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Ku Khahil of Detroit Bad Boys and YouTuber at Ku's Ball Room goes to work every day for Detroit Pistons fans on the daily Locked On Pistons Podcast. The Detroit Bad Boys writer and credentialed media member brings podcast listeners inside the team from a fan's and expert's perspective on the only daily Pistons podcast. We've got guests, analysis and laughs as the Pistons try to get back to the glory days. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked On Pistons - 10/17/18 - Pistons Season P...
We go around the Internet to find predictions from the national experts and make ours
28 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/16/18 - Central Division...
Locked On Bucks host joins to talk Giannis & Co. as NBA season begins tonight
30 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/15/18 - Breaking Down Th...
Stanley, Luke, GRIII, Langston and Bullock are the main 2/3 options for Dwane Casey
24 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/12/18 - A Ticket Complai...
Locked On Bulls talks about team expected to carry the rear of Central Division
29 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/11/18 - Thoughts From Co...
Pistons drop third straight preseason game; are team and fans ready for the opener?
26 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/9/18 - Bad Sign From Pre...
Reggie and Blake make preseason debuts in OT loss to Nets, talking Pacers with FOTP
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/8/18 - Your Bold Predict...
Pistons roughed up in San Antonio; was there anything to like about it?
26 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/5/18 - Friday Bonus Show...
We have some extra content for the week and a giveaway at the end
34 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/4/18 - Andre Drummond On...
Hear from Dre on the hottest topic of his offseason, plus Pistons in the NBA GM survey
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/3/18 - Pistons Basketbal...
3 things to watch at preseason starts in OKC and thoughts on MSU football, basketball
32 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/2/18 - Cleveland Cavalie...
Locked On Cavs host talks about Kevin Love, Collin Sexton and Indians playoffs
31 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/1/18 - Pistons Scrimmage...
Marty Dobek of Detroit Sports Commission talks about family fundraiser for his uncle
29 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/27/18 - Post preview: Hea...
We also run down the big questions surrounding Zaza Pachulia, Henry Ellenson and Jon Leuer
21 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/26/18 - Point Guard Previ...
Will a surprise player emerge as the second-best option at point guard?
27 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/25/18 - Three Takeaways F...
Did the Pistons rip Stan Van Gundy on his way out the door?
26 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/24/18 - Is A Jimmy Butler...
Pistons sign a 2015 first-round pick for camp as media day is here
28 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/20/18 - Reggie Jackson's ...
Point guard's injury woes continue before camp even starts
27 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/19/18 - Part 2 With Scott...
Former Pistons reserve breaks down 5-game triumph; more Top 100 talk
30 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/18/18 - Former Piston Sco...
World champion joins to talk Laimbeer the Mafioso, Drew Sharp and 'Win One For Scott'
30 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/17/18 - Dwyane Wade And O...
D-Wade's career vs. Detroit, listener has Pistons miss-list, and Max wins the weekend
20 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/13/18 - Hooper Talk With ...
Mascot talk with VP of production/programming and Paul talks Dan Fife, college football
29 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/12/18 - Will A Detroit Le...
Stevie Y is headed back to Detroit, but will he be with the Wings soon?
28 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/11/18 - Detroit Fan Depre...
Lions, depair, no-shows for JV and Dre disrespected by the national media again
28 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/10/18 - Grant Hill Is A H...
We relive #33's speech and give details on a former Pistons assistant on the move
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/7/18 - Terry Mills On Pla...
Former Michigan great and Pistons sharpshooter on playing with the Hall of Famer
25 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/6/18 - Grant Hill Listene...
Detroit fans react to Grant Hill going into the Hall of Fame on Friday night
32 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/5/18 - Grant Hill's Unful...
Locked On Magic host joins to chop it up about Grant Hill's career and legacy
34 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/4/18 - Should Grant Hill ...
As G-Hill goes into the hoops Hall of Fame, we debate whether he should be in the Detroit rafters
26 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/30/18 - Pistons Fantasy T...
Fantasy host joins for in-depth look at Detroit roster
40 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/29/18 - Impartiality On T...
Michigan talk, along with how to be impartial as a fan and team podcast host
20 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/27/18 - Kay Felder On Fre...
Career similarities between Blake Griffin and Grant Hill; plus, Jim of Detroit Sports Collectibles
21 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/23/18 - The All-Time All-...
