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Our connection to the outdoors runs deep in our DNA, but our relationship to the natural world can be complicated. From the unintended human costs of clean energy, to the murky ethics of high-risk rescue missions, to our seemingly eternal conflict with invasive species, we dive head first into those complexities with stories, in-depth reporting, and a touch of nerdiness. You don’t have to be a conservation biologist, a whitewater kayaker, or an obsessive composter to love Outside/In. It’s a show for anyone who has ever been outdoors. In short, it’s a show for *almost* everyone. Hosted by Sam Evans-Brown, Outside/In is a production of New Hampshire Public Radio.

Natural Sciences
Society & Culture
Chasing The Light
Art that explores the natural world and how we view it.
40 min
A Year of Wonders
This week we're featuring one of our favorite new podcasts, a story of an astonishing natural disaster.
42 min
Jesabel Y Eddie
A love story about the future of Puerto Rica's power infrastructure.
34 min
The Particular Sadness of Trout Fishing in America
38 min
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bug
In this episode we dig into the so-called insect apocalypse and ask "does it have legs?"
30 min
Ask Sam: Grandpa's Rhubarb
32 min
Cold, Dark, and Sharky
41 min
Patient Zero: The Laser
45 min
Patient Zero: The Vector
Lyme disease enters the body, and the body reacts.
27 min
Patient Zero: The Triangle
42 min
Introducing Patient Zero
A preview of our next big project.
4 min
Can You Feel the Lies Tonight
A problem-free philosophy? Maybe not.
41 min
Plan B
Is geoengineering crazy enough to work? Or just plain crazy?
32 min
Swimming Lessons
How well you swim says a lot about who you are, and the world that you grew up in.
37 min
I'm a Penguin Counter for God's Sake!
A scientist tallies up the cutest creatures in Antarctica by hand.
19 min
Operation Confirmation Bias
A story about crickets that's not really about crickets at all.
50 min
Ask Sam: Bidets the Day
27 min
Pants on Fire
31 min
Must Love Logs
The fish photos are just the beginning.
32 min
Killing Cats, Saving Numbats
A lot of conservationists kill animals to save other animals - is their another option?
30 min
The Family Business
The family that is perhaps the most powerful political family in New Hampshire has a long history with climate change.
59 min
Hunting The Night Parrot
When searching for evidence of a notoriously elusive bird, you're bound to ruffle some feathers.
33 min
10X10: Under The Ice
You might imagine that conditions under the ice are cold, lifeless, and boring. WRONG!
23 min
Leave No Stone
One person's trash is another person's memorial rock. Take it down, or leave it be?
37 min
32 Is the New 40
Can reducing our working hours save the world?
28 min
Falling Doesn't Count
How fast can people go without advanced technology?
44 min
Rake and Ride
Thanks to its culture of unsanctioned trail-building, mountain biking has skeletons in its closet.
32 min
Just Decide
Have you heard of the Sámi? Their history is about a lot more than reindeer herding.
34 min
Now I am an Axolotl
Why does the axolotl smile?
36 min
Ask Sam: Trichomes, Bug hair, Bug Tumors, & Mol...
An especially curious listener calls in with a lot of very curious questions.
22 min
The Meat Matrix
Do you want to know.... WHAT....IT... IS?
50 min
So Over Population [Part 2]
37 min
So Over Population [Part 1]
36 min
O/I Presents: Bear Brook
38 min
Look Toward the Dawn
Today, we take a step back to imagine a world without a web of GPS satellites telling your smartphone where you are every second of the day. While this might sound scary, come along and maybe you’ll discover you have a secret sixth sense...one that’s b...
27 min
This Isn't Science, It's a Love Story
34 min
Shrunk and Punk'd
32 min
The Sky is Burning
Last week we told you about boring wildfires. This week, what its like to be right in the middle of a decidedly *not* boring fire.
