Stories of the InterContinental® Life

Join our hosts as they travel the world to discover stories that will excite your curiosity, broaden your mind, and take your imagination to places you’d never expect. From bestselling authors to art experts, top chefs to cultural philosophers, we’ll learn what it means to live the InterContinental life. InterContinental Hotels & Resorts has been helping generations enjoy luxury travel for 70 years in more than 180 locations around the world. From Shanghai to New York, Paris to Tokyo, every day around the globe people are discovering how they can experience luxury travel as it should be.

Places & Travel
The Outlook of Worldliness: Montreal
We’re all citizens of the world, but how many of us truly embrace that liberating, inspiring identity?
24 min
The Community of Connection: Washington D.C.
Whether it happens during a meal, in a taxi, through art, or over a cocktail, connecting with new people, places, and ideas is one of the most enlightening experiences we have as humans.
21 min
The Perspective of Empathy: Panama City
Our ability to empathize is one of humanity’s defining and most rewarding qualities.
24 min