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Welcome to After The Island, the ultimate Love Island USA recap podcast hosted by OG Islanders Elizabeth Weber (S1 Winner) and Alexandra Stewart (S1 Runner-Up).

Get ready to dive into all the drama, intrigue, and love from Season 5 at the Love Island Villa in Fiji. Join Alex and Elizabeth, your go-to sources for an insider's perspective on life inside the villa. As one of the first outlets the dumped Islanders turn to, After The Island brings you the stories straight from the source. With behind-the-scenes videos and exclusive interviews, they spill all the juicy rumors and give a lively rundown of each night's episode.

As avid reality TV fans themselves, they make outrageous predictions, have fun gossip sessions, and provide a unique perspective by comparing their own Love Island journey to that of the newest Islanders. After The Island is the place to be for unfiltered discussions and entertaining recaps. The podcast airs live every weekday, ensuring they're always there for the fans to discuss the previous night's excitement.

So, grab your headphones and immerse yourself in the world of Love Island USA with Alex and Elizabeth. Let's dish the tea together!

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After The Island Interview - Phoebe Siegel on ...
<p>The end part cut out sry don't come for us we were getting yelled at. Phoebe from Love Island USA Season 4 discusses all things that went down in Casa Amor and the Love Island USA Main Villa. Phoebe and After the Island discuss what it felt like the moment she walked into the Villa from Casa Amor, the detailed conversation, and the chap stick kiss truth. &nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>Tune in and keep up with Phoebe by following her here:</p>--- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
39 min
After The Island Interview- Nadjha Day Opens U...
<p>Love Island USA season 4 Islander, Nadjha Day opens up about everything that went down in the villa. Nadjha opens up about self eliminating after becoming a finalist, her relationship with Jeff, and where their relationship stands now.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow Nadjha here:</p> <p><br></p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
16 min
After The Island Interview- Sydney and Isaiah L...
<p>After The Island talks to Love Island Season 4 Runner-Ups and fan favorites Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell about their time on Love Island USA Season 4. Isaiah jokes about his cast photo and Sydney shares her favorite moments! &nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>#sydneyandisaiah #loveislandusa&nbsp;</p><p>Follow Sydney here:</p><p>Follow Isaiah:</p><p><br></p><p>Intro: (00:00) &nbsp;How are you feeling: (00:17) &nbsp;Day 1 Couple: (1:09) &nbsp;Isaiah's slick cast photo: (1:54) &nbsp;Syd on Andy situation: (2:18) &nbsp;Isaiah's thoughts on Andy situation: (3:17) &nbsp;Syd forgot Andy kissed her: (4:53) &nbsp;Hurdles/Casa: (5:15) &nbsp;Phoebe tells details of Casa: (6:35) &nbsp;Will you watch back?: (7:31) &nbsp;Isaiah watching Phoebe and Syd convo: (7:52) &nbsp;Is syd friends with phoebe?: (10:06) &nbsp;Family moments: (10:53) &nbsp;Plans to see family: (13:21) &nbsp;Isaiah the moment he loved Syd: (13:45) &nbsp;Syd's moment: (14:58) &nbsp;Sydney opening up to Isaiah: (15:34) &nbsp;Future Plans: (17:05) &nbsp;Ideal first date out of the villa: (17:46) &nbsp;Favorite things about each other: (19:03) &nbsp;Did you ever think you were getting voted off?: (20:06) &nbsp;Thoughts of other islanders: (22:36) &nbsp;Origin of the BBQ Boys: (23:15) &nbsp;ISAIAH CAN SING?: (24:36) &nbsp;Zeta, Deb, and Syd: (25:33) &nbsp;Isaiah being everyone's choice: (26:52) &nbsp;How did you feel when Mackenzie came in: (27:58) &nbsp;Ever come close to quitting the show: (29:38) &nbsp;Favorite memories: (30:12) &nbsp;Did Isaiah meet Tre?: (32:45) &nbsp;Islanders who needed more time: (32:50) &nbsp;Biggest lesson learned: (33:37) &nbsp;Fast Facts: (34:42)</p>--- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
40 min
After The Island Interview - Winners Timmy and ...