35 min
10x10 - Pine Barren
Everywhere East of the Mississippi certain kinds of forest are disappearing. The Woods Doctors have a prescription to cure this illness, if we dare to use it.
24 min
Loser Wolves: A Cat Fancy
Can you have your leopard rosette, and your little cat too?
35 min
Molto Moleche
After 200 years of wrestling with an incredibly aggressive invasive crab from Europe, we finally realized the answer may not lay with science, but tradition.
20 min
The Most Dangerous Game
The origin story of a modern sport that has the makings of a timeless parable… but will reality get in the way?
33 min
The Forest for the Treesap
The quintessential North American product is in the midst of a radical shift... but a shift towards what?
36 min
Ride or Die
Storm chasers: what motivates them to put themselves in harms way when everyone else is taking shelter?
32 min
Ask Sam: Hair of the Dog, Walking Fish and the ...
We answer your questions about wasting water, terrestrial fish and palm trees -- what are they good for?
23 min
Stay In Your Lane
The story of one cycling advocate’s quixotic battle against “motordom”, and one of its favorite anti-cycling tools… the bike-path.
36 min
Shine Service
Shining shoes is a living, but it just might kill you in the process
19 min
One Bin to Rule Them All
What happens when recycling stops making financial sense?
23 min
Life on the Edge of the Olympics
21 min
Magical Drinking
Natural springs: healing tonic, a source for unadulterated H20, or a passing fad and a dangerous throwback?
29 min
Updates For Your Brain
There have been some big developments related to Canadian hydropower. Plus, beavers!
35 min
An American Lobster in Stockholm
An American Lobster discovered in European waters raises an important question: is it invasive, or just non-native?
26 min
Ask Sam: Caterpillar Legs, Living Fossils, & Sa...
We answer your questions about caterpillar legs, animal sexuality, and how to ride a bike when it's -18 degrees outside.
28 min
Stoner Panels
Outside/In goes mythbusting: did illegal marijuana sales make the modern solar industry possible?
23 min
What's the Deal with Coydogs?
Coydogs, coywolves, coyotes... When you hear howling in the woods, what are you listening to?
17 min
Fantastic Mr. Phillips
In the late sixties, a soap factory in suburban Illinois discovered one of its outflow pipes had been intentionally clogged by an industrial saboteur. Does environmental damage ever demand radical action? And when does environmental protest cross the l...
33 min
Powerline, Part IV: Down the Line
Final of a four part series about who has power, who wields it, and when you've got none... how do you take it?
27 min
Powerline, Part III: The Peace of the Braves
Part three of a four part series about who has power, who wields it, and when you've got none... how do you take it?
27 min
Powerline, Part II: The Project of the Century
Part two of a four part series about who has power, who wields it, and when you've got none... how do you take it?
28 min
Powerline, Part I: Masters In Our Own Home
A 4-part series about who has power, who wields it, and when you've got none... how do you take it?
31 min
Introducing: Powerline
A 4-part series about who has power, who wields it, and when you've got none... how do you take it?
2 min
Vultures Inherit the Earth
Yes, a lot of species are going extinct around the world, but that's just half of the story.
28 min
Ask Sam | Eating Grass, Killing Trees, Bottling...
Listeners send us their questions from the actual Appalachian Trail, from at a funeral, and from the inky shadows where they are planning to kill their neighbors trees. And by golly, we answer them all!
24 min
In Too Deep
Trapped in a shipwreck on the ocean floor, running out of oxygen, body temperature falling, how long could you survive? The intrepid producers of the Outside Podcast set out to find out.
43 min
Pick Your Poison
If you want to eat wild mushrooms—and lots of people do—you have to go into the forest and find them yourself. But that can get dangerous, fast.
24 min
Lime and Tabasco
Imagine you're a crusader, and have devoted your life to trying to bring Pacific sea turtles back from the brink of extinction. Now, imagine that to succeed you have to kill the very species you're trying to save.
