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The globe is beset by giant problems that don’t respect political boundaries. But are political actors up to the task of solving them? Global Translations unpacks the political roadblocks to smart policy decisions, examining the long-term costs of the short-term thinking that drives many political and business decisions. Hosted by Luiza Savage and powered by POLITICO journalists around the world, Global Translations is a POLITICO podcast, presented by Citi, a leading global bank.

Sponsored content: The surprising green revolut...
Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Citi’s Ed Skyler break down new investment strategies that are good for business and the planet.
23 min
How climate change will reshape global power dy...
Russia and China are ready to exploit a warming planet
31 min
A new tone from some in GOP on climate change -...
Some senior Republicans are showing a willingness to consider incremental legislation
32 min
The U.S. left a hole in climate leadership. Chi...
China's huge investments in wind and solar technology come as Washington's voice has become less relevant in the global discussion about climate change.
41 min
Sponsored content: Embracing fintech in the fig...
Technology is accelerating as consumers demand more, so how is the financial sector keeping up?
29 min
The struggle to write the rulebook for social m...
Can bad actors be reined in without stifling free speech and innovation?
36 min
The new Sputnik: China challenges the U.S. in g...
Whose values will guide a powerful new technology?
31 min
Dissecting America's mixed signals in challengi...
Officials guiding America’s 5G strategy lay out a simple reason the conflict isn’t going away: The U.S. is trying to safeguard the world from Chinese spies.
33 min
Sponsored content: Rethinking America’s role in...
Historically, America has racked up a trade deficit in goods worth $12 trillion, but a focus on goods doesn’t tell the full picture about America’s role in global trade.
19 min
The world according to Robert Lighthizer
The U.S. Trade Representative is the leading voice on trade in the Trump cabinet. How are business leaders and American allies adjusting?
35 min
The new politics of trade
Donald Trump's enthusiasm for tariffs is already scrambling the 2020 race, but it's also sparked a second political battle within his own party over a trade deal the president supports.
34 min
The method and the madness
The Trump administration’s fixation on China is anything but haphazard.
30 min
Global Politico is now Global Translations
The globe is beset by giant problems that don’t respect political boundaries. But are political actors up to the task of solving them?
1 min
What comes next in a world disrupted
Susan joins her "partner in crime" Blake Hounshell, the editor of POLITICO Magazine, who turns the tables on Susan and asks a few questions of his own.
38 min
Trump vs Putin? Time to be ‘scared’
Contributing writer to The Atlantic Julia Ioffe joins The Global Politico for a comprehensive conversation on all things Russia.
47 min
Hugh Hewitt gives rare praise for Trump’s natio...
Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, an influential voice among national security conservatives, is struggling over what to think of the GOP’s Trumpian remake...
38 min
Jake Sullivan: "Difficult to overestimate the p...
John Bolton has advocated for war with Iran and North Korea. He loathes the United Nations, disdains international law, and still thinks the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq..
54 min
Adam Schiff: I thought there would be more Jeff...
Days ago, Republican abruptly shut down the committee’s yearlong investigation of President Trump and the 2016 Russian election meddling, Congressman Adam Schiff...
39 min
Chuck Todd on the high wire act of covering Trump
37 min
Naftali Bennett: ‘I Intend to Be the Prime Mini...
Naftali Bennett joins Susan Glasser to discuss the future of Israel and peace in the Middle East.
34 min
The dance of the pro-Trump Republican with Sena...
Sen. Jim Risch, the conservative Idaho Republican who now stands to take over Foreign Relations next year, joins The Global Politico to discuss his outlook on Trump and foreign policy.
32 min
The Russian bots are coming. This bipartisan du...
Laura Rosenberger and Jamie Fly are an unlikely bipartisan duo who teamed up a year ago on a Washington think tank project to combat the Kremlin’s influence campaign but now find themselves
47 min
Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter on the war ...
President Obama’s fourth and final secretary of defense joins The Global Politico to give his take on where we went wrong on the Russia hacking response, North Korea's nuclear capabilities and the importance of having a clear, unified military strategy.
43 min
Kim Jong Un, North Korea's '10-foot-tall baby'
CIA veteran Jung Pak sits down with Susan Glasser to discuss what we're getting wrong about North Korea's infamous leader and why he's not the "mad man" President Trump has deemed him to be.
47 min
Victoria Nuland on ringing Russia alarm bell in...
45 min
Bonus: The Gulf family feud (with Donald Trump ...
