The Insurance Guys Podcast

The Insurance Guys podcast is dedicated to agents by agents. Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers discuss all aspects of becoming an insurance agent and give real life examples of their experiences in all aspects of hiring, sales and the day-to-day reality of running your own successful insurance agency.

Ep.79 - Keagan Henson With BriteBee
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with , CEO of Britebee. Keagen talks about the ups and downs of selling his agency to fund an insurtech, pivoting on the fly and tying it all together.   Sponsors:  Insurance payments made easy....
57 min
Ep.78 - Christian Moore: Conversations and Cult...
  Bradley and Scott sit down with , owner of . Christian's agency has gone from scratch to one of the top agencies in the state of Kentucky in just a short time. In this episode, he shares his vision for his agency and how he's going to do it...
77 min
Ep. 77 - G.R.I.T. with Scott Tindle
Scott Tindle - G.R.I.T. Leadership Series Founder
67 min
Ep.76 - Scott Howell on the Hive Five Podcast
Scott talks with co-Hosts Kaegan Henson and Katherine Parker about the good, bad, and unintended consequences of podcasting.
60 min
Ep.75 - Everyday Video Marketing with Scott Gre...
Recorded live at Elevate 2019 in New Orleans, LA
27 min
Ep.74 - Cyber Insurance with Joe Hollier 
Joe Hollier: host of the Popular Insurance Scramble
41 min
Ep.73 - Gary Vaynerchuk Does Insurance
Scott and Bradley sit with Gary Vee at VanyerMedia
38 min
Ep.72 - Closed sales and Mopped Floors
In this week’s episode, Bradley and Scott talk about all that’s been going on in their worlds with the opening of Bradley’s agency and Scott transitioning to independent. You don’t want to miss this really practical episode. ///////////...
69 min
Ep.71 - The Beyonce of Insurance
Ashley Fitzsimmons - National CSR of 2018
34 min
Ep.70 - Bobble On-Ward with Matt Namoli and Zac...
Matt and Zack of G&N Insurance
40 min
Ep.69 - Be the 8% with Cody Askins
Cody Askins, CEO of Secure Agent Mentor and host of the 8% Nation Conference
28 min
Ep.68 - Making Sacrifices Together with Ben Zimmer
Team buy-in with Ben Zimmer - Agency Principal of Ethos Insurance & Risk Management of Valparaiso, IN.
26 min
Ep.67 - From Pro Athlete To Insurance Agent
Fernie Alvarez from Jag Insurance Group and The Transition Podcast
43 min
Ep.66 - Commercial Insurance The Jag Way with D...
Learning Big Commercial from Douglas Jones of The Jag Insurance Group
54 min
Ep.65 - Taking Bad Youtube Advice Personally
Joey Giangola from Agency Nation talks organic Youtube and lousy advice and content.
54 min
Ep.64 - Automation Domination with Chris Greene
Chris Greene from Community First Agency
41 min
Ep.63 - AI Chatbots with Joseph D'Souza
Joseph D'Souza from Pro Navigator talks Ai chatbots and your customer experience
39 min
Ep.62 - The Insurance Guys Ask Woody
Woody Brown from the Rhodes Group talks video marketing and how to utilize it in your business.Ep.62
25 min
Ep.61 - Sharing Is Caring with Andrew Muller
Andrew Muller with Mappus Insurance Agency talks about how he got into the business, purchased his agency, and his unique employee profit sharing program.
49 min
Ep.60 - Bill Butler: What's Your Why?
What's the importance of finding your, "Why?" and the impact that will have on your future in the Insurance Industry.
38 min
Ep.59 - Rocket Your Business To The Top
Nick Berry from Rocket Referrals talks about tips and strategies to send your marketing to new heights.
35 min
Ep.58 - Why a podcast? - LIVE Call-In show!
Bradley and Scott take some calls from some of their most loyal listeners.
45 min
Ep.57 - What's Bradley Been Up To???
In this special episode, Bradley spills the beans on his new project and talks about the future.    Cole X-Dates Exclusive Promo Insurance Guys Podcast listeners get special deals with Cole X-Dates. Click here->    7 Things...
24 min
Ep.56 - Creating a Beastly Marketing Engine wit...
Greg Elsberry of Cole Information discusses how to use data to increase sales.
24 min
Ep.55 - Insurance Nerdery with John Bachmann
John discusses strengthening the claims process, marketing, & customer experience.
39 min