<p>Fan favorites and Winners of Love Island USA Season 4 Timmy Swerve and Zeta Morrison gush about their time and romance inside the villa. We talk about the BBQ Boys, The Griddle Girls, and so much more. We also find out about some special talents and projects in the works! &nbsp;<a href="">#ZIMMY</a></p><p><br></p><p>Follow Zeta:</p><p>Follow Timmy:</p>--- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
31 min
Finale Episode! Love Island USA S4E37 Recap & M...
<p>After the island talks about the season finale of Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 37. Winners are crowned, and After The Island discusses the viewing party they attended with several islanders from Season 4!&nbsp;</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
40 min
After The Island Interview - Joel Beirwert Talk...
<p>After the Island talks to Season 4, Islander Joel Beirwert about all things Love Island USA Season 4. Love Island USA star Joel explains how he got cast and how he didn't really know what it was about. Joel talks about who he was eyeing once he got inside the villa, and when his attention turned to Bella. In this episode, Joel talks about if he's spoken to Bella yet, his relationship with Phoebe, the BBQ boys, and Jesse and Deb. Tune in for the entire interview that will leave you with a lot of questions answered! &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow Joel Here:</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
35 min
<p>After the Island discusses Love Island USA Episode 34! The babies hit the Love Island Villa and the girls (mom's) are over it! They hide on the terrace and let the boys show off their baby-daddying skills. A hard conversation between Deb and Jesse leaves viewers seeing more than just cracks in their relationship. Families visit the five couples via video call in the villa in the first look. Viewers learn the final four will be determined by the five couples remaining. What a twist. The comment Jeff makes to one couple - "Buddy Buddy" - leaves us wondering who he is referring to as Zeta confronts him. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p><br></p> <p>Intro: (<a href=";t=0s">00:00</a>) &nbsp;Alex was wrong about the families: (<a href=";t=49s">00:49</a>) &nbsp;Phoebe and Chad get together: (<a href=";t=94s">1:34</a>) &nbsp;Deb reeling over Mack convo: (<a href=";t=147s">2:27</a>) &nbsp;Deb voices nerves about real world with Jesse: (<a href=";t=293s">4:53</a>) &nbsp;Jesse asking Deb to be his girlfriend: (<a href=";t=420s">7:00</a>) Crazy situation for day 1 couple: (<a href=";t=620s">10:20</a>) &nbsp;&nbsp;Deb would be okay without Jesse: (<a href=";t=672s">11:12</a>) &nbsp;Pit in our stomachs: (<a href=";t=765s">12:45</a>) &nbsp;Lighter note, BABIES: (<a href=";t=817s">13:37</a>) &nbsp;Jeff's best baby quotes: (<a href=";t=832s">13:52</a>) &nbsp;Name of couple's babies: (<a href=";t=861s">14:21</a>) &nbsp;Zeta &amp; Timmy Top Parents: (<a href=";t=913s">15:13</a>) &nbsp;Phoebe Mom cute moment: (<a href=";t=961s">16:01</a>) &nbsp;Deb &amp; Jesse Fail Challenge: (<a href=";t=979s">16:19</a>) &nbsp;Jesse &amp; Timmy talk at firepit: (<a href=";t=1010s">16:50</a>) &nbsp;Girls Chat - Syd "Oh Fuck": (<a href=";t=1023s">17:03</a>) &nbsp;Nadjha and Jeff Hideaway: (<a href=";t=1074s">17:54</a>) &nbsp;Jeff brings a backpack and 2% milk: (<a href=";t=1097s">18:17</a>) &nbsp;Subscribe trying to hit a goal :): (<a href=";t=1137s">18:57</a>) &nbsp;Jeff's Toast to the hideaway: (<a href=";t=1168s">19:28</a>) &nbsp;First Look Episode 35: (<a href=";t=1214s">20:14</a>) Oh SH!T, BUDDY BUDDY?: (<a href=";t=1350s">22:30</a>) &nbsp;Islanders vote final 4?: (<a href=";t=1372s">22:52</a>) &nbsp;outro: <a href=";t=1450s">24:10</a></p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
26 min
Two Islanders Get Dumped & Babies are Coming Lo...
