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Ku Khahil of Detroit Bad Boys and YouTuber at Ku's Ball Room goes to work every day for Detroit Pistons fans on the daily Locked On Pistons Podcast. The Detroit Bad Boys writer and credentialed media member brings podcast listeners inside the team from a fan's and expert's perspective on the only daily Pistons podcast. We've got guests, analysis and laughs as the Pistons try to get back to the glory days. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

163: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/14/2017 -- End-of-s...
On SVG on three key areas for internal improvement
12 min
162: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/13/2017 -- On SVG o...
What did Stan Van Gundy say about Reggie Jackson? What did it mean?
37 min
161: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/11/2017 -- Last gam...
What will you remember from The Palace?
24 min
160: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/10/2017 -- On The P...
Reflecting on the Pistons' home arena before their final game there
24 min
159: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/7/2017 -- Henry El...
What should we expect from Henry Ellenson these last few games? How excited is Stan Van Gundy about Patrick Ewing?
17 min
158: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/6/2017 -- Throwing ...
What's good with the Pistons? Then everything else. Then what's to come down the stretch
11 min
157: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/5/2017 -- Forward 3...
Why have the Pistons' forwards taken a step back on 3-point shooting?
12 min
156: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/4/2017 -- Reggie Ja...
Should the Pistons regret not sitting Reggie Jackson sooner? Do injuries provide positive indicators for Detroit's future? What to make of Magic's exposed board?
13 min
155: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/3/2017 -- Should Pi...
What's Stan Van Gundy's job security? Should the Pistons tank? What's the latest on KCP's DUI?
13 min
154: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/31/2017 -- KCP DUI
How will Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's DUI affect his free agency? Can the Pistons give a straight answer on Reggie Jackson? What does the Pistons' win over the Nets mean?
13 min
153: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/30/2017 -- SVG's in...
Why did Stan Van Gundy completely reverse himself on handling injuries? Is there something deeper with Reggie Jackson? A mistrust of the training staff? Something else? And what to make of the Pistons-Heat two-minute report?
12 min
152: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/29/2017 -- Anatomy ...
Why did the Pistons lose to the Heat? Why have the Pistons stumbled down the stretch? And what's going on with Reggie Jackson?
15 min
151: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/28/2017 -- Reggie J...
Will the Pistons shut down Reggie Jackson? What would that mean for Detroit? Are the Pistons still in the playoff race?
13 min
150: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/27/2017 -- Have Pis...
What is Stan Van Gundy doing after loss to Magic?
13 min
Is Brooklyn planning a max offer to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope? How should the Pistons handle that? What to make of Ish Smith starting over Reggie Jackson?
11 min
148: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/23/2017 -- Oy vey
Are the Pistons falling apart? Where should they go from here?
12 min
147: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/21/2017 -- Rest
What to make of Stan Van Gundy's Pistons and the rest debate, the road ahead in Detroit's playoff chase
11 min
146: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/20/2017 -- More fra...
Who did Stan Van Gundy single out, positively and negatively after win over Suns? Is Reggie Jackson out of shape?
12 min
145: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/17/2017 -- Defendin...
Responding to Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux about Henry Ellenson, praise for Tobias Harris
10 min
144: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/16/2017 -- Out of a...
Stan Van Gundy sounds like he has run out of answers? I find a few and remained stumped on ohers
15 min
143: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/15/2017 -- Bombed
What does Cleveland lighting up the Pistons mean? How does Detroit stack up with the Jazz?
10 min
142: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/14/2017 -- Andre Dr...
What's with the buzz for Andre Drummond winning Defensive Player of the Year?
17 min
141: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/9/2017 -- Pacers loss
14 min
140: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/13/2017 -- Tobias H...
How does Tobias Harris starting affect Detroit? Is Reggie Jackson elevating the Pistons to another level?
12 min
139: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/10/2017 -- Energy l...
Can the Pistons play like they did against Cleveland every game?
10 min