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In the top 0.5% of podcasts globally and the most popular Fallout podcast, this series fills in all the details about the Fallout world beginning with the Great War in 2077 and progressing through major world events, factions, creatures, technology, and each vault. We'll explore what we know, and speculate about what might be.

This show begins as a solo production, detailing specific topics, and grows into so much more.

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Video Games
191: Why are Bottle Caps Currency?
Have you ever wondered why everyone uses bottle caps for money? Where did this start and why? Is this just a silly idea or is there a real concept here that might actually make sense?
32 min
190: Who Hold's the Wasteland's Future? & New F...
Solving the troubles of the wasteland is not an easy problem. So I've brought together my patron friends to explore this idea a bit more. We also discuss the announcement that the Fallout 76 team is now working with an external dev team to help with producing more content for the game and what this could mean for the future.
59 min
189: Which Faction Could SAVE Humanity?
Today's topic is a philosophical exploration of each major faction as I ask the question, "would their ideology create a future that could actually save humanity?"
35 min
188: Does the Enclave Survive After Fallout 3 & 4?
After the events of Fallout 3 the Enclave seems to have been destroyed, but is it totally gone? Are there any remnants left? What proof do we have that they're gone forever? Could they be hiding out somewhere?
32 min
187: The Enclave's Untold Story w/ Lawrance fro...
There's way more going on with the Enclave just after the bombs drop than you know! I bring on my friend and special guest Lawrance from the MODUS Files Podcast to share all of the details about what happens with the Enclave just after the bombs drop.
70 min
186: The WORST Villains in Fallout | Feb, 2022 ...
Fallout has some amazing villains, but who REALLY gets under your skin? We brought in our patrons this week to find out who they think are the absolute worst of the worst villains in Fallout.
61 min
185: The Enclave A.I. That Almost Destroyed (Sa...
Could an A.I. run the United States? Here's the story of John Henry Eden, first AI of the Enclave, and a warning story for all of us.
32 min
184: The Story of Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime, the largest robot ever created. A walking, talking, killing machine of American democracy. What is the story of it's creation and how did the Brotherhood of Steel get it to function when its original creators couldn't, twice!?
35 min
183: What If... The Bombs Never Dropped? w/ Dav...
What would happen if the bombs never fell? Let's go back to the year 2077. The war is at its peak. The US & China are invading each other's land. The US is experimenting on soldiers with the FEV. Vault-Tec is ready and waiting to fill the vaults. The members of the Enclave are all set for a government takeover. And there's no nuclear explosion... Does this create a better scenario for the USA? For the world? What happens next?
53 min
182: (Game) Captain Robots' New Vegas Adventure...
Captain Robots discovers some grumpy NCR boys, a little town called Primm which ain't so proper 'cause it's in need of a new sheriff, and decides to cause a prison riot with a... ahem... few sticks of die-no-might.
63 min
181: How would YOU Survive the Wasteland? Patro...
Imagine that Fallout is real. You're thrust out into the wasteland. No home. No vault. No faction. Nowhere to run to for safety. Just you and your wits. What do you do to survive? And we're talking about YOU, not some avatar or video game character. What do YOU do to survive in the wasteland of Fallout? Our patrons join me this week to discuss this harrowing scenario.
60 min
180: (Game) Captain Robots' New Vegas Adventure...
Captain Robots begins a new adventure in New Vegas. Join Robots as he Role Plays his ways through the classic Fallout game with a 10 Luck build, making decisions based on what his character would do, not on previous knowledge about the world or min/maxing the systems. What will happen? How will things turn out?
87 min
179: Aliens: Are they "Canon?"
Ever since we got the Mothership Zeta expansion for Fallout 3, the internet has been debating the "canonization" of aliens in Fallout. With the upcoming expansion event coming to Fallout 76, focusing on aliens invading Appalachia, the debate has been reborn. Let's take a look at all of the places aliens have shown up in the games, and determine how "canon" they are or aren't.
