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This show is in the top 1% of podcasts globally! The Elder Scrolls universe explained beginning with perfect bite-sized chunks and evolving into a weekly conversation. We start with the basic concepts and dig deeper as the show progresses. From the nature of creation to the "gods" (Aedra & Daedra), races, and history of events. This podcast is the best way to start filling in the blanks of your knowledge about the series. Praised for the high-quality production and Tom's polished and professional presentation, the Lorecast series of shows have been called the "Morning Edition" of video game podcasts.

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Video Games
184: Skyrim with my Mom #8 - "What? I'm a Thalm...
We 007 the Thalmor party dressed up as a Thalmor and discover a dirty secret torture basement and some surprising news.
61 min
183: Which Daedric Prince Would You Mantle? | M...
Imagine that you could take over for a Daedric Prince. Which one would you choose? Whose powers, whose realms, whose followers would you covet? Could you manage to take the good and the bad? Would it be too much to handle?
93 min
182: Hermaeus Mora: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
Knowing the unknowable is Herma-Mora's thing. Scrying the tides of time and collecting all knowledge, even that which (especially that which?) would drive a mortal insane. Old Hermy is our Cthulhuesque horror show of a Deadric Prince, and we love him for it.
69 min
181: Clavicus Vile: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
Dangerous deals, a potential split personality disorder that manifests itself into a cute dog companion, and a murderous sense of humor? What's not to like about Clavicus Vile? Oh, did we mention the floating island that terrorized Tamriel during the 4th era?
67 min
180: Boethiah: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
It's time for a deeper dive into Boethiah's realm of assassination, war, and murder. But is it more than just that? Tom has a theory... it's a wacky one, but when is it not?
62 min
179: Skyrim with my Mom #7 - "Ah, she's not an ...
Mama Robots learns about the Blades and a badass woman who's pretending to be an innkeeper.
56 min
178: Azura: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
It's time to revisit the Deadric Princes, so we're starting back at the top with Azura. We refresh you on the basics and then dig a bit deeper than last time. She just wants to be loved, right? There's nothing wrong with that... or is there? Tom & Lotus have some suspicions and share some other interesting facts we haven't covered before on the show.
55 min
177: The Best Villains in Elder Scrolls: Feb, 2...
This month our patrons join us to share their favorite villains, and wow is this a crazy fun conversation!
90 min
176: Skyrim's Nec-Romantic Incel (NSFW, Trigger...
Arondil is a warning to all young men about what you could become if you objectify women and don't learn to empathize with other people... and pursue the dark powers of necromancy to turn their corpses into your own personal slaves for your sick and twisted deeds.
49 min
175: Skyrim with my Mom #6 - What is a Necroman...
Mama Robots heads into a very dark and creepy crypt to attempt to retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, but something mysterious is afoot. Also, what is a Necromancer? Oh god!
47 min
174: Miraak, The First Dragonborn
Miraak, the First Dragonborn, oldest living person on Nirn, servant of Hermeaus Mora, controller of dragons, and rival to the Last Dragonborn is a mysterious figure who returned after thousands of years, but for what purpose. What is his story? What do we know?
64 min
173: Skyrim with my Mom #5 - The Old Guys on th...
Mama Robots meets the old guys at the top of the mountain and sets off on a new quest. In her words, "Ya mean we gotta go way over there!?"
55 min
172: ESO Companion Lore: Bastian Hallix
Bastian Hallix is our 2nd companion option, and just like Mirri he has an interesting backstory and character quirks worth discussing. Who is he and why is he worth taking with you on your adventures? Let's find out.
55 min
171: High Isle Announcement Reaction - Patron C...
Today was the day! We got the big news about ESO's 2022 Expansion, High Isle. We've gathered together our community to discuss their thoughts on everything that's coming, what we're most excited about, and our feelings about a... card game??
79 min
170: Update & Skyrim With My Mom #4: Dragons Ne...
