The Truth to Power Show

Vijay R. Nathan hosts The Truth to Power Show which places a weekly guest on the proverbial meditation cushion to engage in a thoughtful conversation at the intersection of the personal and the political. Tune in for talks with: poets and writers, leaders and teachers, allies and practitioners. The greatest risk we take is to tell our personal truth.

Society & Culture
Ep. 228: Witchy Power
Poet-Witch Kate Belew discusses empowerment and her poetry with Vijay R. Nathan
59 min
Ep. 227: The Stars Align
Astrologer Katy Mumford discusses her astrology career with Vijay R. Nathan
58 min
Ep. 226: Oneness Truth
Artist Tattfoo Tan discusses nonduality and his art with host Vijay R. Nathan
58 min
Ep. 225: Transpersonal Truth
Dr. Ian Wickramasekera discusses the transpersonal with Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven
58 min
Ep. 224: Experience with Truth
Poet Thad Rutkowski discusses his craft and life with Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven
58 min
Ep. 223: Our Collective Truth
Mario Jose Pagan Morales talks to Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven
58 min
Ep. 222: Reporting on the Depths
Dr. Carol Cooper discusses journalism and depth psychology with Scottt Raven and Vijay R. Nathan
58 min
Ep. 221: Poetry of the People!
Poet Joey De Jesus talks with Jorge Cabrales, Scottt Raven and Vijay R. Nathan
58 min
Ep. 220: Transpersonal Power
Jorge Cabrales joins Scottt Raven and Vijay R. Nathan to talk about the transpersonal
58 min
Ep. 219: Poets of Peace
Poets Sudha Ramaswami and Kavita Dulai discuss their writing and social issues with host Vijay R. Nathan
58 min
Ep. 218: The Power of Intimacy
Intimacy Coach Lorna Bennett discusses relationships and how to plug into your power with Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven
52 min
Ep. 217: The Roof of the World
Musician Techung discusses preserving Tibetan culture with Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven
58 min
Ep. 216: Dancing With Power
Choreographer ad curated Melissa West talks to Vijay R,. Nathan and Scottt Raven
58 min
Ep. 215: Acting Truthfully
Actor Ben Sumrall discuss acting truthfully and his views on life with host Vijay R. Nathan
58 min
Ep. 214: Experiments with Truth
Experimental fiction writer Eugene Lim talks to Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven
58 min
Ep 213: The Analytical Heart
Analytical Psychology Club of NY President Steve Moskovitz talks to Vijay R. Nathan & Scottt Raven
58 min
Ep. 212: Stop the Press!
Malaysian Writer Julian Matthews discusses his prior journalism career with Vijay R. Nathan
58 min
Ep. 211: Philosophically Speaking
Philosophy enthusiast Mahendra Indarjit speaks to host Vijay R, Nathan and cohost Scottt Raven
58 min
Ep. 210: Improv Your Life!
Christopher Lott from the band Wall of Ears drops in for a visit with Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven discussing improv and consciousness
58 min
Ep. 209: Fire Is Not a Country
Poet Cynthia Dewi Oka opens up about her immigrant story and her poetry with Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven
58 min
Ep. 208: The Homebody Dances
Multidisciplinary artist and mystic Nia Calloway discusses her empowerment with Vijay R, Nathan and Scottt Raven
56 min
Ep. 207: These Honey Days
Singer Songwriter Amber K Lewis discusses her truth in art with hosts Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven
58 min
Ep. 206: Our Hearts Sing
Sound mystic Pamela Jane Gerrand discusses the power of sound with hosts Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven
57 min
Ep. 205: The Depths of Mind
Jorge Cabrales discusses depth psychology and his life journey
58 min
Ep. 204: Food for Thought
Singer Songwriters Jason Trachtenburg reveals his philosophy on music and food
58 min
Ep. 203: The Ballad of Buff Dog
Singer songwriter Kate Koenig discuss her music and mental wellness challenges
58 min
Ep. 202: Mistik the Blue Dragon
Mistik the Blue Dragon discusses Jungian dream analysis and his life work
58 min
Ep. 201: Go with the Flow
Zane Leadley discusses the Flow State and creativity
59 min
Ep. 200: Follow Your Heart
Professor Rick Jarow discusses his work and his journey following his heart.
