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The Locked On Mavericks Podcast hosted by Nick Angstadt (Locked On NBA) is the best (and only) daily Dallas Mavs show. Every day Nick is joined by Mavs Media friends to discuss the latest on Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Dirk Nowitzki, NBA Trade Rumors, Free Agency, and the rest of the NBA. Past guests include Mark Cuban, Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Nico Harrison, and many more. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network and a WFAA contributor.

Locked On Mavericks - 01/20/2017 - Mavs lose an...
Which Mavs voted for themselves in the All-Star game balloting?
30 min
Locked On Mavericks - 01/19/2017 - Getting unco...
A few teams around the league find themselves in sticky situations that the Mavs could benefit from
15 min
Locked On Mavericks - 01/18/2017 - Gauging the ...
Unlike the point guard market this is pretty cut and dry.
27 min
Locked On Mavericks - 01/17/2017 - The future o...
What the title says. It's about that.
31 min
Locked On Mavericks - 01/13/2017 - Cuban is int...
This podcast is about basketball
14 min
Locked On Mavericks - 01/11/2017 - Taking Boogi...
A free agent isn't going to save this thing
22 min
Locked On Mavericks - 01/10/2017 - Maybe the Ma...
After gifting the Suns and T-Wolves their 12th wins of the season in the last week maybe the Mavs are the worst team in the West when fully healthy
23 min
Locked On Mavericks - 01/09/2017 - Weekend reca...
Updated Mavs win projection and is Wes on the block? Dirk needs to go to the bench if you're actually trying to win games.
20 min
Locked On Mavericks - 01/06/2017 - Dealing the ...
Ship it.
36 min
Locked On Mavericks - 01/05/2017 - Dealing the ...
Get this thing out of here
19 min
Locked On Mavericks - 01/04/2017 - The Mavs bes...
The Mavs beat the pants off of a silly Wizards team which makes us happy but their best asset is rapidly depreciating which makes us sad.
27 min
Locked On Mavericks - 01/03/2016 - Hold on, we'...
The Mavs play two teams that are above .500 between now and January 25th. This run will test their philosophy.
23 min
Locked On Mavericks - 12/29/2016 - Harrison Bar...
Evaluating Harrison Barnes' worth on a contending team and dreaming of Boogie again
30 min
Locked On Mavericks - 12/28/2016 - The Disrespe...
Ain't nobody scared of Trevor Ariza
27 min
Locked On Mavericks - 12/27/2016 - Mavs lose to...
Another beautiful loss for the Dallas Mavericks
28 min
Locked On Mavericks - 12/22/2016 - The Mavs are...
How will the Mavs convince themselves that this draft isn't that good and end up with the 8th overall pick?
20 min
Locked On Mavericks - 12/21/2016 - The return o...
Dirk might return tonight making the Mavs too good of a team to tank and the rash of NBA big men needing new homes
30 min
Locked On Mavericks - 12/20/2016 - Mavs lose to...
Another beautiful Mavs lose at the hands of a much improved Denver team and do we need to reassess the value of DFS?
17 min
Locked On Mavericks - 12/15/2016 - Ranking the ...
What's the best asset in the Mavericks war chest?
23 min
Locked On Mavericks - 12/14/2016 - The Pistons ...
The Pistons should be better than a .500 team. Dennis Smith Jr is a ton of fun to watch.
22 min
Locked On Mavericks - 12/13/2016 - The Mavs win...
Reviewing last night's home victory over the Nuggets.
22 min
Locked On Mavericks: 12/12/2106 - Is Wes Matthe...
Debating the future of Wes Matthews on a rebuilding Mavs team
20 min
Locked On Mavericks - 12/08/2016 - The Mavs fin...
The Mavs didn't compete against the Kings in the second half and Rick Carlisle has had about enough
22 min
Locked On Mavericks - 12/07/2016 - Previewing B...
DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall will be Mavs in 2018 you heard it here first
24 min
Locked On Mavericks - 12/06/2016 - Bogut sideli...
25 min