Mama Robots learns more about dragons, herself, and sets off to find out what's at the top of that very tall mountain.
64 min
169: Skyrim With My Mom #3 - So this is a death...
Mama Robots decides to do some side-questing and learns about death loops, companions, and helps some poor people out.
53 min
168: ESO Companion Lore: Mirri Elendis
ZOS really hit it out of the park with the introduction of companion characters to ESO. They're more than just a way to augment your damage or healing, they're interesting people with real histories, opinions, and stories. So let's head back to Elder Scrolls Online and take a closer look at Mirri Elendis, one of two companions now available for you to bring along on your journey. Who is she? Where is she from? And what makes her an interesting person with a morally grey background?
62 min
167: Skyrim With My Mom #2 - Bleak Falls Barrow
Mama Robots heads off into Bleak Falls Barrow to look for the Dragon Stone... and gets really mad at Arvil The Swift.
64 min
166: ESO Teaser Trailer Break Down & Crazy Theory
What does the new ESO Teaser trailer mean for this next year of content? Tom & Lotus break down the trailer, the prominent theories, and Tom's crazy idea that goes against what everyone else is saying. What do you think?
63 min
165: Bonus Episode - Skyrim with my Mom
What happens when a 66-year-old woman who knows nothing about the Elder Scrolls or RPG games at all gets to make all of the decisions in Skyrim? Let's find out.
89 min
164: Elder Scrolls 2021 Review & 2022 Predictio...
We take a look back at 2021, the release of Skyrim Anniversary Edition and Elder Scrolls Online's Blackreach and Deadlands, and discuss our thoughts on this last year of content, and speculate on where things are going this next year for Elder Scrolls Online.
77 min
163: The People of Skyrim: Maven Black-Briar - ...
Maven Black-Briar is pulling the strings behind so much of what's happening in Skyrim. She's not only one of the most unlikeable characters in the game, but she's also an unkillable NPC who seems to know it.
53 min
162: The People of Skyrim: Aela the Huntress
Aela the Huntress: Companion, member of the Circle, Werewolf, radiant quest giver, personal companion, teacher of archery, worshiper of Hercine, potential love interest, a potential member of the Blades, and just general all-around bad-ass Nord lady.
46 min
161: The People of Skyrim: Calcelmo
Calcelmo: Archeologist, Author, Dwemer scholar, Falmer linguist, mage to the Jarl of Markarth, and... lover?
62 min
160: Skyrim: Our Favorite Memories. Patron Chat...
Our patrons join me to share our favorite memories over 10 years of Skyrim.
67 min
159: Skyrim 10 Years & Main Story Recap Part 2
68 min
158: Skyrim 10 Years & Main Story Recap Part 1
Happy 10th Anniversary Skyrim! We celebrate 10 years and begin our recap of the main story, plus celebrate a lesser-known title in the Elder Scrolls family of games. Can you name what else is celebrating a birthday?
72 min
157: TES IV: Oblivion Revisited
The events of TES IV: Oblivion are crucial in understanding what's currently happening in ESO's new DLC Deadlands expansion. It's time to go back, recap the main story, and find out if we actually remember what happened or, maybe, we uncover some lost lore gems along the way.
69 min
The Adventures of Sir Robots returns! The Waking Flame cult is working their nefarious magics with Mahrunes Dagon's goals in mind. But what are those goals?
53 min
155: The Elder Scrolls Most Horrifying Experien...
Our Patrons join us to discuss some of the most horrifying experiences they've had in the Elder Scrolls, just in time for Halloween.
74 min
154: The Most Horrifying Monster in Tamriel
We put ourselves in the minds of people who find Guars to be horrible, ugly, and dangerous creatures to understand why they might be the most horrifying monsters in Tamriel. Do we come out the other side in agreement?
82 min
153: What's going on with The Void?
The Void is a vague topic, usually discussed in hushed tones. But with the Dark Heart of Skyrim it comes to the forefront. We connect the dots between The Void, Sithis, and some other unsavory characters to put forth an interesting theory about what might be actually going on.
