Weekly interviews with the most interesting LGBTQ+ people in the world. Recent guests include Laverne Cox, Pete Buttigieg, Roxane Gay, and Brandi Carlile. LGBTQ&A is hosted by Jeffrey Masters and produced by The Advocate magazine, in partnership with GLAAD.

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Buck Angel: Let's Talk About Masturbation
"Sex is a very important part of your transition and learning how to love yourself."
33 min
Mary Lambert: All I Know of Love Is Hunger
"The world taught me to dress up my trauma in short skirts and secret bathroom crying."
42 min
Tre'vell Anderson: Here to Critique
How do we critique queer art (especially when it's beloved)?
41 min
Grace Bonney: After Design*Sponge
Figuring out your identity in a public space can be YIKES.
46 min
Alexei Romanoff: The 1967 Black Cat Protest
"I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore."
41 min
DeRay Mckesson: Out of the Quiet
"Why haven't you seen Zootopia?"
31 min
Wrabel: Hello, My Name Is Needy.
The time for LGBTQ pop stars is now.
27 min
Jake Shears & Ira Madison: LIVE From the Big Qu...
Ever have a car crash turn into a hookup?
60 min
Chani Nicholas: Doesn't Care If You Hate Astrology
Astrology is a tool for healing.
33 min
Sonya Passi: We Need to Talk About Domestic Vio...
It's a severe national crisis.
30 min
River Gallo: Intersex Bodies Are Healthy Bodies
There are records of intersex people dating back to Ancient Greece.
26 min
Arisce Wanzer: Gets Candid About Sex and Dating
Trans women are discovering Grindr as the next frontier for dating.
32 min
Alaska Thunderfuck: Squishy Human Drag Thing
Alaska talks about racism in the drag community, being a nudist, and why her new album has been so confronting.
34 min
Fran Tirado: A Wink of Faggotry
"Wait. Does God exist?"
44 min
Scott Turner Schofield: I Look Trans Because I ...
Scott talks about the treatment of trans actors in Hollywood: "We are so much more than our gender."
44 min
Guy Branum: Emotions Are Scary
P.S. We're all very broken inside.
52 min
Mara Wilson: Bisexual Imposture Syndrome
"Do people like Matilda more than they like me?"
41 min
Steven Canals: The Restorative Power of Art
Pose co-creator, Steven Canals talks about prevailing against transphobia in Hollywood.
40 min
Gaby Dunn: Dating Men? In This Political Climate?
Gaby Dunn talks about the need for more queer female content in Hollywood.
38 min
Shakina Nayfack: The Radical Act of Being a Tra...
LIVE from the Big Queer Pod Fest in NYC.
28 min
Kate Bornstein: The Future of Gender
What is the future of gender going to look like?
56 min
Wilson Cruz: We're In Revolutionary Times
Wilson Cruz: Star Trek, 13 Reason Why, My So-Called Life
38 min
Laura Jane Grace: Self-Loathing is a Cherished ...
Against Me! creator and front-woman, Laura Jane Grace talks about the DIY Punk Movement and her internalized transphobia.
32 min
Jasika Nicole: Hollywood's LGBTQ Diversity Issue
How has being biracial and queer affected her acting career? Hint: it's not a happy story.
43 min
Jeffrey Marsh: Finding LGBTQ Community Online
For many LGBTQ people, the internet is only place where they can find acceptance.
39 min
Chelsey Johnson: Portland's Queer Mythology
Portland was an accessible queer haven in the what happened to it?
38 min
Alexander Chee: On Becoming An American Writer
Alexander Chee talks about reading tarot, his witchy side, and the challenges of writing about sexual assault.
30 min
Ryan Berg: 40% of Homeless Youth Are LGBTQ...Wh...
Often leading to incarceration or homelessness, Ryan Berg's here to talk about what needs to be done to improve the foster care system.
24 min
Kathy Tu: What Makes Us A Community?
She's still figuring it all out — but aren't we all?
41 min
Brooke Sullivan: HIV In the Trans & GNC Community
Why has the trans community been so underserved for HIV prevention?
35 min
Trixie Mattel: Expanding The Definition of Drag
In an art form where you can do anything, how do you define drag?
31 min
Keiynan Lonsdale: Queer Superhero (On TV and Re...
Keiynan talks about looking forward to a future where labels aren't needed.
16 min
Greg Berlanti: Love, Simon Director & Legendary...
Love, Simon is the first major studio movie to have a gay teen lead.
24 min
Shangela Laquifa Wadley: Think Before You Tweet
RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 3 Finalist
47 min
BRB Still Recovering From Drag Race
The briefest announcement in the history of iTunes.
0 min
Andrew Gurza: Sex & Disability
Andrew Gurza talks about working to convince people of the sexual viability of those with disabilities.
31 min
Jacob Tobia is back! A Field Guide to Transfemm...
Jacob Tobia talks about what they describe as the great unfinished business of their gender exploration: figuring out what it means to be desired as a transfeminine person.