58 min
Ep. 199: The Show Retrospective
Hosts Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven discuss the past 198 episodes to prepare for episode 200
59 min
Ep. 198: No Thing Considered
Creator of No Thing Considered Ben Luton discusses his radio art and (CW) experience of abuse
65 min
Ep. 197: Bushwick Book Club
Founder of Bushwick Book Club Susan Hwang discusses her projects
58 min
Ep. 196: The Heart's Work
PhD in Feminist studies Stephanie Kaylor discusses sex worker rights
58 min
Ep. 195: The Heart's Language
Ukrainian poet Oksana Lebedivna talks about her journey in linguistics PhD program
58 min
Ep. 194: Release Your Creativity
Ken Ferlic, creator of website on releasing your unlimited creativity, speaks on creating your best life
58 min
Ep. 193: Come Alive
Singer songwriter James Bird discusses his days as "monk boy" and seeking the truth from music
58 min
Ep. 192: Dream On
NYC poet Wanda Phipps discusses her poetry and creative process
58 min
Ep. 191: The Green Constellations
Esther Mathieu, a Queens writer and artist, discusses her work "Constellations" and building a better world
58 min
Ep. 190: Highly Noted
Kira Stevens, a writer and visual artist talks about performing poetry and her new book "Highly Noted and Other Poems" from Lillet Press
58 min
Ep. 188: The Hivemind Explored
Sociologist Dr, Rick Wolford discusses group think and his life journey
57 min
Ep. 187: Dare To Know
Author James Kennedy discusses writing Dare to Know and his other creative works
56 min
Ep. 189 : A Little Before Twelve
Poet Cynthia Andrews discusses her debut poetry collection and her creative process
59 min
Ep. 186: The Power of Touch
Dominique Carson discusses her varied experiences including being a massage therapist
58 min
Ep. 185: The Language of Waves
Richie Alexandro and Tristan Franz discuss their chapbook and relationship to nature
58 min
Ep. 184: Manifest Your Power
Singer songwriter Lena Belle discusses manifestation work and her music
58 min
Ep. 183: Yiddish Dreams
Singer Amanda Miryem-Khaye Seigel discusses Yiddish songs and her musical career
58 min
Ep. 182: Pluck Our Heartstrings
Violinist Concetta Abbate discusses the role of music and identity in her journey
58 min
Ep. 181: The Inspired Word
Michael Geffner discusses his career in journalism and The Inspired Word
52 min
Ep. 180: Happy Lovers
Poets Oleksandr Fraze Frazenko and Joseph Legaspi discuss what's gained in translation
58 min
Ep. 179: Surplus Power
Felipe Ossa discusses his satirical film The Ultimate Stimulus
58 min
Ep. 178: It's a Flat World After All
Eniko Toth discusses how we're all connected in power and truth
58 min
Ep. 177: Downward Facing Truth
Wellness coach Helanah discusses truth empowerment
55 min
Ep. 176: Rise Up!
Poet Roberto Carlos Garcia discusses smashing the patriarchy and capitalism and poetics of being human
58 min
Ep. 175: Tidal Wave
Kofi Antwi discusses his book Tidal Wave and his artistic process
57 min
Ep. 174: The Healing Hand
Sue Knight Deutsch discusses important conversations to have with loved ones before it's too late
58 min
Ep. 173: Preach On!
Preacher Boy discusses his music and discovering the truth in his voice
59 min
Ep. 172: The Poet's Hunger
Nadia Q. Ahmad discusses her craft, fasting, and empowerment
56 min
Ep. 171: Journeys In Faith
Andrew Barfield speaks on faith and his journey in the military and beyond
58 min
Ep. 170: Bibliotherapy for All
Bibliotherapist Bijal Shah discusses mental health and reading
58 min
Ep. 169: The Art of the Possible
Artist and poet Aleksandra Miljanic discusses politics and her art
59 min
Ep. 168: Systems At Work
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion speaker Dr. Taharee Jackson discusses systemic racial oppression and how to combat this
58 min
Ep. 167: Field of Blessings
Author of Field of Blessings Ji Hyang Padma discusses Buddhist healing practices
59 min
Ep. 166: Emerald City
Author of Emerald City Joseph Grosso talks about the history of NYC
58 min
Ep. 165: Tide Girl
Author Mary Lannon discusses her manuscript Tide Girl and empowerment themes
58 min
Ep. 164: Feminism For Men
Author of the book Feminism for Men talks about the themes of his book
58 min
Ep. 163: GOODW.Y.N
Nicole Goodwin, aka GOODW.Y.N discusses her book WarCries and performance art
58 min
Ep. 162: Colt Mallison Speaks
Writer Colt Mallison speaks on mental wellness, creativity and 2020
56 min
Ep. 161: Systems At Play
Scholar and creative practitioner Elae Moss discusses various sociological systems at play in today's world
58 min
Ep. 160: Free Your Mind
Artist and mental health worker Noah Phillips discusses 2020 and mental health
59 min
Ep. 159: The Power Land
Writer Melissa Hunter Gurney discusses black land ownership, creative process, and community empowerment
58 min
Ep. 158: Be Water, My Friend
Artist Simone Johnson discusses her water art and philosophy
55 min
Ep. 157: Checkmate!