63 min
152: "Quest Title OR Obscure Novel?" Quiz Game ...
This month our patrons join us for a fun game to determine is this a quest title from Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim, or is this a little known fantasy, horror or romance novel. Wackiness ensues.
60 min
151: Dragonbreaks 2: Does the Warp in the West ...
We wrap up the list of dragonbreaks with some other potential events that could be classified as dragonbreaks and speculate on the effects of the Warp in the West on the upcoming events of The Elder Scrolls VI.
77 min
150: Weird & Wacky: Dragon Breaks
Dragonbreaks are one of the most unique aspects of Elder Scrolls lore. We start with discussing the most concrete knowledge about them and then speculate about what might be.
65 min
149: Weird & Wacky: The DreamSleeve, Soul-Power...
The Dreamsleeve is a very early concept in The Elder Scrolls, originating in Arena, but it gets very little direct explanation in the more recent games. It is, however, still referenced and has something to do with both where souls come from, where they go when you die, and also can be hijacked by mages as a means of communication and storage of information.
64 min
148: Weird & Wacky: What Happened to the Dwemer?
The disappearance of the Dwemer is a closely held secret, but that doesn't stop pretty much everyone from creating some of the craziest theories and headcanon. We dig into some of the most interesting justifications on the internet.
81 min
147: Elder Scrolls Word Game Patron Episode Aug...
For our patron episode this month we're trying something different. It's a word game with Bribwan and LotusofDoom! Does it work on an audio platform? Well, we'll find out!
68 min
146: Quakecon 2021 Lore & Game Quiz Show
For Quakecon we were invited to create a segment this year, so Robots challenged LotusofDoom and Aramithius to a Lore and Game quiz challenge. Find out who won!
57 min
145: Weird & Wacky: M'aiq The Liar
M'aiq the Liar is a character that appears in Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and ESO, and regularly breaks the 4th wall with his weird and wacky dialogue, so of course we have to discuss the strange lore theories that surround this wonderful character.
72 min
144: Weird & Wacky: The Power of the Towers w/ ...
Aramithius joins us to share his insights into the lore about the Towers of Tamriel. Some believe that there are towers built across Tamriel that control or hold together the world. Some believe that they are being systematically destroyed as part of a master plan...
71 min
143: Weird & Wacky: Did Uriel Septim V Die in A...
What really happened to Uriel Septim V? Did he actually die in Akivir or is he still alive?
40 min
142: Weird & Wacky: Elder Scrolls & Fallout = S...
Some people like to believe that the Elder Scrolls and Fallout universes are the same. Here's why, and the definitive answer about if they are or aren't.
19 min
NEW SHOW - Witcher Lorecast: Origin of the Witc...
We're sorry we couldn't get an episode out this week, but hopefully this will be interesting to you. The creation of the Witchers was not a simple task. Many died, and the results were controversial.
73 min
141: Weird & Wacky: C0DA Will Blow Your Mind
c0da is one of the most controversial stories in Elder Scrolls lore. Why was it written? What does it mean? Did Elder Scrolls really go to space?
84 min
140: Weird & Wacky: Is Pelinal a Gay Time-Trave...
Pelinal Whitestrake is a character with a very debated identity and story. It's vague, but let's see if the idea that he's a gay cyborg from the future holds up or not.
68 min
139: The Divines: Mara
Somehow we recorded this episode a few weeks ago and forgot to post it. So here it is. Mara. Mother. Divine. You know the rest.
71 min
138: The Divines: Zenithar
Zenithar is the god of labor, commerce, and trade. A sort of middle-class god of the people with representations in both the Nordic and Yakudan pantheons.
54 min
137: The Divines: Stendarr
Stendarr, the god of Mercy and, ironically, Justice. We uncover interesting ironic details about this seemingly typical Aedra.
