Weekly interviews with the most interesting LGBTQ+ people in the world. Recent guests include Laverne Cox, Janelle Monáe, Pete Buttigieg, Brandi Carlile, and Alok Vaid-Menon. LGBTQ&A is hosted by Jeffrey Masters and produced by The Advocate magazine, in partnership with GLAAD.

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NiK Kacy: Embracing the Absence of Gender…Begin...
NiK Kacy talks about feeling ignored by the fashion industry and why they created their gender equal footwear company.
43 min
Ira Madison III: Why Pop Culture Matters
Ira Madison III talks about his writing and the work of placing pop culture into a historical context.
40 min
Jen Richards: Adjusting to Life Without Male Pr...
Jen Richards: Learning to Love Yourself (It's Hard!!!!)
42 min
Trixie Mattel: Aging, Dating, & Wanting to Look...
Trixie Mattel talks about not wanting to look like a woman or a man.
31 min
Alexandra Grey: Transparent Breakout Star
Alexandra Grey does her best celebrity impressions!
34 min
Perez Hilton: How to Build a Media Empire
Perez Hilton talks about learning how to separate himself from the character he created.
36 min
Ashby Dodge: Caring For LGBTQ Youth With The Tr...
Ashby Dodge is the Clinical Director at The Trevor Project and talks about the increase in calls since the 2016 presidential election.
26 min
D’Lo: Will the Real Queer Transgender Tamil Sri...
D’Lo talks offers evidence to support the claim that he’s a demigod.
43 min
Laura Jane Grace: Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Ana...
Laura Jane Grace talks about naming her memoir the “t” word, when it’s a word she despises.
37 min
Cheryl Dunye: The Groundbreaking Queer Filmmaker
Cheryl Dunye talks about why she’s not interested in being a commercial filmmaker.
31 min
Peter Paige: Queer As Folk's Legacy Today
Peter Paige talks about the legacy of Queer As Folk, representing all LGBTQ identities in The Fosters, and the power of television to shape our identities.
29 min
Bamby Salcedo: Making the World a Safer Place f...
Bamby Salcedo talks about her work as an activist and the struggles that trans people face, especially those in immigrant and latin communities.
31 min
Conner Habib: Why Are We Afraid to Talk About Sex?
Conner Habib talks about why he got into porn and the detachment he’s experienced in terms of his own sexuality.
38 min
Shane Ortega: The First Trans Person to Serve O...
Shane Ortega talks about joining the military to fight the bans on LGBTQ people.
35 min
iO Tillett Wright: My Parents Never Questioned ...
iO Tillett Wight talks about what it was like growing up with parents and a community who never questioned his gender.
29 min
Jacob Tobia: The Sisterhood of the Traveling 19...
Jacob Tobia talks about their evolving views on their own gender and sexuality.
38 min
Michelle Tea: Suffering For Your Art is Like So...
Michelle Tea talks about her new hybrid-memoir (Black Wave), early literary tours with Sister Spit, and romanticizing suffering for her art.
37 min
Arisce Wanzer: The Fashion Industry Needs To Em...
Arisce Wanzer talks about both the stigmas and opportunities of being transgender and a supermodel.
24 min
Ross Mathews: Sounding Gay and Loving Football
Ross Mathews talks about “the gay voice”, getting hate mail while working on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and why he will always love football.
18 min
Josh Allen: LGBTQ Characters on Empire & Growin...
Josh Allen talks about the LGBTQ characters on Empire (on Fox), gun violence while growing up in the South Side of Chicago, and having to explain to people what Julliard is.
29 min
Ali Liebegott: Transparent Writer and Gender Tu...
Ali Liebegott talks about writing for Transparent and inhabiting a butch identity.
35 min
What We’re All About — LGBTQ&A with Jeffrey Mas...
The most interesting people in the world are queer.
1 min