33 min
The Hitchhiker's Guide to WWOOFing
For those of you who are looking for an adventure, on a budget, Sam and Molly have composed a “guide” for would-be WWOOFers to think about before taking off.
22 min
Bright Lights, Big Salad
A high-tech, state of the art greenhouse operation finds itself at odds with a town.
22 min
Healing Hands of Nature
With a tattered history of institutional abuse, patchwork oversight, and absent legislation, is Wilderness Therapy too wild to be trusted?
30 min
After The Flood
In 1982, Times Beach was wiped off the map by an environmental disaster. But once the houses and streets were gone, the town was erased again, this time in a way that may make it difficult to learn from the mistakes of the past.
23 min
Eat the Invaders & Ask Sam
This week we attempt to not only eat the invaders, but drink them as well. And this time, most of us were on board. Also, the Ask Sam hotline gets some attention as Sam answers questions about bird feeders, black flies, storm clouds, and dew.
26 min
Global Rescue is a business that, should you get yourself into trouble, will drop everything to come and save you, anywhere in the world. They employ former Navy Seals, helicopters, airplanes, and even yaks to get the job done. But this service comes a...
32 min
10x10 - Midden
Up along the banks of the Damariscotta River in Maine there used to be two stadium-sized piles of oyster shells. Where did they come from? Why are they there? What can they tell us about the people that created them? There are mysteries abound in the m...
29 min
Champagne on the Rocks
If you're a long-time listener of the podcast, you might remember this as Episode 6: Champagne on the Rocks. But if you're new around here, we thought you'd like to hear one of our favorite episodes from the archives, complete with an update at the end...
18 min
Daisy Supply Chain
Ever wonder where those flowers in the grocery come from and why, no matter what time of year, there are always roses available? Just in time for Mother's Day—the second busiest floral day behind Valentine's Day—we look inside the billion dollar flower...
26 min
Ask Sam Round-up
Since we launched the toll free version of our Ask Sam hotline, 1-844-GO-OTTER (844-466-8837), we've seen a real healthy uptick in queries. This time around we decided to ask Chris Martin of the New Hampshire Audubon, and Dave Anderson from the Forest ...
19 min
Leave it to Beavers
Beaver (Castor canadensis), have been kicking around in North America for 2 million years. Ecologically they do all sorts of great things: their ponds ease flooding downstream, and support large numbers of bird species, fish, amphibians, and otters. Th...
28 min
Full Disclosure
Nature documentaries and wildlife films transport us to places in the world that still feel wild, but what if the wilderness they present is staged? What if, in order to capture nature’s unvarnished beauty and conflict, filmmakers have to engage in a b...
39 min
The Company Man
When he was just 38 years old, Mackie Branham Jr., a coal miner, was diagnosed with progressive massive fibrosis, a debilitating and terminal form of black lung, a disease that was thought to be a relic of the past; a problem when coal mining was at it...
18 min
Bonus Episode: 3 1/2 Feet Under
This is a follow-up to Episode 30: The Death Machine.
18 min
Gnar Pow
Is skiing a sport reserved for rich people? Producers Maureen and Jimmy think so, and Sam wants to prove them wrong. In this episode, Sam takes his skeptical colleagues skiing for the very first time to show that it doesn’t have to be a fancy endeavor....
30 min
Fantastic Mr. Phillips
In the late sixties, a soap factory in suburban Illinois discovered one of its outflow pipes had been intentionally clogged by an industrial saboteur. Does environmental damage ever demand radical action? And when does environmental protest cross the l...
35 min
Ask Sam | Snow Fleas, Wind, Mount Mitchell
Every so often, we take some time out from telling stories to answer questions from you, our friends and listeners. These questions have been piling up, and so we thought we’d dig through them and bring you some of the more interesting ones. This week,...
20 min
The Death Machine
When Ryan and Sinehan Lessard first started dating, they discovered they have something strange in common: after they die, they both want to “become a tree”. This is the story about a growing number of people who want to forgo standard funeral practice...
