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WTF #23 Recapping the 2023 Fantasy Season and P...
Sara is joined by Nick Pollack and you know what that means -- a lot of outstanding pitcher information. From guys who broke out this season, dudes who struggled, looks at the new rules and who we are most excited to see start next season, you won't want to miss this episode of What the FAAB?!
71 min
WTF #22: Winding down 2023 with Scott Pianowski
Scott Pianowski of Yahoo Fantasy Sports joins Sara to discuss the 2023 season, how our fantasy teams wound up and the takeaways we have from the rules changes and more on the latest Fans First Sports Network Fantasy podcast
65 min
WTF #21: Late season decision-making and proces...
Jeff Zimmerman from RotoGraphs, the Launch Angle and the author of "The Process" joins Sara to discuss the most recent guys we are keeping an eye on for injuries and opportunities this week, plus how to approach your league and decisions as the season enters its final 6 weeks.
65 min
WTF #20: Seven Weeks to Go
Sara is joined by Chris Torres from the Fantasy Baseball Beat and the Triple Play Fantasy Network to look at the season in the last few weeks, how we're managing teams, if those strategies have changed at all depending on standings and some of our favorite FAAB hits/misses of the season on the latest Fans First Sports Network fantasy baseball podcast.
71 min
WTF #19: Breaking down the Trade Deadline with ...
Sara is joined by Mike Carter of FanTrax, Triple Play Fantasy and Nine Inning Know It All and Michael Govier from the Pallazzo Podcast and FTNFantasy to break down everything that happened at the trade deadline, who could have sneaky good fantasy impact and how to make sure you are taking advantage of the changing landscape for the last two months of the fantasy baseball season.
79 min
What The FAAB?! #18: Trade Deadline Eve with La...
Sara is joined by Lauren Auerbach of Fantrax to talk through the trade deadline with a day to go for teams to make a deal. Who could move? Where could they go? What deals do we love? Why are the Rangers indistinguishable from the Texans (spoiler alert, it's their own fault) and more on the latest Fans First Sports Network Fantasy podcast.
65 min
What the FAAB #17: One week to the trade deadli...
Sara is joined by Michael Govier, who you know from the Pallazzo Podcast and FTN Fantasy, to talk through all of the news in fantasy baseball with one week to go before the trade deadline. We've got injury updates, team contexts, who could move, who is trying to make the case to be buyers and more.
84 min
WTF #16: Two weeks to the Trade Deadline w/ Joe...
Sara is joined by Joe Sheehan who you know from his work at Baseball Prospectus, ESPN, Baseball America, The Athletic and of course, his excellent newsletter that you are hopefully subscribed to for great baseball analysis. We talk through the recent injuries, call-ups and injury implications. In the second half of the show they look ahead to the trade deadline and some of the important context to consider with moves, plus, guys who could benefit from those moves and help your fantasy teams. Stick around until the end for news about Joe's new podcast called "Immaculate Talk" about the Immaculate Grid sensation taking over baseball Twitter.
69 min
What the FAAB?! #15 Checking in on rules change...
Sara is joined by Ariel Cohen to discuss the fantasy news heading into the All Star Break, plus a look at the impacts of the stolen base, pitch clock and other rule changes, and a look at how to use projection systems to win your league in the second half.
62 min
What the FAAB #14: Midseason check-in and prosp...
Sara is joined by Eric Cross from FTN Fantasy and Rotoballer to take a look at all the fantasy news and notes at the midpoint of the season, plus a look at his process for prospect ranking and how it can help you win your league.
66 min
What the FAAB?! #13 The Tout Wars Waiver Wire w...
Sara is joined by Razzball's Matt Truss to discuss the Tout Wars 12 Team Mixed League to date, including big waiver wire pick ups by returning champion Matt Truss plus how to manage your team when categories are clustered really tightly.
46 min
What the FAAB #12: The 2023 Statistical Landsca...
