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Science Fiction
SCP-045 - Atmospheric Converter
SCP-045 is an icosahedron composed of ice XII1 heavily occluded with planar fractures in a regular, complex pattern. Based on available evidence, it is currently believed that SCP-045 is a 3-dimensional projection of a hypericosahedron.2 Research is ongoing to determine how SCP-045 is able to maintain a stable lower-dimensional projection and whether this can be adapted for use when interacting with other dimensionally anomalous SCP Items.
7 min
SCP-044 - World War II Era Molecular-Fission Ca...
SCP-044 is a howitzer, secretly manufactured in the late stages of the Second World War by Krupp engineers, personally supervised by Albert Speer, German Minister of Armaments and War Production under Adolf Hitler. SCP-044 is unique not only because of its size (251,000 kg, or 251 metric tonnes), but also because it fires unconventional artillery using an atypical delivery method. Rather than having a breech for loading shells, the rear of the barrel is configured into a massive air-compression chamber. Any object or pile of objects that fits may be loaded into SCP-044’s muzzle to be used as ammunition. Because of its size, SCP-044 must remain rail-mounted and requires two freight locomotives to move.
4 min
SCP-043 - The Beatle
SCP-043 appears to be a vinyl copy of "The White Album" by the Beatles; however, upon closer inspection, the record has no grooves. In spite of this, the record will play from start to finish regardless of the starting position of the needle.
1 min
SCP-042 - A Formerly Winged Horse
SCP-042 is an animal believed to be a member of the genus Equus. Its coat is white in color with some small brown spotting. It stands at 183 cm (18 hands) to its withers and weighs 710 kg. Its weight has dropped significantly since it has been in Foundation custody, due to both atrophy from lack of physical activity and refusal to eat. The liquid nutrient diet forcibly administered keeps it alive but it remains emaciated and weak. SCP-042 exhibits two large bone protrusions from its back, linked to powerful musculature (now atrophied) throughout its back. These bones end at 37 centimeters from the surface of its back, and they protrude from the skin at open, ragged wounds. To date, no healing has been observed of these wounds, though some clotting must be taking place for SCP-042 to have not bled out.
6 min
SCP-041 - Thought-Broadcasting Patient
Visually, SCP-041 appears to be in a persistent vegetative state. However, observers in the presence of SCP-041 begin to realize that their thoughts, along with everyone else's in about a 10-meter radius from SCP-041, are broadcast in a semi-audible fashion.
7 min
SCP-040 - Evolution's Child
SCP-040 is a human child capable of at-will manipulation of the physical characteristics of living organisms. Modified organisms are collectively referred to as SCP-040-1.
9 min
SCP-039 - Proboscis Engineers
SCP-039 consists of twenty-three (23) instances of Nasalis larvatus, or proboscis monkey, who have been subject to radical anatomical changes. The eyes and mouths of SCP-039 are absent, leaving the face bare save for the nose and its accompanying nasal passages.
6 min
SCP-038 - The Everything Tree
SCP-038 was found on an abandoned farm in █████████████, New York, in 19██. It was at first thought to be a common apple tree. However, upon closer inspection, it became apparent that SCP-038 was growing things other than apples and, in fact, other than fruit.
7 min
SCP-037 - Dwarf Star
SCP-037 appears to be a star approximately 5 cm (2 in) in diameter, with a luminosity of about 1*10-12 times that of our sun and a surface temperature of about 5000 K (determined by UBVRI analysis). The origin of SCP-037 is unknown, however, analysis suggests that it shares many properties in common with a typical main sequence star, other than its anomalously small size. It is theorized to have entered the Earth's magnetosphere via the North Magnetic Pole.
4 min
SCP-036 - The Reincarnation Pilgrimage of the Y...
SCP-036 includes the location, Site-22A (a small airport in the Mosul region of northern Iraq) and Site-22B (the destination of passengers boarding at Site-22A).
7 min
SCP-035 - Possessive Mask
SCP-035 appears to be a white porcelain comedy mask, although, at times, it will change to tragedy. In these events, all existing visual records, such as photographs, video footage, even illustrations, of SCP-035 automatically change to reflect its new appearance.
14 min
SCP-034 - Obsidian Ritual Knife
SCP-034 is a primitive knife constructed out of pure obsidian. Tests reveal that SCP-034 is approximately 1000 years old. Despite its crude method of construction and age, SCP-034 is still incredibly sharp and requires no maintenance to retain its edge. Expert analysis hypothesizes that SCP-034 may be of South American origin, and that it may have been used in Native American rituals. Several accounts from Spanish conquistadors exploring the █████████ region support this hypothesis, with detailed writings on how █████ priests would flay their victims alive with similar knives and wear their skin as a tribute to their gods.
