Game Play Radio

For the nerds of Brooklyn, but also the storytellers, Game Play Radio invites local friend groups, chronic D&D-ers, and creative professionals to come and play characters of their own creation and explore a wide variety of worlds as described by the “Game Master” and radio host, Eryn. Professional writers can battle each other using haikus. Musicians can try to beat a Star Destroyer as if they’re in a Star Wars film. Local newbies can become bears and try to steal honey from a human food festival. The possibilities – and the laughs – are endless.

Science Fiction
A Grand New Adventure: Part 4 (FINALE)
In this dramatic finale, a young hero discovers just how far he has to go to finish the job.
59 min
A Grand New Adventure: Part 3
In which Errai discovers he might be in over his head.
58 min
A Grand New Adventure: Part 2
Can Brieana's character Errai blend in to his first ever big city party?
58 min
A Grand New Adventure: Part 1
In this multi-part D&D game, Brieana's adorable monk tiefling dreams of leaving his provincial life.
58 min
Cage of Sand
What would you do if you were caught in a time loop? Eryn and Brieana are about to find out.
58 min
Wild Speed: Space Family
A Fast & Furious-inspired game takes co-hosts Eryn and Brieana into a world of fast cars and faster family.
58 min
The One Peak Mystery: Part 4 FINALE
Oh yeah. It's all coming together.
59 min
The One Peak Mystery: Part 3
Izzy, Zak, Brieana, and Eryn confront the consequences of their teenage actions.
58 min
The One Peak Mystery: Part 2
In which the tiniest bit of a mystery gets explored and a lot of drama happens.
58 min
The One Peak Mystery: Part 1
Podcast friends Izzy and Zak are BACK to play We Used to Be Friends, a game of mystery and hollister shirts.
58 min
Fair Winds and Following Seas with Gisula
Music composer and producer Gisula gets her sea shanty on with Eryn and Brieana
58 min
Get Your Yu-Gi-Oh Game On!
Eryn and Brieana try to find the heart in the cards in a game inspired by a childhood anime.
57 min
You Have One Ability: The Ability to Fuck This Up!
In the first episode of 2022, Eryn and Brieana take on a game where mistakes are the whole damn point.
57 min
Village Witch
For the last episode of the year, host Eryn becomes a witch searching for a new home.
57 min
Mage Against the Machine 2: The Podcast-ening
Pod Against the Machine is back to finish what they started in trying to save the world from the robot apocalypse.
59 min
You Are Quarantined With Adam Driver And He Is ...
Brieana imagines what it would be like to give script critiques to Adam Driver with the help of a few dice rolls.
59 min
Hanukkah Episode: Keeping the Lights On with Sa...
In this special Hanukkah episode, some friends work together to keep a struggling synagogue afloat.
59 min
No Rest for the Wicked with KP
Gamer and photographer of KP11Studios joins the crew to play a villain who is just trying to get their errands finished!
59 min
Final Lap
Cohosts Eryn and Brieana discover that when you race cars, you race with your heart.
57 min
My Welcomed Guest
It's gamer's first solo game! Brieana gets sent to the faerie realm to see what she can see.
56 min
Remember Me
Eryn and Brieana run an exercise in trust when they rely on each other for their own memories.
59 min
Dead Planet with Red
In an especially chaotic Halloween episode, our favorite illustrator Red returns to explore a spooky abandoned space station.
111 min
Moonsailors with Melissa Croce
Author Melissa Croce joins the crew to chat about fanfiction and tell a story of travelers amongst the stars.
67 min
Dead Friend
One friend is a necromancer. One friend is dead. What happens when they conduct a ritual that puts them in the same place?
69 min
Mage Against the Machine with Pod Against the M...
Change the past to protect the future with Izzy, Zak, and Gero.
59 min