32 min
A House Built on Sand
Coastal communities of every partisan stripe are wrestling with the reality of rising seas. But when you’ve built a life centered around your dream home by the shore, the decision to pull up stakes and leave is a wrenching one.
23 min
The Accidental History of Solar Power
If you’re even the least bit interested in solar power, you’ve probably come across an obscure, hard-to-parse, seemingly conflict-free term: net metering. It’s a system that has come to be the bedrock of the American rooftop solar industry, and the roo...
39 min
Millionaires' Hunt Club
Sam is going to take us all hunting this week. Not hunting for animals, but instead, hunting for the secret of what’s behind that 26-mile fence cutting through the woods of New Hampshire, and why some people want it to stay a secret.
24 min
HumaNature - Hoofprints on the Heart
This week on the show we’re bringing you something a little different, a story from someone else. Caroline Ballard and Micah Schweizer started HumaNature, which is based in Wyoming, and they’re part of the team responsible for bringing us the story of ...
23 min
The 2nd Greatest Show on Earth
Mount Washington is famously home of "The World's Worst Weather", but it also hosts a huge amount of tourist infrastructure. Senior producer Taylor Quimby brings us this tale of how the mountain was conquered, and how that process became the template f...
21 min
Don't Cheer For Me Argentina
Sam won’t tell you this, but he’s a really great athlete. He has another secret, too. There’s this photo of him leading a ski race, and it’s plastered on the side of a city bus in Argentina. So, how did Sam wind up on the side of a bus? This story expl...
19 min
10x10 - Traffic Circle
In our series, 10X10, we take you on a journey to a 10X10 plot and uncover the secrets in spaces you’d never think to look. This time, we look for signs of extraordinary life, at the center of a traffic circle.
17 min
Always. Wear. Earth. Tones.
Tony Bosco hid in plain sight for more than two decades in the most densely populated state in the nation. How did he do it? And what makes someone exchange all of the comforts of their home for the simplicity of a shed in the woods?
24 min
Nature is a Haunted House
Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Friday the Thirteenth, Blair Witch. It seems the woods make a great backdrop for scary stories, but why? Are we hardwired to fear the forest? Or, let’s throw it out there, do ghosts just like hanging out in th...
21 min
Eat the Invaders - Lionfish
This is Eat The Invaders - our occasional segment where we take a bite out of invasive species populations. On the menu today, one of the scariest, most voracious and intractable invaders out there: the lionfish.
16 min
Look Toward the Dawn
Today, we take a step back to imagine a world without a web of GPS satellites telling your smartphone where you are every second of the day. While this might sound scary, come along and maybe you’ll discover you have a secret sixth sense...one that’s b...
24 min
Dr. Percy & the Magic Soybean
It’s not surprising that many of the medicines we use today are derived from plants. The surprising part is how similar the molecular components of plants are to the building blocks of our own human, mammalian bodies. This week we dive head first into ...
35 min
The Early Birder Gets the Bird
In 2013, Neil Hayward was depressed. He had just left the biotech company he helped start, and he was getting over the end of a very serious relationship. He had disposable income, and free time. Suddenly, he found himself doing a lot of birding. A LOT...
23 min
When the Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play
The producers commandeer the show while host Sam Evans-Brown is on a much-needed vacation. They sail into weird territory almost immediately. Note: Sam will be back with a new, normal episode right after Labor Day.
9 min
When you walk a trail in the woods, have you ever wondered, how did this get here? Who carved this path? Was this stone staircase always like this? Nope. Chances are a team of hardscrabble men and women worked tirelessly to make sure the paths you foll...
25 min
Never Bring a Sledgehammer to a Scalpel Fight
When a Harvard professor accidentally let Gypsy Moths loose in the 1860s, he didn’t realize he was releasing a scourge that would plague New England forests for more than a century. Nothing could stop the moths except a controversial method of wildlif...
29 min