23 min
Food 4 Thot: Love is TBD Real
The hosts of the podcast, Food 4 Thot are here for a special Valentine's Day extravaganza.
64 min
Dana Goldberg: In Defense of Scissoring
...that's a joke. But this isn't: you're going to love Dana Goldberg after this interview.
36 min
Conner Habib: Your Strict Sexual Preferences Ar...
We're talking about all things sex this week with Conner Habib, the Cate Blanchett of porn.
33 min
Lina Bradford: Magic Is Real
Lina Bradford talks about how labels can pigeonhole people, and says that beauty doesn't have a gender.
34 min
Joseph Osmundson: Love Makes You Grow Up
Joseph Osmundson: scientist, writer, and that guy on Twitter who tweets a lot about therapy.
43 min
Kim Coco Iwamoto: Candidate for Lieutenant Gove...
Kim Coco Iwamoto, the first openly trans person to win a statewide election, is now running for Lieutenant Governor in Hawaii.
34 min
Aaron Carter: Embracing My Bisexuality
Aaron Carter talks about adjusting to being an out of the closet, being single, and being open to dating men.
19 min
Solomon Georgio: What Sitcoms Taught Me About A...
Solomon Georgio talks about immigrating from African, learning that he was black, and learning American culture through watching sitcoms.
41 min
Isis King: Paris Is Burning Changed My Life
Isis King talks about America's Next Top Model and how Paris Is Burning opened her eyes to her own gender.
40 min
Will Kostakis: A New Wave of LGBTQ Representati...
Will Kostakis talks about his new YA book, The Sidekicks, and Australia's recent survey on marriage equality.
25 min
Ross Mathews: Gay People Wanted Me Off TV
Ross Mathews talks about being accused of setting back the movement while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
18 min
Susan SurfTone: Former FBI Agent Talks New Thre...
FBI agent turned surf-rocker, Susan SurfTone talks about how unstable the rights of LGBTQ people are under this current administration.
22 min
Zeke Smith: Life After Survivor
Zeke Smith talks about working with GLAAD and CBS to shape the media response to his outing, and what he's doing now that the show is over.
40 min
Sylvia Rivera: The World Has Made Me Crazy
The legendary activist talks about Stonewall, growing up as an effeminate kid, and leaving home at 10.
15 min
Katya Zamolodchikova: "Piss Queen From the Jump"
Katya Zamolodchikova talks about her new Viceland show with Trixie Mattel, stealing $20,000 to pay for drugs, and getting paid to sleep with men while in drag.
40 min
Zeke Thomas: Wants You To Slide Into His DMs
Zeke Thomas talks about how prevalent sexual assault is in the gay community.
30 min
Abdi Nazemian: Gay Iranians, Gay Dads, & The Go...
Abdi Nazemian talks about what it was like to come out in a Middle Eastern family and how it differs from the typical Western LGBTQ experience that people know.
41 min
Cameron Esposito: To Be Apolitical & an Artist ...
Cameron Esposito talks about making comedy in the Trump era and the great impact Edith Windsor had on all aspects of her life.
46 min
Tommy Pico: How Not To Be One With Nature
Tommy Pico talks about growing up on a Native American reservation and trying to tame the English language with his poetry.
43 min
Shadi Petosky: Chosen Families & The Challenge ...
Shadi Petosky talks about wanting to create a diverse and inclusive world in her animated series, Danger and Eggs.
41 min
Michael Varrati: Horror Movies Are Finalllllly ...
Michael Varrati talks about the queer undertones (both hidden and overt) in horror movies.
41 min
Cheryl Dunye: Why We Need to Change the Way Que...
Cheryl Dunye is a pioneering queer filmmaker.
31 min
Our Lady J: The Birth of Transgender Identities...
Our Lady J talks about being a writer for Transparent and the power and responsibility that storytellers have.
36 min
Kristin Russo: LGBTQ Sex Ed, A-Camp, Reclaiming...
Kristin Russo, author of This is Book for Parents of Gay Kids.
47 min
Laith Ashley: Everything is a Spectrum, Nothing...
Laith Ashley talks about why living openly as a transgender person is a privilege.
47 min
Special Episode! Shane Ortega Reacts to Trump’s...
Shane Ortega talks about how to interpret President Trump’s tweets banning trans people from serving in the military.
10 min
Erin Judge: Plus Size Women Can Have Active, He...
Erin Judge talks about how overweight people are able to have active, healthy sex lives, despite how the media often represents them.
49 min
Eliel Cruz: The End of Bisexual Erasure (Hopefu...
Eliel Cruz talks about why religion has remained such a large part of so many LGBTQ people’s lives.
38 min
Mariana Marroquin: Transgender Immigrants: “I S...
Mariana Marroquin works as an Anti-Violence Project Manager at the Los Angeles LGBT Center.
34 min
Nico Tortorella: Biphobia, Polyamory, and Under...
Nico Tortorella talks about why people are freaked out and fascinated by his bisexuality, saying people equate it with promiscuity.
