RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast

Jeff Erickson, Chris Liss, Jake Letarski, Joe Bartel, John McKechnie, Mario Puig, Andrew Laird, Scott Jenstad and guests from around the industry discuss both season-long and DFS advice Monday through Friday throughout the season.

Looking ahead to Week 7
John and Mario comb through each matchup for Week 7, where the Rams find themselves in an identity crisis and the Eagles and Cowboys are heading toward a pivotal divisional showdown.
57 min
Rams Trades, AFC North Talk and Hidden Stats
RotoWire's Jerry Donabedian joins Jeff Erickson to discuss the big trades by the Rams, reviews the Bengals and Ravens' status, previews the Week 7 slate, and explains his Hidden Stats and Streaming Defenses articles.
59 min
Week 6 Free Agent Rundown
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) and Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) discuss the controversial Monday Night win by the Packers and run through a notable list of backup free agent options at the running back position.
55 min
Week 6 In Review
Chris Liss Talks Yang With Jim Coventry
36 min
Previewing Week 6
John McKechnie (@johns_tailgate) and Joe Bartel (@JBFantasysports) run through every game in the Week 6 slate, highlighting what figures to be fruitful matchups between Kansas City and Houston, as well as Atlanta vs. Arizona.
52 min
Week 6 DFS Preview
Andrew Laird and Jerry Donabedian preview Sunday's 10-game daily fantasy football slate, including how a stars and scrubs lineup may be a contrarian move in a week with lots of usually high-priced elite players missing from the slate.
92 min
Andy Behrens Visits
Andy Behrens from joins Jeff Erickson to discuss the Week 6 slate, strategy in unique formats like SuperFlex and Two-TE leagues, and the growth of the industry and his role in the FSWA.
50 min
Week 5 Waiver Wire Review
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) and Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) go over trade scenarios for DeAndre Hopkins and also run through a handful of notable possible free-agent additions for your fantasy lineup.
55 min
Week 5 in Review
Do we adhere to our processes too rigidly? Do we have the baselines for the bottom teams in the NFL evaluated properly when we're evaluating the matchups? That and more in our Week 5 Review with Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson.
52 min
Week 5 DFS Preview
Scott Jenstad and Andrew Laird preview Sunday's 11-game daily fantasy football slate, one in which many fantasy players will be trying to convince themselves they can trust the Cincinnati Bengals.
88 min
Previewing Week 5
John and Mario dissect every Week 5 game, identifying the players to target or avoid in each matchup. The guys take a close look at what's going on in Houston and dig for hidden values in the Cincinnati offense.
63 min
Interview With the Vampire
No, it's not the Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt movie! It's Luke Hoover joining Jeff Erickson to talk about Vampire Leagues, wide receiver injuries, Week 5 matchups and the Sin City Showdown.
59 min
Week 4 Waiver Wire Review
Joe Bartel (JBFantasySports) and Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) handle a relatively mundane free agent week, highlighting Ronald Jones and the Titans defense as high-priority free-agent pickups, and also touch on different trade strategies for fantasy teams down on their luck.
49 min
Complex Systems
Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson break down Week 4, riffing on how the NFL is a complex system and how that explains some of the aberrant results that we saw from the Pats, Cowboys and Browns, among other teams.
51 min
Week 4 DFS Preview
Scott Jenstad and Andrew Laird break down Sunday's 12-game daily fantasy NFL slate, including their favorite game stacks and which popular value plays are more likely to bust than break out.
102 min
Week 4 Breakdown
John and Mario analyze every game on the Week 4 slate and discuss some of the early-season disappointments such as Kerryon Johnson, Sony Michel, and Baker Mayfield.
76 min
Tom Kessenich and the NFFC
Tom Kessenich drops by to discuss what is and isn't working in the NFFC. They also preview the Packers-Eagles game, and take a look at the Week 4 Waiver Wire.
65 min
Week 3 Waiver Wire
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) and Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) begrudgingly acknowledge a bevy of Giants players to pick up, including Wayne Gallman and Daniel Jones.
60 min
The Daniel Jones Era Commences
Chris Liss exults about Daniel Jones's debut while Jeff Erickson listens. And they break down Week 3.
58 min
Week 3 DFS Preview
Scott Jenstad and Andrew Laird preview Sunday's daily fantasy football slate, one that will test the resolve of fantasy players who like to focus on matchups and opportunities more than specific player skills.
