Not A Bug | Gamedev Explored

Two game developers talk about the games industry, explore behind the scenes of Game Development and share their experience, as well as their guests', in a show filled with news, discussions, banter and overall sharing of knowledge. Sharing as we learn, and learning as we share!

Video Games
Gamedev Banter: Life Updates, Year Ahead In Gam...
A casual banter on life, the gaming events of June, all the games announced through them and more.
79 min
Studying Gamedev: Is It A Must To Work In Games?
A discussion on whether if studying gamedev is a requirement to get into games and what to do otherwise.
91 min
Reboot Develop & A MAZE Berlin Recap!
A recap of the Reboot Develop Conference and A MAZE Berlin Festival from your hosts as attendees to each event
83 min
Accessibility, Inclusivity and FOMO. An Industr...
A discussion on the accessibility & inclusivity in games industry events from our perspective and experience, and a look back at Devcom 2022
90 min
The Introduction | Not A Bug - Gamedev Explored
12 min