Lush Vibes Radio
<p>A weekly late night music show exploring the airy, atmospheric, ambient side of all the genres you love, and all the genres you didn't know you loved! Hosted by Calvin Williams. Airs live every Tuesday night from 11pm to 1am on, and archives here the following Monday.</p>
Episode 88
118 min
Episode 87
122 min
Episode 86
121 min
Episode 85
Originally aired June 2nd, 2020. A much different episode for a different time in the world. A night of songs about protest, disillusionment, revolution, hope, and change from all black artists. I also provide a number of online resources for those interested in helping with the cause.
120 min
Episode 84: Fresh Vibes - May 2020
120 min
Episode 83
121 min
Episode 82
119 min
Episode 81: Quiet Storm Vol II
The Quiet Storm is back for another round of classic soul, old school and new school R&B, and smooth jazz to bring you good vibes and put you in the mood, whatever that mood may be!
122 min
Episode 80: Fresh Vibes - April 2020
121 min
Episode 79
120 min
Episode 78
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Episode 77
122 min
Episode 76: Fresh Vibes - March 2020
121 min
Episode 75
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Episode 74
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Episode 73
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Episode 72
121 min
Episode 71: Fresh Vibes - February 2020
119 min
Episode 70: The Quiet Storm
Originally aired February 18th, 2020. I usually don't do themes for milestone episodes, but this was a theme I've been wanting to do for a very long time, and this seemed like the right time to make it happen. This episode is my take on the legendary urban radio format "The Quiet Storm"! All music from R&B, Soul, and Smooth Jazz to chill you out, put you in the mood, or make you feel feelings you haven't felt in quite some time!
121 min
Episode 69
116 min
Episode 68
Originally aired February 4th, 2020. What do you do when you have a massive overage of Fresh Vibes from the previous month? Play some more Fresh Vibes! I highlighted a nice array of new music from January on this episode, along with a very fun throwback set to compliment all the newness that was ever present in this playlist!
118 min
Episode 67: Fresh Vibes - January 2020
Originally aired January 28th, 2020. There was so much new music this month I managed to amass over 6 hours of Fresh Vibes to choose from! I hope you enjoy these freshest of new music!
119 min
Episode 66
Originally aired January 21st, 2020. This episode for the most part revolves around two concerts I went to over the prior weekend. Along with those songs, we have a throwback set full of 70s and 80s R&B and funk! It's a good vibe for sure!
120 min
Episode 65
120 min
Episode 64: Vibes for my Dad
Originally aired January 7th, 2020. This was another very special Lush Vibes Radio episode, as this one happened to fall on my dad's birthday! This episode is completely dedicated to him and all of the music he loves, past and present! It also served as a special musical walk down memory lane for the both of us that I know you all will enjoy!
120 min
Episode 63: New Year's Eve Vibes 2020
This was an extra special episode of Lush Vibes Radio as this one fell right on the precipice of the new year! I had the honor of having Mike Joseph of The JCC as my co-host, along with having a some special friends come to the studio and celebrate with us! It was three hours (yes, this was a three hour long show!) of music, laughter, silliness, and just plain good vibes!
178 min
Episode 62: Fresh Christmas Vibes
Originally aired December 24th, 2019. 'Tis the season for Lush Vibes! This episode was a jam-packed two-for-one: the first hour was all Fresh Vibes, and the second hour, which rang in Christmas day, was all lush Christmas songs past and present! The perfect soundtrack to open up presents, have a hot drink of your choice, and play the never-ending yule log on your tv!
119 min
Episode 61
Originally aired December 17th, 2019. This episode was all about winding down from the crazy week that was the week before with some low-key tunes, some Spanish language vibes, a special request for my dad, and a throwback set that spans 4 different decades!
120 min
Episode 60
Originally aired December 10th, 2019. We're at episode 60 already?! That's wild! After a very tough previous couple of days, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to come in and do the show, but I was able to pull off a solid set of music full of good vibes, some classic throwbacks, and a track that I (or anyone else for that matter) will ever be able to pronounce. I do hope you enjoy it!
120 min
Episode 59
Originally aired December 3rd, 2019. This episode mixes up a number of Fresh Vibes that were released during the last few days of November with some chill tracks I've been feeling as of late. On top of that, we have an ALL VINYL throwback set to put you in a good mood! Plus, the Christmas version of the theme music is back and better than ever!
118 min
Episode 58: Fresh Vibes - November 2019
Originally aired November 26th, 2019. There is much to be thankful for. I am thankful for all the great new music that came out in November! The last show of the month, and as always, I have a bunch of fantastic fresh jams for your listening pleasure!