Qatar’s defense minister Khalid bin Mohammed Al Attiyah joins The Global Politico for his first extensive comments to a U.S. journalist since the small country's regional diplomatic crisis began.
28 min
Mark Warner on Russia: 'We've had new informati...
Senator Mark Warner, the Virginia Democrat who is the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, joins The Global Politico for an exclusive...
45 min
The man who put Andrew Jackson in Trump’s Oval ...
Historian Walter Russell Mead has become the favorite Trump whisperer for everyone from Steve Bannon to Tom Cotton.
42 min
How does Obama’s foreign policy look a year int...
Samantha Power and Ben Rhodes join The Global Politico to discuss their upcoming HBO documentary "The Final Year." They speak frankly about Obama's legacy...
50 min
Is Trump stuck with Iran deal he loathes?
Leading Iran expert Suzanne Maloney and Iranian-born journalist Maziar Bahari join The Global Politico to discuss the Iran sanction deadline President Trump faces...
51 min
5 key takeaways from 2017: The Donald Trump pre...
For a special 50th episode of The Global Politico, Susan Glasser looks back on a year of the Donald Trump presidency and the world's reaction
30 min
Assessing a year of Trump with #NeverTrumpers E...
Lifelong Republicans and policy intellectuals Eliot Cohen and Max Boot discuss the toll – personal as well as political – that Trump’s takeover of their party has had...
43 min
Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell on th...
Ex-CIA deputy director and two time acting director Michael Morell joins Susan Glasser to talk Trump, social media and how the intelligence community failed on Russia.
45 min
Former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak talk...
Israel's former Prime Minister Ehud Barak has thoughts on Netanyahu, peace plans and the future of Israel.
29 min
Ambassador Ron Dermer on Trump's Mideast peacem...
In part one of this week's Global Politico, Israel's ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer sits down with Susan Glasser for a rare on-the-record conversation about the likelihood of Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital...
54 min
Trump’s Russia problem, with Ambassador Kurt Vo...
His special envoy is supposed to negotiate the end of the war in Ukraine. But there’s two policies in the Trump administration toward Russia: Trump’s and everyone else’s.
37 min
Ben Cardin on how Trump is driving Democrats an...
Senator Ben Cardin, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, discusses where the committee stands on new sanction on Russia, the Iran nuclear deal and diplomatic solutions to the North Korea standoff.
33 min
Episode 41: Inside the secret back-channel Nort...
For years, Suzanne DiMaggio and Joel Wit have been quietly meeting with North Koreans to talk about the country’s nuclear program...
33 min
Sexism on America's front lines: Part Two
This week, a special part two of The Global Politico, our report on the everyday culture of sexual harassment — and sexism — that still plagues women who dare to represent America in the world.
45 min
Episode 40: Sexism on America’s front lines
Six women with careers in national security sit down with Susan Glasser to explore the specific challenges faced by women who step up to participate in the policy debates about America’s place in the world...
68 min
Episode 39: James Clapper: The Russians have su...
The former director of national intelligence has emerged publicly as one of President Donald Trump’s foremost critics and he wants you to know...
43 min
Episode 38: The myth about the great and horrib...
Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Russia’s richest man until he was jailed for a decade by Vladimir Putin, joins The Global Politico to discuss opposing Putin, the price he paid,
41 min
Episode 37: Ai WeiWei: 'China is laughing abou...
Legendary Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei talks about Trump, Western democracy and the plight of refugees around the world.
35 min
Episode 36: Tom Cotton, the Senate's Trump whis...
Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton sits down with Susan Glasser to discuss the role of President Trump's national security team and the course of action advisers should take if they disagree with the president....
41 min
Episode 35: Iran's Foreign Minister has some th...
Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif, joins The Global Politico this week. Zarif responds to President Trump’s public assault on the Iran nuclear deal...
46 min
Episode 34: Tony Blair says the left has lost i...
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair sits down with Susan Glasser in New York City to discuss the similarities between Brexit and Trump, negiotating peace in the Middle East and the populism of the far left.
33 min
Episode 33: Twitter Man vs. Rocket Man
The Global Politico dives into North Korea with Admiral Dennis Blair, the former U.S. Director of National Intelligence, and and Ambassador Chris Hill, the last senior American to negotiate with the North Koreans
72 min
Episode 32: Are Democrats more than the Party o...
On this week's episode of The Global Politico, a group of leading Democrat leaders and strategists reconvene a year later to debate their election losses...
56 min
Episode 31: Dealing With Hurricane Trump, with ...
Jeh Johnson, former Homeland Security chief, on the many crises, natural and otherwise, of the Trump era.
