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S2E27: The Mysterious Jester
Our adventurers come across a stranger in Avernus.
49 min
S2E26: The Chalice
Vynlia and Woblin retrieve the chalice but must give something of themselves in return.
35 min
S2E25: Timothy Grinder
Vynlia makes a deal with the infernal machine.
47 min
S2E24: Calamitous Fates
Our adventurers are shown their fates if they don't change events, and it doesn't end well for them.
56 min
S2E23: The Tree Of Life
Our adventurers find the tree of life and discover someone inside.
37 min
S2E22: Vynlia Gets Stoned!
Our adventurers try to find a way out and encounter something sinister.
32 min
S2E21: Blissful Demise
Our adventurers get out of the goblin camp and find themselves in a strange place.
47 min
S2E20: It's Pretty Not Too Bad
Woblin gets captured and our adventurers must try and get him back.
48 min
S2E19 Pt. 2: The Altar Of The Old Ones
Our adventurers discover the murderer was among them the whole time.
32 min
S2E19 Pt.1: Let's Split Up, Gang!
Our adventurers split up to hunt for clues to find the murderer.
57 min
Holiday Episode: The God's Save Christmas
Fumbling 4 winter holiday extra length special extravaganza episode that's super special!
132 min
Our adventurers go to an inn to eat and Vynlia tries cocoa for the first time.
56 min
S2E17: All Wolves Go To Winter Forge
Our adventurers find Ronan and he helps them through the tundra.
39 min
S2E16: Goddess Of The Forest
Our adventurers try to help Erowyn get back home.
44 min
Halloween Special: Candlelit Caverns
Our adventurers find themselves in a dark cave with something sinister in it.
88 min
S2E15: Right Tundra Our Noses
Our adventurers encounter giant creatures and find something interesting frozen underground.
55 min
S2E14: Where Do We Snow From Here?
After leaving the ocean, our adventurers find themselves in a tundra.
45 min
S2E13: Is It Better Down Where It's Wetter?
Our adventurers go under the sea to convince the emperor of their innocence.
59 min
S2E12: A Honking Good Sea Fight
Our adventurers battle with mysterious fish people.
50 min
S2E11: It's A Plunderful Life
Our adventurers head out on the ocean.
38 min
S2E10: Cabin On The Hill
A stranger welcomes in three of our adventurers.
42 min
S2E9: All The Shooting Stars
Is it really shooting stars falling?
47 min
Bonus: Three Centaurs Walk Into A Bar
What happens when three centaurs walk into a bar?
37 min
S2E8: Say Yes To Walrus's!
Our adventurers attempt to break out of jail.
51 min
S2E7: A Whole New World
Our adventurers find themselves in a new place and are captured by strange beings.
52 min