With her

What's it like to be on the road to history? Running for president is a big deal, but on With Her, you'll hear from Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, their supporters, and staff about the little details from the campaign trail they'll never forget.

Introducing "Why Am I Telling You This?”: a new...
8 min
What Now (Part 2)
50 min
What Happened (Part 1)
27 min
Back With Her
1 min
"How are you feeling, Hillary?"
Max and Hillary sit down to talk about election anxiety, what Hillary's mom would make of this moment—and of course, Beyoncé.
18 min
"This is the hardest thing I've ever been through"
Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary Clinton's communications director, tells Max about the challenges of this election
19 min
"No one knows what this is supposed to look like"
Traveling press secretary Nick Merrill talks to Max about how Hillary has changed during the race
25 min
"You need to vote in this election"
Marlon Marshall, Hillary Clinton's director of state campaigns, reassures Max about the campaign's ground game.
16 min
Wellesley, 1969
Go back in time for a special bonus episode.
12 min
"They're not just words"
Megan Rooney, one of Hillary’s speechwriters, gives Max a lesson.
26 min
"To whom much is given much is expected"
Maya Harris talks about developing policy with Hillary, the biggest wonk of them all
21 min
"Presidents are people, too"
President Bill Clinton talks about the debate, why Hillary is running, and the power of moon rocks
23 min
“Is this normal now?”
Chelsea Clinton talks about growing up with Hillary as your mom
14 min
"Let's do that again"
Hillary and Max talk about the book she can't put down and how she handles criticism
14 min
“Honey, I just got a call from Hillary"
Tim Kaine explains what it's like to go from senator to VP nominee overnight
18 min
"Hi, Hillary"
Hillary takes a minute out of a busy day to reflect on experiences from the campaign trail
16 min