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Episode 13: TeraWho?
Our party finds a new unlikely friend on the road, only to be met with absolute terror further on
38 min
PSA to our New Listeners From the All Mighty Crit
Just a Quick PSA From Us For All Our New Listeners
0 min
Episode 12: Here Be A Dragon
With the cart repaired, our party continues there journey to the slaver city
44 min
Episode 11: The Rat, The Hedge Wizard and The Cart
Our party has stumbled upon an odd find in this one
45 min
Episode 10: WHERE DO WE GO NOWWW?!
With our party in new lands and down a member they must find there bearings and figure out what is next for the quest
64 min
Episode 9: What a Trip!
Our party travels fast and hard to find out where the Plagued One has gone and where the Princess is
43 min
Episode 8: The One That Got Away
Our party fights a terrible beast on the open sea
44 min
Episode 7: Anchors Away
Our party is finally ready to set sail, but not without some good ol' fashion shenanigan's
69 min
Episode 6: Cats Out of the Bag
Our party is approached with a favor, loses more than just a head, and meets a ghostly presence
56 min
Episode 5: Night of the Living Charlie
Our party confronts the mysterious noble and gets a visit from a fan favorite
52 min
Episode 4: part 2 of 25 Shades of Silver
Our party has been led to a skirmish of epic proportions
35 min
Episode 3: 25 Shades of Silver
Our party has been caught in quite the ruse which has caused tensions to move to an all time high
41 min
Episode 2: Avernus Kitchen
Our party takes off to the northern most city in these strange lands to deliver the chest. There, they are faced with a grouchy captain, a formidable chef and a strange man who seems to know too much.
55 min
Episode1: How I met Your Party
Our party meets in a strange place on a new continent in Alteris and meets a strange man with an even stranger offer.
46 min