<p>After the Island reviews Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 33. Zeta and Timmy talk about exclusivity. The Islanders celebrate Mackenzie's birthday with a special cake. Nadjha wants Jeff to ask her to be his girlfriend. Mackenzie has a talk with Deb sharing that she doesn't think Jesse is the one. Wedding Cake Challenge. America's votes reveal Chad and Mackenzie, Joel and Phoebe are in the bottom two. The boys send Joel home and Mackenzie self eliminates giving Phoebe the chance at love with Chad.&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p><br></p> <p><br></p> <p>&nbsp;Intro: (00:00) &nbsp;Winston threw up on my rug: (00:47) &nbsp;Only 3 real episodes left: (1:12) &nbsp;Episode 33 Recap Start: (1:15) &nbsp;Boys and Girls Chat Isaiah in love: (1:20) &nbsp;Zimmy Chat Status: (2:48) &nbsp;A moment for the dress: (5:32) &nbsp;Birthdays in the Villa: (5:39) &nbsp;Jeff &amp; Nadjha GF/BF Talk: (6:50) &nbsp;Pressure of becoming GF/BF inside the villa: (9:00) &nbsp;Deb's Concerns about Jesse: (10:06) &nbsp;Mackenzie's Special Bday: (13:41) &nbsp;Phoebe and Chad opinion: (14:46) &nbsp;Bed Time Funny Moments: (14:58) &nbsp;Morning Chat Zeta being hilarious: (16:41) &nbsp;Zeta Video Funny Moment: (16:55) &nbsp;Cake Challenge: (17:52) &nbsp;Jeff &amp; Nadjha talk weddings: (20:25) &nbsp;Jesse &amp; Deb Celibacy question?: (22:09) &nbsp;Deb in the beach hut: (22:53) &nbsp;Phoebe wants Chad to fix his mustache: (23:33) &nbsp;Kenz &amp; Deb discuss Jesse: (24:14) &nbsp;&nbsp;America's vote: (27:40) &nbsp;Bottom Couples: (27:53) &nbsp;Joel go get your girl, Bella: (30:05) &nbsp;Joel video: (31:04) &nbsp;Chad &amp; Phoebe Couple Up: (33:03) &nbsp;Timmy manifesting Bella for Joel: (33:23) &nbsp;Possible reunion?: (33:45) &nbsp;Baby Time: (34:43) &nbsp;Phoebe getting down on one knee: (35:20) Jesse pissed holding a baby: (36:40) &nbsp;First Look Episode 34: (36:51) &nbsp;Jesse asking deb to be his GF?: (39:10) &nbsp;How are we going to fit families and epic dates: (40:08) &nbsp;Outro. Like this video. subscribe: (42:54)</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
24 min
Let's Get Ballsy - Sculpture Class is in Sessi...
<p>Today, Alex is here alone to discuss Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 32 - the episode that could've been an email. Sydney and Isiah talk things out and get back together. Phoebe and Chad believe they can infiltrate anyone with just their words. DEB now stands for Demanding, Energetic, Biscuit. Mackenzie's birthday. Spanish lessons with Jeff and Nadjha. Inappropriate sculpture class gets ballsy. The boys are too comfy in this villa. Sydney and Isaiah are officially dating.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Intro: (00:00) &nbsp;This live could have been an email: (00:20) &nbsp;Zimmy Chat: (1:51) &nbsp;Jesse &amp; Deb Chat Twitter: (3:00) &nbsp;Phoebe &amp; Chad - Infiltration: (3:48) &nbsp;It's everyone's-losing-their-minds week: (4:50) &nbsp;Isaiah and Syd in bed: (5:50) &nbsp;Where was Mackenzie's birthday party: (6:13) Isaiah chats with Jeff about his "old self": (7:25) &nbsp;Zeta "I BELIEVE HIM!": (8:10) &nbsp;Spanish lessons with Nadjha: (8:35) &nbsp;Isaiah asks Syd to trust him: (10:10) &nbsp;Class today: Sculptures of thingies: (10:58) &nbsp;The boys are off the rails: (12:47) &nbsp;Isaiah planning: (15:23) &nbsp;Isaiah and Zeta plan: (17:30) &nbsp;Isaiah says I love you to Syd: (21:19) &nbsp;End of Episode, Starts ranting: (23:43) &nbsp;First Look: (24:18) &nbsp;Deb's Doubts: (26:39) &nbsp;Phoebe and Chad bros/sexual tension: (29:23) &nbsp;Do you think Deb will self-eliminate: (29:40) &nbsp;How the dumping will go: (30:45) &nbsp;Confusion on what's happening next: (32:35) &nbsp;Couples outside the villa: (33:57) &nbsp;Back to figuring out what's happening next: (34:40) &nbsp;Love Island couples still together?: (35:19) &nbsp;Last week of love island-itis: (36:42) &nbsp;Couples lasting in the real world: (37:28) &nbsp;Coming out of the villa/social media: (39:59) &nbsp;Alex answering random questions: (40:55)</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
30 min
After The Island Interview - Courtney Boerner ...