84 min
Breaking Down Week 3
John and Mario break down the entire Week 3 slate from every angle and take stock of the quarterback situations in Pittsburgh, Carolina, and New Orleans. The guys also take a deep dive into the Lamar Jackson-Patrick Mahomes matchup coming up on Sunday
75 min
Getting Defensive, with Jim Coventry
Jim Coventry joins Jeff Erickson for the Wednesday fantasy football podcast. They cover free agent options, including a few ideas at LB to substitute for the injured Darius Leonard. They also rank the newly minted starting quarterbacks for the season.
57 min
Week 2 Waiver Wire Review
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) and Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) tackle a number of free agent QB options after injuries to Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, Sam Darnold and Cam Newton in Week 2.
67 min
Surveying the Week 2 Carnage
Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson break down all the damage done in Week 2 - damage done by refs, coaches, injuries and non-performance, headlined by Ben Roethlisberger's season-ending injury.
62 min
Week 2 DFS Preview
Scott Jenstad and Andrew Laird preview Sunday's 13-game daily fantasy NFL slate, including why people may be looking at multiple Raiders on DraftKings and which stacks could be overlooked on FanDuel.
87 min
The Dolphins Are Actually A Flash Mob
John McKechnie and Mario Puig attack the entire Week 2 slate from every angle and spend some time looking at the mess down in Miami.
78 min
Early FAAB Results with John Halpin
John Halpin joins Jeff Erickson to discuss early FAAB results, his eager endorsement of Mecole Hardman, Jeff's endorsement of Terry McLaurin, and they also preview the Panthers-Bucs game.
74 min
Week 1 Waiver Wire
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) and Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) run down an expansive list of eligible free agent targets for both deep and shallow formats, including John Ross and Marquise Brown.
62 min
Observations From Week 1
Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson discuss the results from Week 1, including the Tyreek Hill and Pat Mahomes injuries, Lamar Jackson's dominations, surprises from John Ross and a slew of rookie wide receivers, and observations from every game.
86 min
Week 1 DFS Preview
Scott Jenstad and Andrew Laird break down Sunday's 12-game daily fantasy NFL slate, including whether or not fantasy players in cash games and GPPs should be paying up for running backs Saquon Barkley and Christian McCaffrey.
92 min
Week 1 Breakdown
Week 1 is finally here and John and Mario and have the breakdowns for every game. The guys look at each matchup from a season-long and betting perspective, identifying the key fantasy players from every team along the way.
71 min
The Art of FAAB
Scott Jenstad jumps on with Jeff Erickson to discuss the fine art of bidding on free agents in fantasy football leagues, particularly in the NFFC. We also discuss the Zeke Elliott signing and Melvin Gordon's continuing holdout.
62 min
Under-Owned Players to Target
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) and Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) kick off their weekly series highlighting a handful of players under 50 percent owned in leagues that should be acquired, including Matthew Stafford and Mecole Hardman.
50 min
Cutdown Day Notes
Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson discuss LeSean McCoy & Damien Williams, the Bills backfield, Houston's moves, and how to adjust to 14-team leagues instead of the usual 12-team size.
59 min
Setting Goals and Avoiding Mistakes in DFS NFL
Scott Jenstad and Andrew Laird explain why it's important to set goals before the season and why people shouldn't drastically change them after a few good or bad weeks. They then break down some common mistakes people make and advise how they can be avoided.
72 min
ADP RB Risers
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) and Mario Puig (@rotowiremario) debate a handful of RBs going in the 3rd and 4th rounds including Chris Carson and Josh Jacobs, as well as touch on a handful of job battles including the Green Bay receiving corps.
62 min
The Film (Still) Doesn't Lie
Christopher Harris of drops by, joining Jeff Erickson to discuss his emphasis on player skills, rather than situational factors that often boost a player's value.
61 min
Auction Draft Strategy Review
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) and Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) go over the RotoWire Steak League #2 and Joe's NFFC Auction auction draft results, highlighting a handful of important auction draft strategies as well as riser/fallers such as Duke Johnson and T.Y. Hilton.
55 min
Fear of Missing Out of Luck
Chris Liss & Jeff Erickson host the Monday RotoWire podcast, and cover: - Andrew Luck - Cam Newton - Lamar Miller / Duke Johnson - Their "Fear of Missing Out" Players - Purposeful Omissions
57 min
Key Strategies for Daily Fantasy Football
Scott Jenstad and Andrew Laird explain a few core DFS strategies, including how to take advantage of late swap in cash games and GPPs, and the importance of results tracking for bankroll management and contest selection.