36 min
178: Paladin Rahmani's Journey
Paladin Rahmani's story begins before the Great War, on the West Coast near the Mariposa Military Base. After the bombs fall, she meets a man named Roger Maxon, and her life is changed forever when she's commissioned with an expedition to cross the United States. But the journey will take its toll.
36 min
177: Fallout 76 Developer Interview
Tom & Ken (Chad A Fallout 76 Story) speak with Carl Mckevitt, Senior Quest Designer, and Jon Rush, Art Director, of Fallout 76 about the Night of the Mothman event, the lore behind the Mothman Cultists, and more Fallout 76 behind the scenes questions.
77 min
176: A Fallout 2021 Retrospective - Patron Cha...
We take a look back at Fallout 76 over the last year, how the Brotherhood of Steel story unfolded, the events, and some of the interesting lore reveals, and make some prediction for the coming year of content. What will happen in The Pitt expansion to Fallout 76? What about aliens?
56 min
175: What if... The Scorched Plague Never Happe...
So much of Fallout 76's story and events before Vault 76's doors open revolve around the Scorched Plague and the inability of the residents of West Virginia to fight off the Scorched and come together peacefully for a solution to the problem. What if the Scorched Plague never happened? How would Fallout 76 change? What kind of Appalachia would we have entered into in the game instead?
64 min
174: What if the Institute Helped the Commonwea...
What if the Institute was "above board" and attempted to be morally upright? What if they communicated clearly with the people of the Commonwealth? What if they were clear about their attempts to help humanity and brought in outsiders, and expanded outward to help others? How would that have changed the events of Fallout 4?
64 min
173: Tom Interviews His Wife, plus "What If" Br...
My wife, Fireshadow, joins me for the first time ever! I interview her about her experiences with Fallout and then have a crazy "what if" brainstorming session with her and our live chat community
50 min
172: What if... The Vaults Were Safe? w/ Dave C...
What if the Vaults weren't a horror show of scientific experiments gone wrong? How would this change the wasteland? The world? Dave Chafinz and I discuss the potential affects to the Fallout world and if this could potentially save the wasteland.
55 min
171: Farewell, Laney
This episode is a celebration of Laney's time on the show as she decides to step down as cohost in order to spend more time behind the scenes working on videos for the new Fallout Lorecast Youtube channel and other personal projects.
49 min
170: The Scariest Moments in Fallout - Patron C...
Patrons join me to discuss all of their memories of the scariest moments across the fallout games. Everything that gives them chills, gets under their skin, and makes their hair stand on end.
75 min
169: Former Lead Artist Nate Purkeypile: Creati...
Former Lead Designer, Nate Purkeypile, joins us to talk about his influences in developing some of the most iconic and spooky environments and creatures in the Fallout series.
55 min
168: Skullie Face's Most Unsettling Moments in ...
Our third guest for Spooptober is another wonderful content creator, streamer, and show host with a very appropriate name for the spooky season, Skullie Face! She joins us to talk about her most unsettling moments in Fallout including... Cappy???
47 min
167: Ken Vigue (Chad A Fallout 76 Story) on Dar...
Our second guest for Spooptober this year is Ken Vigue, the brain behind Chad a Fallout 76 Podcast and Fallout For Hope to discuss he dark, unsettling inspirations he finds in Fallout, starting with "The Master" and going through each game in the series.
65 min
166: Jessica-Star on Fallout's Most Unsettling ...
We kick off Spooptober with a wonderful guest, Jessica-Star, joining us to talk about what she believes are the most unsettling moments in Fallout.
67 min
165: "Fallout Quest Name OR Sci-fi Movie Title?...
Can you tell the difference between the names of Fallout quests and obscure Sci-fi movies from the 40's, 50's and 60's? We challenge our patrons to see who can do this best in this month's patron episode.
57 min
164: New Vegas: The White Glove Society & The U...
The White Glove Society have almost erased their shady past. A past seasoned with the flavors of those they previously killed... and ate.
60 min
163: New Vegas: The Chairmen & The Tops Casino
Let's travel back to New Vegas and stay at The Tops Casino. We'll meet the Chairmen and their leader Benny. You know, the guy in the checker suit. You might remember him from that time he put a bullet or two in your head.