We reveal the best Pistons of all-time, as voted by the readers and named by our expert
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/21/18 - More With George ...
Legendary Pistons broadcaster on what is next 42 years into his career
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/20/18 - George Blaha On C...
Legendary Detroit broadcaster joins podcast for first part of two-part interview
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/17/18 - Missed Opportunit...
Pistons players silent as Detroit mourns; who are the best Pistons ever?
19 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/16/18 - Pistons Slighted ...
Andre is too old, but Luke and Stanley deserved better; plus, our winter interview with LB
29 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/15/18 - Blake Griffin's N...
Beat writer reviews Drummond's rap album, transaction reporter transacts, Pistons sign player
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/13/18 - Irksome Schedulin...
Calendar could create competitive imbalances and everything you need to know for NBA2K League playoffs
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/10/18 - Andre Drummond Is...
Dre celebrates with a rap album release and Let's Get It Ramo talks NBA 2K League
19 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/8/18 - Pistons Pick Sachi...
Latest front office hire is a disciple of Morey and Hinkie; can he get Pistons back in holiday mix?
24 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/7/18 - Vegas Win Over/Und...
Not much to get excited about as Las Vegas, national media predicts another mediocre season
25 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/2/18 - Five Words On Your...
Pistons Podcast Week wraps with a newcomer to the show
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/1/18 - Johnny Hamilton Si...
Pistons sign new player and Inside The Cylinder host talks TBT and DBB
21 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/31/18 - Aaron Johnson Of ...
Pistons Podcast Week continues with our friendly neighbors from POP
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/30/18 - Laz Jackson Of De...
We'll highlight the other online audio content about the team this week
24 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/27/18 - Blake Griffin, An...
Hall of Fame thoughts on the Tigers, Lions training camp, PistonsGT and The Basketball Tournament
18 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/26/18 - Blake Griffin: Ho...
Twitter needed something to argue about this July, so how about Blake vs. Love?
18 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/25/18 - Why Can't Detroit...
MAC Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher on Detroit's viability as NCAA, NBA rebuff Motor City
28 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/23/18 - Gus Macker Talks ...
Scott McNeal tells us how the event got started and what the future holds for Gus Macker
25 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/19/18 - Ticketing Procedu...
Kevin Garnett will tutor Dre and Henry; Locked On hosts react to Kawhi, Smart
26 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/18/18 - The Pistons Secre...
The health of the NBA 2K League in year one, and thoughts on the Kawhi Leonard trade
30 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/17/18 - Las Vegas Winners...
Ellenson, Thomas, Brown have mixed results; did Detroit find any prospects?
20 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/16/18 - Chauncey Billups ...
Mr. Big Shot looks back at his time in Detroit
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/13/18 - Dwane Casey Round...
Former Denver assistant Micah Nori joining Pistons, and Nancy Lieberman on the Big3
24 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/12/18 - The Promise Of Br...
Rookie is living up to his promise on versatility; also, the discussion Detroit fans should prepare for
26 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/10/18 - James Edwards III...
The Athletic Pistons beat writer on all things Vegas summer league after New Orleans win
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/9/18 - Zaza Pachulia Sign...
Detroit is 0-2 in Las Vegas; what to like and not like about summer league start
19 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/4/18 - Pistons Summer Lea...
What does Luke Kennard's injury leave that's worth watching for the Pistons summer league team?
20 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/3/18 - Pistons Match Boog...
Tony East of Locked On Pacers joins to prepare Pistons fans for The GRIII Experience
25 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/2/18 - Glenn Robinson III...
Jeff Siegel of Early Bird Rights joins to talk troubled cap sheet for Detroit
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/29/18 - Detroit Pistons A...
Names to think about as Detroit goes bargain shopping starting this weekend
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/27/18 - Coach Of The Year...
Pistons blogger Sham Mohile talks 'Canes prospect, plus NBA summer landscape takes shape
20 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/25/18 - Dwane Casey Build...
Michael Stacy on how Pistons fans should feel about #Khyrifense. Plus, NBA awards predictions
25 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/22/18 - Pistons Hit All T...
Khyri Thomas and Bruce Brown represent a new era of Pistons that harkens back to the old days
25 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/21/18 - Dwane Casey Meets...
Tom Gores bristles, Malik Rose coming?, and a huge 2005 road win
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/20/18 - Three Pistons Nee...
How Dwane Casey can "win the press conference" and Matt's pick at 42
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/18/18 - Pistons Front Off...