41 min
Alexandra Billings: Being Transgender is a Gift
Alexandra Billings talks about the women who mentored her and why Larry Kramer asked her not to march in the AIDS marches.
22 min
Shane Ortega: Fighting for Transgender Rights i...
Shane Ortega talks about being the first transgender person to serve openly in the military.
35 min
Matt Baume: Chechnya, Polari, and The Gift of Q...
Matt Baume talks about the torture of queer men that’s occurring in Chechnya and what you can do if you feel helpless.
47 min
Cleve Jones: LGBTQ Activist Talks Harvey Milk, ...
Cleve Jones talks about his life in the LGBTQ movement: working with Harvey Milk, starting the AIDS Memorial Quilt, and marching on Washington.
42 min
Amin El Gamal: Prison Break, LGBTQ Muslims, and...
Amin El Gamal talks about why he doesn't want to play any more terrorists.
44 min
Asia Kate Dillon: TV’s First (And Only) Openly ...
Asia Kate Dillon talks about the Emmy Award’s message of inclusion towards them as a non-binary actor.
23 min
Michelle Stevens: From Childhood Abuse to the P...
Dr. Michelle Stevens talks about surviving a childhood of sexual abuse, the mental illness that resulted, and how common abuse is.
41 min
Angelica Ross: Spending Time in Silence
Angelica Ross talks about how her life has changed since becoming a Buddhist.
45 min
Melissa Febos: Hickeys, Daddy Issues, and Celibacy
Melissa Febos talks about how the conditions of our childhoods inform our adult relationships, dealing with daddy issues (yay!!!), and her new book.
39 min
NiK Kacy: Embracing the Absence of Gender…Begin...
NiK Kacy talks about feeling ignored by the fashion industry and why they created their gender equal footwear company.
43 min
Ira Madison III: Why Pop Culture Matters
Ira Madison III talks about his writing and the work of placing pop culture into a historical context.
40 min
Jen Richards: Adjusting to Life Without Male Pr...
Jen Richards: Learning to Love Yourself (It's Hard!!!!)
42 min
Trixie Mattel: Aging, Dating, & Wanting to Look...
Trixie Mattel talks about not wanting to look like a woman or a man.
31 min
Alexandra Grey: Transparent Breakout Star
Alexandra Grey does her best celebrity impressions!
34 min
Perez Hilton: How to Build a Media Empire
Perez Hilton talks about learning how to separate himself from the character he created.
36 min
Ashby Dodge: Caring For LGBTQ Youth With The Tr...
Ashby Dodge is the Clinical Director at The Trevor Project and talks about the increase in calls since the 2016 presidential election.
26 min
D’Lo: Will the Real Queer Transgender Tamil Sri...
D’Lo talks offers evidence to support the claim that he’s a demigod.
43 min
Laura Jane Grace: Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Ana...
Laura Jane Grace talks about naming her memoir the “t” word, when it’s a word she despises.
37 min
Cheryl Dunye: The Groundbreaking Queer Filmmaker
Cheryl Dunye talks about why she’s not interested in being a commercial filmmaker.
31 min
Peter Paige: Queer As Folk's Legacy Today
Peter Paige talks about the legacy of Queer As Folk, representing all LGBTQ identities in The Fosters, and the power of television to shape our identities.
29 min
Bamby Salcedo: Making the World a Safer Place f...
Bamby Salcedo talks about her work as an activist and the struggles that trans people face, especially those in immigrant and latin communities.
31 min
Conner Habib: Why Are We Afraid to Talk About Sex?
Conner Habib talks about why he got into porn and the detachment he’s experienced in terms of his own sexuality.
38 min
Shane Ortega: The First Trans Person to Serve O...
Shane Ortega talks about joining the military to fight the bans on LGBTQ people.
35 min
iO Tillett Wright: My Parents Never Questioned ...
iO Tillett Wight talks about what it was like growing up with parents and a community who never questioned his gender.
29 min
Jacob Tobia: The Sisterhood of the Traveling 19...
Jacob Tobia talks about their evolving views on their own gender and sexuality.
38 min
Michelle Tea: Suffering For Your Art is Like So...
Michelle Tea talks about her new hybrid-memoir (Black Wave), early literary tours with Sister Spit, and romanticizing suffering for her art.
37 min
Arisce Wanzer: The Fashion Industry Needs To Em...
Arisce Wanzer talks about both the stigmas and opportunities of being transgender and a supermodel.
24 min
Ross Mathews: Sounding Gay and Loving Football
Ross Mathews talks about “the gay voice”, getting hate mail while working on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and why he will always love football.
18 min
Josh Allen: LGBTQ Characters on Empire & Growin...
Josh Allen talks about the LGBTQ characters on Empire (on Fox), gun violence while growing up in the South Side of Chicago, and having to explain to people what Julliard is.
29 min
Ali Liebegott: Transparent Writer and Gender Tu...
Ali Liebegott talks about writing for Transparent and inhabiting a butch identity.
35 min
What We’re All About — LGBTQ&A with Jeffrey Mas...
The most interesting people in the world are queer.
1 min