46 min
162: The OFFICIAL Fallout TTRPG w/ Ellen from B...
Ellen, from Role to Cast, join Tom to discuss the NEW official Fallout Table Top Role Play Game system. Role to Cast is a real play podcast from Baby Beard Media on the Robots Radio network. They play many different TTRPG systems, so Ellen's take on the new Fallout TTRPG comes from a place of experience. They discuss the mechanics, races, SPECIAL, and more.
57 min
161: New Vegas: Who would you cast in a New Veg...
Our Patrons join us this month to discus who they'd cast in key roles in a New Vegas movie, including Characters like Mr. House, Benny, Cass, Lily, ED-E, Rex, and even their own interpretation of the Courier.
69 min
160: Quakecon 2021: Apocalypse Squares w/ Celeb...
This year we were honored to be included in the Quakecon community events as part of the Apocalypse Squares game show. Tom, Ken, and Dave from the Fallout Hub, along with a list of celebrity voice actors and Bethesda employees answered Fallout questions and goofed around in this fun quiz show.
57 min
159: New Vegas: The Gomorrah Casino & The Omertas
The casinos of the Fallout New Vegas strip are each run by a unique gang with The Gomorrah being the most traditionally "Vegas." Let's delve into the nature and origins of the Omertas gang and details about the Gomorrah Casino.
43 min
158: New Vegas: Wild Wasteland Stuff You Might ...
Here's a complete list of all of the Wild Wasteland events in New Vegas and their inspirations.
44 min
157: New Vegas - Nightkin: God & Dog
Laney heads up this episode to bring you the last of the nightkin we're going to discuss from New Vegas, God/Dog is another split personality with an interesting dilemma.
38 min
156: The WORST Moral Dilemmas in Fallout (Patro...
Tom, Laney, and our Patrons discuss the most difficult moral dilemmas we've had to face in Fallout games, and then chat more broadly about why moral dilemmas are so fun.
76 min
155: New Vegas: Nightkin - Davison & Antler
Davison & Antler have an interesting relationship. Especially because one of them is a brahmin skull. Let's talk about mental illness. Yay!
52 min
NEW SHOW - Witcher Lorecast: Origin of the Witc...
We're sorry we couldn't get an episode out this week, but hopefully this will be interesting to you.
74 min
154: New Vegas: Nightkin - Tabitha of Utobitha
Tabitha - the nightkin super-mutant radio host and cult leader is a split-personality character with more depth than you might realize.
57 min
153: New Vegas: Nightkin - Lily Bowen
Lily Bowen - the 75 year old woman turned super mutant nightkin with a split personality is one of the kindness companions you'll ever have. Here's her story.
60 min
152: Fallout 4: Faction Tactics & Strategies (M...
Each of the factions in Fallout 4 has different military advantages and disadvantages. We discuss how each Fallout faction would tactically and strategically combat their enemies.
64 min
151: Behind the Lore: An Interview with Nate Pu...
Nate Purkeypile was the Creative Director behind Fallout 76 and worked on many other Bethesda titles over the years. We got the chance to interview him and uncover some of the creative decisions that effected the lore and design of the games.
94 min
BONUS: E3 2021 Xbox Bethesda Recap: Halo Infini...
E3 2021's Xbox and Bethesda event JUST HAPPENED! We dig into all the latest details about Halo Infinite, Starfield, Sea of Thieves and the Pirates of the Caribbean dlc, and so much more!
99 min
150: New Vegas: Nightkin Super Mutants Part 1
The Nightkin were once the best of the super mutants... but things changed over 100+ years. By the events of New Vegas, they're suffering from a number of... issues.
52 min
149: New Vegas: The Followers of the Apocalypse
The Followers of the Apocalypse might just be the most positive and good organization in the wasteland. Here's what they're all about.
68 min
148: Which Vault Would You Oversee? Monthly Pat...