Sara is joined by Jason Collette to break down the fantasy baseball news of the week, from Elly De La Cruz FAAB to injuries and guys they are interested in taking a chance on as they look for replacements. After the break they do a deep dive on some of Jason's looks at league wide statistics including which teams are giving up a ton of stolen bases, how that's driving the run environment league wide and our favorite Cub who hasn't played yet that we both are waiting to return.
63 min
What the FAAB?! #11: Pitching situations & a GL...
Sara is joined by Adam Howe from Pitcher List for a look around the league, lots of pitchers coming back, being called up, they'll talk about it. After the break a look at his team in GLARF, what's working, what isn't and how he approaches FAAB each week.
53 min
What the FAAB?! #10 Tout Wars 12 Team Mixed Lea...
Sara is joined by Brian Entrekin (Bubba) to take a look at the biggest news in baseball in the last week, the Dodgers pitching situation, Michael Soroka and Tyler Glasnow's returns and more. Plus a deep dive on the state of the 12 team mixed league Tout Wars standings at Memorial Day. From what went well on draft day to mistakes that were made and how to correct them on the waiver wire in a very active FAAB market.
47 min
What the FAAB?! #9 Faabapalooza w/ Dave McDonald
Sara is joined by EARTH commissioner and the co-host of Friends with Fantasy Benefits, Dave McDonald to talk through the fantasy news of the week, who is hurt, how are we covering for them and more at the top of the show. Then they do a bit of a deep dive on GLARF, where neither is at the top of the fray this year, but there is still plenty of time for a comeback. Here how we're approaching leagues where things haven't gone right and more on this week's What the FAAB?!
74 min
What the FAAB?! #8: Volatile FAAB markets w/ Br...
Sara is joined by Pitcher List's Brett Ford to discuss the current news around fantasy baseball including a deep dive on how he develops his FAAB insights each week, plus a look at current player situations around the league and how the new MLBPA rules could be impacting the early waiver wire.
53 min
What the FAAB?! #7 Early Player Evaluation with...
Sara is joined by Justin Mason to discuss the latest fantasy baseball news including which guys we were very in on early this season who hit, which guys we missed on, how we are making early roster decisions and a truly wild FAAB market especially for starting pitching early this season.
62 min
What the FAAB #6: FAABulous advice with Jenny B...
Sara and Jenny recap the big injury and recovery news of the week including how stunned they both are Bryce Harper is back, how bummed they both are that the Astros have lost two members of their rotation, then focus on FAAB, including the last few weeks high priced starters, how to set your budget and waterfall to make sure you get your guys, and more.
55 min
What the FAAB?! #5: Sticky Stuff & Early Roster...
Sara is joined by Rotowire's Jeff Erickson to discuss news around the league and early season roster management. They look at how to spot a break out, why you need to just take a chance on guys early, when to cut players who aren't making it and tools that can help make roster management easier during the season.
53 min
WTF #4: Starting pitcher SOS w/ Mikey Ajeto
It's barely the third week of the baseball season and injuries are starting to mount for starting pitchers, that combined with new rule changes that are leading to some pitchers getting rocked. Luckily, Sara is joined by Baseball Prospectus' Mikey Ajeto, one of the savviest watchers of pitching in the industry. They talk rules changes and injuries at the top before breaking down nine pitchers Mikey is keeping an eye on this season. If you're looking for starting pitching help already on the waiver wire or trade market you won't want to miss this episode of What the FAAB?!
70 min
What the FAAB?! #3: Daily fantasy tips and tric...
Are you new to Daily Fantasy contests? Alex Sonty joins Sara to help you get off to a good start this season.
50 min
What the FAAB?! #2: GLARF recap w/ Mike Carter
Recapping one of the toughest leagues in the EARTH network and why looking back is as important as projecting stats w/ Mike Carter from FanTrax
69 min
What the FAAB #1: Tout Wars 12-Team Mixed Leagu...
Know your league rules, have fun and other lessons as you prepare for draft day
48 min
What the FAAB?! Trailer
Our new fantasy baseball podcast is launching soon!
1 min