<p>Alex and Elizabeth (After The Island) talk to fan favorite Courtney &nbsp;Boerner from Love Island USA Season 4. Courtney discusses her &nbsp;connections in the villa, who is playing a game, and so much more. &nbsp;Courtney talks her big 3 (astrology), vulnerability, and best friends. &nbsp;Also, Sam is kinky. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>#loveislandusa &nbsp;&nbsp;Follow Courtney here:</p><p><br></p><p>Into: (00:00) &nbsp;Hardest thing outside the villa: (00:28) &nbsp;First person you called after leaving: (00:49) &nbsp;Andy Relationship: (2:36) &nbsp;Felipe connection: (3:29) &nbsp;Bryce connection: (4:58) Casa Queen: (6:42) &nbsp;Sam is kinky?: (7:07) &nbsp;Picking Chad: (8:10) &nbsp;Phoebe &amp; Chad: (10:21) &nbsp;Ultimatum: (11:06) &nbsp;Courtney dumped Chad: (11:51) &nbsp;Mackenzie entering: (11:56) &nbsp;Girl Friend Groups: (12:49) &nbsp;Sereniti going home: (13:09) &nbsp;Court leaving, Zeta bawling: (13:46) &nbsp;Closest guy friends: (14:24) Who would you vote for: (15:28) &nbsp;Spiritual knowledge from Nanny: (15:54) &nbsp;Insecurity you overcame: (16:43) &nbsp;What will you miss from the villa: (17:23) &nbsp;#Richard: (17:39) &nbsp;What you won't miss from the villa: (18:38) &nbsp;Everyone fell down the stairs: (18:53) &nbsp;Casa Amor Recoupling Shocking: (19:45) &nbsp;Is Phoebe playing the game?: (20:57) &nbsp;Advice to future islanders: (21:39) &nbsp;Who did you style in the villa: (22:41) &nbsp;Future with Bryce?: (23:44) &nbsp;VILLA FAST FACTS GAME: (24:02) &nbsp;Top 3 Anime: (27:05) &nbsp;Chad and Anime: (27:53) &nbsp;Big 3 of Birth Chart: (27:58) Favorite Moment: (28:50) &nbsp;Regrets - Sandals: (29:46) &nbsp;Who have you talked to outside the villa: (30:32) &nbsp;Elizabeth's Glasses Conspiracy: (31:25) &nbsp;Pillow-talk Importance: (32:32) &nbsp;Whats next: (34:24) &nbsp;That's Hot: (35:40)</p>--- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
37 min
Sneaky Kisses and Twitter Challenges - Love Isl...
<p>Alex and Elizabeth talk on After The Island about Love Island USA Season &nbsp;4 Episodes 29, 30, and 31. A LOT has happened that we need to chat about. From sneaky kisses (Phoebe and Chad) in the makeup room to &nbsp;twitter voicing their real's starting to get &nbsp;messy...again.</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
55 min
After The Island Interview - Chanse Corbi Opens...