If you had to be the overseer of a vault, which vault would it be? Is there a safe choice? A best choice? A GOOD choice?
81 min
147: New Vegas: Primm
Due to pet problems, Laney takes on her first solo episode to talk about the town of Primm in New Vegas.
29 min
Starfield Lorecast Sneak Peak - Leaks & E3
A sneak peak at the Starfield Lorecast.
62 min
Laney's Car Accident...
Sorry about no new episode this week. Here's why.
2 min
145: Birthday Call-In Show
For his birthday, Robots hosts a call in episode to chat with listeners about their favorite Fallout memories.
50 min
144: Nipton - The Lore Behind the Town & Events
So much about Nipton (and New Vegas) is based on the real world. The location, lottery, and even the terrible things the Legion do here. Let's talk more about the lore behind Nipton in Fallout New Vegas.
52 min
143: The Music of Fallout | Monthly Patron Chat
Tom & Laney hang out with our patrons to discuss the music of Fallout - the songs, the background music, how it affects us, and why it's important to the games.
79 min
142: New Vegas: The Powder Gangers
The Powder Gangers may be a smaller faction, but there's more going on than you may have known.
54 min
141: New Vegas: Goodsprings
Goodsprings is the town you start in, in Fallout New Vegas. It's a real location, too. Let's discuss the occupants and history of the town.
55 min
140: New Vegas: Who is the Courier?
The Courier from Fallout New Vegas is a protagonist with a mysterious past. What do we know about them and who might they really be?
65 min
139: The Upcoming Alien Story w/ Patrons
The patrons join me to discuss our thoughts on Aliens in Fallout and where the Alien story coming this fall to Fallout 76 might go.
82 min
138: Steel Dawn & The 3 Pillars of the BoS
The 3 main individuals in the Steel Dawn story of Fallout 76 represent the 3 main sides of the Brotherhood of Steel. Here's what I mean...
25 min
137: Fort ATLAS & The Power of Weather
Fort ATLAS is a weather observatory that's much more than it seems...
59 min
136: The Foundation Settlers
Who are the Foundation Settlers and where do they come from?
52 min
135: How Would YOU Survive in the Wasteland plu...
We discuss if and how we'd survive in the wasteland, plus a very special guest and a reveal!
105 min
134: The Crater Raiders of Fallout 76
The Crater Raiders are a mix of different raider groups from across Appalachia. We dig into their background and details.
52 min
133: Beckett's Story
Beckett had a rough upbringing. Taking care of his younger brother, joining gangs. Here's how his story begins.
72 min
132: The Blood Eagles Raider Gang
The Blood Eagles are one of the worst raider gangs in Appalachia. Prepare to be grossed out.
45 min
131: (Game) Don't Blow Up Your Friends | The Ad...
This is why we can't have nice things.
43 min
130: Is the Brotherhood of Steel "Good?" Jan, 2...
Is the Brotherhood actually "good?" Do they do more good than harm? Were they inevitable?
93 min
129: (Game) The Lost Weapons | The Adventures o...
Captain Robots confronts the raiders about the lost BoS weapons...
38 min
128: The Free States
The history of the Free States and their major moral delimma.
52 min
127: (Game) A Settlement Needs Your Help | The ...
Captain Robots has another settlement that needs his help!
57 min
126: The Responders Lore
Who were the Responders? What were they like and what did they accomplish before vault 76 opened?
53 min
125: (Game) The New Recruit | The Adventures of...
Captain Robots recruits a farmer to help him clear out a bunch of ghouls at an underground golf course.
39 min
124: The Overseer of Vault 76
We kick off 2021 with our first character exploration of people from Fallout 76, beginning with The Overseer of Vault 76.
56 min
123: Fallout Technology vs The Real World Patro...
Our patrons join me this month to talk about the technological differences between the Fallout world and our own, and how that would affect us.
148 min
122: Ferret Baudoin, Fallout 76 Senior Designer...
Ferret Baudoin, the Senior Designer on Fallout 76, takes us on a tour through Appalachia and answers our lore questions.
