Hair Metal Mixtape w/Gabe

Mondays LIVE @ 3pm-5pm EST is Hair Metal Mixtape w/Gabe on Radio Free Brooklyn! Tune in for current news, live guest interviews, premier song releases plus a weekly curated Mixtape balancing the Classic with the Current of my favorite Hair, Glam, Sleaze and Hard Rock from the 80’s, 90’s, 2000's ’till today. Tune in and turn up! Mixtapes for life!

Dare to Dream #039
Def Leppard #Hairniversary with the release of ‘Pyromania’ + Live interview with Marco Mendess of RocknRoll Army!
119 min
Be the Storm #038
Hair Metal Mixtape celebrates the announcement of Twisted Sister and 'Greatest Hits - Tear It Loose (Studio & Live)' Plus live interview w/Matteo Peluffo of Italian Progressive Power Metal band ArseA
118 min
Nü Year #037
First show of the year! Hair Metal Mixtape celebrates a Winger #Hairniversary with “Easy Come, Easy Go” and We have the first #HairMetalForum with @earDamage Adam and Jersey Mike to kick off the year!
119 min
OutaTime #036
Hair Metal Mixtape celebrates KISS and 45 years of Destroyer + a live interview w/Chris Sele of Störmbreaker!
120 min
Noël #035
NEW Christmas album ‘Happy Holidays’ by Billy Idol! Then a live interview with Norwegian Glam Rockers Razorbats!
117 min
Crossroads #034
NEW Christmas song “Hung Over On Christmas” by The Erotics, 
then a live interview with Denny Smith of The Great Affairs
121 min
Yöu Do Yöu! #033
We kick off December with Enuff Z' Nuff and "Happy Holiday" then a live interview with Kevin McGinnis of Twiggy Branches
119 min
Let It Go! #032
New music by Bliss My Heart feat. Eric Jayk of Wildstreet /Live interview with Miro Cheyenne of Nasty n' Loaded/Let It Go Mixtape
119 min
Wörk 2 Lïve! #031
Live interview with Gypsy Lee Pistolero from GYPSY PISTOLEROS + a 90 min curated Mixtape with my favorite Hair, Glam, Sleaze and Hard Rock form the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s ‘till today!
123 min
Fäll Bäk #030
Live interview with Dallas Dwight from The L.A. Maybe and a 90 min + Mixtape of our favorite classic bands like Aerosmith, Ratt and The Black Crowes just to name a few, plus new tracks by Rough Cutt, Land Of Gypsies, Slash, Shiraz Lane and The L.A. Maybe!
121 min
November Rain #029
Live chat with Tony Calabro of Thrilldriver plus a stormy show for you today! Side A is lighting and side B is Thunder during this November Rain!
122 min
Los Muertos! #028
Opener by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs; LIVE interview w/Mike Trash of The Erotics; 90min + "Los Muertos" Mixtape
117 min
Trick or Treat! #027
LIVE interview with Sam Spade from The Midnight Devils! Plus a Halloween Trick or Treat from Fastway!
120 min
Scared! #026
LIVE chat with Mizzie Max of Hit'n'Mizz & 90 mins + of your favorite hair, glam, sleaze and hard rock from the 80's, 90's, 2000's 'till today!
119 min
Holla Day! #025
LIVE interview with Oz, Fredrik & CD of Osukaru via Zoom from Sweden plus 90 min of Classic & Current Hair, Glam, Sleaze and Hard Rock!
120 min
Ceremony #024
LIVE interview with Don Cobra of L.A. Cobra plus side A has got some new and current tracks by King Zebra, Maverick, new Bomber Alley featuring two members of the DEE Snider band, new Hardcore Superstar and new L.A. Guns!
119 min
Twenty Three! #023
LIVE talk with Canadian sleaze rockers Lÿnx and their new EP! Plus lots of current & NEW tracks with the classics too!
119 min
Phoenix Risin' #022
LIVE talk with the band Grand Design and their new single “Get Out” plus new & current music and all the classics we love!
119 min
Long & Winding Road #022
LIVE talk with Scotty Dunbar of DMK and their new single “Drive or Crash”; We’ve got some exciting current and new tracks by not only current artists but we got some classic artists busting out new material.
122 min
Bäk 2 Scül #020
LIVE talk with Brazilian rockers Red Water and their new single “Ember” plus current and new tracks by Wayward Sons, Madhouse, Hardcore Superstar, Laci Violett, Dangerous Curves, Budderside, The Erotics and Jizzy Pearl & Love/Hate, plus all the classics we love to rock out with!
120 min
Hot Rod #019
LIVE talk with Morten Nilsen of The Gasölines and their new single “Speed Freak”
121 min
Rock of "Ages #018
Joining me live will be Adam Lane, lead singer for North Carolina rockers Tyger telling us all about their new single “Wild Nights” which was released this past Friday!
118 min
Red Hot #017
New music by Kissin' Dynamite, Wicked Smile, Cruzh and many, many more! Plus joining me live will be musician songwriter Stephen Chopek.
119 min
Glitter! #016
Lots of new music including G’N’R, Doberman, Smashed Gladys and so much more. Plus I’ve got a couple of great humans that will be with me here live in the flesh to talk music, gigs, bands, Beacon, NY and one of the many projects they are in together, The Nighttimes!
119 min
Night Songs #015
Today is the first day the Mixtape starts at 3pm eastern and goes for two hours. So basically now my running AND my mix tapes have become endurance events. Boy am I gonna be sore!
120 min
B.L.U.E.S. #014
The Summertime Blues is real and it happens all the time and I’m gonna walk us through it today!
59 min
Motorin' #013
Today we forget about the work week to come and we’re just gonna tear it loose, get motorin’ and live it up!
59 min
Point Break! #012
Today we celebrate the film Point Break with soundtracks, movie samples and some tracks NOT in the original motion picture soundtrack! So stick around for a mixtape that’s going to feel like catching your first tube!
59 min
Fireworks! #011
Today I present to you a Fireworks Collage of Fantastic Tunes that you’re gonna rock out to whether you’re poolside, BBQing, Camping or headed to the city!
59 min
Reincarnation #010
Today we take a journey into Life, Death and Rebirth by way of Rage, Remorse and Forgiveness! So stick around for a mixtape that will have you coming back again and again and again!
59 min
Summer Solstice #009
Today we celebrate the longest day of the year, end of school and the beginning of a hot Summer to come!
59 min
Juneteenth! #008
Saturday we celebrate Juneteenth, so my friend Damon and I are gonna dig in and listen to some artists who have something to say!
59 min
Pride! #007
June is Pride month and today we kick off the celebrations with a fantastic balance of classic and current! So stick around for Thundermother, Joan Jett and Motley Crue just to name a few!
59 min
Summer Nights! #006
Today we remember our fallen, celebrate Rock and kick off the start of Summer!
59 min
Yutes! #005
I’ve got so much new friggin music today that it’s fallen out of my pockets!
59 min
Eric Jayk of Wildstreet! #004
Eric Jayk of Wildstreet joins me LIVE in studio to spin the new single “Mother” plus spends the hour chatting and spinning ALL Wildstreet related tracks!
59 min
Tell The World! #003
This past Pandemic year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and we’re starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
58 min
Lycan It! #002
My muse for today's Mixtape was the gigantic full moon we just had this past week and it got me all furry and Lycan It!
58 min
Here I Am! #001
Opening day for Hair Metal Mixtape in Brooklyn at Radio Free Brooklyn, so some introductions will need to happen!
58 min