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Pregnant Pause with Zak and Shira
Over a year ago, Zak and Shira began discussing whether they should have kids. They conferred with friends, family, writers, scientists, and philosophers along the way. Pregnant Pause is their intimate account of making the most important decision of their lives (so far).
Kids & Family
#8 The Beat Goes On
Zak and Shira try to pick up the pieces after an unfortunate series of events.
35 min
#7 We Are Powerless
Something completely unexpected takes hold and everything changes.
19 min
#6 Who Wants it More?
Shira is at the end of her rope.
15 min
#5 Childless is More
A chorus of people who've decided not to have kids.
20 min
#4 The Central Sadness w/Meghan Daum
Meghan Daum, editor of “Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on The Decision Not To Have Kids,” stops by to tell her story.
17 min
#3 The Climate Worriers
Is it morally wrong to bring a human into this world?
19 min
#2 Parenting Sucks (Sometimes)
Zak and Shira talk to parents who admit, sometimes, parenting can really suck.
18 min
#1 Wandering in the Desert
Having kids seems very unappealing to Zak.
13 min
Coming Soon: "Pregnant Pause"
3 min