<p>Casa Amor Bombshell Chanse gives us all the details about her time on Love Island USA Season 4. &nbsp;Chanse talks about what it was like coming back into the villa, Jared choosing Kat, what's going on with Chazz, and her experience on the show! &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow Chanse on Socials: <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqbW5lOVlaWW5HUlhRREhWTlZlNzlUZHJkazlUQXxBQ3Jtc0tsZGJWYlNuVzhCSEV0YXpUUkNRR1BrSFFreVFmaG1Od0VrX00tX1J6dlJaSWJpd192LWdkWUdPNXAtM1RPRVVTWm5iUkpxdW14X285OThKSmFxNHN6QkltRWZTZ182QW9RN3pUQktOX0RZUG9hSnFXNA&amp;;v=-tY5mKOeTks" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Intro: (<a href=";t=0s">0:00</a>) &nbsp;Casting: (<a href=";t=40s">00:40</a>) &nbsp;Walking into Casa: (<a href=";t=73s">1:13</a>) Who her eyes were on: (<a href=";t=146s">2:26</a>) &nbsp;Sharing a bed with Isaiah: (<a href=";t=212s">3:32</a>) &nbsp;Jared and Kat: (<a href=";t=329s">5:29</a>) &nbsp;Connections we didn't see?: (<a href=";t=426s">7:06</a>) &nbsp;Casa recoupling: (<a href=";t=508s">8:28</a>) Who Pied You?!: (<a href=";t=602s">10:02</a>) &nbsp;Best Friends: (<a href=";t=700s">11:40</a>) &nbsp;Phoebe &amp; Isaiah: (<a href=";t=753s">12:33</a>) &nbsp;What's going on with Chazz: (<a href=";t=867s">14:27</a>) &nbsp;Regrets: (<a href=";t=945s">15:45</a>) &nbsp;Connection with Joel: (<a href=";t=1055s">17:35</a>) &nbsp;Joel &amp; Phoebe Thoughts: (<a href=";t=1076s">17:56</a>) Elizabeth matchmaking: (<a href=";t=1168s">19:28</a>) Sign: (<a href=";t=1251s">20:51</a>) &nbsp;Best lesson you learned: (<a href=";t=1285s">21:25</a>) &nbsp;Socials: (<a href=";t=1395s">23:15</a>)</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
25 min
After The Island Interview - Bella Barbaro Love...
<p>After The Island sits down with Bella Barbaro from Love Island USA &nbsp;Season 4. Bella chats about how she felt walking into casa amor, who she &nbsp;had her eyes on, unseen connections, her friendship with Gabby, and &nbsp;watching the butterfly effect at 3 AM after getting dumped from the &nbsp;island. &nbsp;&nbsp;Intro: (00:00) &nbsp;How were you casted? : (00:23) &nbsp;Casa Amor Bombshell: (1:23) &nbsp;Who she had her eyes on: (3:28) &nbsp;Unseen Connections: (4:08) &nbsp;Chazz Connection: (5:30) &nbsp;Gabby &amp; Chazz: (6:15) &nbsp;How Gabby handled the recoupling (7:04) &nbsp;Casa Recoupling/ Walking into the villa: (8:43) &nbsp;OG Girls: (10:08) &nbsp;Getting her dresser!: (12:15) &nbsp;Phoebe &amp; Chazz: (13:07) &nbsp;Spongebob Impression: (14:31) &nbsp;Feelings towards Chazz: (15:11) &nbsp;Timmy &amp; Chazz/ Bella &amp; Joel Kiss: (17:36) &nbsp;Pie Challenge Kiss Reveal: (18:55) &nbsp;Joel Crying at Recoupling: (21:04) &nbsp;Joel Coupling up with Bella: (22:00) &nbsp;Hotel Kiss: (23:06) &nbsp;Butterfly Effect: (24:16) &nbsp;Chazz Future: (24:49) &nbsp;Future with Joel: (25:50) &nbsp;Best Friends: (27:01) &nbsp;Socials/ What's Next: (28:24) &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Follow Bella! &nbsp;&nbsp;Bella's Instagram: &nbsp;Bella's Spotify Page:</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
30 min
Strip-Tease is here! Cowgirls, Pirates, and Ang...
<p>Hearts on fire challenge, and a re-coupling ceremony in the love island usa villa.</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
21 min
After The Island Interview - Jared Hassim - Ka...
<p>Jared Hassim from Love Island USA Season 4 shares all the behind-the-scenes details about what it was like inside the Love Island Villa. Jared spills about the first time he saw Kat, the day-bed situation, and how he felt when Kat decided to leave the villa with him. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow Jared on Instagram: <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqa3RkY3pjVkN4VTllOVIwM0JxeXJVYU9LZFJ0UXxBQ3Jtc0ttbmc5YUVpN0xUdUdiTGF2VzM2Z1I3NUlNaVpmaVppMGFfWmxoTEFldFU4LTRibUhreEMyN2dUVGprbHdZWnA0SlVtdzhMLWZzOHVnQnJvb0xQQ1hETzhnSTNZT2s3LVdFc0huVnFMUXZPRE8wTGxYbw&amp;;v=S-QUdOPNORQ" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a></p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
29 min
Interview with Kat Gibson - Love Island USA Sea...
