Starfield Lorecast: Lore, News & More

Join Tom and Dave for a weekly dose of all the information we can get our hands on about Starfield. We'll explain the lore (as it's revealed), news about the game, and add in a dab of ridiculous humor and speculation.

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04: Creation Engine Upgrades Leaked!
The Creation Engine powers all of the main Elder Scrolls and Fallout games. And now we have some leaked details about its upgrades for Starfield. Let's talk graphics, animations, lighting, raytracing, physics and more!
73 min
03: Intentional Leaks? 2021 Copyright and more!
A new leaked image promps the internet to go undercover to determine the actual source, plus discussion about the 2021 copyright for Starfield, and more!
62 min
02: Todd Howard's New Comments, Dynamically Gen...
Todd Howard's New Comments, Dynamically Generated Content, & More Spacefacts
79 min
01: Leaked Images, Spicy Predictions, MS Paint ...
This is the first episode of the Starfield Lorecast. This is the most popular podcast in the universe about Starfield, the mysterious game from Bethesda. This week we discuss the evidence we have so far from the trailer and Todd Howard interviews, leaked screenshots, and DANGEROUS, RIDICULOUS speculation.
78 min