Okay, Computer.

Each week our tricked-out team of tech investors and former operators breakdown the biggest headlines and themes in both public and private markets, with a specific focus on the intersection of web2 and web3. We will be joined by some of the most influential voices in tech, media, and crypto leaving listeners with fresh perspectives on increasingly complicated topics impacting their lives and investment portfolios.

Okay, Computer. Podcast is hosted by Dan Nathan, Katie Stanton, Rick Heitzmann & Packy McCormick with contributors Jarrod Dicker, Meltem Demirors, Cleo Abram, and Sally Shin. RiskReversal's resident luddite, Guy Adami stops in occasionally for Okay, Boomer segments.

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Tech News
The Post-SVB Smackdown with Deirdre Bosa and Ri...
51 min
Do FinTech Founders Dream of Dialectic Regulat...
Dan Nathan is joined by Trevor Marshall, Chief Technology Officer at Current
43 min
Bizarro Trade with Dan Ives, Deirdre Bosa and D...
Dan Nathan is joined by Tech Check’s Deirdre Bosa and Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities to talk about Big Tech’s “Bizaro Trade”
68 min
Move Slow & Don’t Break The Bank w/ Deirdre Bos...
Dan Nathan is joined by Deirdre Bosa, Rick Heitzmann and Jeff Richards
45 min
Tesla’s Chief Twit and Software’s It with GGV’s...
D-Bo (Deirdre Bosa) of CNBC’s TechCheck is back for another episode of Okay, Computer. Jeff Richards, Managing Partner at GGV Capital also graces us with his presence for an action packed episode.
36 min
ChatD-Bo (Deirdre Bosa) and a decade of M.A.D. ...
TechCheck’s Deirdre Bosa is back for another edition of Okay, Computer!
65 min
Cash Is King, Even In Charity: A Conversation W...
Jake Wood is the founder and CEO of Groundswell – a corporate philanthropy startup launched last year.
26 min
Fortune Favors The Persistent With Deirdre Bosa...
68 min
Tech Trifecta with Deirdre Bosa, Rick Heitzmann...
61 min
Private Tech Snaps Back to Reality: Freestylin’...
54 min
Ads, AI & Agave: A Conversation with Human Vent...
37 min
Magical Thinking Meets Financial Reality: A Con...
42 min
Tailwinds of Disruption with GGV Capital’s Jeff...
32 min
Chatbot Killed the Google Star: A Conversation ...
Dan and FirstMark Capital’s Rick Heitzmann discuss the rising cost of capital, mull a possible TikTok ban and analyze SpaceX's sky-high valuation
34 min
What’s Past Is Prologue with Guy Adami
Dan and Guy Adami discuss if the current market slump will prove similar to the recession of the early 2000s...
28 min
Nothing But Net…Losses in 2022: A Discussion Wi...
64 min
Too Clever by Half with Rick Heitzmann & A Conv...
58 min
Where the Streets Have No Name with Guy Adami
32 min
Sane Spaces in an Insane Digital World: A Conve...
Dan talks with Ida Josefiina, co-founder and CEO of Sane
31 min
A Business Insider Says the Stock Market is Pro...
Dan talks with Business Insider columnist Linette Lopez
25 min
Bear Market Rallies are a B*tch with Tech Inves...
51 min
Dumb Like Us with Rick Heitzmann & A Conversati...
79 min
Outlier People Create Outlier Returns: A Conver...
43 min
Tech-A-Palooza Earnings Week with Gene Munster ...
Dan Nathan interviews Gene Munster, co-founder and managing partner at Loup Ventures
30 min
Fast Money Meets Fast Politics with Molly Jong-...
48 min