CEO of Premiere Chess Evan Rabin talks about his passion for the game
58 min
Ep. 156: Go Liberate Yourself
1st generation American writer, actor, director, and Hebrew priestess-in-training Simha Toledano
58 min
Ep. 155: Now Is The Thyme
Fellow RFB Host of City Thyme Maddy Enlow talks about mental wellness and gardens
58 min
Ep. 154: Positively Positive
Spoken word artist and community advocate Positively Positive discusses their truth
58 min
Ep. 153: A Parent's Truth
Poet Pichchenda Bao discusses her poetry, her past, and becoming a mother
58 min
Ep. 152: The Orange Power
Mr. Orange Live discusses poetry and discovering his power
59 min
Ep. 151: Our Truth Companions
Author of "Companions in the Darkness" Diana Gruver discusses depression and faith
58 min
Ep. 150: The Gratitude Abundance
Professor Francisco Delgado discusses indigenous literature, Thanksgiving, and the word's power
58 min
Ep. 149: Philosophize This!
Philosophy teacher Michael Matejka discusses "Philosophy For Living"
58 min
Ep. 148: Wings of Power
Consumer advocate and writer William J. McGee discusses his work "Half the Child"
58 min
Ep. 147: The Truth Arrow
Poet Sumita Chakraborty discusses her new work Arrow
58 min
Ep. 146: Empower Your Mind
Poet Richard Jeffrey Newman discusses his views on the path
58 min
Ep 144: Nourish Our Truth
Susanna McDonald discusses spiritual paths and yoga
58 min
Ep. 143: Empower Us Now!
Micah Hales discusses her middle school reader Howl
58 min
Ep. 142: The Truth Poetics
Poet Zach Linge talks about poetry with Vijay R. Nathan and cohost Bruce Whitacre
58 min
Ep. 141: Our Power Lineage
Performer DS Will discusses his connections to power within the body and his past
58 min
Ep. 140: The Wild Truth
Poet Audrey Dimola discusses mental wellness and ecotherapy
58 min
Ep. 139: Liberating Poetry
Author of Liberating the Astronauts Christina M. Rau discusses her poetic inspirations
58 min
Ep. 138: Ignite Our Creativity
Dr. Nahid Mokhtari discusses how to ignite our creativity through compassion
58 min
Ep. 137: The Power Seance
Poet Jacob Moses discusses his book Seance and living in his truth
58 min
Ep. 136: The Artist's Way
Artist and art curator David Chatowsky discusses his path
58 min
Ep. 135: Ways to Power
Poet John W Leys discusses how he discovered his poetic voice
58 min
Ep. 134: The Truth Reflections
Performer Michelle Levy tells about her journeys in performance art
58 min
Ep. 133: Ways of Seeing
Visual artist and poet Rachel Eliza Griffins discusses her craft as a way of seeing
58 min
Ep. 132: Truth Be Told
Dr. Christine Gardiner discusses her work in poetry and education
58 min
Ep. 131: Cinnamon Power
Holly Cinnamon discusses creative process and meditative arts
58 min
Ep. 130: Shiva Self Inquiry
Jill Forger discusses the Shiva self inquiry process and her journey in meditation
58 min
Ep. 129: Hypnosis Healing
Shauna Cummins discusses hypnosis as a form of healing
58 min
Ep. 128: Medicine Spirit Dancer
April Eve talks about the Stolen Sisters and Brothers Awareness project
58 min