Once Upon A Wasteland: A Fallout Story

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Once upon a time, twenty-seven years after the bombs fell, there were two people: a Vault Dweller and a California girl. They met, and sparks flew. That's when things got interesting. This is their story.

Join us as we follow the story of Elizabeth Kirby and Odessa Valdez - the spy and the Scribe - as they search for their "happily ever after" in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 76. Their love affair blossoms as they race against the clock to try to solve a mystery that threatens not only the future of Appalachia, but the rest of what remains of civilization.

Starring Letitia Lemon as Elizabeth Kirby and Vitriol Plays as Odessa Valdez.

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Science Fiction
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2.1: Looking More Widely Around
A year after defeating the Morningstar, Odessa prepares for Beth's return from the Pitt and Amanda meets a handsome stranger that will turn all their worlds upside down.
49 min
Season Two Bonus Episode: Survey the Dark
Shenanigans ensue as an oncoming storm and a strange noise in the basement conspire to create a very strange evening for our heroes.
28 min
10: I Shall Take Care
The Morningstar finally reveals his plans, and Beth & Odessa learn just how far they'll have to go to stop him.
64 min
9: The Audacity of Doing This
Beth moves heaven and earth to find and retrieve Odessa, and makes a series of shocking discoveries.
58 min
Minisode 4: Character Matters - Odessa Valdez (...
Special guest Vitriol Plays - Odessa's voice actress in our show - joins the show's creator to discuss Odessa as well as her own experiences in the world of voice acting.
66 min
8: The Power Confided to Me
Beth and Odessa grow ever closer as Beth recovers from her experience at the MacAllans' club with the help of a new ally, and consult with Beth's parents and gather intel on their own as the Morningstar's plan begins to come into focus.
53 min
Minisode 3: Page to Podcast - Starting a Story ...
The show's creator provides a peek behind the curtain and discusses crafting a story to prepare for the creation of your own story podcast.
34 min
Minisode 2: Page to Podcast - The Screenwriting...
The show's creator provides a peek behind the curtain and discusses the screenwriting process and how it applies to Once Upon a Wasteland
46 min
7: The Mystic Chords of Memory
The morning after a pivotal night in their relationship, Beth & Odessa are drawn into an unexpected confrontation, and a risky move seems to be the only option to finally make progress to stop the Morningstar's plan.
53 min
Minisode 1: Character Matters - Elizabeth Kirby
The show's creator provides a peek behind the curtain and discusses the origins of lead character Elizabeth Kirby
32 min
6: So Desperate a Step
Beth seeks counsel from the people she trusts the most as she and Odessa continue to navigate the widening and deepening mystery while approaching an epiphany of their own.
58 min
5: The Identical Old Questions
Beth returns to Appalachia following two weeks of chasing leads, and immediately finds herself in the middle of several rapidly evolving situations, both mission-related and personal.
53 min
4: Fraternal Sympathies and Affections
The deepening mystery creates a pair of very strange bedfellows - and an incredibly dangerous situation.
49 min
3: Checks and Limitations
New information draws Beth and Odessa back together as they seek to re-establish trust to mend the fracture in their relationship.
65 min
2: The Requisite Means
Beth discovers she may be more involved in the mystery than she'd thought - or hoped - as she and Odessa continue to investigate.
49 min
1: Such Perfect Identity of Interests
A spy and a Scribe cross paths while investigating the same mystery, and sparks fly.
43 min
An archaeologist and a historian, hired by a mysterious client, finally locate the client's family treasure.
11 min