Okay, Computer.

Each week our tricked-out team of tech investors and former operators breakdown the biggest headlines and themes in both public and private markets, with a specific focus on the intersection of web2 and web3. We will be joined by some of the most influential voices in tech, media, and crypto leaving listeners with fresh perspectives on increasingly complicated topics impacting their lives and investment portfolios.

Okay, Computer. Podcast is hosted by Dan Nathan, Katie Stanton, Rick Heitzmann & Packy McCormick with contributors Jarrod Dicker, Meltem Demirors, Cleo Abram, and Sally Shin. RiskReversal's resident luddite, Guy Adami stops in occasionally for Okay, Boomer segments.

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Tech News
Pop Goes the IPO with Deirdre Bosa, Katie Stant...
IPO vibe checks & "Stripe for video"
48 min
ArmCart Quarterbacking Tech IPOs with Deirdre Bosa
33 min
Funders & Founders with Katie Stanton & Kesava ...
Dan is joined by Katie Stanton of Moxxie Ventures and Kesava Kirupa Dinakaran, co-founder of Luminai
33 min
Bitcoin Fixes X… with Trevor Marshall, David Ha...
Dan Nathan is joined by Current’s CTO Trevor Marshall + A conversation with David Haber & Stuart Wall
66 min
The Space Economy with Chad Anderson
Check out our conversation with Chad Anderson, Founder and Managing Partner of Space Capital
29 min
A.I. Head-Fakes and Hot Takes
All eyes on NVIDIA 👀
43 min
Tech Is Still A Minefield with Dan Niles
On this episode, Dan is joined by Dan Niles of the Satori Fund
50 min
Long Party, Longer Hangover with Deirdre Bosa &...
44 min
Tech Earnings Roundup with Deirdre Bosa, Gene M...
Deirdre Bosa joins Dan Nathan to discuss this week's tech earnings...
39 min
X Lost the Plot with Deirdre Bosa, Michael Demp...
On this episode of “Okay, Computer.” Dan Nathan and Deirdre Bosa of CNBC discuss her interview with the Lyft CEO, AI for Uber/AirBnB, and Elon Musk renaming Twitter X
51 min
AI Why: Conversations with Deirdre Bosa, Dan Te...
53 min
Ro CEO Zach Reitano on Weight Loss Drugs
Dan Nathan is joined by Ro CEO Zach Reitano to discuss GLP-1 weight loss medications like Wegovy or Ozempic, and why the company started offering it to patients.
31 min
Fireworks for Big Tech and Making FinTech Smart...
Dan Nathan and Guy Adami discuss the AI revolution, Adam Nelson is making FinTech smarter
37 min
2015 Called and It Wants its Chatbot Back with ...
42 min
AI Ate the Nasdaq with Jeff Richards and Rick H...
Dan is joined by Jeff Richards and Rick Heitzmann
59 min
Apple’s Got Vision & Meta Wears Bifocals with D...
Dan is joined by Deirdre Bosa, host of CNBC’s TechCheck
32 min
A.I. = Assisted (Human) Intelligence, For Now. ...
Dan sits down with Katie Stanton, founder & general partner at Moxxie Ventures...
68 min
Meet The New Bubble, Same As The Old Bubble wit...
Dan Nathan is joined by Rick Heitzmann of FirstMark Capital
32 min
Range Anxiety with Dan Teran, Max Veggeberg and...
53 min
All Is Fair In Love and Social Media with Molly...
37 min
VC Meetings Will Continue Until Morale Improves...
64 min
Tech is a Minefield with Dan Niles
72 min
Q1 Tech Earnings Preview with Gene Munster of D...
64 min
AI Will Choose Your Future with Packy McCormi...
85 min
Slicing up a SMB Renaissance with Ilir Sela
71 min