57 min
RotoWire Steak League Auction Recap
John and Mario talk about their strategies from this week's Steak League auction and discuss their best buys and worst misses. The guys also break down the latest news on the Ezekiel Elliott and Antonio Brown fronts.
50 min
Beller's Picks & Pans
59 min
To Handcuff or Not to Handcuff RBs
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) and Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) discuss the strategy behind handcuffing RBs and whether there are any optimal opportunities to capitalize on.
54 min
Tips for Survivor, ATS and Pick 'Em Pools
40 min
DFS NFL Showdown and Single Game Strategies
Scott Jenstad and Andrew Laird break down the single-game daily fantasy football offerings from DraftKings and FanDuel, including strategies for lineup building and captain selection in GPPs and cash games.
69 min
Preseason Week 2 + John's NFFC Draft
John and Mario break down some of the premier job battles heading into Week 2 of the preseason before dissecting John's Rotowire Online Championship Draft on the NFFC.
60 min
Best Ball Strategy
69 min
2019 NFL Draft Kit
Chris Liss and Peter Schoenke Give You the Broad Overview
62 min
Bounceback Fantasy Candidates
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) and Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) go position by position highlighting a handful of players they think are due for a bounceback season, including Aaron Rodgers and Dalvin Cook.
50 min
Better/Worse Than Most
53 min
DFS Football Research Processes
Scott Jenstad and Andrew Laird explain their weekly daily fantasy football research processes, including the importance of reviewing previous results to determine whether you got lucky/unlucky or had a good/poor approach.
59 min
August Best Ball ADP
John and Mario look at Mario's recent DRAFT Best Ball Mega Tourney and get into Week 1 of the preseason action.
44 min
Early Round Draft Strategy
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) is joined by RotoWire's own Jim Coventry (@JimCoventryNFL) to talk about his early-round draft strategy and the latest news and notes from NFL training camp.
55 min
Fantasy Busts
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) and Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) go position by position identifying their respective "do not draft lists", including their lack of Le'Veon Bell shares.
55 min
The Problem With Projections
58 min
Stacking and Position Analysis in Daily Fantasy...
Scott Jenstad and Andrew Laird break down various stacking techniques in daily fantasy football and then explain their methods for choosing quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends and defenses each week.
84 min
Undervalued Late Round Targets
John and Mario dive into some of the best upside targets going late in drafts, including Jalen Richard, Gus Edwards, Maurice Harris and more. The guys also take a look at Thursday's Hall of Fame Game between the Broncos and the Falcons.
45 min
Talking Dynasty with Brad Ziegler
55 min
Mid-to-Late Round Sleepers
Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) and Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) run down their respective lists of sleepers to target by position.
60 min
Bengals Breaking Down
61 min
The Importance of DFS Contest Selection
Scott Jenstad and Andrew Laird discuss the importance of contest selection in daily fantasy sports, including how to attack GPPs with different payout structures and why you should prioritize opponent diversification in cash games.
70 min
Training Camp Kickoff
John McKechnie and Mario Puig look at the big storylines with training camps opening across the league, including a look at the potential backfield shakeup in Miami.
43 min
Breaking Down a Vampire Fantasy League
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) is joined alongside Luke Hoover (@Hoover_L_A) to discuss the new fantasy football format called "Vampire Leagues" and Luke's success throughout his inaugural season in the intriguing new setup.
59 min
Auction Draft Values
Joe Bartel (@JBFantasySports) and Jake Letarski (@RotoJake) are back to discuss specific auction draft values they like, including paying up for a top RB and acquiring a top-tier TE.
62 min
Talking Yang - Liss' NFFC Draft
Chris Liss And Jim Coventry Go Round By Round
45 min
Basics of Daily Fantasy Football
Scott Jenstad and Andrew Laird discuss the basics of daily fantasy football, including which types of contests certain people are best suited for, how some season-long research helps with DFS, and what tools people may be using incorrectly as part of their research process.
56 min
Denver Backfield + Fish Bowl
John and Mario take a deep dive into their expectations for Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman as Denver opens training camp. The guys also take a look at Mario's Fish Bowl team and get some insight into his strategy.