120 min
Episode 57
Originally aired November 19th, 2019. A new week, a new episode, this time with zero technical difficulties! A little more uptempo than usual, with an interesting hodgepodge of genres for the throwback set!
122 min
Episode 56
Originally aired November 12th, 2019. Do you like R&B? Do you like technical difficulties? Then boy do I have a show for you! The internet crapped out in the studio (as well as the entire building, as we found out later), but I managed to pull a Hail Mary and was able to keep my show live after the first 20 minutes. I hope you enjoy the music as I count my blessings that I have a hotspot on my phone!
121 min
Episode 55
Originally aired November 5th, 2019. It's a chill night of music where I wax poetic about a recent trip and talk the longest I've ever talked on any episode to date! Sprinkle in a little jazz and an all 80s throwback set, you've got a pretty sweet episode in store!
122 min
Episode 54: Fresh Vibes - October 2019
Originally aired October 29th, 2019. It's the last show of October, so it's time to hit you all with a new episode of Fresh Vibes! It's the monthly new music roundup, and it's a playlist packed with the latest in lush vibes, and I hope you enjoy it!
119 min
Episode 53: The Year in Vibes
Originally aired October 22nd, 2019. Hard to believe it's been a year already! This show has come a long way, and so have I, but one thing that stayed constant throughout this past year is the quality of music that I've played for you over the previous 52 episodes, and this episode highlights some of my favorite tracks from the past year. I hope you enjoy this musical trip down memory lane!
119 min
Episode 52
Originally aired October 15th, 2019. This episode found inspiration from many events from the prior week, including some much needed family time out of the city, and an amazing concert that took place involving two artists that have received a lot of play on this show!
118 min
Episode 51
Originally aired October 8th, 2019. After a most entertaining two hour block of soft rock vibes the previous week, I decided to go for something a little more laid back for this episode. No theme for this episode, just a solid episode of good grooves along with a throwback set that I may have sprinkled a little soft rock into for old times sake!
119 min
Episode 50: Soft Rock Vibes
Originally aired October 1st, 2019. We've hit a major milestone, and whereas I've normally done just a regular episode on the smaller milestone episodes, I figured I'd switch things up a little bit while also making good on something I promised I would do, so episode 50 was 100% soft rock! We kept it laid back with hits by Journey, Starship, Tears for Fears, Berlin, and of course, Phil Collins.
121 min
Episode 49: Fresh Vibes - September 2019
Originally aired September 24th, 2019. It's the last show of the month, so it's time to get into some Fresh Vibes! All of this episode's music hit the scene in the month of September, so you'll be hearing the latest and greatest in lush vibes! It's an episode packed with music you'll be sure to enjoy!
119 min
Episode 48
Originally aired September 17th, 2019. Enjoy two hours of a very soulful mix of r&b, hip hop, jazz and soul from both sides of the Atlantic, as well as throwback set full of just smooth vibes. An episode definitely worth listening to on repeat.
119 min
Episode 47
Originally aired September 10th, 2019. This episode's playlist was inspired by a wide number of influences, including the two shows I did guest hosting stints on, and more random Spotify playlists that I can remember! It made for a great night of music for sure!
121 min
Episode 46
Originally aired September 3rd, 2019.
120 min
Episode 45: Fresh Vibes - August 2019
Originally aired August 27th, 2019. It's the last show of the month, so it's time once again for your dose of Fresh Vibes! This whole playlist is PACKED with new music that came out in the month of August, so you're in for an awesome two hours of music!
121 min
Episode 44
Originally aired August 20th, 2019. A more eclectic mix of r&b, lofi, acoustic, and a throwback set with classic soul and a little soft rock sharing the bill!
120 min
Episode 43
Originally aired August 13th, 2019. This episode features a lot of wavy r&b, ambient inspired grooves, and an all soft rock throwback set to chill you from even your most down of days!
121 min
Episode 42
Originally aired August 6th, 2019. It's a night full of new music as we feature more jams that didn't make it into last week's show, as well as a heaping helping of throwbacks! Can't go wrong with a great mix of great music, past and present!
120 min
Episode 41: Fresh Vibes - July 2019
Originally aired July 30th, 2019. It's the last show of the month, so this episode is all about new music! Everything you hear in this episode came out in the month of July! There were a few technical issues at the beginning, but nothing that impacted the show too badly. All considered, it was a great almost two hours of new music!