A look back at Isiah's Ankle Game and The Robert Horry Game
21 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/15/18 - Why Pistons Hirin...
A look back at championship clinchers in 1990 and 2004
30 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/13/18 - Who Gets Credit F...
NBA Draft lottery thoughts and a look back at a trio of NBA Finals wins for Detroit
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/11/18 - Dwane Casey Final...
Former Toronto boss brings stability, conjures up thoughts of former Lions coach
18 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/11/18 - Lowdown On Potent...
Sean Woodley of Locked On Raptors and an emotional game by a Pistons great in '90
35 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/8/18 - Is It Ime? Spurs' ...
The not-so-Magic hamstring that led the way to a Pistons sweep, 29 years ago today
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/6/18 - Boban The Assassin...
Two of the biggest wins in Pistons franchise history happened on this day
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 6/4/18 - Three Head Coachin...
And a look back at the Migraine Game with the Bulls from 1990
28 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/31/18 - The Pistons Coach...
Bad times for the coaching search; and bad times for the Pistons in 2007 against a young LeBron James
29 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/30/18 - Ken Calvert On Bi...
Bumped heads hamper promising '87 run, a new Magic coach, and no lame Twitter burner jokes
29 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/29/18 - Former Pistons Pu...
"Joe Duuuumars" and how Ken got the gig; plus, a Bad Boys walk-off in 1991
28 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/25/18 - Welcome To Detroi...
Battier, Langdon and Tayshaun Prince among FO names out there; and, a "steal by Bird"
24 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/24/18 - The Anniversary O...
Former Penn State great Jarrett Stephens of Ferndale talks Tony Carr and Bad Boys
25 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/23/18 - Bob McAdoo On Pla...
McAdoo coached and works alongside the man who could lead Detroit's franchise soon
26 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/22/18 - The Pistons Got P...
Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer joins us to talk possible Pistons second-round draft targets
24 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/21/18 - NBA Draft Prospec...
Bad conference finals, another PistonsGT win, and an MJ surprise from 1989
26 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/18/18 - Miles Bridges Of ...
Pistons trying new technology with prospects, and holding off LeBron in 2006
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/17/18 - Intriguing Names ...
Come home, Shane? Names to consider for the front office and the Bad Boys last stand
31 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/16/18 - 5 Detroit Pistons...
Pistons doing some good in Detroit, and finding an answer for The Answer
24 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/15/18 - Sports Gambling C...
The official Locked On Pistons draft lottery and a look 30 years back at an MJ takedown
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/14/18 - Is Dwane Casey Th...
The 2004 night where Chauncey really became Mr. Big Shot
26 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/10/18 - David Griffin, Ch...
Who should be making the calls now? And a look back at beginning of '80s Celtics rivalry
25 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/9/18 - Why Mike Budenholz...
Coach Bud could be off the board any day though, plus a look at LeBron's first playoff series loss
19 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/8/18 - Reactions From Sta...
Hornets nab their man, more on Stan, and a 1988 road paved in Hall of Famers
25 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/7/18 - Stan Van Gundy Fin...
Who will replace SVG who was fired after 4 seasons... and a month...
18 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/7/18 - Big Questions In T...
A Knicks hire and a post-'04 history lesson Toronto should learn
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/3/18 - @iiNsaniTTy Of Pis...
Donovan Mitchell, former Pistons assistant makes coaching history and 2004 Where Are They Now?
24 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/2/18 - WojBomb Reveals To...
A look back at T-Mac's guarantee and also history is made by Pistons GT
21 min
Locked On Pistons - 5/1/18 - Why Can't The Detr...
An update on the Pistons GT NBA 2K League team and the final playoff win for the Bad Boys
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 4/30/18 - Inactivity On Sta...
We also look back at a season of promise that would be unfulfilled in Playoff Playback
19 min
Locked On Pistons - 4/26/18 - The Night Isiah T...
Showdown with Bernard King at Joe Louis Arena skyrocketed Zeke among NBA's elite
21 min
Locked On Pistons - 4/25/18 - A Hat Tip From Pi...
Two legends may have played their last games. Plus, a look at a forgotten Pistons season.
21 min
Locked On Pistons - 4/24/18 - A Free Agent The ...
This forward could add toughness and upside at a savings to the cost of AT
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 4/23/18 - Comedian J-L Cauv...
We also hear from President Trump on his favorite NBA players
25 min