True Vault Escapades: A Fallout Audio...

Taking place sometime before the events of 'Fallout: New Vegas', follow the story of a tough-as-nails wasteland detective, and a blonde-bombshell vault girl as they solve some of postwar America’s biggest mysteries. From the harsh lands of Texas to the war-torn deserts of the Mojave, Walter & Bunny risk it all to expose sensational murders, crime syndicates, and even cold cases from over 200 years ago. All of it draped in a 1940’s noir blanket. Includes the full package: Trans-Atlantic accents, vinyl grain, and even era-appropriate music. All created for the A-bomb Radio app/web-station.

Video Games
The Case of The Green Robes
35 min
Thanks For 11K Streams!!
Sending a huge thank you to everyone choosing our little show to pass the time!
23 min
Ghost Town Blues | Pt. 2 (Finale)
In this revealing finale, Walter & Motley discover the lost town of Vulture and scour for the gold. However, will the search be worth it, and what are Walter's true motives?
22 min
Ghost Town Blues | Pt. 1
Walter teams up with his oldest childhood friend to track down lost outlaw gold for a mysterious reason.
30 min
The Case of The Masked Specter | Pt. 3 (Finale)
Our detectives make a final stand with the town of Gold Point against Casket's brigade of slavers.
20 min
Behind The Scenes of True Vault Escapades
Something new. Here's the little tale of how I started this long-running series back in 2016, plus the work that went into it. This episode goes into detail about how I was inspired to create a radio show based on Fallout and the rocky start it got. Includes everything from origin stories and the tiniest easter eggs you may have missed in the show.
79 min
The Case of The Masked Specter | Pt. 2
With Casket's identity revealed as the leader of the Gold Point raiders, Walter & Bunny hunt him down to his hideout.
15 min
The Case of The Masked Specter | Pt. 1
When the town of Gold Point gets sacked by raiders, Walter & Bunny are shocked to find out who leads the murderous gang.
18 min
The Case of The Phantom Scorpion | Pt. 3 (Finale)
When Gloria robs the Atomic Wrangler and makes a break for California, Walter & Bunny chase her down before its too late.
20 min
The Case of The Phantom Scorpion | Pt. 2
Gloria continues her crime spree by robbing the Ultra-Luxe, leaving our detectives with a bigger enemy than they thought.
15 min
The Case of The Phantom Scorpion | Pt. 1
A ranch hand attacks her coworkers and leaves her best friend alive. Walter & Bunny dig for answers.
17 min
The Case of The Black Widow
Bunny takes the arm of a high-level mercenary and runs from the law for reasons unknown...
31 min
The Case of The Three Ring Murders
Murder at the circus! When a string of suspicious slayings overtakes a Wasteland circus, Walter & Bunny deduct the scene before the show is forced to shut down for good. But will internal feuds between performers get in the way?
70 min
The Case of The Martian's Courier
Walter & Bunny are abducted by aliens near Area 51 and discover it was for more than just a probing.
75 min
The Case of The Dead Man's Casino
People in the know of a major New Vegas conspiracy are disappearing and the detectives can't tell the NCR about it.
55 min
The Case of The Falling Dead
After a deadly shooting in a ghouls-only dive, Walter & Bunny do all they can to protect the only woman connected to the killing.
34 min
The Case of The Sunken Orchid
A comic legend of the West has her story told! But the road won’t be easy for Walter & Bunny to expose it. How will a 200-year-old mystery bring it all together?
51 min
The Case of The Stolen Bird
A postwar aviation community is threatened by NCR takeover and Walter is forced to pick a side.
31 min
The Case of Caesar's Ring
Walter & Bunny hunt for none other than Julius Caesar's ring to strike directly into the Legion's morale, but not without its share of dangers.
36 min
The Case of The Open Casket
Mr. Casket, the man who kidnapped Bunny, returns with a bloody vengeance.
48 min
The Case of The Gypsy's Curse
A devious fortune-teller places a curse on a woman and warns our detectives not to interfere.
46 min
The Case of The Cornered Godfather
A mob boss’s organized hit goes wrong, and Walter & Bunny are called to action!
44 min
Bunny, and The Mystery of Eladna (Ft. Lane Comp...
After a car crash, Bunny is marooned in an oddly friendly settlement that holds a dark secret.
38 min
The Case of The Cursed Cruise (Ft. Ryan Alosio)
After mysterious nighty murders on a wasteland cruise ship, Walter & Bunny uncover one of the most sinister coverups yet.
32 min
The Case of The Mannequin Soldier
A Brotherhood of Steel soldier survives a vertibird crash and blames himself for the tragedy. The question is, was he even there to begin with?
38 min
The Case of The Mutant's Bride
Walter & Bunny are called to the home of a crazed woman who demolishes the house - she and her husband included. With few clues, our detectives find themselves at the scene of a recent heist, and a heavily armed Powder Ganger camp. But what could this do with the original crime scene?
40 min
Dope Head Blues (Ft. MrMattyPlays)
When Bunny survives a shootout at a women's-only socialite club, Walter and Dusty do their darnedest to track her down.
61 min
The Case of The Great Bunny Kidnapping
A mysterious man in black kidnaps Bunny and Walter rips the Mojave apart to find her.
31 min
The Case of The Raided Ranch
A ranch void of life, a rich ghoul family and a marriage that could never happen. How do our detectives connect the dots?
48 min
The Case of The Great Bar Blowouts
Walter and Bunny plan to solve a string of exploding bars and saloons across the wasteland - possibly Legion connected. But not before meeting the team’s newest ally, Sergeant Humphreys: an NCR soldier who wants results. Who could behind this mess?
35 min
The Case of The Slot Machine Slayings
Now in New Vegas, Walter & Bunny attempt to solve the murder of a woman who knew too much about a slot machine.
46 min
True Vault Escapades Epilogue (Narrated by "The...
The Storyteller from ShoddyCast's popular series, "Fallout Lore", goes over a summary of the events taking place after the original True Vault Escapades series.
5 min
A Vault In Ruin (Ft. MrMattyPlays)
After the fall of Vault 54 (from Bunny's perspective), the detective works with a new overseer to secure her home's safety.
57 min
Walter Meets Draco! The Friendly Deathclaw
After Walter's exit from Vault 54, an inquisitive Deathclaw offers him a way back inside... with a cost.
84 min
True Vault Escapades Ep 5: War Never Changes
In this exciting finale, Walter & Bunny discover the true motive behind the Vault 54 murders.
60 min
True Vault Escapades Ep 4: A Cosmic Knife In Th...
Walter & Bunny desperately hunt for who or what is behind the vote-based killings in Vault 54.
28 min
True Vault Escapades Ep 3: A New Kind Of World
Detective Camry and Bunny have arrived at Vault 54, and the case can truly begin!
22 min
True Vault Escapades Ep 2: A Walk In The Wasteland
Walter follows Bunny to her mysterious community, but not without its share of problems.
8 min
True Vault Escapades Ep 1: You Can Call Me Bunny
Meet Walter Camry: A wasteland detective down on his luck, until a mysterious blonde in blue gives the P.I. a case he can't turn away from, nor forget.
12 min