<p>A SURPRISE GUEST LITERALLY KNOCKED ON THE DOOR AS WE WERE FILMING. After the Island talks to Kat Gibson, from Love Island USA Season 4. Kat has a boyfriend!!! Alex, Elizabeth, and Kat discuss everything that went down in the Love Island Villa that we didn't see on screen. Kat goes in depth about her relationship with Jared, and how they had a connection from the moment they walked into the villa together. A banana plays a main theme throughout the interview, just watch. Kat also talks about the "YOU CAN" moment between her and Chad, and day-bed-gate. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow Kat on Instagram: <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqbVFxWWNCbGhhOTd3RUIzbWhDMXg0anplSHBaUXxBQ3Jtc0tsNW9JalZLSm52TldCUkRLLUlCMVFxdFRkSXlzQkU3RXNFMmdsLTJlYm9udFhaOUl2M0JsVlIyNDJVZkdabTNrYVBUd3hYOElJU0NIQk1IWFBZRWg0eDlrWmgtejBfaGhISFozYlE1SXdZU0F3NHlnYw&amp;;v=0fq9lyns2w0" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a></p> <p>Kat's Youtube Channel: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
29 min
After The Island Interview - Chazz Bryant Made...
<p> a hotel?! After The Island talks with Chad Bryant from Love Island USA Season 4. Chad spills about walking into the villa with his sister (Bria) and stirring the pot. During the episode, he discusses his time in the Love Island USA Villa, sending Sereniti home, and whether he thinks Phoebe is playing a game. Chad also tells us about a connection he made the day he left the villa, it's wild. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Follow Chad here: <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqbnF0dTZsWUxLTFNPbFI1VG5sbWZDXzBPeTBEQXxBQ3Jtc0tsQzRaOHNRRFhsbVo5TXFCODAwZ0piZXZyMGRjRmRFYWttb1F4T1hDSTQ5NWVQZW5fSU5jVnh0ZUxPV0pQckVUQ091RWNqaldXbi1yWkQ3Wm1LZTloZGtIOE96N1dLbVZYOGNYZzQxR2ZiNjMweEx1NA&amp;;v=MWNX6AG3ee0" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Intro (<a href=";t=0s">00:00</a>) &nbsp;Going in with Bria: (<a href=";t=65s">1:05</a>) &nbsp;Mady: (<a href=";t=170s">2:50</a>) &nbsp;Age Impact?: (<a href=";t=234s">3:54</a>) Did Chazz Tell Bria to Pick Sereniti: (<a href=";t=310s">5:10</a>) &nbsp;Reassuring Sereniti Before Re-Coupling: (<a href=";t=418s">6:58</a>) &nbsp;Re-coupling Speech: (<a href=";t=591s">9:51</a>) Bed Gate: (<a href=";t=737s">12:17</a>) &nbsp;Sereniti Leaving Villa: (<a href=";t=802s">13:22</a>) Did he give the bracelet to someone else: (<a href=";t=939s">15:39</a>) Kat: (<a href=";t=964s">16:04</a>) &nbsp;Did he know about Jared and Kat: (<a href=";t=1065s">17:45</a>) &nbsp;Chazzing in Casa: (<a href=";t=1100s">18:20</a>) &nbsp;Gabby: (<a href=";t=1127s">18:47</a>) &nbsp;Bringing Bella Back: (<a href=";t=1301s">21:41</a>) &nbsp;Everyone's Confused: (<a href=";t=1310s">21:50</a>) &nbsp;Phoebe: (<a href=";t=1338s">22:18</a>) &nbsp;Bella &amp; Joel Kiss: (<a href=";t=1460s">24:20</a>) &nbsp;Chanse?!: (<a href=";t=1576s">26:16</a>) &nbsp;Regretting Phoebe?: (<a href=";t=1637s">27:17</a>) &nbsp;Is Phoebe Playing The Game?: (<a href=";t=1726s">28:46</a>) &nbsp;Chanse &amp; Bella Movie Night: (<a href=";t=1781s">29:41</a>) &nbsp;HOTEL KISS?: (<a href=";t=1806s">30:06</a>) &nbsp;Bella and Chazz Talking: (<a href=";t=1857s">30:57</a>) &nbsp;Astrology Sign: (<a href=";t=1882s">31:22</a>) &nbsp;Fave Moment: (<a href=";t=1912s">31:52</a>) &nbsp;Mackenzie: (<a href=";t=1983s">33:03</a>) &nbsp;Social Media: (<a href=";t=2022s">33:42</a>) &nbsp;Football: (<a href=";t=2040s">34:00</a>)</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
36 min
Massive dumping & MACK IS BACK! Love Island US...
