Nights of Darkness

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Chapter 21: Showdown At The Pyramid Hotel
Our kindred conclude the story with the sabbat.
56 min
Chapter 20: Who Called The Horseman?
Our kindred fight the horseman.
44 min
Chapter 19: Old Royalty Revealed
Our kindred continue to try and fight the Sabbat.
44 min
Chapter 18: The Shadows of Betrayal
Wayne continues his betrayal while Elizabeth and Sophia flee.
38 min
Chapter 17: The Enemy In The Shadows
Two of our kindred find themselves in trouble at the hotel.
42 min
Chapter 16: Who To Stake Your Trust With
Part of our kindred work their way into the hotel, while the rest deal with Wayne's betrayal.
39 min
Chapter 15: Loyalties In Question
Our kindred find themselves going down different paths.
52 min
Chapter 14: Book of the Dead
Our kindred get to the chapel and get swept up in a whirlwind.
53 min
Chapter 13: The Prince and His Dead
Our kindred talk to the prince and find horrific things at the cemetery.
42 min
Chapter 12: Swimming Against The Tide
Our kindred find out some more information from Sophia.
50 min
Chapter 11: When the Crane Strikes One
Our kindred save a mysterious woman at the docks.
40 min
Chapter 10: Vampire and the Dock Rat
Our kindred head to the docks.
41 min
Chapter 9: Stanley of Cistern 9
Our kindred interrogate Stanley, and figure out their next move.
41 min
Chapter 8: Bed Flip: Stanley Edition
Our kindred get to Stanley's new address and wreak havoc at his house.
38 min
Chapter 7: The Bloody Art of Life
Our kindred find a lead and make a bloody masterpiece.
52 min
Chapter 6: A Band Of Vampires
Our kindred investigate further and go on the hunt.
44 min
Chapter 5: Horse of a Different Sygar
Our kindred's investigation leads them to a ranch.
46 min
Who Let The Barbarian Out!
Let's ring in the new year with a favorite show from our dnd podcast!
43 min
Chapter 4: The Tribunal of Kevin
One of our kindred torment Kevin, while the others continue investigating.
48 min
Chapter 3: The Curious Case of Isaac Paine
Our kindred investigate further on the mysterious entity.
33 min
Chapter 2: Machetes, Vampires, and Formal Wardr...
Our kindred face off with the mysterious killer.
49 min
Chapter 1: Head of the Ball
Our kindred attend a masquerade ball
82 min