42 min
Brad Evans Brings the Noise
62 min
Auction Draft 101
Want to get better in your auction league? Joe Bartel and Jake Letarski touch on general strategies in auction-league formats, including VORP (value over replacement player), nomination techniques and balancing your lineup with stars/scrubs.
50 min
Draft Season Begins
66 min
Dynasty and Devy Special
John and Mario eschew the slow NFL news cycle in favor of looking at some of the top college players who will be making noise at the next level in the coming years.
41 min
Best Ball Update
John and Mario talk recent NFL news and developments in best ball markets.
47 min
Flag Planting
John and Mario get into John's recent industry CFF mock where some statement picks were made for the early part of draft season. The guys rounded things out talking about the recent developments with James Conner, Marquise Brown, and the Packers' passing game.
56 min
Back to School
John and Mario go over some of the NFL's biggest news items, including Wentz and Hill, before delving into some college football talk with Rotowire's rankings getting close to launching.
43 min
J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets
John and Mario start their series of team previews with a look at the Jets. John's initial optimism is quickly squashed by a wave of facts presented by Mario.
42 min
Doug Baldwin We Hardly Knew Ye
John and Mario mourn the Doug Baldwin expected retirement news before diving into Mario's latest article, taking account of the post-draft ADP risers.
49 min
David Montgomery, or "You mean Alex Collins?"
John and Mario identify some of the best and worst landing spots for the 2019 rookies.
56 min
2019 Draft Special
John and Mario run through Mario's latest mock before dishing out their parting shots and bold predictions for how the upcoming draft will unfold.
82 min
Countdown to Draft Day
John and Mario look at John's recent first-round mock before filtering out some of the media noise on certain prospects.
59 min
Recalibrating the Ranks
John and Mario dive into Stanford receiver JJ Arcega-Whiteside's Pro Day and ask whether he has moved himself into first-round consideration.
44 min
Dynasty Mock 2.0
John and Mario run through a new mock in light of some recent notable Pro Day performances.
65 min
Free Agency Frenzy
John and Mario try to make sense of the early part of the new league year, including the Odell Beckham Jr. trade, the Le'Veon Bell signing, and more.
42 min
Combine Review Extravaganza
John and Mario give their full recap of the 2019 NFL Combine with full breakdowns of the wide receivers, running backs, tight ends, and quarterbacks.
78 min
Combine Preview
John and Mario dive into the running back and wide receiver groups ahead of this weekend's combine testing.
48 min
Dynasty Mock and Free Agent Primer
John McKechnie and Mario Puig discuss their three-round dynasty mock in light of Marquise Brown's injury and look at how it affects his short and long term value.
46 min
Receiver Breakdown: UGA Edition
John McKechnie and Mario Puig digest the week's NFL news, including the Joe Flacco trade before taking a deep dive into Georgia's draft-eligible receivers.
41 min
Combine Snubs and Early Best Ball Reaction
John McKechnie and Mario Puig look through the list of NFL Scouting Combine invitees before analyzing the early market for 2019 fantasy drafts.
43 min
Updated Dynasty Rankings
John McKechnie and Mario Puig break down Mario's new dynasty rankings.
34 min
Talking Yang - Super Bowl Edition
44 min
Senior Bowl Preview
John McKechnie and Mario Puig kick off draft season with their preview of the upcoming Senior Bowl.
38 min
Talking Yang - Conference Title Week
42 min
Talking Yang, Divisional Series
48 min
Week 17 final news, injuries, etc.
John Halpin and Joe Bartel catch up on the Friday news
62 min
NFL DFS Podcast - Week 17
DVR and Scott preview the huge 15-game slate for the final week of the NFL regular season, all from a DFS angle.
83 min
Week 17 Preview
John Halpin and Derek VanRiper preview the Week 17 fantasy schedule
66 min
Week 16 Review & Free Agents
John Halpin and Tim Heaney review the Week 16 Saturday/Sunday games
56 min
Week 16 final news, injuries, etc.
John Halpin and Derek VanRiper review the latest news and DFS recommendations
46 min
NFL DFS Podcast - Week 16
Scott Jenstad and Derek VanRiper discuss Sunday's Main Slate from a DFS perspective.
88 min
Week 16 Preview
John Halpin and Derek VanRiper look ahead to all the Week 16 games
64 min
Week 16 Free Agents
Jake Letarski and John Halpin offer their weekly free-agent recommendations
40 min