After The Island - Alex and Elizabeth discuss Love Island USA season 4 episode 26. Joel walks into the villa as a bombshell and starts making his moves on several girls in the villa. Moving Mad. Chazz explores his options with Phoebe while Bella takes a liking to Joel. Then, our favorite game, SNOG MARRY PIE! Keep up with us for all of the replays of Isaiah getting pied. After two couples leave the villa, another islander dumps herself in order to pursue a relationship in the outside world. Just when we thought the episode was over, a new islander takes the screen. Mackenzie Dipman, our fave OG girl from season 2, makes her way into the villa and she is not holding back!   Follow us on instagram to keep up with exclusive photos and videos released throughout the day! --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
64 min
Love Island USA S4 E25 Recap - Photosynthesis v...
<p>How are we already here? Episode 25?!! We need more time. Alex and Elizabeth discuss that tragic cover song, Jared being shady towards Chanse, Isaiah's love triangle with Phoebe and Sydney, and Zeta and Timmy photosynthesizing! Join us to discuss all things <a href="">#loveislandusa</a> season 4 episode 25. Interviews with Casa will be happening soon!</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
65 min
Therapy Session- Love Island USA S4E22 Recap Ca...
<p>We're not okay. Tears are being shed. Minds are being lost. Pits are in stomachs. As a result of the Casa Amor re-coupling, we are re-grouping for a group therapy session. There was a lot of heartbreak at the Casa re-coupling and we don't know how to handle it. Join us to chat!</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
54 min
Islander Interview - Bryce Fins & What Really H...
<p>After the Island talks to Bryce, the bombshell that stole Courtney's &nbsp;heart. Bryce breaks down what his relationship with Courtney was really &nbsp;like, and also spills the tea on what happened between them. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow Bryce here: &nbsp;</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
31 min
Islander Interview - Mady McLanahan Love Island...
<p>After the Island talks to Mady from Love Island USA Season 4. We're &nbsp;discussing everything that went down in the villa, how she feels after &nbsp;removing herself from the villa, and where she stands with Andy at this &nbsp;very moment. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow Mady on social media here&nbsp;</p> <p>;</p> <p></p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
24 min
Islander Interview - Andy Voyen Love Island USA...
<p>After the Island talks to Islander Andy Voyen after being dumped from the island. We are discussing all things including: Re-coupling with Sydney, how he won Mady back, how he feels being outside of the villa, and what his relationship status is. &nbsp;&nbsp;Follow Andy here &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqbXNvNW41akcxWUtrUlRnbldvNGVWc1pBWjdiZ3xBQ3Jtc0tsc1FOaHREMzJsdUlQTWRmOUZScnNXanhYTERYd2MwTUhGYlk0UkFDRFYwTF9ndzJQc3RVdUxJWlphazZpSHBvNlBuWmRGS0VmZ3lQRmhjbmtwOG1NSlkzWnkteVltaExrWHdoQzJoT2VNemZIbjRlbw&amp;;v=PZESP-j0Cn0" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a></p> <p><br></p> <p>#loveislandusa #aftertheisland</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
25 min
Islander Interview - Sereniti Springs Season 4...
<p>Alex and Elizabeth talk to Sereniti about all things Love Island USA. Sereniti sets the record straight on what went down with Chazz, her relationship with Tyler, how she felt during the re-couplings and so much more. Sereniti had us laughing the whole way through this interview, and we cannot wait to see more of her! <a href="">#aftertheisland</a> <a href="">#loveislandusa</a> &nbsp;&nbsp;Follow Sereniti on social! &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p></p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
36 min
Love Island S4 E21 Recap - Plus Elizabeth ASMR
<p>Alex and Elizabeth discuss Casa Amor as the re-coupling looms. Elizabeth also does her favorite ASMR during this live, sorry to the podcast listeners. All interviews will be posted after tonight's re-coupling!&nbsp;</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
38 min