The Elden Archives: a FromSoft Lorecast

The Elden Achives podcast is for all things Elden Ring. Whether you are interested in learning more about major events and characters or want to discover more about the various monsters and creatures of the Lands Between, The Elden Archives has got you covered.

Video Games
11: The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC Trailer
Who is Messmer the Impaler? What role will Miquella play in the upcoming DLC?
26 min
10: General Radahn, the Starscourge
What do we know about Radahn and his beliefs? What can we learn about Radahn from his connections to gravity sorcery?
30 min
9: Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy
It'ssss time to explore the loooore togethaaaa
29 min
8: Lunar Princess Ranni
It's time to talk about the ever popular Lunar Princess Ranni. What does Ranni's relationship with the Snow Witch tell us? What does her ending have in store for the Lands Between?
33 min
7: Malenia, Blade of Miquella
What makes Malenia unique amongst her fellow Empyreans? What were her relationships with the other demigods like? We explore the answers to these questions and more on this week's Elden Archives.
34 min
6: What do We Really Know About Miquella?
Despite not being actively present yet in-game, Miquella is one of the most prominent and influential beings in the Lands Between. What do we really know about the powerful Empyrean? What do we hope to find out in the upcoming DLC? The story of Miquella seems only just beginning.
39 min
5: What is an Empyrean?
Join us this week as we explore what exactly being an Empyrean means for those chosen in the Lands Between.
43 min
4: Radagon of the Golden Order
Join us this week as we take a look at the lore behind a key figure in the Lands Between - Radagon of the Golden Order.
39 min
3: Queen Marika the Eternal
This week's episode revolves around Queen Marika, one of the most influential figures in the world of Elden Ring.
38 min
2: The Shattering of the Elden Ring
Join us this week as we take a look at the lore surrounding the Shattering of the Elden Ring.
42 min
1: The Night of Black Knives
Join us this week as we take a look at the lore behind the Night of Black Knives!
35 min
0: Introductions
An introduction to the new show and the hosts involved.
1 min