91 min
121: Rivet City & Fallout 76 News
Rivet City, the largest settlement in the Capital Wastes, houses a number of very unique places and people.
61 min
120: Settlements: Tenpenny Tower
Tenpenny tower stands as a solo point on the horizon, a safe place for the rich and a bane for ghouls.
50 min
119: (GAME) The Brotherhood Returns!
Captain Robots discovers that the brotherhood is back in Appalachia!
59 min
118: NPC's We LOVE to HATE | Patron Chat Nov 2020
Our patrons join me to discuss the worst of the NCP's from Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.
102 min
117: (GAME) The Responder's Trail | The Adventu...
Captain Robots follows the trail of the Responders, and practices his shootin' skills.
37 min
116: Settlements: The Underworld & Fallout 76 2...
The Underworld is a settlement of Ghouls where they can be free to be themselves away from the "normal" human world. We dig into the details and talk recent Fallout News.
46 min
115: Settlements: Megaton
The settlement of Megaton is an iconic part of Fallout 3. Let's delve into it's history and place in the wasteland.
54 min
114: Fallout Trivia #1 | Are You SMARTER than T...
With potentially $100+ in prizes at stake, can c_captain27 outsmart Twitch chat?
14 min
113: Wendigo Lore
We explore the lore behind the Wendigo, cultural appropriation, and hypothesize about their existence in Fallout.
50 min
The Grafton Monster & Snallygaster
All the details about the real-world origins and Fallout lore for the Grafton Monster and Snallygaster.
52 min
What would be the scariest part of actually liv...
Our tier 4+ patrons gather together for a frightening discussion about the scariest parts of actually living in the wasteland.
109 min
SNEAK PEAK - Starfield Lorecast EP 1
Enjoy the first episode of the Starfield Lorecast with Tom & Dave
78 min
Sheepsquatch & Giant Sloth
We take on two more of the cryptids in Fallout 76, the Sheepsquatch and the Giant Sloth.
51 min
The Mothman w/ Dave Chaffins
The wacky, wacky story of the Mothman and in-game mothman details with Dave Chaffins.
79 min
The Secrets of the Mole Miners | Fallout Loreca...
Ken reveals the secrets of the Mole Miners on this Fallout Lorecast / Fallout Hub crossover episode!
70 min
Our Favorite Non-Companion NPC's - Monthly Patr...
We discuss our favorite non-companion NPC's.
80 min
Cryptids #1 - The Flatwoods Monster & Fallout 1-4
What are Cryptids? Where have then been in games before Fallout 76 & what is the Flatwoods Monster
38 min
The Zetans
The Zetans have been with us for a long time...
45 min
Strong & The Milk of Human Kindness
The ironic existence of Strong, the super mutant.
48 min
Fallout Mods Monthly Patron Chat
Our tier 4+ patrons join me this week to talk about how we mod Fallout.
94 min
(Game) Let's go visit the Overseer!
Is the overseer still alive? Let's go find out.
31 min
100th Episode Lore-Party!!!
Can you believe it's been 100 episodes already!? Join Robots, Ken (Chad A Fallout 76 Podcast), Dave (The Fallout Hub), Toon (twitch.tv/tooniversal) and Laney to talk about some of our favorite things about Fallout.
64 min
Being Human in Fallout 1 w/ Laney
Special guest Laney (my daughter!) joins me to talk about the options of life as a human in the wasteland of Fallout 1 and the psychology behind it.
44 min
(Game) The Treasure of Appalachia - Episode 5
Will Captain Robots discover the real treasure of Appalachia?
27 min
The Ghouls of Fallout 1
So much of the original concepts in Fallout 1 survive to the current games. Let's take a look at the Ghouls of Fallout 1, the events at the Necropolis, and what may be different about them.
30 min
(GAME) Captain Robots is a Ghost? - Episode 4
Finding robot parts should be easy, right?
24 min
The Brotherhood of Steel During Fallout 1
We continue filling in the story of the Brotherhood of Steel with a look at their leader, base (The Lost Hills) and events during Fallout 1.
32 min