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RotoWire eSports Podcast
RotoWire's eSports team -- featuring Joe Bartel -- gets you caught up each week on all of the latest happenings in the gaming world -- including League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, and CS:GO.
Video Games
Chatting with Frank Kaminsky
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) talks with Hornets center Frank Kaminsky (@FSKPart3) about his time with the Wisconsin Badgers, his love for movies and Call of Duty, and what new addition, Dwight Howard, could bring to the team.
23 min
Fiesta Watch - Quarterfinals of LoL World Champ...
Wyatt Lyles (@MistahDon) is joined by surprise guest James Bates (@RCGDreamweaver) to discuss the quarterfinals of the LoL World Championships.
67 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 19) - It's Time for the Playoffs
Wyatt Lyles (@wyatt__rw) and Noah Waltzer (@rw_noahwaltzer) get you set for the respective regional playoffs within League of Legends, and throw in side thoughts on Overwatch.
40 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 18) - Stream and Go
Wyatt Lyles (@wyatt__rw) and Noah Waltzer (@rw_noahwaltzer) work out the kinks of the new Twitch program while discussing the final few weeks of the LCS.
45 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 17) - The Downfall of SKT
Wyatt Lyles (@wyatt__rw) and Noah Waltzer (@rw_noahwaltzer) discuss the downfall of SK Telecom T1, Team Liquid's new roster changes and upcoming changes in patch 7.15.
46 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 16) - Viva Las Vegas!
It's a special edition podcast with the boys in Las Vegas! Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) steps in for Noah to talk Rift Rivals alongside Wyatt Lyles (@Wyatt__RW) and newcomer James Bates (@RCGDreamweaver).
38 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 15) - The Rift to End All Rivals
Wyatt Lyles (@wyatt__rw) and Noah Waltzer (@rw_noahwaltzer) give us the rundown on everything Rift Rivals and break down what's to come.
30 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 14) - LCK, How I Love You So
Wyatt Lyles (@wyatt__rw) and Noah Waltzer (@rw_noahwaltzer) take an in depth look into the LCK to break down the Telecom Wars and give predictions on final standings.
30 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 13) -- Noah's Angry about Liquid
Wyatt Lyles (@wyatt__rw) and Noah Waltzer (@rw_noahwaltzer) break down everything in the world of League of Legends, while highlighting the puzzling enigma that is Team Liquid.
29 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 12) - Where Oh Where is My Ga...
Wyatt Lyles (@wyatt__RW) and Noah Waltzer (@rw_noahwaltzer) look at the current state of League of Legends after the first two weeks of play in the Summer Split, and express their dismay with the state of Galio.
28 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 11) - Breaking Down Week 1 of...
Wyatt Lyles (@wyatt__RW) and Noah Waltzer (@rw_noahwaltzer) take a look at the first week of the Summer Split across the League of Legends world while once again lamenting at the state of the EU LCS.
31 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 10) - Echo Fox's Challenger T...
Wyatt Lyles (wyatt__RW) and Noah Waltzer (rw_noahwaltzer) put together an emergency podcast to discus the recent announcement regarding franchising in the LCS, plus Echo Fox's surprising new Challenger team.
27 min
Offensive Assault (Ep. 3) - Pressure on the Ove...
Joe Bartel (JBFantasySports) and Wyatt Lyles (wyatt__RW) talk about how the news regarding franchising in LoL could impact the Overwatch League, and recap some of the surprising events during and following the CWL Global Pro League Stage 1 playoffs.
40 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 9) - Just How Good is SKT?
Wyatt Lyles (wyatt__RW) and Noah Waltzer (rw_noahwaltzer) look back at Mid-Season Invitational playoffs while also taking a look at some of the roster moves prior to the Summer Split.
27 min
Offensive Assault (Ep. 2) - CWL Global Pro Leag...
Joe Bartel (JBFantasySports) and Wyatt Lyles (wyatt__RW) hop on with Christiaan Kutlik to talk about the CWL Global Pro League prior to the playoffs, where the Overwatch League is going wrong, and the perils of oversaturation in CS:GO.
55 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 7) - MSI Has Begun
"Wyatt Lyles (wyatt__RW) and Noah Waltzer (rw_noahwaltzer) recap the first stage of the Mid-Season Invitational before taking an in-depth look at the Group Stages, as well looking at some of the recent roster moves in the NA and EU LCS."​
43 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 6) - Patch This LoL!
Wyatt Lyles (wyatt__RW) and Noah Waltzer (rw_noahwaltzer) talk about the LPL finals as well as the recent patch 7.9 that will be hitting LoL.
51 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 5) - It's Time to MSI
Wyatt Lyles (wyatt__RW) and Noah Waltzer (rw_noahwaltzer) break down the Spring Split finals across the LCK, NA LCS and EU LCS and look forward to the Mid Season-Invitational.
38 min
​​Fiesta Watch (Ep. 4) - LoL Grand Finals Predi...
Wyatt Lyles (wyatt__RW) and Noah Waltzer (rw_noahwaltzer) discuss the upcoming grand final series taking place across the League of Legends world, while Wyatt simply bemoans his unsuccessful picks thus far in the playoffs.
30 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 3) - Playoffs and Beyond!
Wyatt Lyles (wyatt__RW) and Noah Waltzer (rw_noahwaltzer) discuss the intrigue surrounding the NA/EU LCS playoffs and recognize the final week of the LPL.
35 min
Offensive Assault (Ep. 1) - Call of Duty Contro...
Joe Bartel (JBFantasySports) and Wyatt Lyles (wyatt__RW) discuss the Gosu Crew controversy and expectations of a maturing esports scene.
40 min
​​Fiesta Watch (Ep. 2) - LoL Playoff Prediction...
Wyatt Lyles (wyatt__RW) and Noah Waltzer (rw_noahwaltzer) discuss the playoff matches in both the EU and NA LCS, while giving their in-depth thoughts and predictions on each of the four matchups.
32 min
Fiesta Watch (Ep. 1) - LoL Playoffs Standings
Wyatt Lyles (@wyatt__rw) and Noah Waltzer (rw_noahwaltzer) discuss the LoL playoffs race and suggest that SKT may not be the best team in the world.
33 min
Episode 4 - The Start of LCS and the Manila Major
In a special edition of Get Rekt, RotoWire's Joe Bartel and Kevin Hitt go over some of the EU LCS action that already took place as well as look forward to the action to come on the NA side with guests James Bates and Ethan Sexton. And with the Manila ...
63 min
Episode 3 - Professionalism within esports
RotoWire's Joe Bartel and Kevin Hitt discuss a few of the hot button issues within the esports landscape, including the CS:GO contract dispute with Luminosity Gaming, and sit down with former Team Liquid coach James O'Connor.
49 min
Episode 2- Examining LoL Offseason
RotoWire's Joe Bartel and Kevin Hitt go on a deep dive with special guest, James "Dreamweaver" Bates, as the group examines the LoL offseason thus far. Joe and Kevin also recap the action thus far during the CS:GO Starladder i-League Invitational and g...
42 min
Episode 1 - DreamHack Goes Wild
RotoWire's Joe Bartel and Kevin Hitt walk through some of the CS:GO action that took place during DreamHack Austin, including an embarrassing moment by summit1g, as well discuss the rise of Dream Team in the CWL Stage 2.
46 min