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A podcast discussing and analyzing the lore and stories of the League of Legends universe, and other properties set in the world of Runeterra.

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League of Lore Episode 25: Orianna, League's Sh...
How much of someone can be replaced by clockwork before they are no longer human?
20 min
League of Lore Episode 24: Seraphine, League of...
Seraphine is Piltover's musical prodigy, their local popstar, and is someone trying to unite the city with its neighbor, Zaun.
24 min
League of Lore Episode 23: Caitlyn, the Sheriff...
Caitlyn is the law in the city of Piltover, but what does that really mean?
21 min
League of Lore Episode 22: Camille, the Steel S...
Clan Ferros is one of the most powerful clans in all of Piltover, and the most powerful clan deserves the best Intelligencer.
32 min
League of Lore Episode 21: Jayce, the Defender ...
Jayce is the greatest prodigy in Piltover. His inventions and innovations have wowed the greatest minds in the city-state. Now if only his personality could do the same.
22 min
League of Lore Episode 20: Professor Heimerding...
The yordle in charge of Piltover's most prodigious university and a leader in hextech invention, Heimerdinger is one of the most important figures in the city-state.
22 min
League of Lore Episode 19: The Twin City-States
The tale of how a merchant city broke itself in two and would go on to become the trade capital of the world.
25 min
League of Lore Episode 18 Sentinels in Demacia ...
Viego, the Ruined King, is on the loose and his first target to reclaim a piece of his wife's soul is the Mageseeker compound in the Great City of Demacia.
27 min
League of Lore: Episode 17 Demacian Nobility, P...
In Demacia there is a great diversity of peoples and their struggles. The nobility, the peasants and the monsters between.
32 min
League of Lore: Episode 16, The Outsiders in De...
While Demacia is known for being more isolationist, they are surprisingly welcoming of those willing to join the Demacian nation.
31 min
League of Lore: Episode 15, Jarvan IV the Exemp...
Prince Jarvan IV is in a lot of ways a reflection of the current state of Demacia, and unfortunately that is not an image one wants to have at the moment.
55 min
League of Lore: Episode 14, Lux the Lady of Lum...
Luxanna Crownguard was born into nobility and responsibility, there is just one problem. She's a mage.
23 min
League of Lore: Episode 13, Arcane Part 2
The conclusion of my Arcane coverage with my guest, we have a lot to say.
122 min
League of Lore: Episode 12, Arcane Part 1
In this extra long episode, me and my first guest will be talking about the first two acts of Riot and Netflix's Arcane.
140 min
League of Lore: Episode 11, Sylas the Unshackled
Sylas is one of the most complicated characters in all of Demacia and is someone who begs the question, how far is too far for freedom against oppression?
24 min
League of Lore: Episode 10, The Mage Rebellion
When a people are oppressed for generations simply because of who they are, and are given no other recourse, a violent reaction is inevitable.
23 min
League of Lore: Episode 9, Garen the Might of D...
Garen is considered the face of Demacia, someone who represents and embodies everything that Demacia is, but how true is that really?
25 min
League of Lore: Episode 8, Demons in Demacia
The rise of demons in Demacia has been a gradual thing as the nation has grown alongside its fear of magic, and now they are ready to feast.
22 min
League of Lore: Episode 7, Galio is Demacia's L...
A grand colussus of petricite created by the great architect Durand, Galio is the protector of Demacia but is also its heart.
20 min
League of Lore: Episode 6, Demacia vs Noxus
The tale of two antithetical kingdoms, and one fateful battle betweent the first king of Demacia and the strongest warrior of Noxus.
20 min
League of Lore: Episode 5, Kayle and Morgana th...
Kayle and Morgana are the twin aspects of Justice, but what they each consider "justice" is so vastly different it shaped an entire country.
24 min
League of Lore: Episode 4, The Canticle of the ...
The tragic epic poem of two sisters, twin aspects of Justice, and their fall into conflict.
22 min
League of Lore: Episode 3, Poppy is Demacia's I...
The Keeper of the Hammer, Poppy is something more than just a humble hero, she's Demacia's heart.
20 min
League of Lore: Episode 2, What is Demacia?
Demacia's white and gold aesthetic seem to imply they are the tradional good guys of Runeterra, but who are they really?
21 min
League of Lore: Episode 1, What is Runeterra?
The world of Runeterra is a vast and interesting place, but what exactly is this mystical setting that Riot Games has created?
23 min