68 min
136: The Divines: Kynareth
Kynareth may be much more than just the goddess of the air and sky. Her ties to Lorkhan create interesting questions...
54 min
135: Who is the Most Evil Race? Monthly Patron ...
Who is the most evil race? Who's the absolute worst? We discuss with our patrons and determine the worst race in the Elder Scrolls.
67 min
134: The Divines: Julianos
Julianos is the Aedric power of knowledge, wisdom, and magic, but there might be more to him than there seems...
56 min
133: All Named Dragons pt 2 w/ Pylawn from UESP
Pylawn from the UESP joins us to wrap up our list of named dragons in Elder Scrolls games.
64 min
132: ESO's Creative Director Rich Lambert: The ...
Zenimax Online's Creative Director for ESO, Rich Lambert, joins us this week to talk about what's coming with the new Blackwood chapter of Elder Scrolls Online, his own experiences in game development, and why he thinks the Daggerfall Covenant is the best faction (and is totally wrong!)
77 min
131: Seachaser Teaches Robots Some Things | Mon...
This month's patron chat is just Robots and Seachaser, who teaches Robots a thing or two about being an Orc in Skyrim.
77 min
130: All of the Named Dragons (Part 1)
We begin working through the list of all of the NAMED dragons in Elder Scrolls, if they're alive or dead, and what their names mean.
71 min
129: The Divines: Dibella
Dibella, the Divine associated with love, beauty, and... sexy stuff.
63 min
128: The Divines: Arkay
What do we know about Arkay? What is his realm of influence and how is he known by other races in Tamriel? We discuss this and more!
59 min
127: The Divines: Akatosh / Auri-El / Alkosh
What do we know about Akatosh? How is he referenced in each culture? Are the cultures projecting their own beliefs on him or is he what they say he is?
57 min
126: Older Game Experiences Patron Chat
We talk with our patrons about their experiences with the older games in the series.
70 min
125: Evolution: The Weird Games
Have you played the non-main, non-mmo Elder Scrolls games? They're VERY different but worth knowing about.
74 min
124: The Evolution Part 2
We continue our discussion of the evolution of The Elder Scrolls with the earliest 3 games in the series.
68 min
123: The Evolution of Elder Scrolls
The Elder Scrolls series has evolved over time. Lotus and Robots discuss how each game changed as time went on.
71 min
122: Elder Scrolls The Movie w/ Patrons
Our patrons join us to discuss how they'd create an Elder Scrolls movie.
66 min
121: The Mystery of Naryu Virian
Naryu Virian, the secret assassin of the Ebonhart Pact, or as Tom puts it, the John Wick of Tamriel, is a dangerous and beautiful assassin...
49 min
120: The Story of Darien Gautier
Darien Gautier of the Daggerfall Covenant is more than just a simple guard. His story is tied to Miridia and he becomes more than he seems.
62 min
119: Razum-Dar Lore
The back story of Razum-Dar and more.
55 min
118: Gates of Oblivion Reactions - Monthly Patr...
We discuss the Gates of Oblivion reveal event and share our thoughts and reactions.
75 min
117: (Game) The Naked Wizard: Locating the Staf...
Dwemer structures, crazy magic, you know. The usual.
24 min
116: Queen Ayrenn of the Aldmeri Dominion
Queen Ayrenn is the rock-star leader of the Aldmeri Dominion. Here's how she came to power.
59 min
115: (Game) The Naked Wizard: The Staff of Magnus
This week, the Naked Wizard looks for a very magical staff. And a horse.
61 min
114: King Emeric of the Daggerfall Covenant
Emeric is a much more experienced leader than you probably knew.
49 min
113: (Game) The Naked Wizard: Augur of Dunlain
This week, the Naked Wizard talks to some glowy lights, because, well, magic.
45 min
112: Jorunn, The Skald-King of Skyrim Lore
Jorunn, the Skald-King, is a much more interesting character than you may have realized...