57 min
Episode 30: For all his fire and fury, Trump ha...
A look back on the first seven months of the Trump administration, Susan Glasser walks through ten lessons we've learned about Donald Trump's foreign policy philosophy since he took office.
56 min
Episode 29: The new Cold War?
This week The Global Politico examines whether America and Russia are really doomed to clash on the world stage, how we got Vladimir Putin so wrong — and what’s next for the Kremlin leader.
73 min
Episode 28: The Republican Party's war within
The Republican Party under President Trump is a party divided, one at war with itself.
60 min
Episode 27: What it's like to watch a democracy...
Hannah Dreier joins The Global Politico this week to recount her experience covering the Venezuela crisis, as an AP correspondent. She takes listeners inside what it is like to live through complete upheaval...
42 min
Episode 26: Why the Middle East hated Obama but...
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, fresh from a summit with Trump, explains a region in turmoil.
29 min
Episode 25: The Trump White House’s war within
Until a couple weeks ago Laurel Miller was America’s top diplomat charged with dealing with Afghanistan and Pakistan. Miller joins The Global Politico for an exclusive interview...
51 min
Episode 24: Don’t compare Trump to Nixon. It’s ...
This week's guest Elizabeth Drew wrote the book, Washington Journal, as a real-time diary of how the American political world handled the spiraling Watergate investigations.
48 min
Episode 23: Tom Donilon on the one thing Trump ...
Tom Donilon, the former national security adviser, says ‘no doubt about it’ Obama should have done more about Russian hacking of 2016 election.
61 min
Episode 22: J.T. Rogers, foreign policy wonk me...
J.T. Rogers something most unusual in American public life: a playwright whose subject is world affairs — we call him America’s only foreign policy playwright — and he’s just won pretty much every award there is for his latest work, “Oslo".
57 min
Episode 21: Why Rep. Adam Kinzinger is raising ...
Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger says he is prepared to wage a rebellion and raise “holy hell” in the face of new efforts by the White House and its allies to water down a bill enshrining into law tough sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s government.
34 min
Episode 20: Tom Malinowski on arguing with dict...
Tom Malinowski served on President Clinton’s Nati…
58 min
Episode 19: The shove heard round the world
A conversation with Montenegro Prime Minister Dus…
52 min
Episode 18: A master class on Putin & Trump fro...
Brookings Institution President Strobe Talbott de…
49 min
Episode 17: Is Prime Minister Theresa May a Bri...
The Global Politico hits the road again, to the s…
55 min
Episode 16: John Podesta, the Clinton campaign ...
In an exclusive interview with Susan Glasser, Cli…
58 min
Episode 15: Condoleezza Rice: American democrac...
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice acknow…
56 min
Bonus episode: How France’s new president will ...
POLITICO’s European colleagues Nicholas Vinocur i…
29 min
Episode 14: The resistance will be tweeted with...
The Connecticut senator has emerged as a leader o…
45 min
Episode 13: Sweden's Carl Bildt on Europe vs. T...
"They thought the man had gone bananas": a conver…
42 min
Episode 12: ‘I think there is a fantastic oppor...
In an exclusive for The Global POLITICO, Paul Wol…
49 min
Episode 11: Inside Trump’s NSC with Michael Anton
Michael Anton wrote inflammatory essays backing T…
53 min
Episode 10: Andrea Mitchell on Trump's media wars
After President Trump called her “Hillary Clinton…
49 min
Episode 9: "This theory we didn't do anything" ...
Obama’s top homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco…
59 min
Episode 8: The man who would beat Bibi: Israel'...
Donald Trump wants to team up with Prime Minister…
32 min
Episode 7: A Russia trap? Masha Gessen on Trump...
Are the spiraling investigations around Trump and…
49 min
Episode 6: Can Iraq survive Trump?
The Global POLITICO hits the road this week, trav…
46 min
Episode 5: Dan Fried, America's longest-serving...
America’s most senior diplomat just hit the exits…
61 min
Episode 4: Alpha Ladies: Madeleine Albright, Mi...
The foreign policy powerhouses respond to Preside…
45 min
Episode 3: Congressman Adam Schiff
Rep. Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Int…
45 min
Bonus episode: Dan Shapiro
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew to…
42 min
Episode 2: Senator Bob Corker
The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Comm…
41 min
Episode 1: Jim Baker
POLITICO's Susan Glasser sits down with former Se…
52 min
Coming Soon: The Global Politico with Susan Gla...
Each week, POLITICO’s Susan Glasser will go backs…
1 min