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S3E9: Better Than A Frying Pan
Our adventurers warn the village, and gets interrupted by the four warlords.
59 min
S3E8: The Pin-nacle Of Bugbears
Our adventurers get to the monster realm with a new member.
70 min
Holiday Special: How Charlie Stole Christmas
Charlie erroneously teaches two islands about Christmas, and our adventurers must fix it before war starts.
92 min
S3E7: A Hare-owing Encounter
Our adventurers meet Vynlia, and play her carnival game.
66 min
S3E6: Breath Of The Feywild
Our adventurers get to the Feywild, and run into a Silver Knight.
45 min
S3E5: Osman's Dismal Hospitality
Our adventurers acquire important information and meet up with an old furry friend.
50 min
Halloween Special: A Werewolf Walks Into A Pizz...
Enjoy this Halloween special of episode 1 NOD season 2, Werewolf: The Apocalypse.
55 min
Halloween Special: Take Out Tavern
What could be scarier than a group of murderers entering a tavern?
80 min
S3E4: The Deck Of Many Mirths
Our adventurers try to get out of the tower, while two of them discover decks of cards.
59 min
S3E3: So That's Why The Minocentaur Is Mad
Our adventurers encounter a stranger while they bicker amongst themselves.
55 min
S3E2: Not Tonight, Graboid
Ampersand and Nym escape the village before being sacrificed to the worm.
39 min
S3E1: The Fallen Gods
Our new adventurers wake up in strange places and try to figure out what happened.
54 min
The Mumbling 4 & The All Mighty Chat Season 2
Our fumblers and all mighty crit talk season 2.
45 min
S2E30: Woblin's Wish
Woblin surprises everyone in this epic season finale.
71 min
S2E29: The Death of Innocence
Our adventurers fight off the shadow dragon, but lose two dear friends in the process.
32 min
S2E28: The Shadow Realm
Our adventurers travel to the shadow realm and Elfie makes a discovery about her past.
48 min
S2E27: The Mysterious Jester
Our adventurers come across a stranger in Avernus.
49 min
S2E26: The Chalice
Vynlia and Woblin retrieve the chalice but must give something of themselves in return.
35 min
S2E25: Timothy Grinder
Vynlia makes a deal with the infernal machine.
47 min
S2E24: Calamitous Fates
Our adventurers are shown their fates if they don't change events, and it doesn't end well for them.
56 min
S2E23: The Tree Of Life
Our adventurers find the tree of life and discover someone inside.
37 min
S2E22: Vynlia Gets Stoned!
Our adventurers try to find a way out and encounter something sinister.
32 min
S2E21: Blissful Demise
Our adventurers get out of the goblin camp and find themselves in a strange place.
47 min
S2E20: It's Pretty Not Too Bad
Woblin gets captured and our adventurers must try and get him back.
48 min
S2E19 Pt. 2: The Altar Of The Old Ones
Our adventurers discover the murderer was among them the whole time.
32 min