9 min
SCP-033 - The Missing Number
SCP-033 appears as a field of complex mathematical symbols ranging from simple layman-identifiable representations to those only interpretable by highly-trained mathematicians. The "sum" of the symbols is equal to a previously unknown integer (designated Theta Prime by Prof. Hutchinson) of intermediate value between █ and █.
9 min
SCP-032 - Brothers' Bride
SCP-032 is a Type-F (imperfect external resemblance, internally inconsistent) human simulacrum of currently unknown origins. It is composed of an outer shell of pigmented silicone (5.5 mm thick), and various plastic fiber polymers, with the outward appearance of a Caucasian woman nearing the third decade of life. SCP-032's interior is composed entirely of liquid refined oil, lacking any skeletal or muscle structure.
12 min
SCP-031 - What is Love?
SCP-031 is an amorphous organism with a mass of over 7,500 kg that has infiltrated the ductwork and maintenance infrastructure of the building. Tendrils emerging from SCP-031's central mass have spread through the hotel's plumbing and ductwork to all 105 floors of the building. At its peak, over 75% of the hotel's 3,000 rooms were contaminated by SCP-031. Reclamation efforts have destroyed ██% of the initial infestation, but over ███ rooms remain affected by SCP-031.
21 min
SCP-030 - The Homunculus
SCP-030 appears as a hairless, genderless, grey-toned human 71 centimeters 28 inches) in height and weighing 12.70 kilograms two British stone in antiquated measure). Its solid blue eyes lack discernible irises or pupils, and resemble small cut sapphires.
10 min
SCP-029 - Daughter of Shadows
SCP-029 appears to be a pubescent female of Asiatic-Indian descent. She appears to suffer from alopecia universalis. Over 80% of her pigmentation is a true black, while the rest of her skin has a complete lack of melanin, to the point of albinism. Her eyes are also a dark black in color.
6 min
SCP-028 - Knowledge
SCP-028 is located in an abandoned storage yard outside a copper mine in northern Michigan. SCP-028 has no detectable physical presence of any kind, but its effect occurs in a 2.1 meter (7 foot) cube around what is commonly held as the “center” of SCP-028. All forms of scanning and testing in the area of SCP-028 have shown no abnormal readings. Adding or removing objects, or attempting to remove dirt from under SCP-028 has no effect in altering the size or shape of SCP-028’s area of effect, nor the onset or quality of the Effect.
7 min
SCP-027 - The Vermin God
SCP-027 appears to be a phenomenon of unknown source that seems to be tied to one human subject (currently 027-02) at a time. As host to SCP-027, subject 027-02 is constantly surrounded by swarming vermin that are drawn to his location. The subject does not appear able to assert control over these creatures in any way, and is in fact prone to occasional attacks from feral specimens. These creatures have also been known to attack personnel who approach too closely.
7 min
SCP-026 - Afterschool Retention
SCP-026 is a three (3) story public school building built in ████. It has two (2) wings connected to a central foyer. It was declared condemned in ████ after it was found the floor plan didn't match up to the building's blueprints (see Interview Log 026-01). It came to the Foundation's attention after several disappearances in the area were linked to visits to the abandoned building.
6 min
SCP-025 - A Well-Worn Wardrobe
SCP-025 is a wooden wardrobe measuring 0.97 m x 0.62 m x 1.95 m, full of clothing dating from a number of time periods. Articles contained within the chest, collectively named SCP-025-1, match with styles of decades from the 1920s to the present. The apparel from each time frame varies with regard to style; for example, a polyester striped shirt and pair of charcoal suit pants both correspond with general styles of the 1970s. The only unifying aspect of every article contained in SCP-025 is that each one is in poor condition; moths have eaten at much of the collection, and tears and runs are not uncommon.
9 min
SCP-024 - Game Show of Death
SCP-024 is an abandoned sound stage that was once owned by █████████. However, SCP-024 itself had been abandoned since 19██, and it is unknown whether its special properties manifested before or after its abandonment. SCP-024 is located in the heart of █████████, ██████████, and was initially discovered when a group of teenage youths broke into the abandoned compound. The testimony of the lone "winner" when she turned herself in to the police was enough to have Foundation assets mobilize to contain SCP-024.
9 min
SCP-023 - Black Shuck
SCP-023 is a large, sexless shaggy canine (1.5 meters at the shoulder) with black fur. Any time an individual makes eye contact with SCP-023, either that person or a member of their immediate family will die exactly one (1) year after eye contact is broken.
6 min
SCP-022 - The Morgue
SCP-022 is a morgue in the basement of [REDACTED] Hospital in Great Britain. Until 198█, there were no reported anomalous occurrences within the morgue. Reports of strange activity were first received in November of 198█
7 min
SCP-021 - Skin Wyrm
SCP-021 takes the form of a large and elaborate tattoo of a serpentine dragon in the oriental style, covering approximately 0.8 square meters of skin. This tattoo is fully animate within the confines of its host's skin and behaves largely as a normal animal would, albeit in only two dimensions.
4 min