119 min
Episode 40: (Mostly) 90s Throwbacks
Originally aired July 23rd, 2019. To mark the milestone that was episode 40, the night was devoted to all the amazing R&B, Soul, and Dance jams from the 1990s (and a little bit of the 80s as well!) It was a show inspired by the mixtapes that my brother Rodney made back in the day, so it only made sense to have him on the show once more to revel and reminisce in all of the glorious throwback tracks from a decade many of us hold dear!
121 min
Episode 39
Originally aired July 16th, 2019. A medley of songs recently discovered care of a recent road trip. Kicked off the night with the Knowles sisters, because Beyonce and Solange are the truth.
123 min
Episode 38
Originally aired July 9th, 2019. The first Lush Vibes Radio with special guests! Calvin welcomed not one, not two, but three guests to the studio! We had Chris DeLuca, one of the newest members of the Radio Free Brooklyn family, who will be hosting "The Foundation", a show premiering July 27th at 10PM, all about the jazz, funk, and r&b songs used as samples in Hip Hop. We also had Calvin's nephew Avius, who is visiting the city from Kentucky, and last but not least, Calvin's brother Rodney, who has arrived in the states from Okinawa, Japan! It was a great night of music, laughs, and getting to chat music, life, and everything in between!
118 min
Episode 37
Originally aired July 2nd, 2019. There was so much good new music in June, I had to devote two and a half sets to all the songs that I enjoyed but could not play in the previous episode! Throw in some personal favorite songs, some throwbacks from the 60s, 80s and 90s, and you have a show jam packed full of good vibes!
121 min
Episode 36: Fresh Vibes - June 2019
Originally aired June 25th, 2019. This episode is the first two hour Fresh Vibes edition, so this was jam packed with the latest and greatest music from across the global and genre spectrum! New music from Common, Erykah Badu, Mark Ronson, Slow Shudder, and more!
118 min
Episode 35
Originally aired June 18th, 2019. I initially thought this was going to be an unusually chill episode, ended up being just a wide spread of dope music from all different sides of the genre spectrum. Whether you're feeling like dancing, head nodding, feeling nostalgic, or just feeling like vibing and chilling, there's something in this episode for you!
121 min
Episode 34
Originally aired Tuesday June 11, 2019. A new two hour Lush Vibes Radio on tap for your listening pleasure! The first episode to air out of the new second Radio Free Brooklyn studio, this episode has a great mix of R&B, Soul, Pop, Jazz, and a very special throwback set that included a tribute to my dad and his old band!
119 min
Episode 33: Now With 100% More Vibes!
Originally aired June 4th, 2019. A night of notable events, this episode of Lush Vibes Radio was the first two hour edition, the first episode at its new time slot, and also featured the 500th unique song played on the show!
119 min
Episode 32: May's Fresh Vibes
Originally aired May 29th, 2019. It's the last show in May, so it's time for the Lush Vibes Radio new music roundup! New music from Blink-182 (didn't see that one coming, did you?!), Flying Lotus featuring Solange, Com Truise, and more!
58 min
Episode 31
Originally aired May 22nd, 2019. A great mix of R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Lofi, and a couple of throwbacks (one of which may come as a surprise to you!)
61 min
Episode 30
Originally aired May 15th, 2019. Another milestone in the Lush Vibes Radio journey, episode 30 had no theme in particular, just a great laid back set of atmospheric R&B, Jazz, Pop, and sprinkling of deep Tribal House for your listening pleasure!
59 min
Episode 29: Mother's Day Classic Soul Vibes
Originally aired May 8th, 2019. This episode is for all of the moms out there. Actually, this episode is for one mom in particular. Dedicated to my mother, I devoted this entire episode to the classic r&b and soul that my mother loves! Be prepared to reminisce, vibe out, and dance!
62 min
Episode 28
Originally aired May 1st, 2019. Episode 28 features great new music from April that didn't make it into last week's Fresh Vibes episode, some lush female R&B, and an extended set of Lofi Hip Hop to close out the episode and end the night on a chill note. Featuring music by Flying Lotus and Little Dragon, Willow Smith, Blak Emoji, SZA, and more!
62 min
Episode 27: April's Fresh Vibes
Originally aired April 24th, 2019. It's the last show of the month, so it's time for the end of the month new music round-up! This episode features new music from Anderson .Paak, Path P, Kahlid featuring John Mayer, Com Truise, Bibio, and more!
