketball pr...
On this episode of the DBR Podcast, Ron Burgundy (Donald Wine), Brick Tamland (Jason Evans) and Champ Kind (Sam Klein) recap the terrible football loss to UNC and preview the Pitt game. We also get into basketball with discussion of the Harry Giles c...
67 min
Episode 34 - 11/4/15 (Thomas Sirk Interview)
Are you still angry that we got robbed by the officials at the end of the Miami game? So are Jason, Donald, and Sam. They talk to Duke QB Thomas Sirk about what the season has been like and get his reaction to the Miami debacle. Plus, basketball seas...
81 min
Episode 33 - 10/22/15 (Seth Davis Previews Bask...
Seth Davis joins the DBR podcast crew to discuss Duke and the rest of the world of college basketball in Episode 33. We also discuss the football team at the halfway point in the season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adc...
89 min
Episode 32 - 10/5/15(Al Featherston Interview)
Al Featherston joins Sam and Donald to discuss the Boston College game and how the Duke Basketball team looked at its initial open practice last weekend. Sam and Donald also preview the Army game. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoice...
50 min
DBR Podcast #30 W Laura Keeley
The guys welcome Duke beat reporter Laura Keeley to talk about the big win over Ga Tech in football and the newest member of the Duke basketball recruiting class of 2016, Javin DeLaurier. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adc...
54 min
DBR Podcast #29 (A conversation with Chris Coll...
What better way to talk about the Duke-Northwestern college football game than to interview the Northwestern basketball coach, the beloved former Dukie Chris Collins. Jason, Donald, and Sam get all the scoop from Collins about the program he is build...
74 min
DBR Podcast #28 (Tulane recap and basketball sc...
Donald, Jason, and Sam turn their critical eye to the football team's first game and preview the second. They also talk about the just release basketball schedule. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
56 min
Episode 27 - 9/1/15 (The Jim Sumner Football Pr...
On episode 27 of the DBR Podcast, Jim Sumner joins us to preview the Duke Football season! We also dip a little bit into basketball after we preview the Football team and give quick predictions of Duke's opening game against Tulane. Learn more about...
75 min
Episode 31 (Honorary) - 7/10/15 (A chat with Sh...
0:15 – Introduction to Episode #31… featuring Shane Battier 1:10 – Jason explains how Shane came on the podcast 3:30 – Shane tells us about his charitable contest at DraftKings.com to win a trip to South Florida to play a round of golf with Shane (ht...
53 min
Episode 26 - 6/30/15 (NBA Draft Review)
We're back! Donald, Sam, and Jason share some life stories before we dive into actual DBR stuff. 6:40 Three Blue Devils were drafted. Donald begins to rage. 8:00 Sam starts the conversation with Justise Winslow going to the Heat. What were the Hor...
78 min
Episode 25 - 5/10/15 (Nolan Smith Joins Us!)
The legendary Nolan Smith joins us on this episode of the Duke Basketball Report Podcast! Jason, Sam and Donald also cover Justin Robinson receiving a scholarship, the Blue Devils at the NFL Draft, the LA Clippers (aka Duke West) and their playoff ru...
51 min
Episode 24 - 4/27/15 (Recruiting & NBA Playoffs)
After a couple weeks off, we get into the offseason and discuss recruiting! We start with the 2015 recruiting class capped off by Brandon Ingram's commitment. We shift gears into the NBA Playoffs and how our Blue Devil alums are doing, and then we do...
65 min
Episode 23 - 4/12/15 (Season Recap)
Welcome to another edition of the DBR podcast! We are wstill basking in the glory of winning a national title. Here is what we talk about this time... 0:12 – Welcome 0:55 – Where in the world is Sam Klein? 1:45 – Donald starts with the most importan...
65 min
Episode 22 - 4/7/15 (NATIONAL CHAMPS!)
Jason Evans, Sam Klein, and Donald Wine wax poetic on the epic 5th national title for the Duke Blue Devils! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
58 min
Episode 21 - 4/5/15 (Final Four Recap and on to...
We're in the national championship game!! Jason (JasonEvans), Sam (Dev11) and Donald (Blazindw) break down the national semifinal win over Michigan State, discuss Wisconsin's victory over Kentucky and preview the national championship game! 0:13 Int...
63 min
Episode 20 3/29/15 (Final Four Baby!!!)
The guys celebrate Duke's return to the Final Four. Here's what they talk about: 0:00 - Introductions including the "Where is Sam tonight?" game 1:15 - Thoughts on Gonzaga. Jason raves about the D, Sam thinks Matt Jones and Justise Winslow had pretty...
54 min
Episode 19 - 3/28/15 (Still Dancing In The Elit...
Fresh off the 63-57 victory over Utah in the Sweet 16, Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11) and Donald Wine (Blazindw) rush home or to a Hooters parking lot to give the people the recap they deserve! We discuss the victory and preview what we ...
32 min
Episode 18 - 3/23/15 (Headed to Houston, Specia...
Join Jason Evans, Donald Wine, and Sam Klein as they break down Duke's opening weekend in 2015 NCAA tournament, including wins over Robert Morris and San Diego State. We also break down the rest of the ACC, which is sending an impressive 5 teams to t...
66 min
Episode 17 - 3/15/15 (It’s Selection Sunday!)
It's Selection Sunday, and Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11) and Donald Wine (Blazindw) are here to break down Duke's draw in the Big Dance! We preview Duke's draw and possible 1st and 2nd round opponents, take a look at the entire bracket,...
55 min
Episode 16 - 3/8/15 (Laura Keeley’s Back!)
Join Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11) and Donald Wine (Blazindw) as they recap the last week of the regular season. On this extended episode, we recap the wins against Wake Forest and UNC, preview the ACC tournament and potential NCAA Tour...
86 min
Episode 15 - 3/1/15 (March Madness Is Upon Us)
Join Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11) and Donald Wine (Blazindw) as they recap another successful week of Duke Basketball! With the calendar flipping to March, it's time to discuss some Bracketology as we recap the Virginia Tech and Syrac...
58 min