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Episode 19: On the Mend
Our Investigators heal up and investigate further into the mystery of the old ones
47 min
Episode 18: Strange Farm Indeed
Our Investigators find themselves at a familiar yet unfamiliar place
46 min
Episode 17: In a Pinch? Call Mr. Lynch
Our Investigators bound back from their losses with 2 new team members
56 min
Resident Evil Lorecast Episode 1
This Episode We Explore The Rise, Fall and Reasons Behind Umbrella Organization.
50 min
Episode 16: Feeling Haunt, Haunt, Haunt
Our Investigators have to continue figure out just what is going on around town and if Trevor really is to blame
56 min
Episode 15: The Tragedy of Mr. Montgomery
Our Investigators have to figure out just what is going on around town and if Trevor really is to blame
43 min
Episode 14: The Possession of Mary
Our Investigators deal with a possession and a ruse
41 min
Episode 13: The Curious Case of Father David
Our Investigators come face-to-face with a mythos legend
40 min
Episode 12: Devils in the Details
Our Investigators continue investigating on behalf of the pastor
43 min
Episode 11: The Many Faces of Sadness
Our Investigators continue to dive deeper into the mystery of the voice, while challenged by tragedy
48 min
Episode 10: How Far Thou Hath Fallen
Our investigators have suffered the first big loss, can they recoup?
45 min
Episode 9: One Howl of a Night
Our Investigators find themselves face-to-face with the true owners of the night
36 min
Episode 1: Welcome To Nighty City Choombas!
Our rag tag group meets for some good ol'fashion eddies.
45 min
Episode 8: An Old Friend, A New Warning
Our investigators have closed the case, but there is still more questions than answers
41 min
Episode 7: Frightful Nights
We join our investigators square off against the nightmare scarecrows. Will they succeed or falter?
43 min
Episode 6: SCAREcrows
Our investigators may have solved the Asylum case but what comes next shakes them to their cores
46 min
Episode 5: The good, The bad, and The Mob
After the Asylum, Our Investigators find themselves tangled in the mobs ways
52 min
Episode 4: Means to an End
Our Investigators finally understand the truth behind the Asylum
78 min
Episode 3: The Tangled Web We Weave
Crime, punishment, a strange necklace, and a Mysterious Note what have our investigators stumbled into this time
50 min
Episode 2: The Shot Heard Around the World
Our Investigators find some new clues leading them to the possibility that not everything is imaginary.
66 min
Episode 1: The Strange and Mysterious
Our investigators are faced with a new Imaginary friend
54 min