61 min
Episode 26
Originally aired April 17th, 2019. Episode 26 brought to the airwaves some R&B, some laid back dreamy and lo-fi jams, some "daydreaming", and a mini tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin in honor of her posthumous Pulitzer Prize win. Featuring music from Solange, Zhavia Ward, Shafiq Husayn, Vinyl Williams, Louis Cole, and more!
61 min
Episode 25
Originally aired April 10th, 2019. One quarter of 100 episodes! This episode has plenty of R&B, lots of piano, a return of some great Chicago Hip Hop, a few classics, and Randy Newman! Featuring music from Laura Mvula, Sade, Kygo, L.H., David Gray, and more!
61 min
Episode 24
Originally aired April 3rd, 2019. It's a new month, so we kick off this episode with some Fresh Vibes redux, then take it back with a lush side of classic soul, and end the night on a mellow note. A well rounded show with a little bit for everyone to enjoy! Featuring music from Anderson .Paak, Blue Magic, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Ryan Whitman, Ben Williams ft. Christian Scott, and more!
60 min
Episode 23: March's Fresh Vibes
Originally aired March 27th, 2019. March was a very strong month for R&B, with an impressive showing from artists established and up-and-coming on a global scale, so this episode focused on some new favorites from that genre, but of course showed love to the lush side of many others. Featuring music by Solange, Khalid, Jamila Woods, Shura, AikJ, and more!
62 min
Episode 22
Originally aired March 20th, 2019. Episode 22 traversed a few decades to bring you some vibes to keep you in a good mood, whether you're looking to chill, feel a little nostalgic, or you just want to be in your feelings.
60 min
Episode 21
Episode 21 showcases some of the more hazy sounding indie acts that took part in the recent New C...
60 min
Episode 20
Lush Vibes Radio exits its teens and enters the 20 week mark with a February Fresh Vibes redux, a...
59 min
Episode 19: February's Fresh Vibes
February was a short month, but it was filled to the brim with great new releases! Episode 19 com...
62 min
Episode 18
Traversing a few different decades this episode, I paid homage to Thundercat and Joe Jackson afte...
60 min
Episode 17
Originally aired February 13th, 2019. Episode 17 follows up last month's Fresh Vibes episode with...
59 min
Episode 16: Dilla X Nujabes
Originally aired February 6th, 2019. Episode 16 celebrates the life, the times and the tracks of two Hip Hop production legends, James Dewitt Yancey and Seba Jun, better known as J DIlla and Nujabes, in honor of what would have been their 45 birthdays on February 7th. It's an hour of their more atmospheric, laid back beats and tracks featuring Shing02, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, and more.
60 min
Episode 15: January's Fresh Vibes
Originally aired January 30th 2019. This episode is all about Fresh Vibes! All the music you hear...
60 min
Episode 14
Originally aired January 23rd, 2019. Some good grooves to keep you warm on what was a particularl...
62 min
Episode 13
Originally aired January 16th, 2019. The number thirteen, depending on what you believe, may be a...
60 min
Episode 12
Originally aired January 9th, 2019. A playlist a bit more dreamy and hazier than previous episode...
60 min
Episode 11
It’s the first show of 2019, and we’re starting off the year with the same good vibes as in every...
62 min
Episode 10: 'Twas the Vibe After Christmas
‘Twas the night after Christmas, and all throughout Bushwick, not a creature was stirring…except ...
58 min
Episode 9: December's Fresh Vibes
Originally aired December 19th, 2018. All the songs you hear in this episode were released betwee...
59 min
Episode 8
Originally aired December 12th, 2018. An hour of nonstop vibes featuring tracks from Flying Lotus...
60 min
Episode 7
Originally aired December 5th, 2018. Continuing the lush vibes this week with tracks from James T...
60 min
Episode 6
Originally aired November 28th, 2018. This episode was a little Hip-Hop, a little R&B, a little P...
61 min
Episode 5
Originally aired November 21st, 2018. No theme for this episode, just a few new tracks and some e...
59 min
Episode 4: Anime Vibes
Originally aired November 14th, 2018. This episode of Lush Vibes Radio is all about anime! I've r...
58 min
Episode 3: Fresh Vibes
Originally aired November 7th, 2018. This week's playlist is all new music that came out within t...
60 min
Episode 2: Ghostly Vibes
Originally aired October 31st, 2018. This episode rings in Halloween with music from the record label Ghostly International.
60 min
Episode 1: Inspired Vibes
The premiere episode of Lush Vibes Radio, originally aired October 24th, 2018. The first episode highlighted the songs that inspired the idea that became Lush Vibes Radio.
61 min