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#633 - Jay Bilas "Flips" for the NBA Draft
And we chat a bit about JJ Redick landing the Lakers job
31 min
#632 - Brendan Marks Interview Part 2 - Reviewi...
We continue our conversation with Brendan Marks, expanding our focus to the rest of the ACC.
52 min
DBR Bites #53 - NBA Champs and the Duke Hall of...
We come to celebrate the greatness of Jayson Tatum
28 min
#631 - Brendan Marks Interview Part 1 - Duke’s ...
An incredible interview to discuss Duke's new team.
50 min
DBR Bites #52 - ACC-SEC Challenge and Goodbye t...
It is with a heavy heart that we say farewell to Bob Harris
14 min
DBR Bites #51 - Breaking News, ACC Transfers, a...
We need your help to tell us which Duke Defenders are best
39 min
#630 - Scheyer talks, more scrimmage intel, and...
And it really looks like JJ is getting the Lakers job
45 min
DBR Bites #50 - Intel from K Academy Pickup Ball
We discuss what we’re hearing about the first pickup games of the summer.
36 min
DBR Bites #49 - Kansas Rivalry & Other Stuff
And we remember the late, great Bill Walton
34 min
#629 - Who plays, who sits next year Part 2 - T...
We continue our deep dive with the frontcourt.
78 min
DBR Bites #48 - Another Portal Addition!! Camer...
Another guard is added to the roster, and Jason has tea with Sion James.
25 min
#628 - Who plays, who sits next year Part 1 - T...
A long time discussing a speculative topic
69 min
#627 - EMERGENCY POD! Sion James commits to Duke!
We discuss the new guard heading to Durham.
39 min
#626 - Portal Intel, Parent Complaints, and Sch...
Whew, this one is packed with useful info!
49 min
#625 - Detailing the History of the Blue Devil!
We're joined by Bryan Reklis, the director of a new documentary focusing on the history of our beloved mascot.
44 min
DBR Bites #47 - Next Portal Targets
And the WOW of watching Khaman Maluach
38 min
#624 - BREAKING NEWS: Mason Gillis, Welcome to ...
And we get an inside look at how some future Dukies did at the Jordan Brand Classic
47 min
DBR Bites #46 - BREAKING NEWS: Duke lands Maliq...
And we reflect on Sean Stewart and why Duke lost so many guys to the portal
48 min
#623 - Duke's place in the transfer portal era
TJ Power transfers, which prompts a huge discussion on why the portal is hitting Duke hard.
58 min
DBR Bites #45 - We say farewell to Jeremy Roach...
We’re filled with pride as we salute our departing favorites.
40 min
DBR Bites #44 - Caleb Foster returns!
We discuss Foster being a part of next season's backcourt!
32 min
#622 - Farewell to Flip, Jared, and Jaylen
Three guys who gave everything they had to Duke Blue
34 min
DBR Bites #43 - Proctor Returns to Duke!
And we celebrate the STUDENT-athletes on the Duke team
31 min
DBR Bites #42 - Mark Mitchell Enters The Transf...
We react to his departure as well as the national title game.
31 min
#621 - The Future So Bright...
And we dive into the fabulous games played this weekend
40 min