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Episode 8: An Old Friend, A New Warning
Our investigators have closed the case, but there is still more questions than answers
41 min
Episode 7: Frightful Nights
We join our investigators square off against the nightmare scarecrows. Will they succeed or falter?
43 min
Episode 6: SCAREcrows
Our investigators may have solved the Asylum case but what comes next shakes them to their cores
46 min
Episode 5: The good, The bad, and The Mob
After the Asylum, Our Investigators find themselves tangled in the mobs ways
52 min
Episode 4: Means to an End
Our Investigators finally understand the truth behind the Asylum
78 min
Episode 3: The Tangled Web We Weave
Crime, punishment, a strange necklace, and a Mysterious Note what have our investigators stumbled into this time
50 min
Episode 2: The Shot Heard Around the World
Our Investigators find some new clues leading them to the possibility that not everything is imaginary.
66 min
Episode 1: The Strange and Mysterious
Our investigators are faced with a new Imaginary friend
54 min