47 min
111: (GAME) The Naked Wizard: Saarthal
Sir Robots begins a new adventure - seeing if he can beat Skyrim VR as a naked wizard.
46 min
110: Year-In-Review & New Gates of Oblivion Rev...
2020 is in the can. Let's talk about this last year and some recent reveals about the Gates of Oblivion.
84 min
109: Best ESO Faction w/ Patrons
Hint: It's the Ebonheart Pact. Prove us wrong.
72 min
108: The Deadlands - Realm of Mehrunes Dagon
We warp into the Deadlands to explore more about the realm of Mehrunes Dagon.
31 min
107: The Oblivion Crisis & Gates of Oblivion + ...
The game awards revealed that our next year of ESO is going to be called "Gates of Oblivion." So we're diving into the Oblivion Crisis and talking about what we expect to be dealing with in the upcoming content.
61 min
106: Arkaniir from Tales of Tamriel
Arkaniir from Tales of Tamriel joins us to talk about what he loves about Elder Scrolls lore.
64 min
105: Best Vacation Spots in Tamriel | November ...
Our patrons join us to discuss the best vacationing locations in Tamriel
71 min
104: Elder Scrolls Trivia #1: Are You Smarter T...
Lotus of Doom competes to find out if he's smarter than twitch chat.
23 min
103: The Decline of the Morag Tong
The Morag Tong's story is not finished yet.
50 min
102: The Origins of the Morag Tong
The Morag Tong is the ORIGINAL assassins guild of Tamriel. Let's dig in to their origins.
52 min
101: Our Favorite Side Quests | Monthly Patron ...
Bob, Bribwan, and KungfuKangaroo join Lotus and Robots to talk about a wide variety of our favorite side quests across the Elder Scrolls games.
82 min
SNEAK PEAK - Starfield Lorecast EP 1
Enjoy the first episode of the Starfield Lorecast with Tom & Dave
78 min
EPISODE 100 SPECIAL w/ Tea The Khajiit & Hyper ...
We celebrate the 100th episode of the show by talking about why we love the lore of the Elder Scrolls so dang much.
74 min
99: HallowJack, Lord of Mortal Fears
Who is HollowJack and why is it so freaking scary?
60 min
98: Dragon Priests & The Dragon Cult
We take you back to a time of dragon worship and discuss the Dragon Priests and Dragon cults.
64 min
97: Favorite NPC's Monthly Patron Chat
This month we discuss our favorite NPCs from all of the Elder Scrolls games.
99 min
96: What you didn't know about Reachmen
Did you know about the Reachmen's control of the Empire and the events leading to the beginning of Elder Scrolls Online? What about the Keptu? We've got the info here.
67 min
95: The Reachmen & History of the Reach
Who are the Reachmen? What is their culture like and why do they always seem to be a thorn in the side of the empire and the nords?
56 min
94: Ebonarm & Real World Myth vs Game Lore
How should we treat game lore vs real-world myths plus a discussion about Ebonarm, God of War???
59 min
93: Mods & Add-ons Patron Chat
Our Patrons join us to talk about their favorite mods and add-ons for Elder Scrolls games... and of course, wackiness ensues.
78 min
92: The Wacky Lore of TES 1: Arena w/ Lotus of ...
Let's go back to the origins of the series and see how much of the lore actually makes sense today.
57 min
UPDATE! Skip to Ep 178 for Deadric Prince Lore
Are you looking for more intro lore concepts? We're revisiting all of the Daedric Princes beginning on episode 178. Feel free to skip ahead to give those episodes a listen before coming back to episode 92 to dig into some of the deeper concepts.
3 min
1: The Creation: The Beginning of Time (Sneak P...
The creation of the Elder Scrolls Universe. What happens at the beginning of time and the origin of the "Gods."
34 min
New? Listen to this first! (Where did the first...
Welcome! Are you new or wondering about the recent changes? Listen to this before continuing to the regular episodes.
5 min